HA-QRP Diploma (HA43XXX HG43XXX)

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1 - 7 November 2016


The HA-QRP activity contest has 43 years of history. Millions of contacts were made through the years during the first week of November. Great success was achieved and many DX stations were reached each year. The world among with the amateur attitude and our lifestyle has largely changed over this time. One age of the HA-QRP activity and contest has ended. We would like to adjust the QRP radio's potential to today's requirements with this announcement.

An award may be obtained during the period 1st November 00.00 UT to 7th November 23.59 UT for contacting special event prefix stations HA43XXX and HG43XXX. Their goal is to promote QRP operations. The award is sponsored by the MRASZ Hungarian Radioamateur Society.

The diploma can be obtained by any amateur radio operator around the world. The special call signs assigned to the event in 2016 are HA43QRP and HG43QRP. Other Hungarian stations may join in with similar callsigns but using the HA43 and HG43 prefixes as well. The special stations can use power up to a maximum of 10 watts during the activity, using every band and mode. The HA43 stations must be in the special stations' online log. Logs will be updated continuously but not later than 15th November.


Gold diploma:   One contact with each of the HA43QRP and HG43QRP stations and at least 10 contacts with other HA43 and HG43 stations.

Silver diploma:  One contact with each of the HA43QRP and HG43QRP stations and at least 5 contacts with other HA43 and HG43 stations.

Bronze diploma:  One contact with any of the HA43QRP or HG43QRP stations and at least 3 contacts with other HA43 and HG43 stations.

Diplomas can be downloaded from 25th November each year, free of charge.

Applying for the award: The sponsor will maintain logs from the two main stations HA43QRP and HG43QRP.  When applying, you should send list of all stations with usual QSO information. Send to Email: ha5agp@citromail.hu

1. The QSL manager is HA5AGP only for QSL cards.
2. eQSL.cc, LoTW are available after 25 November each year. Paper QSLs are answered only in direct until 31December each year.
3. One US$1 or a valid IRC will cover the postal fee for up to 3 requested QSL cards.

E-mail: ha5agp@citromail.hu
Internt: http://www.ha-qrp.hu/en/ha-qrp-award

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