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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALBANIA/GREECE   9854.969  VERY LOW AND TINY signal from Shijak Radio
Tirana this 2330-0000 UT on Oct 17, BUZZY audio as usual, seen some
12 x 100 Hertz apart distance audio peaks, of like garden fence visible.

All noted in southern Germany and Belgium / Netherlands remote posts.

NOTHING heard on this channel - under threshold - in eastern coast of
NoAM/CAN installations.

TINY S=3 or -104dBm, annoying LOW LEVEL in Germany and Belgium /
The Netherlands remote SDR units,
- compared to Voice of Greece signals from same region as
S=9+35dB or -36dBm on both 9935.004 and 9420.005 kHz at 2355 UT.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 17)

ANGOLA   4949.728  AGL probably signal string visible in Edmonton Alberta
Canada at 0415 UT, but totally covered by a small digital like STANAG
UTE signal in 4948 to 4952 kHz fq range.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 24)

ARGENTINA   15345.140  Female voice of French sce presenter of RAE Buenos
Aires noted at 2045 UT on Oct 21, S=9+10dB signal here in southern Germany

Flute music at 2047 UT, music sound distorted, same distortion visible on
the SDR screen software, - but the spoken part from the bcast house studio
is much bandwidth smaller ... and is okay.
Frequency as always unstable, varies 4-5 Hertz, slow wandered.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 21)

ARGENTINA   15435, ARG, Japanese, 11.33 UT, 19 Oct 16, S=7 O=2/3 Audio,
Rauschen, Fading

AOKI list:
15345 R. ARGENTINA EXTERIOR 1100-1200 UT Mon-Fri Japanese 100kW 348deg
General Pacheco ARG
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX ng Oct 19)

yes Sir, - um 11.51 UT am Oct 19., schoene argentinische Tangoklaenge.
Die Musik ist gut ausgepegelt, aber die japanisch-sprachige Stimme der
Ansagerin war unter der Grasnarbe zu ahnen.

In Detroit Michigan, dem Nordamerika Ziel Azimuth 348 Grad
ueberhaupt nichts zu hoeren - so um die S=3-4 oder -104dBm, dagegen
im Perseus Netz in Kalabrien und bei der DARC Amberg Bavaria _8015 Unit
ein schoenes S=9 -71dB Signal,

auch Uni Enschede Twente SDR bringt auf 15345.050 kHz
noch ein ge-lockted ebensolches S=9 -73dB Signal.

Am besten aber in Kalabrien Italien, der Sender der RAE Buenos Aires
wandert leicht 4-5 Hertz up und down, im Range von
15345.054 bis .058 kHz um 11.46 UT am 19. Okt.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 19)

BANGLADESH   819. Bangladesh Betar. After 1600 UT sporadic signal with
subcontinental MX. At 1703 UT for a couple of minutes well over Chairo.
At 1758 UT with clear interval signal which is a repetitive flute melody.
Thanks to John Faulkner's recording and Matthias Gatzke! SIO: 111, Oct 21.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 21)

BRAZIL   9819.68  Oct 17 at 0025 UT, very poor in Portuguese, R. Nove de
Julho, back up closer to nominal 9820 kHz. It had been even below
9819 kHz, as e.g. Carlos Goncalves, Portugal reported 9818.9 on Sept 23.
Another check, Oct 17 at 2340 UT, gets 9819.665 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 19)

9819.659 BRA  Radio 9 de Julho, BrasPort lang program at 0005 UT Oct 18,
              fluttery S=5 or -91dBm signal strength. (wb, Oct 18)

BRAZIL   15190.019  Very tiny weak S=3-4 or -107dBm signal of
Brazilian ZYE522 Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte MG at 2040 UT
on Oct 21.  <>
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 21)

BRAZIL   4885.020  BRA  ZYG362  Radio Clube do Para Belem probably,
S=9+10dB strength in Edmonton Canada. Heavy QRM of CODAR sce
on 4885 to 4913 kHz range.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 24)

CUBA   4765.0035  CUB  Radio Progreso from ?Bejucal? site, in Spanish
language, strong S=9+20dB signal, but rather LOW modulation at 0356 UT
on Oct 24.

Final hour ended at 03.59:01 UT as trumpet solo start of Cuban National
Anthem, then national hymn sung by mixed chorus.

ID "Radio Progreso ... Cadena Nacional ..." at 04.00 UT. Further played
normal domestic sce music program, up to audio feed cut at 04.01:50 UT.
TX switch off at 04.02:24 UTC.

Heavy CODAR QRM signal of S=8 level, on 4764 to 4817 kHz fq range noted.

Compared to Radio Rebelde on 5025 kHz from Bauta site at S=9+35dB signal
level at same time slot. All heard on remote Edmonton Alberta Canada SDR
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 24)

CUBA    Radio Habana Cuba Announces 2017 Pocket Calendar.

Radio Havana Cuba's 2017 pocket calendar is available already. It shows
the fourth and last portrait of Fidel Castro, which was made for his 70th
birthday in 1996, by Oswaldo Guayasamin, Painter of Iberoamerica.

The image entitled "Fidel with hands" carries the signature and a phrase
from the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, whose 90th birthday was
celebrated last August 13th.

That small work of art was edited by the Spanish Association of Culture
and International Cooperation in Madrid, and the Guayasamin Foundation
based in Quito, Ecuador.

Requests must be sent to
Radio Havana Cuba
P.O.Box 6240
Havana, Cuba

or through the e-mail  <radiohc -at->

Don't forget to indicate your updated address.


(South East Asia DXing. By T.L.Breyel-MLA. via RUS-DX #895;
via Swedish SWB #1861 Oct 23 by Thomas Nilsson-SWE)

ERITREA   7146.55  Voice of Broad Masses of Eritrea (presumed),
at 1418 UT on Oct 20. Certainly HOA music / singing; not // 7185 kHz;
much weaker than 7185 kHz.

7185.0  Voice of Broad Masses of Eritrea (presumed), at 1336 UT on Oct 20.
Clearly HOA music / singing and language sounded right to be them; signal
slowly improving. My local sunrise was at 1420 UT.

Asmara-ERI were off air at 17.18 UT on Oct 20 (wb.)

7146.55  VOBME (presumed), at 1444 UT on Oct 21. Poor with HOA music /
singing; mostly unusable; not // 7185 kHz; much weaker than 7185 kHz.

7185.0   VOBME (presumed), at 1323 UT on Oct 21. Open carrier with test
tone till 1325 UT, when test tone ended and start of audio with HOA music,
till announcer at 1330 UT. From 1408 to 1457 UT on air phone calls (many
from young children) and playing HOA music; after 1500 UT with jamming
(DRM noise); started out poor, but by 1430 UT mostly fair; at times severe
ham QRM.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct and dxld Oct 19 / 21)

ERITREA/ETHIOPIA   7146.555  Noted weak VOBME 1 Asmara Eritrea signal when
tuned in to 41mb around 0345-0355 UT on Oct 22, V.O. the Broad Masses of
Eritrea 1, Asmara, only poor S=7 signal on remote SDR unit at
southern Italy and Zakynthos island in Greece.

Covered by 20 kHz broadband WHITE NOISE JAMMING from Gedja Jawe site in
Ethiopia, on 7134.5 to 7155.5 kHz signal width.

And also catched the other one VOBMEritrean Asmara Dimtsi Hafash on
7184.989  kHz at S=9 -70dBm signal level - real stronger than 7146v kHz
at 0355 UT, HoA music played in performance, string instruments played.

In ADDITION to this, VOBME-ERI 7184.989 kHz was disturbed by another
probably ?Ethiopian outlet of equal level on 7185.025 kHz exact fq,
spoken program in UNIDENTIFIED  HoA language ...

When checked both VOBME Asmara outlets, noted Ethiopian noise jamming
of 18 kHz bandwidth on 7175 to 7193 kHz. S=9+20dB noise signal strength
heard in Italy and Greece remote posts this Oct 22 morning.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 22)

ETHIOPIA   5950.00, Voice of the Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa, 0345-
0350, Oct 14 and 16, Tigrinya conversation, Horn of Africa songs, 35433.

6030.00  R Oromiya, Adama, via Geja Jawe, at 0350-0355 UT Oct 14 and 16,
Oromo annmt, Horn of Africa songs, 25333.

6090.00  Voice of Amhara State, Geja Jawe, at 0355-0400 UT on
Oct 14 and 16, Amharic conversation by woman and man, local song,
0400 UT annmt, Horn of Africa music by trumpet, 25333.

6110.02  R Fana, Addis Ababa, at 0400-0405 UT on Oct 14 and 16,
Amharic talk, probably news, 25232.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, DXW #566 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 19)

FRANCE/ALBANIA   216 and 1467 kHz.
As far as I can tell the operation of both Roumoules and
Col de la Madone will cease on Saturday, 23 October 2016.

