200th Anniversary of the death of Giovanni Paisiello

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20 October to 30 November 2016


Giovanni Paisiello was born in Taranto (1740-1816) and was educated in Jesuit schools. He became known for his beautiful singing voice and in 1754 was sent to the Conservatorio di S. Onofrio at Naples, where he studied under Francesco Durante, and eventually became assistant master. For the theatre of the Conservatorio, which he left in 1763, he wrote some intermezzi, one of which attracted so much notice that he was invited to write two operas, La Pupilla and Il Mondo al Rovescio, for Bologna, and a third, Il Marchese di Tidipano, for Rome.

His reputation now firmly established, he settled for some years at Naples, where, despite the popularity of Niccolò Piccinni, Domenico Cimarosa and Pietro Guglielmi, of whose triumphs he was bitterly jealous, he produced a series of highly successful operas, one of which, L'ldolo cinese, made a deep impression upon the Neapolitan public.


This award commemorates the 200th anniversary of Paisiello’s death in 1816. Special Event Station II7WAVE will be active during the period 20 October to 30 November 2016. II7WAVE is a Special Call Sign remembering the 200th date of his death.

Award Requirements:
Bronze Award 3 contacts worked on different bands.
Silver Award 5 contacts worked on different bands.
Gold Award 8 contacts worked on different bands.
Platinum Award for contacts made on all HF bands.

Apply for the award by sending your LOG extract to IK7HTB via email to ik7htb@aritaranto.it .
A PDF image of the award will be sent to you in return and NO change. If you require that a printed award be physically mailed to you, the cost will be 10€. Send to
In you prefer a paper Award the award fee is 10 euros sent by PAYPAL. The form to do this is: https://www.paypal.me/aritaranto/10 .

E-mail: ik7htb@aritaranto.it
Internet: https://www.qrz.com/II7WAVE

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