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15 October to 15 December 2016


Homer is the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, two long epic poems in dactylic hexameter, which signify the beginning of European literature. The traditional dates for the composition of the epics are 750 BC. (Iliad) and 725 BC. (Odyssey). Much of the content of the Homeric epics appears to be consistent with the Aegean Late Bronze Age (12th c. BC.) the time of the Trojan War. Homer is also considered to be the legendary founder of the Homeridae, a guild of rhapsodes who might have composed oral poetry concerning the Mycenaean Age. Various traditions have survived purporting to give details of Homer's birthplace and background. The Iliad suggests a home on the east side of the Aegean Sea and the poet seems familiar with the area. Until nowadays Daskalopetra ("The Teacher’s Rock") is allegedly where Homer is said to have taught his students in Chios.

@ Dr Antony Makrinos, Lecturer in Classics, Dept. of Greek and Latin , University College London

The "HOMER" award honors the legendary author of the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey"and is sponsored by the Amateur Radio Club of Chios Island . (SZ8XIO).
Rules are simple: During the 90 day period of the activation of the special event station, you must make four QSOs with SX8HOMER using different bands or modes.
(For example: 20 meters SSB, 20 meters BPSK31, 15 meters BPSK31, 15 meters SSB.)

The award is available as a digital file sent to you FREE by e-mail or for a small charge, a completed printed certificate may be mailed to your home address. QSL cards are not necessary. The cost for the the printed award is $US5.  Applications for this award may be made by email to Award Manager SV8FCU. Email for applications: .

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