WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX #1272 19 Oct 2016

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

AFGHANISTAN   1296. VOA / Ashna Radio. At 1700 UT Phone-in-prg.
By two men in Dari. "Afghanistan" was mentioned as well as "Taliban".
When over COPE SIO: 333 Oct 10.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 16)

BBG  VoA Ashna Radio (Gov), in Pashto in B-16 season
1630-1730 daily   AFG  1296kab,  9915lam, 12075kwt, 12140kwt
(via wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 11)   see schedule down under USA.

ALBANIA   9854.968  Radio Tirana English language service to
Western Europe, GB and IRL S=5-6 signal,
to east coast of North America, USA / Canada, S=7 or -85dBm signal,


RT Albania Shijak in English, 2016-Oct-12, at 0124-0135 UT

And a spurious BROADBAND BUZZ peaks noise signal noted
on 50, 100 ... 500, 600 Hertz distance apart either sideband.

Small audio of 3.8 to 4 kHz bandwidth wide noted.

Listen to the enclosed recording in mp3 format.

The Albanian technician at Shijak tx bcast center

The RT interval signal was already early on air around 01.24 UT,
usual daily English service started at 01.30:28 UT time.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

ALGERIA   Algeria gets new SW transmitters. A 300 kW SW transmitter in
Bechar is to start broadcasting in early 2017, a second transmitter is
being erected in Ouargla {I guess two tx eachsite, wb.}. They will carry
selected programmes of Radio Algerie Internationale and of the Qur'an

Target area: Mauritania, Mali, Niger & Chad


(Remy Friess-F, BrDXC-UK yg dxld Oct 12)

Re Kurzwelle Bechar-suedoestlich Azimuth und Quargla-suedwestlich Azimuth,
ueberkreuz dorthin, wo jetzt die Angela reist.
Das ist ein 12 Jahre alter Hut aus 2004 / 2005, wird's jetzt endlich
realisiert? Da haben die Ampegon Techniker jetzt gruenes Licht?


Die franzoesische TDF Issoudun hat ja als Kompensation schon
seit 11 Jahren die RTA Algier Programme morgens und abends
auf Kurzwelle uebertragen.

(wb, WoR, dxld Oct 12)


BECHAR - Une station de radiodiffusion des programmes de radio Algerie
internationale et la radio du Coran vers les pays du sahel
(Mauritanie, Mali, Niger et Tchad) a partir de Bechar sera mise en
service durant le premier trimestre 2017, a-t-on appris lundi aupres
de la direction regionale de l'entreprise publique Telediffusion
d'Algerie (TDA).

Cette station, qui emettra en ondes courtes de 300 kilowatts a partir
de l'un des centres de radiodiffusion de la TDA a Bechar, vise une
meilleure couverture des pays du Sahel par les programmes des chaines
precitees de la radio nationale, sur des tranches horaires bien
determinees assurant une reception confortable par rapport a celle
d'autres radiodiffuseurs en ondes courtes fortement presents dans
cette region, a-t-on precise.

Cette nouvelle infrastructure de radiodiffusion, disposant de moyens
techniques ultramodernes, vise aussi a porter tres loin a l'exterieur
la voix de l'Algerie, a travers les programmes diffuses par ces memes
chaines de la radio nationale, a-t-on assure.

Une station similaire est egalement en realisation a Ouargla, a-t-on
fait savoir.
Photo-APS-Archives. Lundi, 10 oct 2016
(via WoR, dxld Oct 12)

We'll believe it when we hear them. This project has been pending for
many years, yet imaginary schedules keep being registered. Meanwhile,
FRANCE has been carrying Algeria on two SW channels much of the day,
which may well serve the Sahel better than too-close Algerian sites
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 12)

ANTARCTICA   15476, Fri Oct 7 at 1918 UT, no signal from LRA36, but time
to keep an ear on this, as per report from Italy quoted on WOR #1846 that
they hope to get antenna tower repaired soon and back on the air. Previous
schedule was roughly 18-21 UT Mon-Fri only.

Incredibly, despite its protracted absence, not heard since last year
(altho it tried to come back July 27) no one has usurped 15475 kHz (last
used by Gabon until it crashed), nor is there anything on 15470 kHz during
RNASG hours; but there is now something on 15480 kHz, which is AWR Arabic
via Madagascar at 19-20 UT (and also R. Publique Africaine via France to
Burundi at 18-19 UT). IIRC LRA36 was rather USB, but in this case one
might prefer LSB mode.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 12)

ARGENTINA   15345.267 center fq, despite the TX unit fq wandered
5 - 10 Hertz up and down around 22.00 UTC. S=8-9 or -73dBm fluttery
signal. Heard ID in Spanish language at 22.00 UT, followed by news
on Marti item ...

{though nothing noted of Argentine Antarctica radio stn on 15476v, wb.}
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

ARGENTINA   11710.6v, UT Sunday Oct 16 at 0108 UT, NO signal from RAE
Argentina al Mundo, nor after 0200 UT. Can't say I'm surprised, contrary
to publicity that it would now be daily instead of weekdaily. Once again
to be sure it's not just propagation: the Brazilian weaklings on 25m are
still audible, such as, almost as strong as 11760 kHz Habana, 11764.60 kHz
Curitiba which is about as close as you can get to Buenos Aires. Nor any
signal on 15345v kHz which used to relay domestic R. Nacional into weekend
nights. I don't even bother to recheck at 0300 UT for English. Maybe they
didn't get the message at General Pacheco about the new schedule? Or
internal labor problems at station as implied previously, not getting
reasonable studio support from the LRA administration.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 16)

ARMENIA   Testausstrahlung aus Armenien heute Abend im 49m Band.

Vielen Dank fuer die zahlreichen Empfangsberichte On und Off-Liste.
Die naechste Sendung auf der QRG 6120 kHz gibt's am
Samstag, 15 Oct 2016 von 18-20 UTC fuer SM Radio International.
- Viele Gruesse
(Christian Milling-D, direct and via A-DX ng Oct 12)

ARMENIA   At the end of the Shortwave Service test from Gavar Armenia, the
presenter Christian Milling, announced that the test was for a broadcast
by SM Radio International, which would take place on Saturday on Oct 15
from 1800 to 2000 UT on 6120 kHz.
(Alan Gale-?, BrDXC-UK ng Oct 12)

Special broadcast of SM Radio International;
via brokery, and CJSC Yerevan Gavar bcast center
site on Oct 15:
1800-2000 UT 6120kHz ERV 100 kW 305 deg to WeEUR English/Mx.

(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

ARMENIA   I got an e-mail confirmation from Trans World Radio for the
Russian reception language - 04 Oct 2016, 16.40-17.10 UT at a frequency of
864 kHz (transmitter CJSC Yerevan Gavar Armenia).
Confirmation given as Central Asia.
The report sent to: <kdobos -at->
(DK - Dmitry Kutuzov, Ryazan-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx";
via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

ARMENIA   I got an e-QSL from TWR-India (KTWR on the card) for the
reception - 03 Oct 2016, 1300-1315 UT on 12055 kHz frequency (via
transmitter CJSC Yerevan Gavar Armenia). The report sent to the address:
<rphilyaw -at->

The confirmation received from Becky Philyaw, KTWR Frequency Coordination
(DK; via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

AUSTRALIA   [UNIDENTIFIED]    On the Brisbane Perseus, found someone on
3210 kHz playing Pop Dance and Rap music in the 1155-1225+ UT time frame.
A very short sentence by M at 1209 UT but couldn't copy. Went into a
feature at 1221 UT presented by M announcer in US accented English giving
mention of "?? Radio" and a website. Couldn't copy the word before
"Radio". No harmonics work out. (7 Oct.)
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 12)

3210   why not Unique Radio, NSW, which on a Friday night ought to be
audible in Brisbane? As if Dave is not aware of it.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 12)

BENIN   I got e-QSL from TWR-Benin for the reception of the French
language - 06 Sept 2016, 20.45-21.00 UT on 1566 kHz frequency (transmitter
in Benin). On card view of the radio station in Benin with a bird's-eye
view, but made it is more attractive than I was getting before.
The report sent:  <lstavrop -at->
(DK; via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

BHUTAN   6035  BBS Both Yunnan and Bhutan were here mixing together (mx on
Yunnan, usual M doing nx on Bhutan) at 1203 UT. Sounded like Yunnan went
off at 1204 UT and M on Bhutan was all alone. Great lcl stringed mx at
1212 UT, deep-voiced M anncr, and back to prominent string mx at 1215 UT
and M again, then into indigenous choral song at 1216-1221 UT, and M
returned briefly, then up-tempo song. Getting mx at 1229 UT and the M
anncr at 1230 UT but fading badly. Had some sort of live remote feature
w/girl speaking past 1235 UT. Still had a signal there at 1256 UT but
might not have been Bhutan either.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via hcdx / dxld Oct 9)

BRAZIL   9630, Oct 16 at tune-in during timesignal, ending at 0101:04.5
UT, late! Very poor signal on somewhat unstable carrier, but sounds like
multi-station ID follows for R. Aparecida and relayers such as Nove de

BTW, as Rumen Pankov reminds us, DST is just about to start in much of
Brazil, mainly at 0300 UT Oct 16, when local midnite becomes 1 am. This
results in R. Aparecida programming shifting one real UT hour earlier, and
could also affect sign on/off times of some stations; as well as official
'Voz do Brasil' show appearing one hour earlier this summer at 2100 UT
weekdays instead of 2200 UT, altho some stations somehow avoid or delay
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 16)

BULGARIA   Got e-QSL-cards from the Bulgarian National Radio - Horizont
for reception in Bulgarian - 02 Oct 2016, 18.35-18.50 UT at a frequency of
576 kHz (Vidin transmitter 2-Vodna, Bulgaria 200 kW).

