WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX #1253 21 May 2016

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ARGENTINA   15344.010  on May 18 at 1251 UT, RAE has varied almost down to
15344 kHz. Not much to log this morning except off-frequency carriers, as
also under Vietnam and unID.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 18)

15344.017 kHz RAE Buenos Aires at 2025 UT on May 18, S=9+25dB signal here
in Europe tonight.

also nearby
15369.996  RHC Bauta Cuba 100kW 10degr, S=8 at 2024 UT.

15290.007  Radio Cairo, requested English section acc Aoki database, S=6
at 2022 UT.

15190.024  Radio  Inconfidencia Brazil, S=6-7 at 2020 UT.
On May 18 observed in southern Germany Europe.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 18)

AUSTRALIA   9625  Reach Beyond Australia - on 14 May 2016. Reach Beyond
via long path (presumed), audible with a weak signal starting at 21.55:10
UT on 9625 kHz. Flute music with occasional voice overs. Central Texas is
an additional 1000 miles of distance and daylight past Miami. Local noise
level is about S-2, Kununurra is only at about S-3 to S-4.
(Jerry Lenamon-TX, dxld and hcdx May 14)

15524.986  "Reach Beyond Australia" in probably Cantonese Chinese
language, talk by woman, now at 2312 UT on May 14 a light music religious
singer program.

At 2310 UT on May 14, S=6 signal in nearby skip zone in downunder Brisbane
Queensland remote unit.  wb df5sx
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 14)

AUSTRIA   90 Jahre OeVSV. Am 2. April gab es in Wien die Festveranstaltung
anlaesslich des Jubilaeums 90 Jahre OeVSV. In einer kurzweiligen
Darbietung unter dem Motto "Und wir merken, leicht verwundert: in zehn
Jahren sind wir Hundert", mit professionellen Schauspielern wurde die
Geschichte des Funks und des OeVSV vorgetragen.

Ausgearbeitet hatte das Programm Wolf Harranth, OE1WHC, der Kurator von
Dokufunk / QSL-Collection. Man kann sich das 55-minuetige Video im
Internet anschauen unter:


Anlaesslich des Jubilaeums ist die Nummer 4/16 der OeVSV-
Vereinszeitschrift QSP als Sonderausgabe erschienen, die das Thema
"90 Jahre Funkgeschichte in Oesterreich" zum Inhalt hat. OE1WHC hat hier
auf rund 50 Seiten mit grossem Aufwand aufbereitet, was an Material und
Quellen verfuegbar war.

Puenktlich zum Jubilaeum hat sich der OeVSV auch einen neuen modernen
Internetauftritt gegoennt:
(via Funk-Telegramm Juni 6/2016)

CHINA   9420, May 17 at 1203, very poor S4 in Chinese, so something
besides Greece which may or may not be active at the moment. EiBi shows
TWO CNR services, but presumably I am getting CNR6 Beijing:

9420 1100-1605 CHN China National Radio  6 M  CHN B
9420 1100-1805 CHN China National Radio 13 UI CHN L

Aoki agrees, but at slightly different timespan:
9420 1100-1605 CHN CNR  6 Chi Beijing 491 1-7
9420 1057-1805 CHN CNR 13 Uyg Lingshi 725 1-7

And HFCC's version:
9420 0900 1605 44S      BEI 100 163 0 206 D 12225 Zho CHN CNR RTC 2834
9420 1100 1805 42N,43NW LIN 100 298 0 206 D 12225 Uig CHN CNR RTC 2835
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 17)

Sometimes CNR13 Uighur from Lingshi noted also odd 9419.866 kHz, wb.

CHINA   7345 kHz yes #572 unit of CNR1 Beijing is back on channel -
unfortunately, to have QRM to Thazin Radio and Iakutsk Yakuts Sakha sce.

Heard at present of 1615 UT on May 17, S=9+15dB in Nagoya-Kyoto JPN,
and 6 CNR1 41mb others, mostly stronger up to S=9+35dB level in 41 mb.

7365 723 1200-1805(=7215)             7345 572 2025-2400,1100-1805(=7345)
7305 723 2025-2200,1000-1805(=11750)  7290 572 2025-2300,1100-1805(=17890)
7275 572 2025-2300,1100-1805(=15380)  7230 594 2025-1805
7215 723 2025-2400(=11760)
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 17)

9519.984  domestic sce PBS Nei Menggu Hohhot in Chinese noted in Kyoto-
Nagoya remote units on May 19 at 0840 UT, S=8 -80dBm in Japan.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 19)

CHINA/SUDAN   Two signals noted at 1530 UT on May 19, 7204.984 kHz and
7205.0 kHz even, like CNR Xinjiang Urumqi in Uighur lang, as well as
Arabic of Omdurman Sudan, latter a little stronger, similar like Somalia
7120 kHz signal.