These are now marked on the online version. Still no change enabling
you to move from the "man at work" image on my webpage onto my
spreadsheets etc but I am told that it won't be too much longer until
that linkage will work.
(Dan Goldfarb-UK, mwmasts Oct 18)

Roumoules, France too?
And both 216 and 1467 kHz?
I don't think so, I just read from Vasily Gulyaev-RUS, that TWR Polish
should be moving from MW 1395{Fllake Albania site} to 1467 kHz at yearend.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, mwmasts Oct 18)

FRANCE    ? Roumoules and Col de la Madone ?

Dear Christian,
how is the coming reality on LW 216 and MW 1467 kHz channels?
in Nov 2016, or rather from January 2017 ?

73 wolfy  df5sx
wwdxc allemagne (Oct 18)

FRANCE/MONACO   1467 MW: One (bad) news: Radio Maria France will cease
its broadcasts from the Col de la Madone site, north of Monte Carlo,
on Oct 30.

To listen to Radio Maria will remain the FM frequency 88.2 MHz in Monaco
and especially the RNT DAB and from the Mont Agel. For the moment, I think
the 1467 kHz will remain silent, as the 702 kHz ...
(Ghibaudo-Nice-France; via
Anker Petersen-DEN, DXW #566 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 19)

Re: France
I have kept the single entry for 1467 kHz daytime in the Inactive and
Closed spreadsheet but I have moved the entry for Roumoules on that
frequency back into the Active spreadsheet.

Within the entries for France Active now sit 5 entries including two
(Longwave and Mediumwave) for Roumoules.

It will be interesting to see how Roumoules serves Poland since all other
current TWR programmes are beamed at North Africa.
73 and 88 Dan (Goldfarb-UK, mwmasts Oct 18)

As far as I can tell the operation of both Roumoules and Col de la Madone
will cease on Saturday 23 October 2016.

It has already been clarified that Roumoules operations have nothing to do
with the cessation of Radio Maria France on 1467 kHz, but who says 23 Oct?

So far I saw only the Christian Ghibaudo item, as quoted at

<>  which says 30 Oct.

And I would not proceed from the assumption that it is just "for the
moment", considering that the Fontbonne facilities had been dismantled the
year after their closure.

[later]  It will be interesting to see how Roumoules serves Poland
since all other current TWR programmes are beamed at North Africa.

Have they been so clever to strip the antenna of its beam-switching
capability after AM transmissions of TWR English ceased in March 2015,
leaving only the Maghreb stuff on 1467 kHz? That would be quite

I think it is save to assume that the antenna pattern can still be

This takes a carrier break of less than ten seconds and had in the past
been done routinely between the individual language programs. It should be
very unlikely that they will use the Maghreb pattern (220 degr) for Polish
but rather again the old Germany pattern.
(Kai Ludwig-D, mwmasts, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 18)

re TWR Poland mediumwave service,

azimuth of Roumoules to serve Poland
is in range 25 degr north-westerly corner near Usedom Germany
to 60 degrees on Ukraine / Slovakia border corner, south-easterly.

Capital Warsaw is in 45 degr azimuth direction,
see enclosed screenshot of 2008 year.

the 5 mast directional pattern TWR 1467 kHz antenna,
as well as the smaller 1467 kHz non-directional 40 kW single antenna.

5-mast directionals towards main lobe azimuth

GB & IRL 325 degr
Scandinavia / Eastern Germany 25 degr
Eastern Europe 85 degr
Greece / Albania / Italy 150 degr
Spain, Portugal, NoWeAfrica 241 degr

but directional antenna array extended by 6th favorite azimuth
at 175 degr towards Algeria, Tunisia, westernLibya and Sahara/Sahel zone,
in past decade.

click to site image


(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 18)

FRANCE   Bretagne 5 of MW 1593 kHz silent.

French station Bretagne 5 has been silent on 1593 kHz for some weeks now
without explanation on their website it seems.

This explanation according to the 'Radio Informations' page of the Radio
Atlantic 2000 website

<>   (translated from French):

Bretagne 5.
Here is information transmitted by Jean-Luc Blanchet, who lives near
Nancy, France:

Bretagne Radio 5, which usually broadcasts on 1593 kHz medium wave, is
silent for several weeks. Musical stream is posted on the website of the
station. On the same site, no explanation concerning the stopping of
medium wave broadcasts.

Therefore Atlantic 2000 contacted Bretagne 5 by 'phone. Without being able
to give a date, our interlocutor told us that the station would return
soon on the air. She said maintenance operations are underway on the
transmitter, following the damage caused by lightning.

(Original in French language): Bretagne 5.
Voici une information transmise par Jean-Luc Blanchet, qui habite pres de
Nancy, en France:

La radio Bretagne 5, qui emet habituellement sur 1593 kHz en ondes
moyennes, est silencieuse depuis plusieurs semaines. Un fil musical est
diffuse sur le site Internet de la station. Sur ce meme site, aucune
explication concernant l'arret des emissions en ondes moyennes.

C'est pourquoi Atlantic 2000 a contacte Bretagne 5 par telephone. Sans
pouvoir donner de date, notre interlocutrice nous a affirme que la station
allait revenir bientot sur les ondes. Selon elle, des operations de
maintenance seraient en cours sur l'emetteur, suite a des degats provoques
par la foudre.
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK Oct 23)

GERMANY    NDR baut DAB+ Netz in Marlow und Neubrandenburg aus.

Ab morgen [25. Okt.] gehen zwei neue DAB+-Sender beim NDR on air -
es handelt sich um Marlow und Neubrandenburg Sued.

Weitere Details siehe untenstehender Link:


GERMANY   Die Erfolgsgeschichte BR Heimat:
Interview mit Programmchef Stefan Fruehbeis.

Im Fruehjahr 2015 startete das Programm BR-Heimat.
Das Programm ist inzwischen eine Erfolgsstory mit taeglich
ueber 200.000 Hoerern im In- und Ausland.

Am 18. Oktober wurde ein Interview mit dem Wellenchef von
BR-Heimat veroeffentlicht.

Im untenstehenden Link ist das 17 Minuten Interview zu finden -
unten in der Mitte auf den Player Knopf klicken.


Viel Spass beim Anhoeren des Interviews.

BR-Heimat kann bei uns ueber den Radiotransponder im Satelliten-TV und
ueber DAB+ vom Sender Miltenberg auf Kanal 11D in nach Norden offenen
Hang- und Berglagen empfangen werden.

Ich habe Empfangsmeldungen aus Cleebronn und Gerlingen bei Stuttgart
mit einem normalen DAB-Radio ohne Aussenantenne.

Sowie ueber Webradio siehe untenstehender Link


(BR, Oct 19)

GERMANY   Sendeschema Shortwaveservice Kall-Krekel ab B-16 Saison.

Betriebszeiten der KW Sender in B16 (alles in MEZ / CET / UTC+1hr)

6005 kHz 09-19 Uhr MEZ (bis 30.11. am Wochenende zusaetzlich 08-09 MEZ)
7310 kHz 08-18 Uhr MEZ
3985 kHz 00-09 und 16-24 Uhr MEZ
6085 kHz 09-18 Uhr MEZ
9560 kHz enfaellt in der Winterzeit.

Zu den einzelnen Programmen

Radio MiAmigo
Mo-So 0900-1800 6085 kHz
Mo-Fr 1900-2000 3985 kHz
Sa-So 1200-1600 7310 kHz
Mo-Fr 1400-1500 6005 kHz (bis 30.11.2016)
Sa    0800-1400 6005 kHz (bis 30.11.2016)
So    0800-1200 6005 kHz (bis 30.11.2016)

Letzter Sonntag im Monat 2000-2200 Uhr
(6145 kHz ab 27.11.2016 via Standort CJSC Yerevan Gavar Noratus in

Schweizer Radio SRF
Mo-Sa 0800-0830 "Heute morgen"    auf 7310 und 3985 kHz
Mo-Fr 1230-1300 "Rendez-Vous"     auf 6005 und 7310 kHz
Mo-So 1800-1900 "Echo der Zeit"   auf 6005 und 3985 kHz
Mo-Fr 2200-2230 "Das war der Tag" auf 3985 kHz

Swissinfo (englisch)
Sa 1645-1700 7310 kHz
So 1645-1700 6005 kHz

Radio Canada (englisch)
Sa 1600-1645 7310 kHz
So 1600-1645 6005 kHz

Radio Canada (franzoesisch)
Sa 1600-1700 6005 kHz

Voice Of Mongolia (englisch)
Mo-Fr und So 1330-1400 6005 kHz
Mo-Fr und So 1600-1630 7310 kHz
Mo-Fr und So 2130-2200 3985 kHz

Polskie Radio (deutsch)
Mo-So 1700-1730 6005 Khz
Mo-So 0830-0900 3985 kHz
Mo-So 2230-2300 3985 kHz

Radio Belarus (deutsch)
Mo-Fr 0900-1100 6005 kHz
Sa-So 0900-1100 6005 kHz (ab 01. Dezember)
Mo-So 2300-0100 3985 kHz

Radio Bulgarien (deutsch)
Mo-So 0900-0930 7310 Khz
Mo-So 1730-1800 6005 Khz

Radio Slowakei (deutsch)
Mo-So 1500-1527 6005 kHz
Mo-So 0830-0857 7310 kHz
Mo-So 2000-2027 3985 kHz