The report sent to the address:        <pelovska -at->
The answer received from the address:  <kounov -at->
the confirmation by Konstantin Kounov, Chief Engineer.
(DK; via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

CANADA    Spectres of Shortwave


An upcoming 2 hour documentary on the towers of Radio Canada.

Colin Newell - Editor and creator of
<>   and   <>
(R. Colin Newell-  VA7WWV Victoria-CAN, hcdx Oct 13)

CHINA   I got an e-mail confirmation from PBS Hunan for the reception
of the Chinese language - 01 Oct 2016, 2300-2330 UT at a frequency
of 4990 kHz. The report sent by e-mail:  <yinglian -at->

I got an e-mail confirmation of receipt of the PBS Xinjiang Uygur language
service - 06 Oct 2016, 1625-1645 UT at a frequency of 6120 kHz.
The report sent by e-mail:  <yinglian @>

I got an e-mail confirmation of receipt of the PBS Xizang Tibetan language
service - 07 Oct 2016, 1745-1805 UT at a frequency of 7385 kHz.
The report sent by e-mail:  <yinglian -at->

I got an e-mail confirmation of receipt of the PBS Qinghai Tibetan
language service - 11 Oct 2016, 2300-2315 UT at a frequency of 5990 kHz.
The report sent e-mail:  <yinglian -at->
(DK; via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

CHINA/SAUDI ARABIA   1521 kHz  SEEMINGLY  CRI Urumqi Hutubi site replaced
and reshuffeled its 45 years old MW 1521 kHz installation at Urumqi by new
solid state units ?

Anybody else in Europe hearing this jamming signal on 1521 kHz.
(It's 1552 UT now)?
<>   Who's jamming who?
(Tudor Vedeanu-ROU, dxld Oct 15 / 16)

This sweep from 0 to 1000 Hz in exactly one second sounds very much like a
test tone to me, like a sign of life from the Duba-ARS transmitter that
has been missed for at least some weeks if not months.

Could it be that the old tube transmitter has been replaced by a new
solid-state rig, testing right now? I think such replacements had already
been done at other high power mediumwave sites in Saudi Arabia.

[later]  And tonight they modulate the transmitter with traditional
Chinese music non-stop...

I read that CRI Russian was missing from 1521 kHz for some time. So it's
pretty obvious that the presumed equipment replacement took place in China

How is the signal in Russia now, considering its almost sensational level
in Central Europe?
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Oct 16 / 17)

re China: 1521 kHz.
Der starke chinesische Mittelwellensender aus Urumqi war ja einige Zeit
ausser Betrieb. Heute konnte ich den ganzen Nachmittag schon ein
Testprogramm mit Musik und unglaublicher Signalstaerke auf 1521 kHz
hoeren. Da duerfte wohl neue oder verbesserte Technik installiert worden
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM, A-DX ng Oct 16;
<>  <>  )

re 1521 Urumqi Hutubi - the CRI Music Test Program,
signal strength in Moscow Russia at 1940 UT on Oct 16, is same level like
Ukraine Radio px from Mykolaiev Luch on 1431 kHz channel. When used 17-20
kHz Bandwidth on the SDR rx unit, sound like Chinese Violine Folklore HiFi

CHINA   MW Urumqi Hutubi 1521 kHz 2000 kW 308degr, 8-mast sidefire antenna
0000-0357, 1100-1957 UT, at location
44 09 50.52 N  86 53 43.70 E

MW Urumqi Hutubi 1323 kHz 58 degrees, 4-mast sidefire antenna,
1000-1500 UT Russian, at location
44 09 41.52 N  86 54 13.70 E

MW Urumqi Hutubi 1323 kHz 235 degrees 8-Mast sidefire antenna,
1500-1800 UT English, at location
44 09 26.21 N  86 53 34.56 E

COLOMBIA   6010.15  LV de tu Conciencia Hrd W in English ending sentence
w/" ... the mercy of the Lord ...", then into English song sounding much
like Van Morrison, and into LA song. ID promo at 0838 UT between songs.
Good at times. Fady. Way off freq now, but not tremendously variable like
it used to be.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via hcdx / dxld Oct 8)

EGYPT   9800  Radio Cairo, one of these much disturbed audio signals from
that country these days. At 2240 UT on Oct 14, S=9+5dB in southern
Germany, a broadband garden fence like 24 x signal peaks visible, in each
50 Hertz apart distance, either sideband.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 15)

9315.0  Radio Cairo English scheduled, but heard only distortion
BUZZ signal, and a like garden fence visible lot of buzz peak strings,
16 x 50 Hertz apart distance peak strings visible, BUZZ heard at 0250 UT
on Oct 16.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 16)

ERITREA   7146.56  V.O. the Broad Masses of Eritrea 1, Asmara. Found here
on this odd freq at 0313 UT w/tlk by studio W anncr in lang. alternating
w/HoA mx. Severely jammed with a white noise jammer. Gradually got worse
and could barely hear any audio at all by 0330 UT due to the weakening
signal and jammer.

Here's the link to a Youtube video of this, 7175 kHz and also 7120 kHz
R. Hargeisa Somalia  <>  12 Oct.

7175  Dimtsi Hafash Eritrea Barely able to make out mx through the severe
white noise jammer at 0313 UT followed by W anncr. More difficult than
7146.56 kHz. Was able to hear HoA mx at 0316 UT, then M anncr at 0317-
0320+ UT. Like 7146.56 kHz, couldn't really hear the audio through the
jamming by 0330 UT. 12 Oct.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx Oct 13)

ERITREA/ETHIOPIA   Following reports on Ethiopian white noise jamming [of
Eritrea, VoA, and DWL bcasts, wb.} I tried to check how many frequencies
are actually jammed and tried to monitor ERI bc frequencies also.

After ERI Dimtsi Hafash was only found on 7175 kHz during the weekend,
VOBME 1 is now on 7146.6 kHz again and on 7185 kHz Dimtsi Hafash. Jamming
usually ends about 1700 UT. I did not yet check if Deutsche Welle Amharic
is also jammed at that time.

1730 UT VoA Oromo begins. Tonight six frequencies were jammed, one is

Jamming to VoA on 11720 12110 12140 13860 15630 15785 kHz,
15700 is clear.

Ethiopian regional stations:

6030 kHz  Radio Oromiya is usually off air from 1730 UT, also 6090 kHz
Radio Amhara. So it seems to be today also. 5950 kHz Dimtsi Woyane is on
air, but much weaker than to be expected. 6110 kHz is hard to determine as
dominated by PBS Xizang till 1800 UT and only a weaker signal left
afterwards, seemingly undermodulated.

Also R. Ethiopia 7235v kHz is off before 1800 UT.

All in all, the situation is quite absurd:
When Oromo is broadcast, listeners could listen to the VoA broadcast on at
least one freq., while - if they stick to SW - they will miss "their"
government's Oromo broadcaster. On the other hand, Eritrea seems to
broadcast propaganda / opposition stuff to Ethiopia at earlier times when
ETH has enough "free" transmitters to jam them, while ERI listeners - if
they stick to SW which is pretty unlikely after the long break - will not
find their own tyrants' home service. Why doesn't ERI would simply
broadcast the contents unwanted in Addis Ababa's presidential palace
somewhat later?

Governments ... aren't they all a little bit like that?
(Thorsten Hallmann-D,
<>  hcdx / dxld Oct 14)

7175-7185-7195, Oct 14 at 0353 UT, wideband DRM-style jamming, implying
that VOBMEritrea Dimtsi Hafash may have shifted from 7175 to 7185 kHz,
altho no AM carrier can be detected anywhere amid this. Thorsten Hallmann
confirms that VOBME Dimtsi Hafash was on 7185 kHz the evening of Oct 13.
He says jamming usually ends about 1700 UT. I suspect same jammitters are
more needed against VOA by 1730 UT.

7140-7145-7150, Oct 14 at 0355 UT, DRM-style noise jamming against the
other VOBME 1, and here I can detect an AM carrier amid, at 7145.036 kHz
instead of 7145.6v kHz where it had been.

Wolfgang Bueschel explains, "the Ethiopians bought exactly 6 x BBEF
Beijing Made in China units some 8 years ago, which may possibly switch to
DRM digital mode transmission too".
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 14)

[ERITREA]   7146.555  centered VOBME 1 Asmara bcast outlet,
S=7-8 or -83dBm at 1526 UT, covered by 20 kHz broadband
WHITE NOISE JAMMING from Gedja Jawe site in Ethiopia.

7184.989  The other VOBMEritrean Asmara Dimtsi Hafash broadcast
{yes, seemingly moved 10 kHz up here from 7175v kHz} noted at 1529 UT
on Oct 14 on SDR unit in southern Germany.

S=8 or -76dBm signal strength, a little stronger than VOBME1
on 7146.5v kHz channel signal.

[ETHIOPIA]   7236.587 wander-centered up to 7236.607 kHz and down again,
at 1532 UT on Oct 14, S=7-8 or -78dBm Horn of Africa music played,
heard here in southern Germany.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

ERITREA/ETHIOPIA   7146.557  Noted HoA interval signal when tuned into
41mb around 0257-0300 UT on Oct 16, V.O. the Broad Masses of Eritrea 1,
Asmara, proper S=9+5dB in Detroit Michigan remote SDR unit. And also
catched the other VOBME one on

7184.991  Dimtsi Hafash Asmara at S=9+5dB or-67dBm signal level,
at 0305 UT, HoA music played in performance, string instruments played.

When checked again the both VOBME Asmara outlets at 0335 UT, noted
Ethiopian noise jamming of 24 kHz bandwidth on 7185v kHz, and 22 kHz
bandwith on 7146v kHz. S=9 +20dB noise signal strength heard here in
Germany and Italy remote posts this Oct 16 morning.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 16)

re Tonight six frequencies were jammed, one is clear.

