SN1923AXL - 70th Anniversary of the Babice Radio Station

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25 September to 25 October 2016


On 17th November 1923, five years after Poland regained it’s independence, the biggest and most modern radio station in the world was built in the small township of Babice on the outskirts of Warsaw. It cost the newly re-born country 3 million American dollars then, which would be roughly 300 million today. It was designed to communicate with the United States of America by means of the radio signal using the Morse code. And there came september 1939. No later than on the first day of the war (1st September) a squadron of Junkers Ju87 (Stuka) dive bombers was given orders to bomb the station. The Germans eventually took over the Radio Station and used it to communicate with their Krigsmarine submarines preying the waters of the Atlantic as well as to communicate directly with japan.

On the eve of the final victory, on 16th January 1945 they German forces blew the whole object up and the vibration caused by the falling towers could be felt miles away. Babice Radio Station has been silenced forever.

After the war, the communists took all necessary steps to get rid of any trace of the station, like of any other symbols of pre-war Polish greatness. Time contributed to the destruction process. Today, only concrete foundations of towers covered by forest and ruins of transmitter building is what reminds us of the station. The Heritage Park Society of the Transatlantic Radiotelegraphic Station ( makes efforts to secure the station area putting it under protected monuments register, and our club - SP5KAB - is planning to celebrate the 77th anniversary of its defense

One part of the celebration is offer an award for contacting the memorial station SN1923ADXL
We are planning to work with all transmissions, from 160 meters to 10 meters. Commemorative awards will be issued, and each QSO will be confirmed with special QSL card. (Rules make it unclear, but I believe the award will be free of charge, probably delivered as a digital image.)
The rules to earn the award are simple:

Award conditions:
Stations outside Europe – make 1 QSO (any band, any transmission)
Stations from Europe - make 2 QSOs (any band, any transmission)
Stations from Poland – make 3 QSOs (any band, any transmission)

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