PBS XJBS Xinjiang, Chinese language program, played very sweet girls
singer discs, all S=9 and more in Greece unit. All Urumqi China site on
5960even, // 7259.991, 7309.978, and 11769.974 kHz.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 19)

CONGO-COG Brazaville    6115  Radio Congo. May 18 had a sign on of between
0530 and 0535 UT; non-stop announcers in French which is their normal
format for this time period, till tuned out at 0550 UT; poor; no trace of
"Radio Nikkei2" (Japan)
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld and hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 18)

CUBA   15140  on May 16 around 1920 UT, RHC English has a report about a
delegation from China Radio International visiting RHC, to further their
friendly cooeperation. We can only wonder if the CRI folx ever listened to
their SW relays via Cuba, to become aware of the murky modulation and
other mixups they entail?

Item mentions that RHC plans to have an FM transmitter in almost every
(Cuban) province by end of this year (presently there are three, as
frequently announced).
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 17)


From 7 AM local time or 11 UTC and for two hours until 9 AM local time or
13 UTC, we are using this summer one of the 250* kW transmitters feeding
an omnidirectional NVIS Near Vertical Incidence Skywave antenna system.

It provides very good coverage up to 1000 kilometers away, but after the
Sun raises at a certain angle above the horizon the ionospheric absorption
increases dramatically, so it is not worth to keep it on the air.

Our audiences all over the Cuban archipelago, south eastern Mexico, the
Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Haiti, as well as those who live in South
Florida send very nice reports.

By the way, the first hour 0700 local to 0800 local or 11 to 12 UTC is
also heard well in large areas of Mexico and Central America too.

73 and DX
Your amigo in sunny La Habana
Arnie Coro CO2KK (May 15)

* Lev told me located at Quivican near San Felipe and La Julia villages
where a railway line passes and the highway further north, on the say
to San Antonio de las Vegas. (wb, May 15)

Radio Habana Cuba A-16 finally SPANISH schedule.
Horarios, Bandas y Frecuencias.
Periodo del 10 de Abril de 2016 a 12 de Noviembre de 2016.

Ba = Bauta, Be = Bejucal, Ti = Titan - Quivican San Felipe



Zonas Geograficas
Beam to:

North and Central/Sudamerica
          tx  kW deg
 5040 kHz Ba 100 n-d  2100-2300 UT
 5040 kHz Ba 100 n-d  0100-0500 UT
 83 + 263 deg dir CT2/1/0.8 A14 ant

 6000 kHz Ti 250 n-d  1100-1300 UT
11760 kHz Ba 100 n-d  1100-1500 UT
11760 kHz Ba 100 n-d  1530-1800 UT
11760 kHz Ba 100 n-d  2100-0200 UT

Nueva York
 6060 kHz Ba 100 010  0000-0500 UT
 6060 kHz Ti 250 010  2300-2400 UT Mon-Thur, Mesa Redonda Internacional
 9710 kHz Ba 100 010  1100-1400 UT

San Francisco
15370 kHz Ba 100 315  1300-1500 UT

 9850 kHz Ba 100 340  1100-1300 UT
11950 kHz Ba 100 340  2300-2400 UT Mon-Thur, Mesa Redonda Internacional

America Central
 9535 kHz Be 100 230  1100-1500 UT
 9535 kHz Be 100 230  2100-0500 UT

 9710 kHz Be  50 110  2100-0400 UT
 9640 kHz Be  50 110  1100-1500 UT

Rio de Janeiro
11670 kHz Ba 100 130  2300-0400 UT
17730 kHz Ba 100 130  1100-1500 UT

Buenos Aires
13740 kHz Ba 100 160  2100-0400 UT
15230 kHz Ti 250 160  1100-1500 UT
15230 kHz Ti 250 160  2300-0500 UT
17580 kHz Ba 100 160  1100-1400 UT

11840 kHz Ti 250 170  2100-0500 UT

15370 kHz Ba 100  10  2100-2300 UT  (RHC, April 20)

EGYPT   No signal of Radio Cairo, English transmission to South Asia:

1215-1330 17480 ABZ 250 kW 090 deg to SoAS English, not 17840
This broadcast/transmitter in Abu Zaabal are inactive from 2.5 years!

Other inactive transmissions via transmitter in Abu Zaabal in A16 are
0800-1000  9730 ABZ 250 kW 110 deg to AUS    Arabic
1600-1800 17730 ABZ 250 kW 170 deg to CeEaAF Swahili
1900-2030 15290 ABZ 250 kW 250 deg to WeAF   English
2215-2330 13820 ABZ 250 kW 245 deg to SoAM   Portuguese
2330-0045 13820 ABZ 250 kW 245 deg to SoAM   Arabic

Full summer A-16 shortwave schedule of Radio Cairo is:

0030-0430  9965 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to NoEaAM Arabic
0045-0200  9315 ABS 250 kW 331 deg to WeNoAM Spanish
0045-0200  9745 ABS 250 kW 241 deg to SoAM Spanish, not 11935 WRTH Update
0045-0200 12070 ABS 250 kW 282 deg to CeAM   Spanish
0200-0330  9315 ABS 250 kW 331 deg to WeNoAM English
0200-0700 12085 ABS 250 kW 315 deg to WeEUR Arabic, not 13850 WRTH Update
0400-0600 15530 ABZ 100 kW 170 deg to CeEaAF Swahili
1230-1400 15710 ABS 250 kW 091 deg to SoEaAS Indonesian
1300-1400 15400 ABS 250 kW 061 deg to WeAS   Dari
1300-1600 15535 ABS 250 kW 241 deg to WeAF   Arabic
1330-1530 15790 ABZ 100 kW 070 deg to WeAS   Farsi
1500-1600 13580 ABS 250 kW 315 deg to EaEUR  Albanian
1500-1600 15160 ABS 250 kW 061 deg to CeAS   Uzbek
1600-1700 15450 ABZ 100 kW 160 deg to EaCeAF Afar
1600-1800 13820 ABS 250 kW 091 deg to SoAS   Urdu
1600-1800 15345 ABS 250 kW 196 deg to CeSoAF English
1700-1730 15285 ABZ 100 kW 160 deg to EaCeAF Somali
1700-1900  9800 ABS 250 kW 005 deg to NE/ME  Turkish,not 9280 WRTH Update
1730-1900 15285 ABZ 100 kW 160 deg to EaCeAF Amharic
1800-1900  9490 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR  Italian
1800-2100  9325 ABS 250 kW 241 deg to WeAF   Hausa, not 15710 WRTH Update
1900-2000  9590 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR  German, not 9665 WRTH Update
1900-2000  9685 ABS 250 kW 005 deg to EaEUR  Russian
2000-2115  9895 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR  French, not 9665 WRTH Update
2100-2300 13580 ABS 250 kW 241 deg to WeAF   French
2115-2245  9800 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to WeEUR  English
2300-0030  9965 ABS 200 kW 325 deg to NoEaAM English
2330-0045 12070 ABS 250 kW 282 deg to CeAM   Arabic

Note: Many of these frequencies have severe technical problems
such as extreme distortion, low modulation or undermodulation.

[yet Ivo misses 12005 kHz until 0045 UT which I have heard;
registered 2215-0045 UT in Portuguese/Arabic gh]
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx, and GH-OK-USA dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 12)

ETHIOPIA   7236.256  - and hefty hopping some 20 Hertz fqs around,
Ethiopia with EaAF/HoA mx program, S=9+20dB at 1550 UT on May 19.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 19)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA   5005  RNGE, R. Bata, at 0511 UT on May 18. JBA African
singing; slightly improving signal till tuned out at 0530 UT. Sign on
times vary a great deal!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld and hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 18)

INDONESIA   9525.890  Spanish sce news read by female of VoINS Cimanggis,
S=9+10dB at 1711 UT on May 19.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 19)

KOREA[S]   7275  KBS World Radio Korea, S=9+40dB signal powerhouse in
Nagoya-Kyoto-JPN remote unit. Lower ditter bubble jamming of North Korean
P.Republic, in wide range 7245 to 7315 kHz. in 09-13 UT slot on Sunday May
15. Many spur peaks seen like a garden fence, these all work out to be at
every approx. 750 Hertz intervals.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 15)

MONGOLIA   12034.876  noted VoMNG Chinese sce from Ulanbataar Khonkhor -
Mongolia SW site, at 1010 UT on May 19, S=8 or -79dBm signal on remote SDR
units in Kyoto/Nagoya area in Japan.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 19)

RUSSIA   Updated shortwave schedule of NBC Radio Sakha Iakutsk from May 6

2100-2200 7295 IAK 250 kW 045 deg to FE RUS Russian/Iakutian Sun-Thu
2100-2200 7345 IAK 100 kW 310 deg to FE RUS Russian/Iakutian Sun-Thu
2200-2400 7295 IAK 250 kW 045 deg to FE RUS Russian/Iakutian Daily
2200-2400 7345 IAK 100 kW 310 deg to FE RUS Russian/Iakutian Daily
0000-0300 7295 IAK 250 kW 045 deg to FE RUS Russian/Iakutian Sat/Sun
0000-0300 7345 IAK 100 kW 310 deg to FE RUS Russian/Iakutian Sat/Sun
0300-0500 7295 IAK 250 kW 045 deg to FE RUS Russian/Iakutian Daily
0300-0500 7345 IAK 100 kW 310 deg to FE RUS Russian/Iakutian Daily
0900-1200 7295 IAK 250 kW 045 deg to FE RUS Russian/Iakutian Daily
0900-1200 7345 IAK 100 kW 310 deg to FE RUS Russian/Iakutian Daily
1200-1400 7295 IAK 250 kW 045 deg to FE RUS Russian/Iakutian Mon-Fri
1200-1400 7345 IAK 100 kW 310 deg to FE RUS Russian/Iakutian Mon-Fri
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx, and GH-OK-USA dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 12)

SWAZILAND/MOLDOVA  TWR Africa 15105&9940 via Manzini & Grigoriopol, May 12

1557-1627 15105 MAN 100 kW 013 deg to SoAF Kirundi Mon-Fri, as scheduled
1630-1700 15105 KCH 300 kW 160 deg to EaAF Somali? or similar language
1800-1845  9940 KCH 300 kW 157 deg to EaAF Tig/Amh/Oromo or similar lang
1905-1955  9940 MAN 100 kW 343 deg to CeAF Lingala/French, as scheduled
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx, and GH-OK-USA dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 12)

THAILAND   Reception of HSK9 Radio Thailand WS, May 12
1000-1100 17850 UDO 250 kW 305 deg to NE & ME Thai
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx, and GH-OK-USA dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 12)
Try it in Europe, should be also propagate to our target, wb.