Thorsten, the Ethiopians bought

exact 6 x BBEF Beijing Made in China TX units some 8 years ago,
which may possible switch to broadband DRM digital mode transmission too,
most modern tx units on very stable frequency alignement.

VoA Afan Oromo
1730-1800 UTC*  11720SAO{ex12040SAO}       12110LAM 12140MEY{ex12140UDO}
                13860UDO 15630WOF 15700LAM 15785SAO{ex12080SAO}

VoA Amharic
1600-1630 UTC*   1431DJI
1630-1700 UTC*   6040BOT 15580BOT
1800-1900 UTC   11720LAM{ex12040KWT}       12110KWT{ex12110LAM}
                12140UDO 13860WOF 15630WOF 15700LAM 15785WOF{ex12080WOF}

VoA Tigrigna
1900-1930 UTC*  11720UDO{ex12040SAO}       12110BOT{ex12110LAM}
                12140LAM{ex12140BOT}       13860UAE 15630WOF 15700LAM
                15785UAE{ex12080UAE}       * Monday through Friday

Checked Ethiopian jamming against VoA Ethiopian languages,
VoA schedule see above, tonight Oct 14 from 1750 - 1805 UT:

Not been jammed 15700LAM kHz.

11720 S=9 noise even broad wide signal  up to 22-23 kHz width.

12110 S=9+10dB noise, 16 kHz wide jamming.

12140 S=9+5dB noise,  20 kHz wide jamming.

13860 S=8 noise,      18 kHz wide jamming.

15630 S=9 noise,      20 kHz wide jamming.

15785 S=8-9 noise,    24 kHz wide jamming, - visible on screen.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

FRANCE/MONACO   1467  Radio Maria France schaltet ab.

Radio Maria France wird am 30. Oktober 2016 den MW-Sender auf 1467 kHz
abschalten. Das Programm wird ab November nur noch auf UKW u. DAB+ aus
Monaco ausgestrahlt.
(Nachricht von Christian Ghibaudo-Nice-F, via RCP Info;
via Remy Friess-F, A-DX ng Oct 14)

FRANCE/MOLDOVA   Since January 1, programs of TWR (ex 1395 kHz, Fllake
Albania) will be in the Polish language on 1467 kHz via the MC tx {north
of Monte Carlo in France, Col de la Madone. wb}

In Croatian - on the local FM network, in Romanian on 999 kHz (Grigoriopol
Maiac in Pridnestrovie Moldova) after the Ukrainian and Russian services
and the rest on 1548 kHz via Zarya antenna at Grigoriopol Maiac in
Pridnestrovie Moldova.
(Vasily Gulyaev, Astrakhan-RUS, via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

GERMANY   Ein Blick in die Krekel-Facilities ...

Wir hatten neulich Besuch von KW-Enthusiasten.
Die haben auch gleich ein wenig vor Ort gefilmt. Wer Interesse hat:

(Christian Milling-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

GERMANY   HCJB via Broadcast Media GmbH FMO, transmitting from Nauen site
(Germany), was logged on 1 October 2016. Russian and Chechen language
programmes of Reach Beyond (HCJB) "Golos And" and produced by Radio Studio
Otkrovenie ("Revelation") in Voronezh (Russia) was monitored from 15.45
till 16.30 UT (broadcast time 15.30 till 16.30 UT). Broadcast was (is) on
Saturday only. Reception on 13.800 kHz was (SINPO) 55555 - excellent
reception of all accounts

{in B-16 instead:
11900kHz 1530-1630 to zone 29S  NAU  100kW 100degr Sat only til 250317 }

Reception report was emailed to several contacts on the following day,
including Broadcast Media GmbH, Radio Studio Otkrovenie and Reach
Beyond/HCJB (in Germany and USA).

<qsl-shortwave -at->
<info  -at->
<info  -at->
<radio -at->

Radio Studio "Oktrovenie",
P.O.Box 585,
Voronezh, 394036 Russia

Reach Beyond headquarters
P.O.Box 39800,
Colorado Springs, CO 80949-9800, USA


Shortwave DX-ing from Bulgaria, Bulgarian DX blog, Ivo Ivanov, Oct 10
(via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

GREECE   Correction of e-mail address Dr. Dimitris K. Gazidellis.

According to earlier reports by short wave listeners like Jose Miguel
Romero R. and Patrick Robic the e-mail address of
Dr. Dimitris K. Gazidellis,
Head of Network Development & Operation ERT S.A.
should not read -at-,

but -at-   <dgazidellis -at->
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 16)

GUAM   I got an e-QSL from KTWR for reception - 05 Oct 2016, 1345-1400 UT
on frequency 9910 kHz (via a transmitter on the island of Guam).
The card - a view of the antenna when entering Sun.

I got an e-QSL from KTWR for accepting Chinese service bcast - 9 Oct 2016,
1330-1400 UT on 9975 kHz frequency (via a transmitter on the island of
Guam). The card - view the nature of the territory of the station.

The reports sent to address:  <rphilyaw -at->
Confirmation received from Becky Philyaw, KTWR Frequency Coordination
(DK; via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

GUINEA ECUATORIAL   5005.001  GNE Radio from Bata heard with fair S=7 or -
81dBm signal in our morning greyline towards Europe, a lot of music pieces
played in 0505 to 0516 UT time slot on Oct 15.

But signal suffered heavily by UTE station on 5006.0 kHz as high speed
RTTY two tone signal of 240 Hertz distance apart peaks seen, latter S=8-9
strength here in southern Germany.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 15)

GUINEA Conakry   9650 kHz, much fluttery S=9 signal at 2235 UT on Oct 14.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 15)

INDIA   5009.997 kHz, S=6 signal of AIR Thiruvananthapuram India in Hindi,
heard on remote SDR unit Doha Qatar at 0155 UT on Oct 11.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

INDONESIA   9525.9  VOI Cimanggis, on Oct 12 with anomaly; 1141 UT in
English; 1221 UT still in English; 1304 UT normal English segment (news,
"Commentary," "Focus," "News in Brief," "Indonesian Wonders," "Let's Speak
Bahasa Indonesia," but no "Today in History"); mostly fair and readable,
but with audio hum; 1402 UT still in English).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld and hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

IRAN   5950.009  Voice of IRIB Sirjan in Tajik language, scheduled
0050-0220 UT, S=9+20dB heard on remote SDR unit at New Delhi South Asia,
at 0140 UT on Oct 11. Typical local central Asian singer performance.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 11)

IRELAND   Re: RTE on long wave 252 kHz.
Further to the RTE statement about its intention to close 252 kHz Long
Wave in 2017, there was an article in the Irish Post (Oct 10) with
reaction from RTE listeners in the UK trying to save the Long Wave


(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Oct 13)

RTE has put this statement on its ways to listen page.

RTE has announced its intention to close the Radio 1 Longwave service
broadcasting on 252 kHz in 2017. While this is principally an operational
matter for RTE, we are working with a consultative steering group,
including the Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade and representatives of the
Irish community in Britain, to explore possible ways forward in the
context of maintaining the link with our UK audiences. We do not
anticipate any revision of our position without the involvement of the
consultative group.

RTE Radio - Ways to Listen. There are so many ways to enjoy RTE Radio.
View on  <>
(via Mike Barraclough-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Oct 6)

IRELAND   RTE radio's longwave 252 service will be axed in 2017.

Irish Post_By Aidan Lonergan Oct 10, 2016.

RTE Radio will proceed with plans to axe its longwave 252 service next
year, it has been confirmed. A spokesperson for the national broadcaster
confirmed the closure will take place in 2017 but that it would "explore
possible ways forward" to maintain links with the Irish community across
Britain, many of whom rely on the service.

Today's announcement comes despite efforts by the Irish community to stop,
or at least further delay, the closure. It is a disappointing blow to
those who have been vocal in their opposition to the plans.

Full article here:


RTE radio's longwave 252 service will be axed in 2017 - despite a campaign
from the Irish across Britain to save it - Irish Post
(via Mike Terry-UK, dxld Oct 14)

KOREA REP OF    1566. HLAZ Cheju island. At 1959 UT on Oct 12. Talk by
female in Korean followed by announcement and ID by man saying "H.L.A.Z.".
Then time-pips and more talk. At 2100 UT another ID by female. When over
Hindustany R. At times SIO: 333.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

KOREA REP OF     I got an e-mail confirmation from HLAZ radio from South
Korea for reception in Russian language - 07 Oct 2016, 0330-0400 (Korean
time specified) (KST-9hrs UTC) at a frequency of 1566 kHz.

The report sent by e-mail:  <chungsookorea -at->

The answer obtained by Chung Soo Kim - Manager of International Relations,
Far East Broadcasting Company - Korea.
(DK; via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   KGZ  Kyrgyz Radio, Radio Birinchi, Bishkek Krasnaya
Rechka noted on
4010.011 and 4819.933 kHz at 0148 UT on Oct 11,
on remote units in New Delhi India at S=5-6 signal level, and similar S=5
signal strength in Doha Qatar Middle East unit.

(checked against RWM Taldom Moscow Russia standard time signal 4996.000,
WWVH Hawaii 5000.000 and NT Alice Springs Australia 4835.000 kHz).

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 11)

LIBERIA   6050  ELWA (very tent.) hrd Oct 15 from 0618 UT tune to fade out
by 0631.5 UT. What seemed like female ancr to 0630 UT, then transition to
male ancr until pgm became unreadable at 0631.5 UT. Possibly music after
that but too weak to tell for sure. First time hrd ELWA audio at my QTH in
several years (and that was on 4760 kHz) although much better reception
from a Perseus site in Netherlands just a week ago.