Radio Slowakei (franz.)
Mo-So 1530-1557 6005 kHz
Mo-So 1730-1757 7310 kHz
Mo-So 2030-2057 3985 kHz
Mo-So 0700-0727 3985 kHz

Radio Slowakei (englisch)
Mo-So 0730-0757 3985 kHz
Mo-So 1530-1557 6005 kHz
Mo-So 1700-1727 7310 kHz
Mo-So 2100-2127 3985 kHz

Der Nordschleswiger
Mo-Fr 1527-1530 6005 kHz
Mo-Fr 1757-1800 7310 kHz
Mo-Fr 2027-2030 3985 kHz

Radio - Menschen & Geschichten
letzter Sonntag im Monat
So 1000-1100 7310 kHz und 6045 kHz (MBR Nauen Germany)
So 1200-1300 6005 kHz
So 1900-2000 3985 kHz

Wiederholung am 01. Sonntag im Monat
So 2000-2100 6145 kHz
(Standort CJSC Yerevan Gavar Noratus in Armenien)

Radio Gloria
4. Sonntag im Monat
So 1100-1200 7310 kHz
So 1400-1500 6005 kHz

Welle 370
3. Sonntag im Monat
So 1400-1500 6005 kHz

Reserviert bei der HFCC ist die Frequenz 6145 kHz vom Standort CJSC
Yerevan Gavar Noratus in Armenien fuer Samstags und Sonntags, jeweils 20-
22 Uhr MEZ / 19-21 hrs UTC fuer ad-hoc 100kW Relaissendungen, die nach
Bedarf geschaltet werden.

Ein PDF als Schema kommt in den naechsten Tagen.

Viel Spass mit den Programmen, Christian
(Christian Milling-D, Oct 18)

GERMANY   Eigenes Shortwaveservice Kurzwellenprogramm auf 7310 kHz
- nicht mehr Radio 700 Euskirchen ??

Das ist korrekt beobachtet.

RADIO700 war 2002 eine Erfindung des Vereins Buergerfunk fuer Euskirchen
e.V., spaeter umbenannt in Funkhaus Euskirchen e.V.
Der Verein ist 2007 an eine Kurzwellenlizenz gekommen.
Von dort an lief das Programm "RADIO 700" auf KW.

Parallel hat sich in Ostbelgien ein zweiter Verein gegruendet, die VOG
Privater Rundfunk in Ostbelgien, der mit dem Verein Funkhaus Euskirchen
e.V. zusammen das in Ostbelgien per UKW verbreitete gleichnamige Programm
"RADIO 700" (allerdings mit unterschiedlichem Content) produziert.

Mittlerweile liegt der inhaltliche Schwerpunkt auf der UKW Verbreitung in
Belgien. Ich habe im letzten Jahr meine Vorstandsposten in beiden Vereinen
geraeumt, da mir aufgrund eines neuen Jobs keine - fuer eine im
kommerziellen Umfeld noetige Zeit - zur Verfuegung steht.

Der Verein Funkhaus Euskirchen e.V. befindet sich in der Aufloesung, die
Kurzwellenlizenzen werden von mir unter "Shortwaveservice" in privater
Regie zusammen mit Burkhard aus Kall und unterstuetzt von Daniel K. und
Palina M. weitergefuehrt. Die Musikstrecken werden kuenftig mit weiterem
Content angereichert, da braucht's aber noch ein bisschen.

Liebe Gruesse
Christian  (Milling-D, Oct 23; via A-DX ng)


DWL Bonn tiny SW schedule in B-16 season,
valid 30 Oct 2016 til 26 March 2017.

 6045 0300 0400 48SW,52E,53NW MEY 250 19  Swa AFS DWL
 7260 0300 0400 48SW,52E,53NW MEY 100 15  Swa AFS DWL
 9600 1800 1900 46,47W        ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL
 9800 0300 0400 48SW,52E,53NW MEY 250 19  Swa AFS DWL
 9820 1600 1700 47E,48,52SE,53MEY 250 7   Eng AFS DWL
 9830 0630 0700 46,47W        SAO 100 0   Hau STP DWL
 9830 1300 1400 46,47W        SAO 100 0   Hau STP DWL
 9830 1800 1900 46,47W        SAO 100 0   Hau STP DWL
11700 1800 1900 46,47W        ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL
11800 0630 0700 46,47W        NAU 500 182 Hau F   DWL
13610 1800 1900 46,47W        ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL
15215 1330 1400 40E,41NW      TRM 250 335 Prs CLN DWL Persian/Dari
15215 1400 1430 40E,41NW      TRM 250 335 Pus CLN DWL Pashto
15275 1000 1100 48SW,52E,53NW MDC 250 300 Swa MDG DWL
15275 1500 1600 48SW,52E,53NW TRM 250 255 Swa CLN DWL
15275 1600 1700 48            TRM 250 270 Amh CLN DWL
15275 1700 1800 37,38,46,47,52ISS 500 170 Fra F   DWL
15275 1800 1900 46,47W        DHA 250 260 Hau UAE DWL
15290 1600 1700 37SE,38,47E,48ISS 500 140 Eng F   DWL
15315 1600 1700 46,47W        ISS 500 172 Eng F   DWL
15390 1425 1630 46,47W        ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL Footbal Sat
15390 1425 1630 46,47W        ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL Footbal Sat
15390 1425 1630 46,47W        ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL Footbal Sat
15430 1330 1400 40E,41NW      DHA 250 45  Prs UAE DWL Persian/Dari
15430 1400 1430 40E,41NW      DHA 250 45  Pus UAE DWL Pashto
15530 0630 0700 46,47W        MEY 250 330 Hau AFS DWL
15560 1700 1800 37,38,46,47,52ISS 500 185 Fra F   DWL
17570 1425 1630 46,47W        ISS 500 165 Hau F   DWL Footbal Sat
17570 1425 1630 46,47W        ISS 500 165 Hau F   DWL Footbal Sat
17570 1425 1630 46,47W        ISS 500 165 Hau F   DWL Footbal Sat
17670 1600 1700 37SE,38,47E,48NAU 500 157 Eng D   DWL
17690 1600 1700 46,47W        ISS 500 172 Eng F   DWL
17710 1000 1100 48SW,52E,53NW MEY 250 19  Swa AFS DWL
17710 1500 1600 48SW,52E,53NW DHA 250 215 Swa UAE DWL
17710 1600 1700 47E,48,52SE,53DHA 250 215 Eng UAE DWL
17720 1330 1400 40E,41NW      TRM 250 335 Prs CLN DWL Persian/Dari
17720 1400 1430 40E,41NW      TRM 250 335 Pus CLN DWL Pashto
17800 0630 0700 46,47W        DHA 250 260 Hau UAE DWL
17800 1300 1400 46,47W        ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL
17800 1500 1600 48SW,52E,53NW TRM 250 255 Swa CLN DWL
17800 1600 1700 48            NAU 500 141 Amh D   DWL
17800 1700 1800 37,38,46,47,52ASC 250 65  Fra G   DWL
17840 1425 1630 46,47W        ISS 500 165 Hau F   DWL  Footbal Sat
21780 0630 0700 46,47W        DHA 250 260 Hau UAE DWL
21780 1300 1400 46,47W        ASC 250 55  Hau G   DWL
21780 1600 1700 37SE,38,47E,48ISS 500 140 Eng F   DWL
(hfcc, Oct 11)

GUINEA Rep.   9649.98, Radio Guinee, Conakry, at *0600-0800 UT on Oct 03,
05, 08 and 09, Koran songs, French ann, ID: "Radio Guinee...", news, Su
religious program "Le Jour du Seigneur", with QRM from Voice of Korea,
North Korea, in Japanese, 33333.
(Giroletti-ITA, Ivanov-BUL, and Mendez-ESP; via
Anker Petersen-DEN, DXW #566 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 19)

9650.003  GUI  French lang sce of Conakry Guinee, S=8 or -80dBm fluttery,
male + female newscast reader heard at 0019 UT on Oct 18.
Phone-in interview, - very professional radio program staff performance,
like compared at RFI Paris broadcaster.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 18)

INDIA   AIR Bengaluru DRM mode broadcsts.

The DRM transmitter of AIR Bengaluru is having some problems.
Hence they are operating in DRM mode only on 2 frequencies
with lower power than usual.

Latest monitored info:

Chinese 1145-1315 on 15050 kHz AM Mode (ex DRM).

Tibetan 1215-1330 on Channel 2 of DRM on 15050 kHz is cancelled.

Watch out for monitored reports soon.

The Previous DRM schedule given in the following link may be referred
for present activity:


[later]  Current AIR DRM sked on SW.
The following is the current complete scheduleof AIR on SW in DRM:

1615-1715 11620  Russian via Bengaluru (Europe)
1745-1945  7550  English via Bengaluru (Europe)
1945-2045  7550  Hindi   via Bengaluru (Europe)
2045-2230  7550  English via Bengaluru (Europe)

Note: All other previously scheduled transmissions in DRM mode
on SW of AIR is currently transmitted in AM Mode.