THAILAND   7539.982  IBB US radio relay site Udorn Thani NoEaThailand,
S=9+5dB at 1613 UT on May 19, VoA Deewa Radio in Pashto to AFGH. // Udorn
Thani 9309.979 kHz, 9335even Iranawila CLN IBB Sri Lanka relay.

9389.977  IBB US RLiberty/RFE Udorn Thani, Uzbek language 1620 UT
on May 19. S=9+5dB strength.

17639.951  Radio Thailand in English to CeAS, ME, and especially Russia
target. Pop mx at 0556 UT, S=9+20dB in Doha Qatar remote unit. Long
English language advertisement of the common ASEAN states, like "Welcome
to Asia ... Coming together in Asia ... Trade, Travel, Culture ... The
Future Is Here ....". Odd Udorn Thani frequency, TX off after the time
pips of 06.00 UT, 2 seconds later.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 19 / 20)

TIBET/NORWAY/TAJIKISTAN/MADAGASCAR   Voice of Tibet celebrates 20-year
anniversary in Dharamshala, India.

"Voice of Tibet", an independent radio station based in Norway
transmitting shortwave radio programmes in the Tibetan language as well as
Mandarin Chinese celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The event was celebrated at Imperial Heights Resort, Khanyara, Kangra
valley in Dharamshala, on Saturday evening, May 14. Dongchung Ngodup,
former Kalon of Department of Security, was the chief guest on the

Other participants of the special event were Sonam Chomphel Sosur, the
Election Commissioner, DIIR Secretaries; Sonam Norbu Dagpo and Tashi
Phuntsok, Maria Dahle, Chairman for the board of the Stiftelsen Voice Of
Tibet, Oystein Alme, the director of the Stiftelsen Voice Of Tibet, and
representatives of the Tibetan media and NGOs.

Dongchung Ngodup spoke about the importance of defending press freedom and
how the exile media should continue their works in the right direction. He
said Tibetan journalists too have equal responsibility in advancing the
cause of Tibet. On the contrary he believes that VOT has contributed much
towards the Tibetan cause through their work in journalism, while serving
the Tibetan Community.

'As we are refugees in another country, the Tibetan journalists also must
remember that the Tibetan freedom struggle, which should continue to
always be the top priority,' he said while speaking about the concept of
press freedom in exile.

The VOT, is a radio station operated by Tibetans living in exile in the
Himalayan town of Dharamshala, India. VOT has "trained more than 40
journalists, many ex-VOT are working as journalists in other media
organizations, while serving the Tibetan community," Editor-in-Chief of
the radio station, Tenzin Paldon said while giving a brief history of her
news agency.

Maria Dahle, who is also Executive Director of Human Rights House
Foundation (Norway) talked about the challenges they faced for many times
while trying to improve the news agency. She expressed her gladness over
the Tibetan women, who are playing a great role in their career. "Tenzin
Paldon is the first female editor-in-chief of Voice of Tibet," she added.

Oystein Alme praised late Kunsang Paljor, a former senior reporter of the
news agency, best known for his life's work, saying that "his legacy will
remain with them for a long." Mr Alme also spoken about challenges they
faced during two decades, including the Chinese jamming radio
transmissions from VOT and saying it is "a violation of basic human

On behalf of the news agency, VOT's Senior editor Tenzin Norsang gave a
thank-you speech. During the event, traditional Tibetan songs and dances
were also performed, by the Dharamshala based Thangtong Lhugar Tibetan
Performing Arts.

VOT has been airing daily programmes in both Tibetan and Chinese on
shortwave to Tibet and China as well as India, Bhutan and Nepal since

In the introduction, VOT said its main "objectives are to provide a
channel for unbiased information and news to the Tibetans living under
Chinese oppression in Tibet.

In Tibet, the Chinese Communist government have monopoly control over the
mass media, and with lack of an independent information source, the
general public have no access to free information and total lack of a
channel to voice their right to speech."
(  <>  via Jose Miguel Romero-ESP, hcdx May 17)

UNIDENTIFIED   11979.793v  May 18 at 1215 UT, something is making a het
with a weaker 11980.00 kHz station. Only 11980 kHz thing scheduled is CRI
English via Kunming at 1200-1357 UT. Only other occupants of 11980 kHz are
Turkey at 04-06 UT which is normally slightly off to the hi side; and EiBi
reminds us of the Ukrainian pirate(?), Radio Dniprovska Hvylya,
Zaporizhia, not reported lately, and was supposedly scheduled 0800-1000 UT
Sat/Sun only. The unID carrier is also varying slightly as I attempt to
measure it.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 18)

UNIDENTIFIED   11979.571 kHz  S=5 peak tiny carrier at 1440 UT on May 19,
in MI-USA and Alberta-CAN remote SDR's, also on west coast of Europe like
Belgium, Germany and Spain, but nothing noted in Asia, Near East and
Mediterr, Moscow-Russia. - So still a mystery signal. On half harmonic in
5986.3 to 5989.4 kHz range, observed strong digital STANAG signal of
S=9+15dB strength, noted here in western Europe.