Some splash from 6055 kHz but not as much a factor as gray line passage
through Monrovia. Will try this much earlier to see if I can get better
audio. The carrier was easily discernable. This should be audible in WCNA
on a good night.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Oct 15)

6049.994 LBR  ELWA Monrovia Liberia, light orchestra mx program,
         at 0527 UT S=8 or -81dBm, UNSTABLE TX frequency, hopps
         slightly. Program review of the day.
         Station ID 'ELWA Radio' at 0528 UT on Sept 30. (wb)

LITHUANIA   I got an e-mail confirmation of Radio Baltic Waves
International for re-broadcast US IBB BBG Radio Liberty in Russian - 02
Oct 2016, 1845-1900 UT on frequency 1386 kHz (Sitkunay, Lithuania 75 kW).

Confirmation received from Rimantas Pleikys.
Photo of the transmitter Storm-C is also applied, with which there is a
broadcast. The report sent to:  <riplei -at->
(DK; via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

MADAGASCAR   17640 on Oct 13 at 1811 UT, Madagascar World Voice is still
AWOL. Andy Baker of World Christian Broadcasting has now put up a "Fourth
Quarter Update" pretending the station is really on the air with full
schedule and asking for more money!


At least a BST-1 caradio memory on 17640 kHz to check for it came in handy
for BBC via ASCENSION at 1650 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 13)

9600, Oct 14 at 0034 UT check, still no signal at all from scheduled MWV
broadcast of KNLS English programming to Asia. Have not heard this for
many weeks.

9665, Oct 14 at 0100+ UT, no signal now either from the MWV repeat of KNLS
English, just the Brasilian slightly off-frequency with Mexican music.
When MWV was on, we could at least get a het or tell there was a second

9480, Oct 14 at 0422 UT check, zero signal from African Pathways Radio via
MWV, another long-AWOL transmission, while World Christian Broadcasting
says nothing about the long silence, pretending the station is still on
the air rather than a fantasy. Possibly they have quite legit reasons,
such as severe technical or financial problems, but won't level with their
supporters, few of whom actually have a SW radio. The website promotes how
much web traffic they are getting, so who needs SW? Maybe the language
programs continue available there.

Since these are non-logs rather than logs, despite their significance,
some editors will delete them!
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 14)

MOLDOVA   [Pridnestrovie]  I got e-QSL from the Pridnestrovie radio center
at Grigoriopol Maiac for broadcasting TWR-Africa - 07 Oct 2016, 1815-1830
UT at a frequency of 9940 kHz.

Report send e-mail:  <prtc -at->
The card photograph of one of the Grigoriopol center transmitting antennas
(DK; via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

I got an e-QSL from TWR-Africa, South Africa, for the reception - 02 Oct
2016, 0330-0345 UT at a frequency of 11655 kHz (from the Pridnestrovie
radio center at Grigoriopol Maiac).
The card - poles with strained antenna wires (view from the ground).
The report sent:  <lstavrop -at->

{to Ethiopia Amharic Sun/Mon/Fri, Oromo Tue, Sidamo Wed/Thur}
(DK; via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

MONGOLIA   12034.88  V.O. Mongolia, from Ulanbataar Khonkhor - Mongolia,
at 1052-1055 UT, talk by W in Japanese, same as hrd on Brisbane and
Japanese Perseus'. Quite weak here though, but still audible.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via hcdx / dxld Oct 9)

12034.88  V.O. Mongolia, from Ulanbataar Khonkhor - Mongolia, at 0927 UT
Pop-like song, 0929 UT W in English w/closing anmnt which was cutoff, then
signal off. Signal back on and into Mongolian txion but no IS. I did catch
the IS later at 1030 UT. Fairly good signal. Disappointed I got started
late and didn't think abt this until 0927 UT, on 10 Oct.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via hcdx / dxld Oct 9 / 10)

12034.875  On Oct 12 at 0940 UT VoMongolia, from Ulanbataar Khonkhor -
Mongolia, in Mongolian language observed S=8 or -77dBm in Brisbane
Australia, S=9+5dB or -72dBm in remote Japan SDR units.

Scheduled 0900-0928 UT on 178degrees southewards to China and South East
Asia. At 0928-1058 UT at 116degrees to the Far East target.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

MYANMAR   9730  R.M. Yegu - Yangon. Finally getting some reasonable audio
this season w/apparent end of nx, then M and W pgm hosts at 1035 UT. Usual
Asian Pop mx. 1113 UT M phone caller w/W pgm host, but poorer signal than
a half hour previous w/slop QRM from 9735 Taiwan.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via hcdx / dxld Oct 10)

MYANMAR   7199.999 kHz  Myanmar Radio from Yegu Yangoon former capital
site, S=9 or -73dBm at 1510 UT on Oct 14 here in southern Germany. Female
Burmese language presenter, endless speech, but at 1517 UT local South
East Asian mx played, TX off suddenly midst on mx at 1520 UT.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

MYANMAR   New program schedule. Starting in Febr 2014, through April 2016,
I had enjoyed hearing the Radio Australia language lessons on 9730 kHz
(Myanmar Radio), on Monday and Wednesday. During April, I was no longer
hearing this unique show.

Oct 17 (Monday), finally found their new schedule for the *R. Australia
produced "English for Business,"* on 5985 kHz, from 1215 to 1235 UT;
"Lesson 16, A Presentation"; full transcript of today's show at

believe their schedule for this program will be sometime during the 1200-
1300 UT segment, on Monday and Wednesday. In the past the exact timing of
these programs usually varied somewhat.

It will be recalled that back in Nov 2013, ABC signed an agreement with
Myanmar to share programming (full 2013 story at

Based on some of my recent observations, Myanmar Radio, on 5985 kHz,
also has the following:

VOA's Special English on Wednesday, during a portion of 1530-1600 UT.
NHK's "Friends Around the World" on Thursday and Friday, during a portion
of 1530-1600 UT. NHK also produces a radio drama in the Burmese language
for Myanmar Radio, but am not sure of the schedule on 5985 kHz.
Appreciate any corrections or additions.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld and hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 17)

PAKISTAN   You may soon see some Pakistan registrations appearing in the
B-16 list, but what transmitters will be used on them is in some doubt.
All I hear are occasional broadcasts on 15730 kHz between 0500 and 0700
UT, and even this is very weak here. They never register the frequency
that's being used for the clandestine transmission to Kashmir - 7265 kHz
I think.

It didn't take PAK very long to register their request frequencies,
but the question remains, will we hear any broadcasts?

There was some information received (NOT FROM RP) that they were working
on getting the "new" transmitters at Karachi on the air,  but nothing
seems to have happened so far. As far as I know, there are SW broadcasts
now and then on 15730 kHz at 0500-0700 UT, and this is NOT broadcasting
with either 100 or 250 kW (unless they use a "temporary" antenna) as the
signal is usually weak here. And also on 7265 kHz, from I don't know
where, broadcasting to Kashmir.
(Noel R. Green, Blackpool-UK, Oct 8, WOR #1847 / dxld Oct 12)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   3260, NBC Madang, at 1203* UT on Oct 12. Did not
complete the "NBC News in Brief"; poor.

3275  NBC Southern Highlands (presumed), at 1203 UT on Oct 12. Just an
open carrier here, but below threshold level, so no audio; still on the
air at 1236 UT.

[non-log]  7324.95  Wantok Radio Light. Oct 12 checking at 1235 UT only to
find the frequency completely clear; so CRI (7325.0 kHz) is also silent at
this time).

[BOUGAINVILLE]   3325  NBC Bougainville, at 1156* UT on Oct 12. Before
going off, mixing with RRI Palangkaraya (which was later not on the air at
1339 UT, so RRI went off very early today).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld and hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

PERU   5024.93  R. Quillabamba. Noticed 5025 kHz Rebelde had just an OC at
0944 UT which continued. Quillabamba's carrier popped on 5024.94 kHz at
0952 UT but had deadair as well (at least I couldn't detect any) until
Rebelde's audio came up at 1035 UT. Actually Rebelde went off the air
completely for 5 seconds at 1035 UT before coming back on with audio. In
those 5 seconds when the Quillabamba signal was in the clear, I still
didn't hear any audio. 12 Oct.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx Oct 13)

Measured 'a peak station signal' on remote Detroit Michigan SDR unit:
0950-1000 UT on Oct 13, wandered down from 5024.935 to ... 5024.929 kHz,
all this UNDERNEATH 5025 kHz Radio Rebelde Bauta Cuba S=9+10 powerful.
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

PHILIPPINES   I got an e-mail confirmation from FEBC for enrollment for
Ngo_Chang language - 03 Oct 2016, 1230 UT on the frequency 12095 kHz.
The card pictures - FEBC Iba, Zambales Transmission Tower.

I got an e-mail confirmation from FEBC for reception in Russian language
service - 17 Sept 2016, 1500-1530 UT at a frequency of 11650 kHz. The card
pictures - FEBC antenna at Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines.

I got an e-mail confirmation from FEBC Iba site for enrollment for Bahnar
[Mon/Wed/Fri only] language service - 07 Oct 2016, 1230-1300 UT at a
frequency of 9920 kHz.
The card pictures - FEBC antenna at Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines.

