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This whimsically named award is issued for contacts with expeditions of the EN7P club which is based in Volyn, the land of lakes in Ukraine. According to Wikipedia, there are more than 220 lakes, 130 rivers and in most cases there are many swamps in this territory! Our proverb says: "Every frog praises his own swamp!". Therefore, we chose the frog as a symbol of our club.  The club team is involved in radio expeditions which operate in the vicinity of rivers, lakes, swamps and just enjoy outdoor activities. More information at .

The club has proved that the beauty of the homeland saves us from boredom better than magnificent beaches. Their activations do not need more than one day to set up and operate on such locations.
They enjoy taking their equipment on their shoulders and go anywhere to complete these activations, often on weekends. Look for EN7P, it is the only call they use and should be easy to recognize.

The Basic Diploma is issued for contacting /SWL with three different locations.
Their official list of references they use is found at .

The Diploma is free and is sent to the applicant's e-mail in * .jpg format.
It is also possible to obtain a diploma in paper form. If you want an award mailed to you, the award fee based on postage costs is:

For Ukraine - 15 UAH;
For the rest - $ 3

Send an application form to ut1pg {at}, or by traditional mail to the following address: Vladimir Kiselev, / I 21 g .. 8-Kovel, Volyn region, 45008. Ukraine.


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