I guess, Radio Dniprovska Hvylya, Zaporizhia not heard lately anymore.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 19)

USA   5129.9-AM, UT Monday May 16 at 0215 UT, WBCQ at S=9+25dB, outro for
Plastic Magic show, referring to  <>  and also a
site or email ending in as well as of Area
51; "till next week at 6 o'clock"; that blogspot explains:

"Featuring the rarest of psychedelic, garage, lo-fi, private pressing and
acid rock sounds from 1965-1983. All from analog. Airs weekly on KXUA
88.3FM in Fayetteville, Arkansas and surrounding metro area and bi-weekly
on WBCQ 5130 kHz shortwave out Monticello, Maine Sunday nights 7-9 PM CST

Then immediately into Jean Shepherd, classic radio consciousness-stream
for the next half sesquihour, which appears on alternate weeks off for JL.

5072.1 & 5097.9,  on May 16 at 0211 UT, WTWW-2 is on 5085 kHz with Amateur
Radio Newsline, amid the persistent parasitic spurs at plus/minus 12.9 kHz
but upon which no modulation is audible.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 16)

USA   Frequency change of World Harvest Radio International WHRI Angel 1
0900-1000 NF12015 HRI 250 kW 245 deg to AUS English Sun-Fri, ex11565
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx, and GH-OK-USA dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 12)

12015.005  WHRI replaced 11565 by new 12015 kHz, noted on sidelobe signal
into Europe, only on threshold strength - EUR is wrong azimuth direction
though ... at 0925 UT on Sunday May 15.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 15)

{UNIDENTIFIED}  12015,  on May 5 at 1404 UT, S=9+20dB VG signal with
gospel? rock, then guitar riffs like Jimi, then some vocal music in
English, 1406 UT cut to dead air, 1407:45* UT off the air, *1408:20 UT
back on, with carrier, 1409:20 UT resume rockmusic, live concert with
applause, 1412:26 UT cut off the air again and stays off past 1420 UT.
1442 UT when I quit monitoring.

This was atop the pervasive RTTY on 12015 kHz, and so strong it had to be
a US site, two of them with the oomph and flexibility to do this:

WHRI and Greenville-B. Or maybe WRMI, but its 11565 kHz aimed 315 degrees
right at us, is weaker at only S=9+10dB. Yet US stations prudently avoid
this RTTY frequency, 12015 kHz.

VOA often does transmitter tests about this time, on a frequency different
than a later scheduled broadcast, but ought to be on same band, and
nothing on 25mb from GB except R. Marti already on 11930 kHz from 1400 UT.
No listings on 12015 kHz account for this, and it's certainly not Mongolia
or North Korea.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 5)

USA   I belatedly check this page:


and find that it does include the Navy station frequencies* I heard during
the May 14-UT 15 Armed Forces Day crossband test:

NIIW / USS MIDWAY CV-41 SAN DIEGO, CA (14 MAY 1200Z - 15 MAY 0600Z)
 4003.5 USB
 7360.0 USB
14441.5* USB
18211.0 USB
20997.0 USB

NWVC / LST-325 EVANSVILLE IN (14 MAY 1200Z-15 MAY 0400Z)
 4007.0 USB/CW
 6913.0* USB/CW
13974.5 USB/CW
17500.0 USB/CW
24782.0 USB/CW

 4038.5 USB/CW
 7533.5 USB/CW
14487.0 USB/CW
17545.0* USB/CW
20994.0 USB/CW"

So those weren't just any old ships! I also tried searching the ARRL
website for info about this, but it's already deleted? as in passe; except
for a couple clubs which are doing AF Day special events *next* Sat May 21
confused about the date? AF Day is really May 17 but these ham events are
moved to the "nearest" Saturday.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 17)

USA   VoA destruction - wrecking
(Wolf Harranth OE1WHC, DokuFunk Vienna Austria, A-DX ng May 20)

UNKNOWN like PIRATE MUSIC STN  ?   6039.986  2155 UT: With 1000 watts of
power this is Eighties Radio.

Eighties Radio first heard testing on 6040 kHz at 2125 UT on May 14, weak
on a clear channel but by 2135 UT fading up to fair strength. 80's music
including Owner of A Lonely Heart by Yes. English announcements by lady
asking for reception reports to
<eightiesradio -at->

[later]  Reply to email report in 30 minutes:
"thanks for report. We will continue broadcasting on 6040 kHz for the
next couple of days. We have to evaluate our equipment somehow to make
sure everything is fine."
(Mike Barraclough-UK, BrDXC-UK ng May 14)

6039.986 kHz measured a music station before 2230 UT on May 14, but lost
the signal around 2240 ... 2250 UT, maybe they switched OFF now.

Poor S=6 or -92dB signal in SDR remote units in Hungary, Austria and
eastern Bavaria.