Yours sincerely,
Jose Jacob, VU2JOS
National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad, India
<>  (DXindia Oct 20 / 21)

INDIA   4760/7390  AIR Port Blair is not heard by me for some time now.
I contacted the station today and was informed that they are TEMPORARILY
off air now due to shortage of spare parts.
Their MW and FM transmitters are on air as usual.

Then it is good time to check for clear signals from AIR Leh, which
also operates on 4760 kHz summer at 0130 UT  /
winter 0213-0430 & 1130-1630 UT.
Jose Jacob, VU2JOS
National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad, India
<>  (DXindia Oct 12; via
Anker Petersen-DEN, DXW #566 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 19)

ITALY   567 MW  Challenger Radio, Villa Estense (Padova),
at 1034 UT on Oct 16, Re-broadcast of programs from the 70's in Italian,
34333 // 846 and 1368 kHz MW.

594 MW, Amica R Veneta, Vigonza (Padova), at 1027 UT on Oct 16, folk music
and talk in Italian. Ex1035 kHz, first noted on Oct 11 by Stefano Valianti
in Bologna. It seems to be on test transmission, not yet 24/7hrs/d on the
air as on the former frequency, 44444.

846 MW, Challenger Radio, Villa Estense (Padova), at 1034 UT on Oct 16,
Re-broadcast of programs from the 70's in Italian, 55444 // MW
567 + 1368 kHz.

1017 MW, Radio Base 101, Peraga di Vigonza (Padova), at 1038 UT on Oct 16,
music from the 80's, IDs, traffic news and news in Italian. Ex1323 kHz.

1368 MW, Challenger Radio, Villa Estense (Padova), at 1044 UT on Oct 16,
Re-broadcast of programs from the 70's in Italian, 55444 // MW
567 + 846 kHz.

1476 MW, Free Radio AM, Trieste, at 1046 UT on Oct 16, music from the
80's, IDs in Italian; they give an address as via Ugo Polonio 1, 34125
Trieste. Could be just a coincidence there is vinyl record in that
building? 55555.

1566 MW, Power Radio AM, Trieste, at 1059 UT on Oct 16, music and jingle
IDs in Italian. Ex1584 and ex1602 kHz. 45444.

1602 MW, Radio Baby, Trieste, at 1102 UT on Oct 16, music from children
TV programs from the 80's. Ex1557 kHz, 45444.
(Groppazzi-ITA; via
Anker Petersen-DEN, DXW #566 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 19)


NHK World - Radio Japan Tokyo - October 30, 2016  -  March 26, 2017.
B-16 winter season file, according NHK World Radio Japan leaflet.

0600-0630 ME/NoAF  11975iss
2000-2030 ME Baghdad-IRQ 88.3 MHz + 4 cities in Iraq,
2100-2130 ME Ramallah 87.8 MHz in Ramallah Palestine,
             +3 cities in Palestine on FM.
for details please access URL

1300-1345 SoWeAS  11685sng
1500-1545 SoWeAS  FM Dhaka 104.0 MHz +6 cities

1030-1100 SoEaAS  11740sng
1430-1500 SoEaAS  11740sng
1445-1500         Mon-Wed, 1445-1505 UT on Thurs and Fris
          SoEaAS  SW 5985 MW 576 Myanma Radio, Yangon Yaegu
          SoEaAS  MW  594 Myanma Radio, Nay Pyi Taw
2340-2400 SoEaAS  13650

0900-0930 AS 6090
1200-1230 AS 6090
1300-1330 AS 6190
1400-1430 AS 6190
1530-1600 AS 9575
2230-2250 AS 9560

0500-0530 EUR      13640uae
0500-0530 AF/EaAF/SoAF  9770iss
0710-0725           Sats and Suns
          SoEaAS    SW 5985 MW 576 Myanma Radio, Yangon Yaegu
          SoEaAS    MW  594 Myanma Radio, Nay Pyi Taw
1100-1130 SoEaAS   11825sng
1400-1430 SoEaAS   11925pal
1400-1430 SoWeAS   11685tac
1540-1600          Thurs and Fris
          SoWeAS   SW 5985 MW 576 Myanma Radio, Yangon Yaegu
          SoWeAS   MW  594 Myanma Radio, Nay Pyi Taw
1800-1830 CeAF        11800mey
1930-2000 OCE/Hawaii   9625
1930-2000 AF/EaAF/SoAF 9485smg

0345-0415 CeAF     RDC Ondese FM  96.3 MHz, Kivu, Uvira
0530-0600 WeAF     11730iss
0530-0600 CeAF     13840mdg
0530-0600 CeAF     RDC Lukula FM 103.0 MHz, Kivu, Uvira
0630-0700 CeAF     RDC Oasis  FM  89.5 MHz, Kivu, Beni
2030-2100 WeAF      9855mdg
2030-2100 CeAF     RDC Lukula FM 103.0 MHz, Kivu, Uvira
2145-2215 CeAF     RDC Oasis  FM  89.5 MHz, Kivu, Beni

0059-0120 SoWeAS    7330tac
1430-1500 SoWeAS   15720mdg
1530-1600 SoWeAS    9600tac

1115-1200 SoEaAS    9625pal
1200-1215 SoEaAS FM Jakarta  90.0 MHz + 7 INS cities
1315-1400 SoEaAS   11925pal
1406-1451 SoEaAS FM Bandung 105.5 MHz +34 INS cities,
                 FM Jambi, Maros, Aceh Tenggara, Wonosobo
2130-2200 SoEaAS    6075

0200-0500 AS        15195
0200-0500 SoWeAS    15590
0200-0500 SoEaAS    17810
0300-0500 CeAM       5960iss
0300-0500 SoEaEUR/NE/ME/NoEaAF  9620nau
0700-0800 EaAS      11790
0800-0900 SoEaAS    17585
0800-1000 SoWeEUR/WeAF 15290iss
0800-1700 AS         9750
0900-1500 SoEaAS    11815
1500-1700 AF/SoWeAS/SoAS   9680
1700-1900 SoEU/ceAF/soAF  11945iss
1700-1900 SoAM      13720
1700-1900 SoEaEUR/NE/ME/NoEaAF  9765nau
1900-2100 CeAS/ME/NE/NoAF       9670
1900-2100 CeAF      15130iss
2000-2100 OCE/Hawaii 9625
2100-2300 SoEaAS    11665
2100-2400 AS        11910

0915-0945 AS  9700
1130-1200 AS  6090
1230-1300 AS  6190
1330-1400 AS  6190
1430-1500 AS  6190
2209-2230 AS  9560

0400-0430 ME 11730tac
1430-1500 ME 13725iss FM Kabul/Herat 88.0 MHz
1630-1700 ME MW927tjk

0900-0930 SoAM  6195hri
2130-2200 SoAM 17540hri

0330-0400 EU    MW 738msk  MW1386sit
0430-0500 EU    5910sit
0530-0600 EaAS 11790
1100-1130 EaAS  6090
1600-1630 EU    MW 738msk  MW927tjk
1730-1800 EU    MW1386sit

0400-0430 CeAM     5985rmi
0400-0430 CeSoAM   6195hri
0930-1000 CeSoAM   6195hri

0300-0330 CeAF  RDC Ondese FM  96.3 MHz, Kivu, Uvira
0315-0400 EaAF   9560mdg
0315-0400 EaAF  TZA Neema FM Mwanza 98.2 MHz, Tanzania
0530-0615 CeAF  RDC Oasis  FM  89.5 MHz, Kivu, Beni
1729-1800 EaAF  13730mdg
1730-1800 EaAF  TZA FM Dar es Salaam 94.6 MHz
                + 22 cities of TBC FM.
1900-1930 CeAF  RDC Oasis  FM  89.5 MHz, Kivu, Beni

0100-0130 SoEaAS Mon-Fri  FM Naresuan University 107.25 MHz
1130-1200 SoEaAS 11740sng
1230-1300 SoEaAs 11740sng
1230-1300 SoEaAS Mon-Fri  FM Mahasarakham University 102.25 MHz
                 MW Thammasat University    981 kHz
2259-2320 SoEaAS 13650

1515-1600 SoWeAS 11775uae
1700-1745 SoWeAS MW927tjk

1100-1130 SoEaAS 11740sng
1300-1315        Tues-Sats
1300-1320        Suns and Mons
          SoEaAS FM 91.0 MHz VoVTN Giao Thong, Hanoi, HCMC,
                             Can Tho, Quang Binh.
1300-1330 SoEaAS 11740sng
2320-2340 SoEaAS 13650

SW / MW relays:
hri  HRI Furman-SC, South Carolina, USA
iss  TDF Issoudun, France
mdg  MDC MGLOB Madagascar
mey  SenTec Meyerton, South Africa
msk  Moscow, Russia
nau  MBR Nauen, Germany
pal  KHBN Palau
rmi  WRMI Okeechobee-FL, Florida USA
sit  RRT Sitkunai, Lithuania
smg  VR  Santa Maria di Galeria, Vatican State.
sng  Babcock Kranji, Singapore
tac  Tashkent, Uzbekistan
tjk  Dushanbe, Tajikistan
uae  Babcock Al Dhabayya, UAE

MW/SW relay on MRTV Myanmar Radio, Yangon Yaegu and Nay Pyi Taw sites;
FM/MW relay in Thailand;
and FM relays in Palestine West Bank, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia,
Iraq, RDC Republique Democratique du Congo (ex Zaire), Tanzania,
and Vietnam.

