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QSL - 1957

Bo OZ2M reports that the new OX6M beacon is now operating on 50.047 MHz and OZ7IGY has had an overhaul 

Monday, October 17 saw a new 6 m beacon on the air. Bo, OZ1DJJ/OX3LX, installed the new beacon in HQ90AL running PI4 + CW + carrier in a one minute cycle on 50.047 MHz. The power is 25 W and the antenna is a dipole radiating North/South.

On Sunday, October 16 a major overhaul took place at the OZ7IGY site. On 2 m a second Big Wheel was installed increasing the ERP by 3 dB.
On 70 cm the very faulty Big Wheel was replaced by three stacked Big Wheels thus the ERP has increased a lot. On 23 cm the Big Wheel was replaced by a 9 dB slotted wave guide antenna. On 13 cm the new slotted wave guide antenna height was increased by 1 m. On 24 GHz the power has been increased from 300 mW to 2 W and the IDU has been replaced. At the same time the PI4 has been changed from K = 96 to K = 40, i.e. native PI4.

Within a couple of weeks the 10 GHz beacon should be migrated to the Next Generation Beacons platform.

Bo, OZ2M

OZ7IGY – The World's Oldest Beacon

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