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November 6 - 13, 2016


The Diploma called the "TRAGEDY OF MELORIA" is designed to remember the plane crash of November 9th, 1971 in the shallows of Meloria, a stretch of sea located approximately 7 km off the coast of Livorno, in Tuscany. The episode is the most serious accident of the Italian armed forces since the end of WW2. A C-130 Hercules aircraft was lost with all crewmen. .

1. Bands used: 80, 40 and 20m telephony; 20m in psk31 and 63.
2. The Award is available to all OM and SWL of the world.
3. Look for the following stations who will be participating:
     a. Jolly (wild card) stations: IQ8IS - IQ0XV - IQ7AF
     b. Special station: II8FOL
     c. Members of the 773 GRP and the Radio Group.
4. MODES The following modes are allowed: SSB - DIGI (PSK 31/63).
5. BANDS 80m, 40m and 20m HF, according to the IARU Band Plan.
     a. Contacts with wild card stations 5 points (all modes);
     b. Contacts with special train = 10 points (all modes);
     c. Contacts with member stations of GRP and 773 Radio Group 2 points (all modes)   
     d. Each station can be contacted only once per day for each band and mode.

To get the diploma you need a minimum of points as follows:
     a. Italian stations: 30 points;
     b. European stations: 15 points;         
     c. Extra-European stations: 5 points;
     d. Contacts must include at least 2 stations, plus one of the Jolly Special Stations.
     a. PSK / PSK: CQ CQ de (call Activator) AWARD OF TRAGEDY MELORIA
     b. SSB: CQ CQ de (call Activator) - CALL FOR DIPLOMA OF TRAGEDY MELORIA
     a .The JOLLY stations and stations accredited will send RTD relations.
     b. The stations belonging to the GRP and 773 RadioGroup associations will pass

RTD relations followed by the following membership acronyms: Enrolled 773 Radio Group: RGXXX
     c. Members Amateur Radio Group Paratroopers: GRPXXX
10. AWARD: The diploma in parchment, A4, will be sent - for award fee of 12,00 by post ordinary.
11. The application for the award must be received (no later than 31.11.2016) by mail sent to: award@773radiogroup.it
     a. include: the station log with date, day, time, mode, and band.
     b. issuance and reference N °, the receipt for payment which must be by bank transfer to 'IBAN IT95H36000032000CA011376970 or via Paypal through the button on the website http://www.773radiogroup.it .

E-mail: award@773radiogroup.it    
Internet: http://www.773radiogroup.it/archives/1277

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