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D. A. S. M. Rules - Valid for contacts from 01 January 2016

1/ The A.R.I. Section Busto Arsizio, and RBLOB Radio Group, issue the Saint Michael Line Abbeys Award (hereafter abbreviated D.A.S.M.), which will be available to OM and to SWL, in order to raise awareness of the religious monuments dedicated to the patrons of St. Michael the Archangel, who value the architectural heritage, religious and historical structures of those churches crossed by the St. Michael Line or St. Michael Ley line. (Refer to charts showing the locations of such churches, to see that they are located in "lines").

2. To extend the activity of D.A.S.M. in Europe, references, valid for the award, have been implemented, assigning each of them their own code or reference number, as from separate list. The operator may use their own cal sign, or one from their club, as he prefers. All QSO's must be conducted within the radio spectrum as authorized for that license by the local licensing authority.

3. Any St. Michael church contacted or listened Italian reference will be valid for both the D.A.I. that for the D.A.S.M.

4. Foreign nations, valid for the award, are crossed by St. Michael line and they are: France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom.

5. The foreign references are released by the D.A.S.M. Award Manager. Any request for a new one must be sent to .

6. The abbeys list valid for D.A.S.M. is available on the Internet website:

7. For the activity validation of a D.A.S.M. 80 QSO’s will be required if the reference is a reactivation, while 100 QSO’s will be required if the reference is a first activation (as in D.A.I. rules)

8. For Italian activations, the log must be sent via e-mail in "adif" format to IK2WZQ Manager D.A.I - and to IK1AWV Manager D.A.S.M. within 30 days, as in general rules. The logs of foreign activations, with the prefix SM, must be sent via email in "adif" format to IK1AWV Award Manager D.A.S.M. , within 30 days from activation date.

9. For D.A.S.M. award, QSO/HRD are valid from January 1, 2016. The D.A.S.M. certificate is issued to each OM/SWL, who will sent to the Manager IK1AWV (email: the Log extract, in "adif" only, containing the QSO data.

10. The Italian activations must be validated first from the Manager D.A.I..The award is free and it will be sent to the applicants in .PDF or .JPG format only. There are three (3) versions of the Award: Hunter, Expeditioner and S.W.L.

11. The rules for "ACTIVATORS" are extensive and are not published in this article.
The award certificate will be issued automatically, after receiving the documents for validation.

12. Hunters Section

13. To obtain the Certificate, Hunter or S.W.L. must show to have contacted / heard the following numbers of references:

Level #
Italians need
DX need 10
1st Certificate
Top 50 Certificate
Excellence Certificate
Honor Roll Certificate
Top Honor Roll Certificate
Certificate "Hall of Fame"
Wood Crest
St. Michael Crest
The 8 steps must be earned in sequence, one at a time.

14. All contacts, QSO/HRD , may be made on all HF bands, in all modes.

15. The standings of Hunters, Activators, and S.W.L. who received their own D.A.S.M., will be published on the website of ARI Busto Arsizio and updated automatically.

16. QSL confirmations are not necessary, the cross-electronic control identifies the presence of the QSO in the log of the activator .

17. Anyone who receives information about foreign abbeys that are not included in the directory, can send the news to the Award Manager IK1AWV and the new abbey will entered into the D.A.S.M. database.

18. Each Hunter / Operator / S.W.L can require an upgrade of its position in the ranking once a month.

19. These rules may be subjected to changes, and the format of the certificate as well.

20. The activity, for the purposes of the Award, is considered valid only if done in respect of the general D.A.I. and D.A.S.M. rules.

21. Abbey definition: See D.A.I. Rules.

22. Questions regarding rules and regulations should be directed to the following:
     The President: Pier Luigi - IK2UVR;
     Award Manager Salvatore: - IK1AWV;a
     Deputy Manager: Enzo - IK2NBW

A complete listing of the over 700 churches is found on their website at the end of the pages of rules.

A picture  truly is worth a thousand words.  To the left is a part of a French map showing the locations of Abbeys of Saint Michael with a good example of the lines created by connecting lines from placement of the structures.  The award sample is on the right.

More information:
This is an excerpt from the web pages shown below which gives some clues to the unusual alignment of St. Michael Abbeys on maps.  Click on the link to get a better understanding of the placement of these religious structures which seems more planned than coincidence:
The St. Michael Alignment is arguably the most prominent and intriguing of the many ley lines that criss-cross Britain. It runs in a straight line between Land's End, England's southwestern extremity, and Hopton-on-Sea, on the Norfolk coast. Its name derives from the many sites devoted to St. Michael that it touches or skirts on its 350-mile course - and from its orientation: the direction of the sunrise on May 8th, when the Latin liturgy celebrates… the Apparition of St. Michael.
In spite of their supposed antiquity and the bewildering multitude of esoteric theories associated with them, ley lines have been (re)discovered only relatively recently, and were initially described in mainly exoteric [1] terms.
Some interesting reading:

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