90 Years of Broadcasting in Saratov (RA32SA)

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1 June to 30 August 2016


Sponsored by the Regional Office Russian Amateur Radio Union (RO CPP) and the Saratov radio club to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of Broadcasting in Saratov.

Description and history: 90 years ago, on June 4, 1926 the People's Commissariat of Posts and
Telegraphs of the USSR (NKPiT) authorized broadcasts in Saratov with the call sign RA32 on the wave length of 420 meters. In honor of this event, the regional office of the Union of

Russian stations (RO CPP) Saratov radio club has established a diploma which may be earned by applications all over the world who have an amateur radio license or SWL callsign. The award is a diploma in electronic format and it is issued free of charge.

Requirements: For the diploma you need to spend three radio with commemorative radio RA32SA on different bands or different modes. Valid contacts must have been made during the period June 1 to August 30, 2016. Each contact = 30 points. All you need is to earn 90 points.

Contacts may be made using phone, CW, and digital modes. One contact made by UHF bands is sufficient to earn the award. QSOs made by terrestrial repeaters do not count. SWL’s should apply to should send application to e-mail address ua4cgr@yandex.ru in any public easy to read . format - the DOC, a TXT. Confirmation of contact with RA32SA available ONLY on E-QSL.cc All others should apply for the award through the electronic online service Sar-the Log . http://sar-log.ru/
(Details a little hazy, but if you have worked the required numbers of contacts with RA32SA, you should go to their automated site, enter your call sign, and if all goes well, an award will be generated by their program and sent to you by e-mail. What could go wrong? It is free!)

E-mail: ua4cgr@qrz.ru

Internet: http://sar-log.ru/diplomyi/90-let-radioveshhaniyu-v-saratove

Extras. http://www.qrz.ru/awards/detail/3107.html

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