Not anymore included in RJ printed leaflet, but still on
HFCC  B-16 database contain Fridays only DRM mode test transmission via
9760wof Woofferton U.K., RJ English 1100-1130 UT, RJ Russian 1130-1200 UT.


(NHK Radio Japan, PDF.format leaflet
transformed by wb at wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 19)

ps. MRTV Myanmar Radio Yangon Yaegu 5980 kHz frequency is again wrong
print-out, should be rather 5985 kHz instead. wb.

KAZAKHSTAN   Clandestine Radio.

Auf der Suche nach "Dat Radio" stiess ich auf diese Seite:


Kasachstan (aus ?): Mindestens seit 14.8.2002 neu auf Kurzwelle ist ein
Oppositionsprogramm fuer Kasachstan.

Gesendet wird unter dem Titel Radio DAT
<info -at->

jeweils 01.00-02.00 und 15.00-16.00 Uhr (03.00, 17.00 Uhr MESZ/CEST)
auf 9775 kHz, offenbar aus Litauen oder Moldowa. Im Internetarchiv


werden aeltere Sendungen zum Nachhoeren angeboten. Die russischsprachigen
Sendungen verstehen sich als "freies Radio fuer ein freies Kasachstan"
(Svobodnoe radio dlya svobodnogo Kazakhstana) und wenden sich
hauptsaechlich gegen den kasachischen Praesidenten Nasarbajew. Betrieben
wird die Station offenbar von Unterstuetzern des frueheren, im Exil
lebenden kasachischen Premierminister Akezhan Kazhegeldin


die unter anderem Bueros in Kanada unterhalten.

via Alexander Mak, Pavel Mikhaylov, K. Gusev, V.G. Titarev 15.8.2002
for CRW, Bernd Trutenau und Wolfgang Bueschel 17.8.2002.
(Herbert Meixner-AUT, A-DX Oct 23)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC    Kyrgyz Radio, Radio Birinchi, Bishkek Krasnaya Rechka
noted on 4009.839 and 4819.919 kHz around 1705 UT on Oct 20.
Kyrgyz language program, male and female phone-in, - though
NOT MUCH MODULATED - both S=9+25 dB strong signal carrier-wise, noted on
remote Moscow Russia SDR unit.

Ron, re your observation today, their frequency offset differ often,
depending they have 4 - 5 different characteristics transmitter on their

Nothing heard around TWR Afghanistan channel from Bishkek Krasnaya Rechka
site on v5130 kHz after 17.00 UT, their religious Radyo Sadaye Zindagi
program bcast is irregularly, at least not every day on air.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 20)

4009.8 kHz  Radio Birinchi via Kyrgyz Republic. After a long time of being
off frequency, I noted on Sept 19 that they were on exact frequency
(confirmed by Wolfy) and subsequently heard as such, but on Oct 19 & 20
they are now back to again being off frequency. What happened?
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct and dxld Oct 19)

4819.95  Birinchi Radio, Krasnaya Rechka, at 0125-0135 UT on Oct 11,
Kyrgyz talk, ID: "Birinchi Radio", news about President Putin and Ukraine,
35232 // 4010 kHz (45333).
(Anker Petersen-DEN, DXW #566 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 19)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   KGZ  Kyrgyz Radio, Radio Birinchi from
Bishkek Krasnaya Rechka site noted at fade-out morning time on
4010.012 and // 4819.918 kHz at 0318 UT on Oct 22,
on remote SDR units in Moscow Russia, Calabria Italy and Zakynthos island
Greece at S=7-8 or -84dBm signal level.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 22)

LIBYA   677.497 exact frequency, HQ prayer from Benghazi Libya, observed
on powerful signal level of S=9+30dB or -44dBm, noted in southern Italy
Calabria, and on Zakynthos Greece island remote SDR units,
at 0327 UT Oct 22.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 22)

LIBYA  [ N O T  logged]  1053 not heard here in past months. There was a
strange TV video RR report from the US of Tripolis Libya heard across the
Atlantik, I've my doubts on this matter.

Rather a small Libyan pirate terrorist radio group fraction
on the air in deep night instead ?

Patrick in Austria heard a Lybia 1053 kHz program in deep night after
Romania signed-off co-channel.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 24)

MADAGASCAR   17640  Oct 18 at 1850 UT, irregular African Pathways Radio
is back again about a "hero of faith" in Zambia; 1852 UT African choral
music, ID with sked talkover only for the 04 and 18 UT broadcasts,
1853 UT open carrier, 1854* UT off. (So don't expect MWV to be on the
last 6 minutes of any hour.)
I proceed to check further languages scheduled:

13710, Oct 18 at 2010 UT, poor but definitely in Arabic, so MWV.

11615, Oct 18 at 2100 UT, good signal with KNLS IS and Chinese sign-on
including website clearly enunciated in English,  <>
but really MWV, and on to praise music in - English!

11770, Oct 18 at 2200 UT, good signal in Arabic from MWV, which is really
called Radio Feda, but I have yet to copy. ACI until 2203* UT from
ANGUILLA 11775 kHz running overtime.

9455, Oct 18 after 2200 UT, JBA carrier, scheduled Chinese from MWV, but
no comparison to previous hour on 11615 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 18)

MALAYSIA   6050 kHz (Asyik FM) // 9835 kHz (Sarawak FM), at 0946-1027 UT
on Oct 21. Prime Minister Razak speaking before Parliament, to deliver the
2017 budget; mostly in vernacular, but briefly:

"If you want to reach the people, educate their children"; his speech was
interrupted by the opposition lawmakers who at one point loudly protested
and caused a ruckus till they finally walked out on the PM's speech;
preempted regular programming; after 1027 UT no longer // ; mostly fair on
9835 kHz, while 6050 kHz was poor. Believe Wai FM (11665 kHz) is currently
off the air (not heard today).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct and dxld Oct 21)

MYANMAR   5985.00, Myanma R, Yegu (presumed), at 0100-0115 UT on Oct 17,
Bamar talk, 25232. (Petersen).
Also heard with good reception at 1500, Oct 17.
(Erik Koie-DEN; via
Anker Petersen-DEN, DXW #566 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 19)

On Mon Oct 17, I found their new schedule for the Radio Australia produced
"English for Business" on 5985 kHz, from 1215 to 1235 UT,
"Lesson 16, A Presentation", full transcript of today's show at

believe their schedule for this program will be sometime during the
1200-1300 UT segment, on Mons and Weds. In the past the exact timing
of these programs usually varied somewhat.

Based on some of my recent observations, Myanmar Radio on Yegu Yangoon
5985 kHz, also has the following:

VOA's Special English on Weds, during a portion of 1530-1600 UT.

NHK's "Friends Around the World" on Thurs and Fris, during a portion of
1530-1600 UT. NHK Radio Japan Tokyo also produces a radio drama in the
Burmese language for Myanma Radio , but am not sure of the schedule on
5985 kHz. Appreciate any corrections or additions.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA; via
Anker Petersen-DEN, DXW #566 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 19)

see NHK Radio Japan Tokyo B-16 schedule in Burmese and English above.

NHK Burmese
1445-1500         Mon-Wed, 1445-1505 UT on Thurs and Fris
          SoEaAS  SW 5985 MW 576 Myanma Radio, Yangon Yaegu
          SoEaAS  MW  594 Myanma Radio, Nay Pyi Taw.

NHK English
0710-0725         Sats and Suns
          SoEaAS  SW 5985 MW 576 Myanma Radio, Yangon Yaegu
          SoEaAS  MW  594 Myanma Radio, Nay Pyi Taw.

1540-1600         Thurs and Fris
          SoWeAS  SW 5985 MW 576 Myanma Radio, Yangon Yaegu
          SoWeAS  MW  594 Myanma Radio, Nay Pyi Taw.

NEW ZEALAND   Radio New Zealand : International B16 Schedule


73's John Hoad, Faversham Kent UK (BrDXC-UK Oct 24)

NIGERIA   1440. Adamawa BC. 2036-2057 UT. Nigeria again in Hausa well over
Riad. Talk by mostly female. Sounded like community report. At the end of
transmission soft spoken man giving farewell to the listeners followed by
patriotic oath to Nigeria and national anthem of Nigeria sang by women.
Mostly SIO: 333, Oct 19.
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 21)

ROMANIA   Hoerertag 6. Nov. 2016: Wo leben die gluecklichsten Menschen?