But little stronger at S=7 or -84dB in Madrid, Calabria Italy,
Rhone Valley France and Belgium SDR units.  73 wb df5sx
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 14)

UZBEKISTAN   Via RRTM Tashkent tx site:
Weak signal of Radio Free North Korea May 12
1200-1300 15630 TAC 100 kW 76 deg to NoEaAS Korean

Voice of Wilderness
1330-1530  7615 TAC 100 kW 76 deg to NoEaAS Korean

North Korea Reform Radio
1430-1530 11570 TAC 100 kW 76 deg to NoEaAS Korean
2030-2130  7595 TAC 100 kW 76 deg to NoEaAS Korean

Voice of Martyrs
1530-1700  7510 TAC 100 kW 76 deg to NoEaAS Korean

Extended broadcast of Radio Free North Korea eff from April 28
1200-1530 15630 TAC 100 kW 76 deg Korean
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 12)

Nice observation:
Harmonic 7510 x 2 = 15020 kHz, like radioplay at 1615 UT.
widely heard today May 15 on some remote Perseus units.
From RRTM Tashkent Uzbekistan tx site
7510 1530-1700 UT UZB Voice of Martyrs Korean Tashkent 1-7

7510  Voice of Martyrs from RRTM Tashkent tx site, at 1610 UT on May 19,
also tiny string seen on 15020 kHz hx.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 15 / 19)

VIETNAM   9636.003, on May 18 at 1208 UT, astounded to hear VOVTN-1,
almost *on* its off-frequency, rather than 9635.789 kHz, as last logged by
the Aoki list, and always producing an odd het on BFO bandscans at 1-kHz
steps. Now it's much like VOV 12019 kHz, a deliberate 1-kHz-off channel
for reasons unknown rather than a simple variant; but we shall see
if 9636 kHz stix
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 18)

Both VoVTN Son Tay units are ODD fq already a lot of months ago too,
12018 ... 12019 kHz, - or 9635.800 .... 9636.0 kHz.

On May 19 at 0830 UT Vietnamese service from VoVTN Son Tay on exact
measurement of 9635.798 kHz, scheduled 2145-1600 UT daily.

12018.963  noted VoVTN English sce from Hanoi, via Son Tay site, at 1015
UT on May 19, S=6 or -102dBm in Kyoto/Nagoya remote SDR units in Japan.

7220.004  VoVTN Vietnamese language, spoken program from Son Tay site,
S=9+15dB at 1540 UT on Mediterranean remotes in Greece and Calabria.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 19)

ZAMBIA/USA   9975, on May 16 at 0230 UT check, KVOH is still off. I ask
Ray Robinson, what's going on, also with Zambia? His reply May 15:

"Hi, Glenn. I'm currently in California. Voice of Hope - Americas (KVOH)
English service on 9975 kHz is temporarily suspended pending
implementation of our 100 kW Harris transmitter. It should be back in a
few weeks.

Voice of Hope - Africa from Zambia on 9680 kHz is launching this week,
most likely on Tuesday [May 17]. It has already been running for a few
days in dry run mode for training purposes (with the transmitters switched

Initial schedule will be 0500-0800 UT Mon-Fri and 1200-1700 UT Sat & Sun.
Times announced on air will be local Central African Time (CAT), which is
UT+2hrs. Additional times and frequencies will be added in a few months,
as funding permits. Ray."

From HFCC and Aoki, looks like 9680 kHz will be clear at 05-08 UT, and
should be good for North America from sign-on; the other broadcast
overlaps with ChiCom jamming and Taiwan at 11-14 UT.

[later]  Hi, Glenn and others. A few quick comments about Voice of Hope -
Africa. We are currently using the omni antenna with 9680 kHz, intended to
provide coverage to Central and Southern Africa. We are needing a part
from Continental (they shipped the wrong one) before we can activate the
second transmitter on the 315 degree beam to West Africa.

Because the transmitters have been idle for sometime, we want to wake them
up gently. For the 05-08 UT broadcast on the 17th, we were only running at
about 60kW. That will gradually be stepped up. Power shortages and
rotating outages are still a major problem in Zambia, and our genset is
not yet serviceable. Thus we are dependent on grid power for the time
being, and our broadcasts my be subject to interruptions beyond our

Up until now we have not been represented at HFCC other than by the FCC
for KVOH. We plan to change that for the next meeting. - Ray.
(via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 16 / 17)

ZAMBIA   9680.00,  on May 17 at 0458 UT, very poor S5 signal vs lightning
crashes to S=9+10dB as a storm is about to hit us, and I still have the
main exterior antenna connected. So it's got to be Voice of Hope Africa,
inaugural broadcast as Ray Robinson had predicted. I hear mostly music
past 0500 UT, 0505 UT unreadable announcement.

From 0529 UT I compare it to 9660 kHz, Vatican Radio in Portuguese, which
is quite stronger, S7-S8 and readable, but this is direct from Italy;
should compare at 0500-0529 UT when 9660 kHz VR in English is via
Madagascar, 250 kW at 258 degrees. (VR 9660 kHz is also Vatican State at
0300-0500 UT; MAD only at 0500-0529 UT.)

The schedule is to be: Mon-Fri 0500-0800 UT, Sat/Sun 1200-1700, both on
9680 kHz. Announcement says to "all Africa", so is it non-direxional?
Presumably, altho earlier plans were to use 6 and 4 MHz for closer-in ND
coverage, later adding 9 MHz toward West Africa (and us). As quoted in my
previous report: "Additional times and frequencies will be added in a few
months, as funding permits. Ray."

