U.R.A. 30th Anniversary Award

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28 May to 31 December 2016


The União de Radioamadores dos Açores has established the U.R.A. 30 YEARS AWARD to commemorate its founding on 28 of May, 1986. The requirements are quite simple: Make 3 QSOs or SWL Reports on different bands with station CU3URA, either for amateurs or SWL, from 28 of May to 31 of December, 2016.

The award will be sent via e-mail (jpg image), at no costs, to all stations who fulfill the requirements. You do not have to apply at all, since the sponsor promises to automatically send the award to all stations who have an e-mail address and meet the award requirements. Very nice!

Thanks: CU3AA – Joao 6/16/16

E-mail: direcao.cu3ura@gmail.com

Internet: https://www.qrz.com/cu3ura

Image: Diplome 30 Anos.......in 16 file.

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