Liebe Hoererfreunde,
am Sonntag, den 6. November 2016, gestalten wir mit Ihrer Hilfe den
Hoerertag bei Radio Rumaenien International. Es ist schon zur Tradition
geworden, dass Sie, unsere Hoererinnen und Hoerer, anlaesslich des
Hoerertags mit einem persoenlichen Beitrag an der Gestaltung unserer
Sendung aktiv teilnehmen.

Diesmal stellen wir Ihnen folgende Frage: Wo leben die gluecklichsten
Menschen? Selbstverstaendlich gibt es jaehrliche Ranglisten oder
Meinungsbarometer unter anderem ueber die gluecklichsten Laender oder die
Staedte mit dem hoechsten Lebensstandard.

Dabei verwendet man oft Bewertungskriterien wie Grosszuegigkeit, soziale
Beziehungen, Entscheidungsfreiheit, Lebenserwartung, Gesundheitssystem,
Kultur, Bildungssystem, Infrastruktur.

Und doch: Sind die Bewohner der hoechstplatzierten Laender oder Staedte
wirklich die gluecklichsten Menschen der Welt? Oder haengt vielleicht das
"Gluecklichsein" von so vielen individuellen Faktoren ab, dass die Antwort
nicht anders als individuell sein koennte? Wir laden Sie ein, uns Ihre
Meinung dazu mitzuteilen! Wo leben die zufriedensten, die gluecklichsten

Wo und wie moechten Sie selbst leben? Welche sind die perfekten "Zutaten",
die Sie brauchen, um sich irgendwo auf der Welt wohl zu fuehlen? Fuer den
Hoerertag 2016 bei Radio Rumaenien International erwarten wir mit grossem
Interesse Ihre Antworten auf die Frage "Wo leben die gluecklichsten

Selbstverstaendlich koennen Sie uns auch wahre Geschichten von
gluecklichen Menschen, die Sie kennengelernt haben, mitteilen. Ihre
Antworten koennen Sie uns schriftlich per Post, E-Mail, Fax, im
Internetformular oder via F_B zusenden. Wenn Sie uns Ihre Meinung
muendlich mitteilen moechten, koennen Sie uns auch im Vorfeld
aufgezeichnete Audiodateien direkt per E-Mail zuschicken, falls Sie diese
Moeglichkeit haben.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Beitraege zum RRI-Hoerertag am 6. November 2016!

Unsere E-Mail:  <germ -at->

Die Fax-Nummer lautet: 0040.21.319.05.62.

Postbriefe schicken Sie bitte an die Adresse unseres Senders:
Radio Rumaenien International
General-Berthelot-Str. 60-64
Postfach 111
010171 Bukarest Rumaenien
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 20)

RUSSIA   7345  Radio Sakha, via Tugalino, Yakutsk, Respublika "Sakha", at
0452-0500* UT on Oct 24. pop songs and jazz; 0500 UT IS (Jew's harp) and
time pips, then off.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 25)

RUSSIA   Photos RV-96 transmitter - Shortwave radio RV-96. During the
Second World War with this complex secretly broadcast reports
Sovinformburo YB Levitan and was an active radioborba Eastern direction of

Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk).

Radio station "RV-96" - short-wave radio. With the power of 120 kW is the
most powerful in the world of shortwave radio. It was established in the
years 1936-1938 by Academician Alexander L. Mintz. Designed for
international broadcasting in the direction of the Far East, the USA and

Before the war, located in Noginsk, was evacuated to Sverdlovsk (now
Yekaterinburg), where the voice of the station broadcasts Rumer Levitan
Sovinformburo reports.

(Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx #895 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 23)

RUSSIA   [exUSSR / former WDXC-UK club]
Radio Moscow Great Britain and Ireland English service 1976 recordings

KSN Tech Topics has uploaded two reel to reel recordings of Radio Moscow's
English service to Great Britain and Ireland recorded in 1976. First is a
21 minute recording of Moscow Mailbag hosted by Doris Maxina and Edward
Diablov. Doris Maxina is on the on air name of Doris Maxin Hart. Put that
into Google and a passage from the book Kremlin Wives says that Doris Hart
was a well heeled English girl who had fallen in love with Communism in
the 1930's. She met Alexei Maxin, chauffeur to the Soviet ambassador, they
fell in love and he took her back to Russia. She recalls giving English
lessons to Svetlana Molotov and Svetlana Stalin.


Listeners mentioned on the programme include John Singleton who edited
the Logbook column in World DX Club Contact for many years.


The second video is a recording of Radio Moscow DX Club followed by
details of evening programmes. This deals solely with amateur radio.
All QSL cards were able to be sent free within the Soviet Union.


(Mike Barraclough-UK, BrDXC-UK / dxld Oct 20)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   9545, SIBC, at 0501-0515* UT on Oct 24. The usual ABC
(Australia) news in English; slowly improving signal; off in mid-sentence
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 25)

SOMALIA   Radio Hargeysa in Somali is 1 Hz low on 7119.999 kHz,
S=9 signal noted in remote Moscow Russia unit at 1715 UT on Oct 20.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 20)

SOMALIA   7119.998  Radio Hargeysa wandered up 1-2 Hertz in 0337 UT
time range on Oct 22, S=8 or -78dBm signal strength fluttery signal
observed in Calabria remote SDR unit in southern Italy.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 22)

SOMALIA   [Somaliland]   QSL Puntland Radio, ja, weiterhin auf 13800 kHz
- keine andere Frequenz je gehoert.

In Garowe hat sich in den letzten Tagen auch jemand dran gemacht, den
Sendebetrieb wieder auf die Fuesse zu stellen. Nachdem ich in den letzten
Wochen trotz vieler Versuche bestenfalls einen verdaechtigen Traeger
ausmachen konnte, waren gestern (Sonntag, Oct 23) und heute Oct 24 wieder
Sendungen etwa im Zeitraum 0600-0730 UT und heute auch gegen 1400 UT (dann
Nachrichten) mit guter Modulation und recht ordentlichem Signal zu hoeren.
Morgens schien es eher ein Test mit Korangesang (gestern) und somalischem
Pop (heute) sein.
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, A-DX ng Oct 24)

? weiterhin auf 13800 kHz wie in der Aoki Nagoya liste genannt ?

Vor 4 Jahren in 2013 wurden auch Tests gehoert:

TX Manufacturer Hanjiin electronics Seoul South Korea.
Station civil works and building design by Enrico Li Perni, Italy.

Project financed by the Italian government.  <<<
Project management UNOPS Nairobi Kenya.      <<<

13800 kHz 20 kW, - tests auch auf 6140 kHz, spaeter wurde auch 6160 kHz
berichtet, mit nur 200 Watt.

Vorlaeufer waren in Puntland auf 7012, 7335 oder 6980 kHz zu hoeren.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 24)

[SOMALILAND]   13800.004  Auf der remote SDR installation in Doha Qatar
um 1345 UT am 25. Okt. schoene HoA Musik angehoert,
endet genau um 13.59:59 UT akurat - Respekt.

Etwas flatteriges Signal, S=8 dadorten auf -79dBm signal level.

Aber der somalische maennliche Ansager um 1400 UT war sehr niedrig
moduliert, genau an der Grasnarbe, obwohl der Traeger stark genug
fuer einen guten Empfang im Mittleren Osten waere.

In Europa eher unter-irdisches Signal zwischen 13.30 und 14.30 UT.
Am besten noch an der super-Antenne beim DARC im bayerischen Amberg,
S=6 oder -87dBm um 14.27 UT am 25. Okt.

S=5 in Insel Zakynthos Griechenland,
S=6 oder -92dBm an der Grasnarbe in Moskau Russland,
S=6 oder -93dBm in Madrid Spanien.

Das Log im 22 mb zwischen 1330 und 1430 UT in Doha Qatar remote SDR:

13590 KWT  VoA Deewa Kuwait S=9+10
13630 THA  RL Uzbek aus Udorn Thani Ban Dung S=9+15dB
13650 KRE  VoKorea Fr und 13760 Eng, beide S=8-9
13670 ALB  CRI Cerrik in Franz., S=8-9
13710 IND  AIR Bangalore,   und co-channel !
13710 CHN  CRI Kashgar,     kappeln sich hier.
      Beide auf hohem Signalniveau von S=9+25dB.
      Es gibt viele freie Kanaele zu jeder Zeit ...
      die AIR indische Buerokratie ist sehr unflexibel.
13740 MRA  RFA Tinian isl, Cantonese, S=9+20dB
13845 USA  WWCR ein gutes S=7-8 Signal in ME target !
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 25)

SPAIN. Radio Exterior de Espana B16   La HFCC acaba de publicar las nuevas
frecuencias de muchas emisoras para el periodo B16, o sea, a partir del
30 de octubre. Estas son las frecuencias y horarios que se asignan a Radio
Exterior de Espana segun


pero segun esto se encuentran tanto las frecuencias actuales, o sea, las
de verano, como las de invierno. Aparecen como nuevas las de 9690, 11530,
11685, 11940, 12030 y 15110 kHz, que deberian ser, si esa informacion es
correcta, las frecuencias que operen a partir del 30 de octubre.
Un saludo (Manuel Mendez, dxld Oct 19)

B16 Schedule of REE Frequency Start UTC Stop UTC Broadcaster FMO Language
Transmitter Latitude Longitude Beam Power (kW) Days of operation (Sun=1)
From date To date Notes

Radio Exterior de Espana REE Spain Noblejas 39N57 003W26
30-Oct-2016 to 25-Mar-2017

 9690 1500 2300 4,6-11      290 200 1.....7
11530 1500 2300 46,47,52,57 161 200 1.....7
11685 1500 2400 46,47,52,57 161 200 1.....7
11940 1500 2400 12-16       230 200 1.....7
12030 1500 2400 38,39,47,48 110 200 1.....7
15390 1500 2300 38,39,47,48 110 200 1.....7
15500 1500 2300 38,39,47,48 110 200 1.....7
17755 1500 1900 46,47,52,57 161 200 1.....7

17715 1600 2400 12-16       230 200 1.....7
17855 1600 2400 4,6-11      290 200 1.....7
21620 1600 2000 46,47,52,57 161 200 1.....7

 9690 1900 2300 4,6-11      290 200 .23456.
11530 1900 2300 46,47,52,57 161 200 .23456.