The report sent:  <norie.estabillo -at->
Message received from Nhorie Estabillo.
(DK; via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

RUSSIA   7345  Iakutsk Radio Sakha, at 0935 UT nice signal w/W anncr. Girl
singing unaccompanied at 0938 UT followed by W anncer again. // much
weaker 7295 kHz, but the girl singing came through. Later, usual ToH
routine at 1100 UT.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via hcdx / dxld Oct 10)

RUSSIA   I got an e-QSL from Radio Comintern for the reception - 10 Oct
2016, 1330-1400 UT at a frequency of 6210 kHz.
The report sent by e-mail:  <050 353 -at->
(DK; via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

RUSSIA   Independent forum technicians RTRS. Forum on Television and
Radio, the people for whom it was a work-life balance.
WEB:  <>
(Ruslan Slavutsky, Moscow-RUS. dxld via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

SAO TOME   I got an e-mail confirmation from US IBB Sao Tome Transmitting
Station for reception "Voice of America" in the Hausa language - on 01 Oct
2016, 2030 UT on the frequencies 9490 kHz.
Retrieved from Helena de Menezes, Manager's Secretary IBB Sao Tome
Transmitting Station.
The report sent by e-mail to:  <hmenezes -at->
(DK; via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

US IBB VoA Hausa language service in B-16 from Oct 30, 2016:

0500-0530 daily   AF       1530sao,  4960sao,  6020sao,  6035asc
0700-0730 daily   AF       4960sao, 12070sao, 17700smg
1500-1530 daily   AF       9765sao, 11850sao, 17700bot
1530-1600 mtwtf.. AF       9765sao, 11850sao, 17700bot
2030-2100 mtwtf.. AF       4940sao
2030-2100 mtwtfs. AF       6040sao,  9765wof, 11850bot, 12075sao
2030-2100 ......s AF      11900sao, 15730bot

SOLOMON ISLANDS   5020  Wantok FM relay via SIBC Honiara, at 1204 UT,
on Oct 12. Playing the usual pop songs (Air Supply with "Even The Nights
Are Better," etc.); frequent IDs ("This is Wantok FM 96.3. Good times,
great music," etc.); off the air for several minutes about 1222 UT;
still broadcasting at 1303 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld and hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

SOMALIA   7120 - or 1 Hz on lower side -, SOM Radio Hargeysa,
S=7 or -86dBm at 1522 UT on Oct 14.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

SPAIN    REE Noblejas 15390 kHz faulty TX - transmission tonight.

When checked RAE Buenos Aires signal in 19 mb, I came across of a
technical very faulty bcast outlet from REE Madrid Noblejas on 15390 kHz,
til sudden TX off at 22.03:20 UT on Oct 14.

The signal was 'astonished' broadband of 42 kHz width (2 x 21 kHz).

REE interval signal still played, when checked 15500 and 17855 kHz
after 2204 UT, both of standard 10 kHz bandwidth, S=9 in southern Germany.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)

SRI LANKA/UAE   Frequency change of Deutsche Welle from Sept 27
1600-1700 NF12070 DHA 250 kW 225 deg to EaAF Amharic, ex17800
// frequ    15275 TRM 250 kW 270 deg to EaAF Amharic no change
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

TAIWAN   1557. RTI iLoveMusic. At 1546-1630 UT on Oct 15. Pop music and
shortly before 1600 UT time pips and short announcement by female. Into
piano-music till 1630 UT. Then announcement in Chinese by female and male
giving website and saying "iLoveMusic". For long periods nice and stable
signal. First time I heard it so strong and first time ID heard. SIO: 333.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

TAIWAN on 9450 kHz at 2230 UT,
2 x 9 kHz powerful signal = 18 kHz wideband.

Sunspot figures tonight,
propagation disturbed in 22-23 UT range tonight Oct 14/15, very poor
signals from the westerly direction of Cuban and US domestic/religious

But powerful signals received from easterly hemisphere Saudi Arabia, AIR,
CHN Kashgar, FEBC PHL, Tinang, KRE D.P.R., Oman...
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 15)

TAJIKISTAN   4790  BBC Uzbek via Dushanbe, at 1328-1330* UT on Oct 12.
Another day with no CNR1 programming jamming; poor/CODAR QRM; off after
time pips.).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld and hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

THAILAND   Radio Thailand and the Death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
He was an amateur radio operator, ham, with callsign HS1A.

Quoted from

hs1a-sk.htm#.V rN_Qay1s>

"The King of Thailand, *His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej HS1A*
passed away on October 13, 2016 at the age of 88.

He was born on December 5, 1927 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
and ascended to the throne on June 9, 1946.

On August 18, 1989, officers of both the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand
(RAST) and the Voluntary Radio Association (VRA) had an audience with His
Majesty King Bhumibhol Adulyadej at Chitrlada Palace when a senior
Ministry of Communications representative presented an advanced class
amateur radio licence bearing the callsign *HS1A* to His Majesty the
(Horacio Nigro Geolkiewsky, CX3BZ  Uruguay, dxld Oct 13)

2016-10-13 17:04 GMT-03:00z

Listening to their domestic English service on 88FM (via their web stream)
the audio changed suddenly from English to Thai at the time of his death.

Listening to the other Radio Thailand networks I noticed that they were
all playing the same message so it looks as if all the government Radio
Thailand stations all joined together for this important message.
(Rob, Glasgow, Scotland, dxld Oct 13)

No mention of his death on today's (Thursday's) Radio Thailand English
broadcast on 9390 kHz at 19:00 UT (monitored using the U. Enschede Twente
Holland web SDR receiver). Likely the program was recorded in the morning
and the king died at 15:52 local time (08:52 UT) and the announcement
wasn't made until Thursday evening local time.
(Richard Langley-NB-CAN, hcdx Oct 13)

17639.949 kHz  IBB Ban Dung Udorn Thani, Radio Thailand English 0530 UT.

Subject:  Radio Thailand and the Death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej HS1A

Re the commentary by Mr. Walker in Alaska recently,
on the Radio Thailand's early morning central Asian, western Russia,
Scandinavia target English sce at 0530-0600 UT on the frequency of

17640 kHz from IBB relay site Ban Dung in north eastern Thailand
Udorn Thani corner.

As usual the Band Dung frequency alignement exactness isn't great,
noted Radio Thailand on measured 17639.949 kHz.

Signal was heard WELL all over Europe, Spain, Italy, Bavaria, Netherlands,
Poland, Sweden, Finland, and Moscow Russia.

Average DXer without rx and antenna equipment access
may join to use the Dutch Enschede Twente University
Wide-band WebSDR receiver, noted Radio Thailand broadcast this morning
on 17640 kHz at 0549 UT on Oct 15 with S=9+20dB or -57dBm signal in peaks.

<>   use HTML5 mode option

Best signal noted in center of the wanted target of the
324 degrees beam azimuth out of Ban Dung Udorn Thani, Thailand:
remote Moscow Russia S=9+20dB or -52dBm on peak at 0537 UT on Oct 15.

S=8-9 or -77dBm on remote SDR units in southern Germany, Italy, Spain etc.
Northern Sweden S=9+5dB or -72dBm in peaks.

At 0537 UT heard political commentary of EU relations, "News Stories
Afternoon", then followed by "Nation's Security Report" feature,
"Peaceful Society", "National Interest", til 0555 UT. FM channel Bang Kok
given also.

News reader at 0550 UT mentioned also
the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej HS1A

At 0556 UT greet  SAWADEE KAP.

(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 15)

UAE   6124.993  IBRA Media, Radio Sadaye Zindagi. From Al Dhabayya site,
S=9+10dB signal noted in Doha Qatar, at 0240 UT Oct 16, western bible
reading prayer in Dari language.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 16)

USA   7385.003  WHRI Cypress Creek noted at S=9+30dB -50dBm powerful
signal in Detroit-MI-US, at 0308 UT heard a most modern religious program
of "The God I Know...".

7504.957  WRNO New Orleans observed at 0247 UT Oct 16, S=7 signal
though heard at remote SDR in Doha Qatar.

But when checked later at Detroit MI-USA unit was wandered exact to
7504.968 kHz, but fq was NOT stable, 0315 UT on Oct 16, tremendous
signal strength noted in MI-US like S=9+35dB or -41dBm !

(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 16)

USA   15555-USB,  on Oct 7 at 1938 UT, WJHR with S9 signal, much better
than usual, often JBA at an awkward propagational distance. Program is
'Jewish Voice Ministries', topic "the role of Israel in last-days
prophecy", so unseems the usual John Hill, diversifying?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 12)

7505.45v, Oct 16 at 0122, WRNO is S=9+45 but gospel huxter is off-mike,
a sanxuary improperly audioed?

17775, on Oct 10 at 2004 UT, KVOH in another expanded transmission beyond
nominal 1900* UT, Spanish from some iglesia. Perhaps staying on to
demonstrate how victimized they are by co-religionists at LeSEA, major
splatter from 17765 kHz WHRI, Christians vs Christians!

17775, on Oct 12 at 1917 UT, KVOH is still on with gospel music in
off at recheck 1955 UT, with 17775 kHz occupied by super-splatter from
17765 kHz WHRIBS.

5129.85, Oct 16 at 0043 UT, WBCQ rock music is S8 but undermodulated. 3250
kHz, no signal tonight either. 7490.02 kHz is in Mitch & Kathy show which
doesn't interest me. But at 0122 UT recheck when Brother Scare should be
on, dead air instead, replaced at 0124 UT by some big band music; 0132 UT
now it's bluegrass, 0135 UT blues, 0136 UT "It's the Heart & Soul of
American music, WHVW", and next, hoe-down. So losing BS, WBCQ has plugged
into the feed from J. P. Ferraro's 950 station in Hyde Park NY.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 16)

5050, UT Sun Oct 16 at 0046 UT, WWRB is AWOL instead of the weekend block
of the few gospel huxter clients remaining after Dave's rants. It was also
AWOL from 15240 kHz earlier Sat instead of the Radio Munansi service
allegedly to Uganda. So some breakdown? Or no one on site to run it, flown
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 16)

7385, Oct 16 at 0052 UT, gospel huxter detailing under what circumstances
Jews may be blessed, but this bigsig WHRI transmitter is really ailing,
imposing a continuous big squeal upon the audio, pitch slightly varying
but doesn't seem to correlate with intentional modulation.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 16)

USA   9275.04  WMLK at 1910 UT found on the air. Spiritual instruction
with a lot scription quotes. 2000 full complete ID and off the air at
2001:57 UT. Good signal.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via hcdx / dxld Oct 7)

USA   Weak to fair signal WJHR Milton in English on Oct 13
1400 & 1420  15555 JHR 50kW 005deg to WeNoAM in USB mode
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

USA   I got e-QSL from the American Radio WBCQ for reception - 24 Sept
2016, 0100-0120 UT at a frequency of 7490 kHz (Monticello transmitter
in Maine USA). Confirmation received from Allan H. Weiner.
The report sent by e-mail:  <wbcq -at->
(DK; via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

USA   [to Haiti]   VOA Kriyol back on SW.
This new VOA Creole shortwave broadcast began 10 October.

