The Operation HUSKY - Sicily 1943 Award

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June 25 to July 17, 2016


This commemorative award is offered by the Association RASM – RadioAmatori Siciliani nel Mondo, recalling the anniversary of the first landing of Allied Forces in Europe,m on July 10, 1943 on the island of Sicily, Italy.  The landing in Sicily (Husky operation code-named) was implemented by the Allies on the Sicilian coast July 10, 1943, during the Second World War, with the aim of opening a front in continental Europe, invade and defeat the fascist Italy and finally, focus later its efforts against Nazi Germany. It was the first operation of the allied troops on Italian soil during the war and marked the beginning of the Italian Campaign.

1. Period: 00:00 utc 25.06.2016 at 24.00 utc 17.07.2016

2. Participants: OM, YL and SWL

3. Bands: 20 - 40 and 80 meters.

4. Modes: SSB Exclusively

5. Contacts: the contacts made with the RASM club member stations that will call are valid for the "CQ HUSKY OPERATION AWARD"

6. Mode: The same station may be worked only once per day per band.

7. Reports: Stations activators pass: CALL + R.S.T + score.

8. Score:
     A. RASM operators who will call for the AWARD = 1 point;
     B. Liaison with the IQ Stations (affiliated RASM), = 3 points;
     C. Connection with Jolly (wild card) stations, = 5 points
     D. The total score will be determined by the sum of points

9. Jolly (wildcard) stations:
     Jolly stations General Patton
     Station Jolly General Montgomery

10. .Diploma: will be awarded on request to all those who have scored at least the following points:
     A. Italian Stations 30 points
     B. Foreign stations 15 points

11. Cost: For the issue of the Diploma is required a contribution of € 12,00 for Italian stations and € 15.00 for abroad (Europe) .Other destinations to be announced.

12. PAYMENT The amount will be credited to:
     A. Post Pay n ° 4023 6006 0487 7680 letterhead to: Gambino Carmelo Cod. Fiscale. GMBCML65L04G273M.
     B. PAYPAL to the following email address: (insert in the message the call)
     C. or (at the sender's risk) it will be sent in an envelope together with the application or log.

13. Requests supported by Log and copy of the receipt (or amount of cash) should be sent no later than 30/08/2016 to: Gambino Carmelo - via G. Galilei, 163 - Palermo 90145 or by mail to the following address: . The diploma will be sent in cardboard tube reinforced to prevent integrity. After sending if for reasons beyond an Ass. RASM award is lost we will just send back the award only in digital format.


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