Fiestas Patronales Moros y Cristianos

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8-25 July 2016


The Europeanrosclub (ERC) and the Section of URE Novelda have organized this Diploma in commemoration of the festivities of the Moros y Cristianos 2016.

1- Date of participation from 8 to 25 July 2016 in all the HF bands from 10 to 160 meters.


3- Special Station EG5FPN.

4- To earn the DIPLOMA, you should contact the special event station EG5FPN.

5- contacts should be made on different days and can be repeated on the same band as long as QSOs are not made on the same day.

6- Award Requirements:
     Spanish stations need 3 contacts with EG5FPN in any band and mode.
     All other stations need 2 contacts using any band and mode.

7- To apply, send an E-mail with your call sign, first and last name toi prepare the diploma, as well as usual data from the different contacts. Apply to: .

8-. To see if your e-mail has been received you receive an answer by return e-mail if your e-mail was received correctly. If you do not promptly receive a confirmation, apply again.

9-. The diploma will be sent to upon the completion of the activity.

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