A.R.I. Vigevano 60th Anniversary

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October 8 - 30, 2016


The club A.R.I. Vigevano, was founded in 1956. To help celebrate the Sixtieth Anniversary the A.R.I. Vigevano 60° Foundation Award has been established.

1. ATTENDANCE: All amateurs and SWL’s may participate in earning the award.
2. TERM: From 07.00 UTC on Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 23:59 on Sunday, October 30, 2016
3. BANDS: 6-10-12-15-17-20-40-80-160 meters.
4. MODES: CW-SSB-RTTY-PSK and other digital modes are permitted.
No contacts permitted by repeaters, internet, transponder or other similar non radio methods.
5. CONTACTS AND POINTS: All contacts with special station commemorative IB2VIG = 10 points. The special station can be contacted on the same day provided that such contacts use different bands or modes.
6. REPORTS: stations will exchange RST
7. REQUIREMENTS FOR AWARD: To EARN the diploma, all radio amateurs and SWL will have to score a minimum of 60 points. The scoring will be the sum of points obtained for each QSO/HRD, made with the special station IB2VIG.
8. APPLICATION REQUEST: The Award is free, and all requests must be sent by mail to the following e-mail address diploma60@arivigevano.net by 20 November 2016. The award will be sent in PDF format via e-mail. Alternatively, the log of the applicant must be sent in .adif format or downloaded in excel but only from the site of the section sezione@arivigevano.net .

The log must still contain:
List of QSO / HRD
Date-mode, Band and RTD
Number of QSOs / HRDs
Name Surname
Call sign
Email address

Stations that do not abide by these regulations will be disqualified and will not get a diploma.
The sending of the logs implies the acceptance of the Regulation.
The decisions of the committee responsible for monitoring the logs are final

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