From HFCC and Aoki, looks like 9680 kHz will be clear at 05-08 UT, and
should be good for North America from sign-on; the other broadcast
overlaps with ChiCom jamming and Taiwan at 11-14 UT. Otherwise, it might
make it to Western North America by longpath.

As of latest HFCC file May 11, none of the VOH Zambia frequencies are
registered: 4965, 6065, 9680 kHz (tho on 9680 kHz we do find an imaginary
RRIndonesia), nor anything on 13 MHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld May 17)

ZAMBIA   May 18 with better than normal propagation for Zambia.

5915  ZNBC / Radio One, at 0432-0454 UT program in vernacular with live
phone calls; reception well above the norm; 0505 UT found off the air
(see VOH Africa log).

9680  Voice of Hope Africa. 0455 UT on with test tone; 0458 UT loop of IDs
("From Zambia to the world, this is the Voice of Hope Africa") and IS;
0500 UT: "With love from Zambia. This is the Voice of Hope broadcasting to
all of Africa on frequency 9680 kHz."; Christian song till suddenly off at
0503 UT. Thought it might be an issue with the Zambian electricity supply,
so at 0505 UT checked 5915 kHz (ZNBC/Radio One) and yes, found them also
off the air.

Later found on dxld yg that Ray Robinson (VOH Africa) confirmed
"maintenance being conducted by the power company (ZESCO) in the area."
For some time now has not been uncommon to find ZNBC / Radio One (5915
kHz) going off the air much earlier than normal, just as happened today.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld and hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 18)

VOH Africa 9680  tuned 0510 UT with SINPO 4+5444 - started w/ armchair
quality here in Fallbrook. No pwr or xmtr problems today! Playing praise
songs with local woman ancr who provided short devotional talks between

Central African time check at 0515 UT. Increasing QSB and slow signal fade
after 0515 UT. VOH ID and frequency by man at 0524.5 UT and into song
"Hallelujah" - male vocal. Syndicated pgm by male ancr w/ devotional talk
at 0531-0536 UT. Anmt by man "This is international radio, Voice of Hope"
at 0536 UT and into another praise vocal.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer May 19)


Some morning log of May 20, taken at 0450 to 0700 UT.

Used remote units in southern Germany, Doha Qatar, Zakynthos Greece,
Calabria Italy, Spain, Moscow Russia, MA-NJ-USA, Alberta-CAN,
and Vancouver Island CAN.

5829.987  USA  WTWW English, male singer, S=8 in soGermany, www address
          given, "SW Worldwide Bcasting" annmt at 0459 UT on May 20.

5875even  ASC  BBCWS English, at 0500 UT S=9+15dB here in Germany.
          BBC nx from Nigeria, 97 woman hostages rescued in West Africa.
          // 6005even fq, S=9+15dB in soGermany.

6035even  ASC  VoA Hausa sce to WeAF, S=9+15dB signal here in soGermany,
          Hausa nx reader at 0504 UT on May 20.

6040.015  TUR  VoTurkey Emirler, Turkish morning sce, S=9+20dB at 0506 UT
          modern light Turkish mx.

6089.858  NIG  Radio Nigeria Kaduna, progr in Hausa at 0508 UT, S=7-8 fair
          co-channel 6090even Caribbean Beacon Anguilla progr, equal
          signal level, but another 3rd stn underneath 6089.966 probably
          Brazilian Bandeirantes program?

6164.959  TCD  Radiodifusion National Tchadienne, N'Djamena, S=6 signal
          at 0511 UT, French male announcer, QRM 6165 kHz RHC Bauta
          in English even fq.

6180.026  BRA  Radio Nacional Amazonia Brazil, S=7-8 in soGermany at 0517
          but much stronger in MA-NJ-USA as S=9+15dB at 0720 UT,
          // 11780.006 kHz S=7-8 in MA-USA, at 0722 UT on May 20.
          Talk by both female and male anncr.

6135.048  BRA  Radio Aparecida BrasPortuguese, tiny S=5 signal in Europe,
          mx program at 0519 UT, pop singer, tx seems a little unstable
          like 2-3 Hertz wandered. BUT at 0529 UT BBC Hausa from ASC relay
          started on even 6135 kHz, though S=9+25dB more powerful !

5005even  UNID Very tiny poor signal string visible at 0521 UT, S=3

5051.095  UNID strong S=9+20dB carrier visible in 0450 to 0525 UT
          time range, wandered down to 5051.077 kHz then.

6159.971  CAN  CKZU Vancouver.
          Only one of the Canadian domestic stns on air this
          morning, S=4-5 -96dBm at 0531 UT in Spain remote unit.
          QRM by powerhouse ORF1 ORS Moosbrunn Austria at S=9+25dB
          Could not solve that at 0530 UT local daytime, - but checked
          Vancouver Island remote SDR unit during daytime at 1730 UT,
          the CBU signal was right S=9 strong as usual, coming from
          Vancouver main low land unit.

6119.955  BRA  SRDA poor S=5 or -92dB here in Spain Europe.
          TX not stable, varies some 2-3 Hertz up and down hops.

