The Lieutenant Ilyin Diploma

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1 - 31 July 2016


This award was developed and sponsored by a group of radio amateurs of the Tver region, with the support of PO CPP in the Tver Region Administration and the Forest District.

It is available to all amateur radio operators (Except for the Tver region). Stations are asked to contact 2-way contacts (SWL) with the special call sign R1770LI.

POINTS Needed:
1. Amateur radio stations of the Tver region, will be active in the period from 1-31 July, 2016.
2. The award may be earned by European stations and Russians for earning at least 1800 points and stations of Asiatic Russia and other countries, at least 1000 points.

POINT values:

1. At least one contact with the special station R1770LI is required - value is 500 points. -

2. Other hams of the Tver region involved in days of activity = 200 points

3. Contacts made under field conditions, in the vicinity of the lieutenant’s monument Ilyin (d Zastizhe Forest district of Tver region. the RDA: TV-33 ) from 8 to 10 July 2016, QSOs with R1770LI = 1000 points .

4. Repeated contacts are permitted on different bands and in different modes for credit. For the special callsign R1770LI count repetitions within a specific range, and one type of modulation, but with different RDA. (Mark the RDA during the QSO).

Stations of the Tver region radio amateurs Tver region - participants must be in the days of activity (operating its call sign to the general call), need to make 100 QSOs minimum to earn the award.

Diploma in electronic form is free of charge, and is issued based on a log extract sent to the award manager Sergey Smirnov (R3AIN). His e-mail is . The award is also available as a printed form, and to obtain the award in paper format, you should send a request to the manager of the paper version Shabashkin diploma Alexander (R3IAE) to or mail or to the address 171360, Tver region, Staritsa, ul. Zavidova, d. 2. Check with the award manager for cost as a printed certificate.  Applications for the award should be made within 1 month from the date of the event, August 31, 2016.

For the application it is recommended to use the Excel format.

Any questions should be addressed to R3IAN diploma manager by his e-mail address of email
QSLs will be sent through the Bureau. QSOs will also will be confirmed in the systems and LoTW


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