2000-2030 UTC 11720 15220 kHz.
Both via IBB Greenville, North Carolina, of course.
I don't know how long these transmissions will continue.
(Kim Elliot-DC-USA, dxld Oct 11)

USA   15220  VOA Kriyol back on SW. On Oct 10 at 1948 UT, S=9+10dB, open
carrier/dead air, typical warmup behavior of VOA, but nothing scheduled
here. I stay with it and hear no modulation except some occasional
crackles until:

1959 UT, "Voice of America, Washington DC", signing-on, but modulation
and/or carrier (partially?) keep cutting off and on, ruining Yankee

2000 UT joining Kriyol language service, not mentioning any frequencies,
but right into news/discussion about Syklon Mathieu. I quickly scan all
other bands, 13, 11, 9, 7, 17, 18 and 21 MHz but the only // found is
11720 kHz which is almost same level and synchronized. Keeps going past
2015 UT rather than cutting to irrelevant VOA One rock music filler as
they were doing during the axual hurricane strike a week ago with 15-
minute Kriyol hourtop new relays on SW, 7305 kHz evenings and later
7405 UT (but missing any Kriyol?), plus 9565 kHz in the mornings but
that all stopped October 5.

I wonder if these 15220 / 11720 kHz broadcasts picked up immediately and
we just now found them, or just now inaugurated? VOA website is of course
no help, Lavwadlamerik,


can't find anything about a program on any SW frequency, but lots about TV
and podcasts. I suppose Haitians can only know about them by word of
mouth, bandscanning themselves, or maybe mentions on FM or TV relays, in
which case they don't need SW. So how long will this go on? O, 2039 UT
recheck, both these are gone again, so must have been for about one
semihour. Back later, different frequencies lower for evening?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 11)

15220 & 11720 kHz, on Oct 14 at 2022 UT, VOA Kriyol service is strangely
playing a song in English, a few KK announcements, 2024 UT more music
until 2030 UT sign-off, carrier off at 2031* UT: the final outsending of
this 5-day revival post-Mathieu SW series, perhaps until another disaster.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 14)

USA   Very good reception on both frequencies here in New Brunswick Canada
this afternoon. The two frequencies had about equal strength. 1000 Hz test
tone (plus harmonics) on 11720 kHz before ID and IS.

Significant audio problems though. Completely intermittent audio after the
first minute or so of the program (after the ID and IS) until the end of
the program. But the sign-off announcement was fine.

I think the carrier stayed on the whole time and it was the audio
modulation that was the problem. Was recording unattended so didn't check
15220 kHz to see if that frequency had the same problem. Let's hope they
do better tomorrow. One would expect better from the VOA.
(Richard Langley-NB-CAN, dxld Oct 12)

USA   VOA Kriyol back on SW. No obvious problem this evening (Wed, 12
Oct). Good signals and audio on both 15220 kHz and 11720 kHz here in New
Brunswick-CAN. Also checked the University of Twente receiver and both
frequencies had S=9+10dB signal levels.
(Richard Langley-NB-CAN, dxld Oct 13)

USA  [non]

IBB / VOA to Ethiopia frequency changes

VOA to Ethiopia. During last week's VOA Radiogram, I included the
transmission schedule for VOA broadcasts to Ethiopia, which are now
{WHITE NOISE SCRATCHING, wb.} jammed in Ethiopia, at least on some

Two of the frequencies have been changed: 12040KWT and 12080WOF kHz have
been replaced by 11720LAM and 15785WOF kHz. The new schedule is ...

Afan Oromo
1730-1800 UTC*  11720SAO{ex12040SAO}       12110LAM 12140MEY{ex12140UDO}
                13860UDO 15630WOF 15700LAM 15785SAO{ex12080SAO}

1600-1630 UTC*   1431DJI
1630-1700 UTC*   6040BOT 15580BOT
1800-1900 UTC   11720LAM{ex12040KWT}       12110KWT{ex12110LAM}
                12140UDO 13860WOF 15630WOF 15700LAM 15785WOF{ex12080WOF}

1900-1930 UTC*  11720UDO{ex12040SAO}       12110BOT{ex12110LAM}
                12140LAM{ex12140BOT}       13860UAE 15630WOF 15700LAM
* Monday through Friday
(via Kim Elliott-DC-USA, dxld Oct 7)

Why don't you include the transmitter sites,
which all of us want to know? (gh, dxld Oct 11)

Sao Tome VoA Portuguese service outlets around 1630/1730 UT replaced in
favour of extended Amharic/Oromo schedule, wb.

USA   RFA B-16 winter schedule.
Guten morgen von Washington DC; just received this from IBB.
Hope you find this useful. 73s. Auf wiederhoeren. a_janitschek

RFA B16 Broadcast Frequency Schedules
Schedule effective 30 October 2016 - 25 March 2017
All times and dates are Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

0030-0130 UTC  12115 15700 17510
1230-1400 UTC  11795 12105 13735
1400-1430 UTC  11795 12105

1400-1500 UTC: FNP*

1230-1330 UTC  11750
2230-2330 UTC  11850

1500-1700 UTC   1188  5885  7210  9985
1700-1900 UTC   1188  5885  9985
2100-2200 UTC   7460  9860  9985

0000-0100 UTC  13685
1100-1200 UTC  13685

0300-0500 UTC  11980 15340 17660
0500-0700 UTC  11980 15340 17660 21700
1500-1600 UTC   7415  9790  9850
1600-1700 UTC   6120  7415  9455
1700-1900 UTC   7415  9455  9860
1900-2000 UTC   1098  5965  7415  9455  9860
2000-2100 UTC   1098  5965  7415  7445  9455  9590
2100-2200 UTC   1098  7415  9410  9455
2300-2400 UTC   9825  9900 11775

0100-0200 UTC   9670 11695 13795 15270 17750
0200-0300 UTC   9455  9670 11695 17525 17750
0600-0700 UTC  17675 17815 21480 21680
1000-1100 UTC   9690 15665 17830
1100-1200 UTC   7470  9940 11550
1200-1300 UTC   7470  9940 11555 12055 15375
1300-1400 UTC   7470  9940 12050 13650 15375
1500-1600 UTC   5875  9940 11660 11805
2200-2300 UTC   7470  7480  9890
2300-2400 UTC   5905  7470  7540  9535

0100-0200 UTC   7480  9450  9700  9740 13705
1600-1700 UTC   7545  7565 11720 11800{ex9720}

1400-1430 UTC   1503 11850 13735
1430-1500 UTC  11850 13735

* Frequency Not Promoted

Andrew "A.J." Janitschek
Program & Operations Support
Radio Free Asia
2025 M. Street NW
Washington DC 20036
United States of America
phone  +1 202 530 4999

Visit us at  <>  or at  <>
(RFA, via Siegbert Gerhard-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 11)


B-16 IBB Washington DC, Daily Broadcast Frequencies.
Valid on Oct 30, 2016  til  March 26, 2017.  All times in UTC.

BBG  RFA - Radio Free Asia B-16 schedule

Burmese (4 hours daily)
0030-0130 12115KWT  15700TIN  17510TIN
1230-1330 11795TIN  12105SAI  13735TJK
1330-1400 11795TIN  12105SAI  13735TIN
1400-1430 11795TIN  12105SAI

Cantonese (2 hours daily)
all via Tinian Isl, variable change every week day.
1400-1500 13610Tu/Th  13645Su  13655MoWeFr  13695Sa

was also via Saipan Isl, variable change every week day,
delete 2200-2300 UT.

Khmer (2 hours daily)
1230-1330 11750SAI
2230-2330 11850TIN

Korean (5 hours daily)
1500-1700  1188SEO   5885TIN   7210TIN   9985SAI
1700-1800  1188SEO   5885TIN   9985TIN
1800-1900  1188SEO   5885TIN   9985TIN
2100-2200  7460MNG   9860TIN   9985TIN

Lao (2 hours daily)
0000-0100 13685SAI
1100-1200 13685SAI

Mandarin (12 hours daily)
0300-0700 11980TJK  15340SAI  17660SAI
0500-0700 21700TIN
1500-2100  7415TIN
1500-1600  9790SAI   9850KWT
1600-1700  6120TIN   9455SAI
1700-2000  9860SAI
1700-2100  9455SAI
1900-2000  1098KOU-TWN   5965KWT
2000-2100  1098KOU-TWN   5965TIN   7445KWT   9590SAI
2100-2200  1098KOU-TWN   7415KWT   9410SAI   9455SIT
2300-2400  9825SIT   9900SAI  11775TIN

Tibetan (10 hours daily)
0100-0200  9670KWT  11695KWT  13795SAI  15270TIN  17730MNG
0200-0300  9455KWT   9670TJK  11695KWT  17525TIN  17730MNG
0600-0700 17675TIN  17815TJK  21480TIN  21680UAE
1000-1100  9690TIN  15665LAM  17830LAM
1100-1200  7470MNG   9940TJK  11550KWT  15375UAE
1200-1300  7470MNG   9940TJK  11555KWT  12055TIN
1300-1400  7470MNG   9940TJK  12050KWT  13650KWT  15375TJK
1500-1600  5875TJK   9940TIN  11660TIN  11805KWT
2200-2300  7470TJK   7480KWT   9890KWT
2300-0000  5905UAE   7470TJK   7540KWT   9535KWT

