TVRDJAVE NA DUNAVU - Fortress on the Danube

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There are the remains of 12 fortresses on the banks of the Danube River as it passes through Serbia.

They have been cataloged according to their historical value and are a part of the WCA Castles Award.
WCA YU - 00001 - Bacs
WCA YU - 00015 - Petrovaradin
WCA YU - 00035 - Acuminacum
WCA YU - 00005 - Kalemegdan
WCA YU - 00019 - Smederevo
WCA YU - 00051 - Viminacium
WCA YU - 00017 - Ram
WCA YU - 00042 - Lederata
WCA YU - 00004 - Golubac
WCA YU - 00003 - Fetislam
WCA YU - 00027 - Diana
WCA YU - 00028 - Trajan's Bridge

The WCA SERBIA diploma "Fortress on the Danube " is given to any licensed radio amateur or SWL, filing evidence with radio stations operating from fortresses from the official list and using any kind of operating mode on any bands after 14 January 2012. All identify themselves with the WCA reference number.

The WCA SERBIA club awards diplomas for both hunters and activators, for contacting or giving contacts to others for a certain number of QSOs.

Diplomas are awarded for:
A. amateur radio operators in Europe - 8 different links
B. amateur radio operators from Asia and Africa - 5 different links
C. other countries, the DX - 3 different links
D. activators - 8 different links

An application for the award should contain the date, the call sign and the identification of the object WCA number in accordance with the official list of YU-WCA.


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