6070.003  VAT  Vatican Radio from Santa Maria di Galeria, morning
          Latin prayer, S=9+25dB powerhouse signal in Spain, but
          stable signal underneath across the Atlantic from
6069.986  CAN  CFRX Toronto nice signal at 0540 UT on May 20.
          Could follow the discussion on American Airline talk.

6060even  CUB  RHC Bauta program, not much strong here on this channel
          but suffered heavily by 220 Hertz hum buzz audio signal
          interference of Brazilian co-ch
6059.780  BRA  SRDA BrasPortuguese prayer at 0543 UT on May 20.

6049.997  LBR  Radio ELWA Monrovia Liberia, WeAF type mx noted on
          remote unit in Madrid Spain. Though weak S=4 signal just
          above the threshold level, but I could follow easily
          their program content.

17639.951 THA  Radio Thailand in English to CeAS, ME, and especially
          Russia target. Pop mx at 0556 UT, S=9+20dB in Doha Qatar
          remote unit. Long English language advertisement of the
          common ASEAN states, like "Welcome to Asia ...
          Coming together in Asia ... Trade, Travel, Culture ...
          The Future Is Here ....". Odd Udorn Thani frequency,
          TX off after the time pips of 06.00 UT, 2 seconds later.

15284.972 ARS  Radio Saudi Internat in Swahili language, odd fq
          of one of the older units, - or from Jeddah bcast center
          site? S=9+25dB signal in Doha Qatar remote unit, at 0605 UT.
          All Saudi program content has been modernisized recently,
          heard modern station ID jingle and trumpet music followed,
          anncmt by sweet female voice presenter.

15340even F    RFI Paris Hausa service, S=9+25dB at 0608 UT. Interview
          in Hausa about the 97 woman rescued matter in Nigeria.
          But heard also a strange bubble ditter signal underneath !?

15359.985 UAE  US Mashaal Radio in Pashto to AFG, S=9+10dB at 0610 UT
          odd fq of Al Dhabbaya relay TX gear. Something seemingly wrong
          with this unit, on SDR program screen only the lower side audio
          part was visible, the upper sideband audio missed - like
          deep notch cut ... strange

15380.058 ARS  BSKSA HQ Arabic prayer program noted at 0616 UT on May 20.
          S=9+40dB heard in Doha Qatar remote SDR receiver.

15420.124 UAE  Odd frequency signal of BBCWS English via Al Dhabbaya relay
          site, S=9+15dB at 0618 UT. Interview by BBC reporter to a
          Libyan-Arabic journalist, about battle fighting, and elect new
          Libyan government, migration people flood from all Africa,
          Islam State problem and interests, instability in Libya,
          at 0621 UT also noted // 13580 kHz S=8-9 signal from
          Madagascar relay site.

          Babcock uses excellent technical personell in Woofferton, Oman,
          Ascension Isl, and Thailand, - BUT the staff in Al Dhabbaya UAE
          is much different, and has a lower skill level, of professional
          knowledge,  -  I assume.

15750.007 IRN  VoIRIB Arabic sce, likely from Zahedan site, S=9+25dB,
          female guitar accompanied singer at 0627 UT on May 20. And
          sweet voice ID announcer, funny talk like sometimews heard on
          Japanese womans family discussion on NHK programs.

13600even OMA  Radio Sultanate Oman program, girls singer, drums, string,
          and flute instruments music played. S=6 sidelobe signal into
          soGermany at 0630 UT.

13635.017 TUR  TRT Emirler Turkish info program at 0632 UT, powerful
          S=9+25dB, talk about terrorists and Turkish parliament matter.

13710.051 ARS  BSKSA Riyadh, Arabic HQ sce, S=8-9 in Canada, noted on
          Vancouver island remote SDR unit at 1742 UT, when
          checked CKZU Vancouver 6160v kHz.

13725.051 F    RFI Issoudun English program sce at 0633 UT.
          Program "Inside This Week", migration and crime into Europe.
          Probably one of their INSTABLE txs at Issoudun site, odd
          frequency and audio feed line seems disturbed by woodpecker
          or hammer knocker in background.
          Mixed with an strange UTE RTTY signal too.

13780.008 IRN  VoIRIB Arabic from Sirjan site, S=5-6 only sidelobe into
          Germany at 0637 UT.

11985even F    RTA Algiers Arabic HQ prayer in progress at 0641 UT S=8-9
          sidelobe. But seems suffered also by UNDERNEATH bubble jamming
          sound - like on Saudi 15285v kHz transmission.

11750.024 TUR  TRT Emirler Turkish service, // 13635.017 and 11955.008.
          S=9+25dB at 0648 UT on May 20.
          Talk by male and female about 'championat'?

11880even AUT  AWR Arabic sce via ORS Moosbrunn powerhouse S=9+45, 300kW
          at 175degrees to all African Sahel zone. AWR stn ID annmt with
          piano play theme underneath. AWR web address given like

5829.987  USA  WTWW Gospel program at 0701 UT in English, noted as
          S=9+30dB signal in remote Vancouver CAN SDR receiver unit.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 20)


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(May BDXC-UK Communication via dxld May 11)



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