Uyghur (2 hours daily)
0100-0200  7480TJK   9450KWT      9700UAE   9740SIT  13705TIN
1600-1700  7545TJK   7565KWT  *{ex9720UAE} 11720TIN  11800KWT*
* acc AJ Janitschek  <>

Vietnamese (1 1/2 hours daily)
2330-0030  delete Tinian, 1503FAO-TWN, moved to 1400 UT.
1400-1430  1503FAO-TWN
1400-1500 11850SAI  13735TIN
(via wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 11)


1600-1630 mtwtf.. EaAF  1431dji
1630-1700 mtwtf.. EaAF 11955sao, 15580bot
1800-1900 daily   EaAF  9485wof,  9755smg, 11900mey, 11955lam, 12140kwt

2130-2200 mtwtf.. WeAF  5885smg,  9485sao, 13670bot, 15120asc

1600-1700 daily    SoAS    1575bak

0000-0030 daily    SoEaAS  1575bak,  6150udo,  7480pht,  9335pht
0130-0230 daily    SoEaAS  9335udo, 11820kwt, 15110pht
1200-1230 daily    SoEaAS 11965pht, 15560pht, 17680pht
1430-1500 daily    SoEaAS  1575bak
1430-1530 daily    SoEaAS 17680pht
1430-1630 daily    SoEaAS  9335pht, 11870pht
1500-1530  SoEaAS  1575bak
1530-1600 daily    SoEaAS  1575bak
2330-2400 daily    SoEaAS  6150udo,  7480pht,  9335pht

1300-1500 daily    SoEaAS  7545pht

0000-0100 daily     EaAS   7560udo,  9880udo, 11945pht, 15425pht
0900-1000 daily     EaAS  11855udo
0900-1100 daily     EaAS  11650udo, 13710udo
0900-1200 daily     EaAS  15150udo
0900-1500 daily     EaAS   9530pht
1200-1400 daily     EaAS   6045udo, 11660udo
1400-1500 daily     EaAS   9605pht, 11655tin
2200-2300 daily     EaAS   7445udo,  9620pht

0030-0100 daily   SoEaAS   1575bak
0230-0300 ......s NoAM     5745gr
0300-0400 daily   AF       6080smg
0300-0430 daily   AF       1530sao
0300-0600 daily   SoAF     4930bot
0300-0500 daily   AF        909bot, 15580kwt
0400-0500 daily   AF       4960sao
0400-0700 daily   AF       6080sao
0500-0700 daily   AF        909bot, 15580bot
0600-0700 daily   AF       1530sao,  9550sao
0930-1000 .....s. NoAM     5865gr
1100-1200 SoEaAS   1575bak
1400-1500 daily   AF      17885bot
1400-1600 daily   AF      15580bot
1400-1700 daily   SoAF     4930bot
1500-1600 daily   AF       7455bot, 17895sao
1600-1630 .....s. EUR     17580gr
1600-1630 daily   AF       6080sao, 15580bot
1600-1700 daily   AF        909bot,  1530sao
1600-1800 daily   AF      17895smg
1630-1700 AF       6080sao, 15580bot
1630-1700 mtwtf.. Sudan   11900mey, 13865wof, 15180smg
1700-1730 daily   AF      13590kwt
1700-1800 daily   AF       6080sao
1700-2000 daily   AF      15580bot
1730-1800 daily   AF      13590sao
1800-1830 daily   AF       4930bot
1800-1900 AF        909bot
1800-1900 daily   AF      13590lam
1830-2100 daily   SoAF     4930bot
1900-2100 daily   AF        909bot
1900-2000 daily   AF      13590sao
1930-2000 ......s EUR     15670gr
2000-2100 daily   AF       6195bot, 15580smg
2000-2200 daily   AF       1530sao
2030-2100 AF       4940sao
2100-2200 daily   AF       6195sao, 15580gr
2230-2400 ....fs. SoEaAS   1575bak

0530-0600 mtwtf.. AF       1530sao
0530-0630 mtwtf.. AF       4960sao,  6020sao,  9885bot, 13830bot
1100-1130 .....s. AF      12030sao, 13750smg, 15715bot, 17850smg
1830-1930 daily   AF      15730smg
1830-2030 daily   AF      12075bot
1830-2000 daily   AF       1530sao
1900-2000 daily   AF       9590sao
1930-2030 daily   AF      11900sao, 15730gr
2000-2030 daily   AF       9485kwt
2030-2100 AF       9485kwt, 15120sao
2030-2100 ......s AF      11900sao, 15730bot
2100-2130 mtwtf.. AF       1530sao,  5885smg,  9485kwt, 12075smg

0500-0530 daily   AF       1530sao,  4960sao,  6020sao,  6035asc
0700-0730 daily   AF       4960sao, 12070sao, 17700smg
1500-1530 daily   AF       9765sao, 11850sao, 17700bot
1530-1600 mtwtf.. AF       9765sao, 11850sao, 17700bot
2030-2100 mtwtf.. AF       4940sao
2030-2100 mtwtfs. AF       6040sao,  9765wof, 11850bot, 12075sao
2030-2100 ......s AF      11900sao, 15730bot

1330-1430 daily   SoEaAS   1575bak, 11695pht
2200-2230 daily   SoEaAS   1575bak,  7460pht,  9335pht

Kinyarwanda / Kirundi
0330-0400 daily   EaAF     7275sao
0330-0430 daily   EaAF     7460bot,  9885sao
0400-0430 daily   EaAF     7275bot
0430-0530 mtwtf.. EaAF     7275bot,  7460bot,  9885sao
1400-1500 EaAF     9885sao, 13630bot, 15300sao
1600-1630 mtwtfss EaAF    11850smg, 13630sao, 15460sao
1830-1900 mtwtf.. EaAF    11850bot, 13630sao
1930-2000 mtwtf.. EaAF     9885bot, 11850sao, 12140kwt

1100-1200 daily   EaAS     1188seo
1200-1300 daily   EaAS     9490pht
1200-1400 daily   EaAS     1188seo,  7235tin, 11570pht
1400-1500 daily   EaAS     1188seo,  7235tin, 11570tin
1300-1500 daily   EaAS     9800pht
1900-2100 daily   EaAS     5875pht,  9800tin,  9985udo

0500-0600 daily   ME      deleted
1400-1500 daily   ME      15600wof, 17870lam
1700-1800 daily   ME       7485bib,  9390lam, 11760lam
1900-2000 daily   ME       7225bib,  7485bib,  9515lam

1230-1300 daily   SoEaAS   1575bak

1730-1800 mtwtf.. EaAF     9485smg,  9755udo, 11900mey, 11955smg, 12140kwt

1630-1700 ....f.. AF      13630bot, 17655smg
1700-1800 daily   AF       1530sao, 13630bot, 17655gr
1800-1830 mtwtf.. AF      13630bot, 17655gr

0330-0400 daily   EaAF     9510smg,  9825lam, 11750bot
1030-1100 daily   EaAF    13650bot, 15620sao, 17600bot
1300-1400 daily   EaAF    15620bot, 17600sao
1600-1630 EaAF    1431dji
1600-1800 daily   EaAF    13580bot, 15620wof

1630-1700 daily   EaAF    13745kwt, 15260mey, 15460sao

0000-0100 daily   EaAS  5840kwt,  7580kwt,  9670udo
0300-0400 daily   EaAS 17865pht, 21600pht, 21795pht
0400-0500 daily   EaAS 15610udo, 17865pht, 21620pht
0500-0600 daily   EaAS 15560udo, 17865pht, 21760pht
1600-1700 daily   EaAS  7580pht,  9760udo, 11670pht

1900-1930 mtwtf.. EaAF  9485wof,  9755smg, 11900uae, 11955sao, 12140kwt

1300-1330 daily   SoEaAS  1575bak
(via wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 11)


Sudanese Arabic to Sudan
0300-0330 daily   Sudan   7215sao,  9510smg,  9825bot
1800-1830 daily   Sudan   9650wof, 11615bot, 12075smg
1900-1930 daily   Sudan   9780bot,  9825wof, 11615udo


Farsi - Persian
0000-2400 daily   IRN  1575uae
0000-0100 daily   IRN  5860kwt
0100-0300 daily   IRN  5860lam
0230-0400 daily   IRN  7585udo
0300-0400 daily   IRN  5860kwt
0400-0530 daily   IRN 13765udo
0400-0830 daily   IRN  7585kwt
0430-1530 daily   IRN 15690bib
0530-1100 daily   IRN 13765lam
0630-1800 daily   IRN 12005bib
0830-1430 daily   IRN  9990kwt
1100-1500 daily   IRN 13765lam
1530-1700 daily   IRN  5860udo
1700-2400 daily   IRN  5860kwt


Avar / Adyghe / Chechen
0400-0420 daily   Cau  deleted
1600-1620 daily   Cau  deleted

0300-0330 daily   BLR  1386sit
1900-2100 daily   BLR  1386sit

0000-0300 daily   RUS  1386sit
1800-1900 daily   RUS  1386sit
2100-2400 daily   RUS  1386sit

1400-1700 daily   TJK  7475udo, 11830lam

1400-1600 daily   TKM  6060kwt, 11890bib

1400-1500 daily   UZB 12055udo, 15265lam
1600-1700 daily   UZB  9390udo, 12055bib


0300-0330 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12140udo, 13860udo
0430-0530 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12140kwt, 17690kwt
0630-0730 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12140kwt, 17690kwt
0830-0930 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12140kwt, 19010kwt
1030-1130 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12140kwt, 19010kwt
1230-1330 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12075kwt, 12140kwt
1400-1430 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12075wof, 12140kwt

0230-0300 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12140udo, 13860udo
0330-0430 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12140kwt, 13860uae
0530-0630 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12140kwt, 17690kwt
0730-0830 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12140kwt, 17690kwt
0930-1030 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12140kwt, 19010kwt
1130-1230 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12140kwt, 19010udo
1330-1400 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12075kwt, 12140kwt