11685 1900 2400 46,47,52,57 161 200 .23456.
11940 1900 2400 12-16       230 200 .23456.
12030 1900 2400 38,39,47,48 110 200 .23456.
15390 1900 2300 38,39,47,48 110 200 .23456.
15500 1900 2300 38,39,47,48 110 200 .23456.

15110 2000 2400 4,7-11      302 200 1234567
17715 2000 2400 12-16       230 200 .23456.
17755 2000 2400 46,47,52,57 161 200 1234567
17855 2000 2400 4,6-11      290 200 .23456.
21620 2000 2400 46,47,52,57 161 200 .23456.
(via Juan Franco Crespo-ESP, dxld Oct 19)

Hola, REE ha hecho publico en su web el nuevo esquema y normalmente
reserva mas frecuencias de las que va a usar y lo hace por si acaso.

Nuevo esquema de Radio Exterior de Espana a partir del 26 de octubre
de 2016:

1900-2300 Lunes a viernes o
11530 Africa y Atlantico Occidental y del Sur o
15390 America del Sur o
 9690 America del Norte y Groenlandia o
15500 Oriente Medio, Indico y Gran Sol

1500-2300 Sabados y domingos o
15390 America del Sur o
 9690 America del Norte y Groenlandia o
15500 Oriente Medio, Indico y Gran Sol

1500-1900 Sabados y domingos o
17755 Africa y Atlantico Occidental y del Sur

1900-2300 Sabados y domingos o
11530 Africa y Atlantico Occidental y del Sur

Un saludo (Pedro Sedano, Madrid-ESP,
COORDINADOR GENERAL  <coordinador -at->
<> noticias dx yg via WOR#1848, dxld Oct 19)

SRI LANKA   Economic development zone ends the VOA saga in Sri Lanka.

An economic and tourism development zone is to come up
at the 410 acre-Voice of America (VOA) broadcasting facility site
at Iranawila, which caused a major local and international problem
for Sri Lanka during the 1990s, official sources revealed.

The US Information Agency has agreed to return the land to the present
government even before the expiry date of the lease agreement, a
memorandum submitted by the Ministry of National Policies and Economic
Affairs said.

Full story at:


(via Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXsasia yg direct and via dxld Oct 19)

SYRIA  [probably]  MW 783 even fq, Arabic language program at 0336 UT,
seemingly Syrian SRTV Tartus ?  Near East nice smooth folk music played,
flute mx heard at powerhouse of S=9+35dB or -35dBm in Greece and southern
Italy remote SDR units.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 22)

TAIWAN   9410, Fu Hsing BS (presumed), on Oct 14, 15, and 17, hear at
various times between *1100-1300* UT; mostly EZL music and in Chinese;
suddenly went off the air in mid-music. Oct 18 and 19 not on during
1100-1300 UT, but Oct 18 did find then with the usual 1000* UT (is off
the air 1000-1100 UT), suddenly went off the air. Scheduling here
is never what I would call regular.

9774 kHz px channel seems to only be on the air very rarely and
I have not heard that in a long time.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 19)

TURKEY   891 even fq, TRT morning program heard on very powerful Antalya
site signal of S=9+35dB or -41dBm at 0331 UT, and also on odd

926.994 kHz from Izmir. Latter at S=9+10 or -64dBm strength on Calabria
Italy and Zakynthos SDR remote unit.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 22)

TURKEY   TRT morning MW progr checked.

On various remote SDR units in Moscow Russia, Kiev Ukraine, Zakynthos
and Calabria southern Italy heard the TRT morning services on Oct 24:

1062 TUR  acc MW lists TRT Diyarbakir, CONTINOUSLY music program, no ID,
no spoken part heard. Probably "Kurdi Progr", at 0320 UT on Oct 24
S=9+10dB proper signal in Ukraine unit.

926.994  TUR  TRT Izmir in Turkish, S=7 in Ukraine, poor signal
compared to much stronger S=9+30dB of
890.999  TUR  TRT Antalya, observed at 0330 UT on Oct 24.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 24)

TURKEY   9515  on Oct 24 at 0336 UT, Turkish songs at S=6-S4, so VOT is
still active here with music fill in second part of hour. It had been
missing from both Spanish frequencies after 0100 UT on Oct 23, and I meant
to check 9515 kHz later that night.

BTW, Alan Roe found that the DX Letterbox show got out of synch again from
its bi-weekly scheduling, confirmed ON this Sat/UT Sun Oct 23-24, so next
one should be Nov 5/6.

But by then, the new B-16 schedule (same as A-16 *) will be in effect, for
English: 1330 12035 EUR/NoAm; 1730 11730; 1930 6050; 2130 9610; 2300 NoAm
5960; 04 7240 & NoAm 9655 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 18)

* no, October 5th TRT schedule in hfcc database replaced by new one
from TRT FMO on Oct 24, see below.

Perhaps the TRT FMO Frequency Manager Ms. Sedef Somaltin changed
some frequency bands, due to sunspots decreasing now.
Or is she a victim action of the political Erdogan Sultan Revolution
of 2016?  (wb.)

TURKEY    Winter B-16 schedule for Voice of Turkey
Shortwave Broadcasting Schedule of VOT
between 30 October 2016 - 26 March 2017, occured Oct 24.

11955 1000-1100 37N,38N,39,40  500 180 216 Ara       TUR TRT
 7295 1500-1600 38E,39,40W     250 150 205 Ara       TUR TRT
17720 1500-1600 37,38W,46      500 262 211 Ara       TUR TRT
11710 0800-0900 29SE,39NE,40NW 250  72 211 Azeri     TUR TRT
 5965 1630-1730 29,39,40       500 105 205 Azeri     TUR TRT
 7245 1200-1230 28SE           250 275 210 Bulg      TUR TRT
15270 1230-1330 27,28          500 310 215 Deu       TUR TRT
 5945 1830-1930 28             250 317 205 Deu       TUR TRT
 6080 0400-0500 3-9,17,18,2728 500 310 215 Eng       TUR TRT
 7240 0400-0500 38E,39,40W     500 138 215 Eng       TUR TRT
12035 1330-1430 18S,27,28W     500 310 205 Eng       TUR TRT
11730 1730-1830 30S,40E,41,49  500 105 215 Eng       TUR TRT
 6050 1930-2030 27,28W         250 310 210 Eng       TUR TRT
 9610 2130-2230 41,49,54,55,58 500  97 219 Eng       TUR TRT
 5960 2300-2400 5-11,17,18,2728500 310 215 Eng       TUR TRT
11795 0930-1100 39N,40NW       500 105 205 Persian   TUR TRT
 6070 1600-1700 30S,40         500 105 205 Persian   TUR TRT
 9620 1830-1930 38,47,48       500 180 216 French    TUR TRT
 5970 2030-2130 27,28W         500 280 210 French    TUR TRT
 9625 2030-2130 37,38,46       500 245 205 French    TUR TRT
 6185 1500-1530 28S            500 280 210 Italian   TUR TRT
 9840 1100-1200 29S            250  72 211 Georgian  TUR TRT
 9785 1430-1500 29E,30,31,42NW 500  72 211 Kazakh    TUR TRT
 9595 1600-1730 30S,40N        250  72 211 DariPashtoTUR TRT
 9410 1400-1500 19-22,29,30N   250   0 205 Rus       TUR TRT
 9410 0200-0300 12,13-15,16,37 500 252 219 Spa       TUR TRT
 9650 0200-0300 8,10-12,27,37  500 290 219 Spa       TUR TRT
 9495 1730-1830 27S,28,37      250 280 210 Spa       TUR TRT
15360 1100-1130 19,20,29,30    500  42 215 Tatar     TUR TRT
11965 1300-1330 30S,40N        250  72 211 Turkmen   TUR TRT
 6000 0100-0300 30,40,42       500  72 205 Tur       TUR TRT
 9700 0400-0700 18S,27,28      500 310 215 Tur       TUR TRT
11660 0500-0700 39             250 138 215 Tur       TUR TRT
11925 0700-1000 29SE,39NE,40NW 500 105 205 Tur       TUR TRT
15480 0700-1300 39, 40         500 150 205 Tur       TUR TRT
15350 0700-1400 27,28          500 310 205 Tur       TUR TRT
11815 1400-1700 27,28          250 310 205 Tur       TUR TRT
 5980 1700-2200 27,28          250 310 215 Tur       TUR TRT
 6120 1700-2200 38E,39,40W     500 150 205 Tur       TUR TRT
 9460 0300-0400 42             500  72 211 Uighur    TUR TRT
13685 1330-1430 42,43          500  82 205 Uighur    TUR TRT
15390 1300-1400 40,41N         500 105 211 Urdu      TUR TRT
13655 1130-1200 30             500  72 211 Uzbek     TUR TRT
15420 1200-1300 42-44          500  72 217 Chinese   TUR TRT