0000-0300 daily   CUB   6030gr, 7435gr
0100-0200 daily   CUB   7365gr
0200-0300 daily   CUB   7435gr
0000-2400 daily   CUB   1180mth
0300-0700 .twtfss CUB   7435gr
0300-0900 .twtfss CUB   6030gr
0700-0900 .twtfss CUB   5980gr
0900-1300 daily   CUB   5980gr
0900-1200 daily   CUB   6030gr
1200-1400 daily   CUB   7435gr
1300-2200 daily   CUB  11930gr
1400-2000 daily   CUB  13820gr
2000-2400 daily   CUB   9565gr
2200-2300 daily   CUB   7405gr
2300-2400 daily   CUB   7435gr


Pashto to Pakistan-Afghan border area
0400-1300 daily   AFG,PAK   621kho, 15760udo
0400-0500 daily   AFG,PAK 13580wof
0400-1300 daily   AFG,PAK 12130kwt
0500-1100 daily   AFG,PAK 13580kwt
1100-1300 daily   AFG,PAK 17880bib


0000-0100 mt.tfss ME,NoAF  990cgr
0000-2400 daily   ARS,YEM 1548kwt
0000-2400 daily   IRQ     1593kwt
0100-2200 daily   ME,NoAF  990cgr
1645-0400 daily   NoAF    1431dji
2200-2400 m.wtfss ME,NoAF  990cgr

BBG  VoA Ashna Radio (Gov)

0100-0130 daily   AFG  1296kab,  7290bib,  7495udo
0200-0230 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12140udo
1500-1630 daily   AFG  1296kab, 11860kwt, 12140kwt
1500-1530 daily   AFG 12075wof
1530-1600 daily   AFG 12075smg
1600-1630 daily   AFG 12075udo

0030-0100 daily   AFG  1296kab,  7290bib,  7495udo
0130-0200 daily   AFG  1296kab, 12140udo
1430-1500 daily   AFG  1296kab, 11860kwt, 12075wof, 12140kwt
1630-1730 daily   AFG  1296kab,  9915lam, 12075kwt, 12140kwt

BBG  Deewa Radio

Pashto to Pakistan-Afghan border area
0100-0400 daily   AFG, PAK  621kho
0100-0400  7470lam,  7530kwt,  9765udo
1300-1900 daily   AFG, PAK  621kho
1300-1600  7495udo
1300-1700  9355udo
1300-1900  9370udo
1300-1500 13590udo
1500-1700 13590lam
1600-1900  7495bib
1700-1900  9355kwt,   9820wof


1400-0200 daily   SoAS  972dsb-TJK


1720-1740 ZWE   909bot,  4930bot, 13860sao, 15460sao
1730-1800 mtwt... ZWE   909bot,  4930bot, 13860sao, 15460sao

1800-1830 ....f.. ZWE   909bot,  4930bot, 13860sao, 15460sao
1830-1900 mtwtf.. ZWE   909bot,  6065bot, 13860sao, 15460sao

1730-1800 ....f.. ZWE   909bot,  4930bot, 13860sao, 15460sao
1740-1800 ZWE   909bot,  4930bot, 13860sao, 15460sao
1800-1830 mtwt... ZWE   909bot,  4930bot, 13860sao, 15460sao

1700-1720 ZWE   909bot,  4930bot, 13860sao, 15460sao
1700-1730 mtwtf.. ZWE   909bot,  4930bot, 13860sao, 15460sao
(via wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 11)

UZBEKISTAN   I receive an e-mail confirmation on letterhead from the radio
station Voice of the Martyrs KVOM of the reception - 01 Oct 2016, 1530-
1600 UT at a frequency of 7505 kHz (transmitter Tashkent in Uzbekistan).
The report sent to:  <mdillmuth -at->
(DK; via Anatoly Klepov RUS-DX #894 Oct 16)

VANUATU/CHINA/MONGOLIA   7259.932  Radio Vanuatu, found this is down a
little lower now at 0910 UT w/pres. nx by W.  Pop mx later at 0923 UT, M
anncr between songs at 0924 UT. Long speech or preaching 0958-1016+ UT.
Dropped off towards 1100 UT while co-channel presumed Xinjiang was coming

7259.94  R.Vanuatu. Pop mx at 0943 UT. Went over the ToH w/mx.
Het from co-channel pres. Xinjiang coming in as well. 10 Oct.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via hcdx / dxld Oct 9 / 10)

Checked the Brisbane Queensland SDR unit in north-south greyline area
path, around 1130-1150 UT on Oct 12:

7259.989  PBS Xinjiang Urumqi in Chinese on little lower level at S=7.
// 9600 and 11770v kHz.

Not Mongolian Radio 2 Ulanbataar Khonkhor, which was previously mostly on
7259.959 kHz frequency.

but also stronger Radio Vanuatu co-channel signal downunder
7259.932  kHz  S=8-9 strength noted at 1150 UT.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

VANUATU   7260 (slightly on the low side), Radio Vanuatu (presumed), at
1237 UT on Oct 12. Playing pop songs ("Easy Like Sunday Morning" by Lionel
Richie, etc.); China QRM; checking 3944.2 kHz after 1400 UT and surprised
to not even hear an open carrier from them).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld and hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 13)

ZAMBIA   11680  Voice of Hope noted on 8 Oct with weak signal at 0535 and
fading by 0600 UT. No recording made. On 13 Oct hrd with sign-on and
"verse of the day" at 0530 UT w/ much improved signal but mixing heavily
with KCBS Pyongyang. Unusual to hear KCBS this early at such a strong lvl.
Copy was difficult and dependent on programming from both stations,
although VOH signal lvl stayed strong past 0615 UT.

Tonight (14 Oct) VOH was dominating the channel at 0533 UT tune with short
jazz instrumental, ID and freq of 9680 kHz given by man (no mention of
11680 kHz), praise vocal ancd by woman with time as "07:38 Central African
Time" (UTC+2hrs), another praise vocal and syndicated programming
("Moments in Bible Prophecy" - Ezekial 37). KCBS was a non-factor until
after 0615 UT (although started to be noticeable at 0545 UT) while VOH
remained a good (S-4) signal but starting to fade after 0630 UT. Tonight
11680 kHz was a noticeably better signal than 9680 kHz. Obviously VOH
propagation here is very much a day-to-day variable.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Oct 14)



Fellow connoisseur of the QSL: Although I'd love to have you over for
dinner, after which we'd retire to the den for brandy & QSLs, chances are
that won't happen anytime soon. So, in lieu of that, I've been scanning my
QSL collection and uploading them to Flickr. I'm really happy with how
they're looking. Some of them look better there than in real life! So,
feel free to browse! But you'll have to supply your own brandy.

Oh, yeah, here are the links.



Middle East:
(Richard McVicar_AB2FN, via DXPlorer via SWB Oct 9 via dxld Oct 12)


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Dear friends,

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NOAA sunspot numbers now are between 0 and 100, with the solar cycle
minimum expected for 2019. However, we still experience good
propagation conditions up to around 21 MHz: on 13 October we received
the low-power transmitter of aircraft A6-EOX, an Emirates AIRBUS
A380, sending a detailed ADS-C Basic Report from high above the
Arabian Sea at an altitude of 40,000 feet, on 21982 kHz.

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- 2017 Super Frequency List on CD
- 2017 Frequency Database
       for the Perseus LF-HF Software-Defined Receiver

to be published on 10 December 2016.

Full-resolution title page graphics can be found at

If you are able to supply additional new frequencies and stations,
your cooperation would be highly appreciated.
Please let us have your data by 22 October 2016.

The continuously updated product Digital Data Decoder Screenshots
on USB Stick is highly successful and now covers more than
12,300 (twelve thousand three hundred!) screenshots from 1997 to today.
Feed your PC or Tablet with this data, and the "slide show" will keep you
busy for a few days - or weeks!

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Radio User, United Kingdom - March 2016: "2016 Shortwave Frequency
Guide ... 2016 Super Frequency List on CD ... Over the past 47 years,
Klingenfuss Publications has built a reputation for producing superb
frequency guides and reference books that are of interest to both
professional and hobby radio enthusiasts. Whether your interest lies
in aeronautical, maritime or military communications, news agencies,
non-governmental organisations, standard frequency and time signal
stations or weather broadcasts, these Klingenfuss publications are
likely to be very useful reference sources. Without doubt, the
combination of these two items should meet the needs of most devotees
for the low frequency, medium frequency and shortwave bands."

Bob Grove W8JHD, Review Editor, in The Spectrum Monitor, United
States of America - February 2016: "For the consummate monitor of the
radio spectrum, two major sources dominate the frequency directory
compendium. For scanner enthusiasts it's the
website, and for shortwave aficionados it's Joerg Klingenfuss's
comprehensive collection in print and on CDs.

Joerg has been a leader in shortwave publications for decades, covering
both broadcasting and utilities; his latest issues are excellent examples
of his continuing effort to offer professional and comprehensive volumes.
2016 Shortwave Frequency Guide ... This 20th print edition should provide
ample evidence to refute the 'shortwave is dead' myth. Last year's volume
had 360 pages. This year's volume? Still 360 pages.

While it is true that the broadcasters are slowly but surely emigrating
from the HF spectrum, utility stations are actually on the rise. As might
be expected with the dwindling broadcast users of the HF spectrum, there
are only about half the number of frequencies in this list as there were
for utilities. For convenience to the listener, Klingenfuss addends the
frequency list with a cross reference of stations listed alphabetically by
country. Clandestine stations have a list of their own, with such notables
as Radio Libertad, Voice of Freedom, Sound of Hope, Voice of the People
and many, many more. -
2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio Stations ... includes a January 2016
supplement and is far more detailed than the Shortwave Frequency

Best wishes, Joerg Klingenfuss

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