Fq sorted
Freq  StartStop CIRAF                   Lang  Beam Power Days
        UTC                                    deg  kW   Sun=1
 5945 1830 1930 28                       Deu   317 250   1234567
 5960 2300 2400 5,8,9,11N,17,18,27,28W   Eng   310 500   1234567
 5965 1630 1730 29SE,39NE,40             Aze   105 500   1234567
 5970 2030 2130 27,28W                   Fra   280 500   1234567
 5980 1700 2200 27,28                    Tur   310 500   1234567
 6000 0100 0300 30,40,42                 Tur    72 500   1234567
 6050 1930 2030 27,28W                   Eng   310 250   1234567
 6070 1600 1700 30S,40                   Fas   105 500   1234567
 6080 0400 0500 3-5,7N,9N,17,18,27,28    Eng   310 500   1234567
 6120 1700 2200 38E,39,40W               Tur   150 500   1234567
 6185 1500 1530 28S                      Ita   280 500   1234567
 7240 0400 0500 38E,39,40W               Eng   138 500   1234567
 7245 1200 1230 28SE                     Bul   275 250   1234567
 7295 1500 1600 38E,39,40W               Ara   150 250   1234567
 9410 0200 0300 12S,13-15,16N,37         Spa   252 500   1234567
 9410 1400 1500 19,20,29,30N             Rus     0 500   1234567
 9460 0300 0400 42                       Uig    72 500   1234567
 9495 1730 1830 27S,28,37                Spa   280 250   1234567
 9595 1600 1730 30S,40N               PbtPrs    72 250   1234567
 9610 2130 2230 41,49,54,55,58           Eng    97 500   1234567
 9620 1830 1930 38,47,48                 Fra   180 500   1234567
 9625 2030 2130 37,38,46                 Fra   245 500   1234567
 9650 0200 0300 8E,10SE,11,12,27S,37N    Spa   290 500   1234567
 9700 0400 0700 18S,27,28                Tur   310 500   1234567
 9785 1430 1500 29E,30,31,42NW           Kaz    72 500   1234567
 9840 1100 1200 29S                      Kat    72 250   1234567
11660 0500 0700 39                       Tur   138 250   1234567
11710 0800 0900 29SE,39NE,40NW           Aze    72 250   1234567
11730 1730 1830 30S,40E,41N              Eng   105 500   1234567
11795 0930 1100 39N,40NW                 Fas   105 500   1234567
11815 1400 1700 27,28                    Tur   310 250   1234567
11925 0700 1000 29SE,39NE,40NW           Tur   105 500   1234567
11955 1000 1100 37N,38N,39N,40W          Ara   180 500   1234567
11965 1300 1330 30S,40N                  Tuk    72 250   1234567
12035 1330 1430 18S,27,28W               Eng   310 500   1234567
13655 1130 1200 30                       Uzb    72 500   1234567
13685 1330 1430 42,43                    Uig    82 500   1234567
15270 1230 1330 27,28                    Deu   310 500   1234567
15350 0700 1400 27,28                    Tur   310 500   1234567
15360 1100 1130 19,20,29,30              Tat    42 500   1234567
15390 1300 1400 40,41N                   Urd   105 500   1234567
15420 1200 1300 42-44                    Zho    72 500   1234567
15480 0700 1300 39,40W                   Tur   150 500   1234567
17720 1500 1600 37,38W,46                Ara   262 500   1234567

(HFCC database Oct 5, updated - reshuffeled by TRT FMO on Oct 24
via Mike Bethge wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 24)

U.K.  / HUNGARY  history.
BBC Monitoring: The 1956 Hungarian uprising.

To mark the 60th anniversary of Hungary's 1956 uprising BBC Monitoring
describes the war fought on the airwaves.


(Mike Barraclough-UK, BrDXC-UK / dxld Oct 20)

U.K. vv RUSSIA   Moscow to retaliate against BBC after NatWest
closed "Russia Today" account.

Russian sources say BBC wanted closure of Moscow's English-language

Link to article here

( ? via dxld Oct 21)

USA   17775, on Oct 18 at 1926 UT, KVOH extended again in Spanish,
splattered upon by the BS from 17765 kHz WHRI out to 17735/17795 kHz.
Voice of Hope Rancho Simi site, scheduled Mon-Fri 14-19 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Oct 18)

USA   WRNO in MANDARIN ! language sermon, - not in English,
heard around 0255 UT on Oct 22, here in southern Germany at S=9+10dB
or -63dBm signal level. Frequency very unstable,
started on 7504.976 and wandered up on 7504.980, to 7504.988 kHz.

WRNO unstable signal reached 7505.004 kHz when checked again at 0313 UT
on Oct 22.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 22)

USA   4839.9965  USA  WWCR Nashville at S=9+30dB signal strength, noted in
Edmonton, Alberta SDR unit. Strange 'ancient' Bavarian like "Jodel" music
played, two Jodel canon singer performance at 04.07 UT on Oct 24.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 24)

VANUATU   Re: My Oct 22 comment:
"3944.2 kHz has been unheard for a while now; not even a trace of a

Thanks to feedback from Hiroyuki Komatsubara (Japan) on Oct 22:
Yes, 3944.2 kHz has been unheard. At 1945 UT on 7260kHz heard now."
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct and dxld Oct 22)


Morning log on Oct 18:

9965.177 EGY  Radio Cairo English news at 0000 UT Oct 18, VERY LOW
              MODULATION, but powerhouse S=9+20dB or -52dBm,
              broadband 42 kHz wideband signal,
              no buzz, no distortion audio.
9819.659 BRA  R 9 de Julho, BrasPort lang program at 0005 UT Oct 18,
              fluttery S=5 or -91dBm signal strength.
9735.004 TUR  VoTurkey, Emirler, S=9+5dB or -68dBm, modern Turkish
              orchestra music played at 0007 UT.
9724.890 BRA  Radio RB2, some BrasPort words traced, weak S=4-5.
9704.973 IND  AIR Goa Panaji technician made some technical
              measurements, WHISTLE test tone peaks visible/heard
              at 1281 Hertz apart distance, either side bands.
              0010 UT on Oct 18, S=8 signal in southern Germany.
9664.949 BRA  Voz Missionaria, male BrasPort pray on "Militaria ..."
              S=6 or -91dBm, rather fair/tiny.
9650.003 GUI  French lang sce of Guinee, S=8 or -80dBm fluttery,
              male + female newscast reader heard at 0019 UT Oct 18
              Phone-in interview, - very professional radio program
              staff performance, like compared at RFI Paris.
9630.037 BRA  Radio Aparecida, S=6 or -94dBm rather tiny signal.
              Heavy QRM by co-channel CNR1 Geermu even 9630 kHz.
9600.000 MDG  MWV Madagascar World Voice, WCB Madagascar, New Life,
              English service, "English Express" program heard
              at 0024 UT on Oct 18, S=8 or -78dBm signal here in
              southern Germany.
9565.022 BRA  SRDA, no sermon, but nice Lat American guitar orchestra
              music, S=5, heavy QRM by adjacent CRI Cerrik ALB  S=9+10
9480.101 UAE? BBCWS English, still the mystery broadcast, S=8 at 0028
              UT full BBCWS English ID by female. Most probably
              coming from Al Dhabbaya relay site?  odd frequency...
9390.000 UZB  Px end of IBRA India / FEBA outlet via Taskent relay at
              0029 / 0030 UT, S=7 carrier still on air at 0033 UT Oct 18
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 18)



Fellow connoisseur of the QSL: Although I'd love to have you over for
dinner, after which we'd retire to the den for brandy & QSLs, chances are
that won't happen anytime soon. So, in lieu of that, I've been scanning my
QSL collection and uploading them to Flickr. I'm really happy with how
they're looking. Some of them look better there than in real life! So,
feel free to browse! But you'll have to supply your own brandy.

Oh, yeah, here are the links.



Middle East:

My Europe QSLs are on Flickr now.  That took a while!


(Richard McVicar_AB2FN, via DXPlorer via SWB Oct 9 via dxld Oct 12;
Oct 23)


Sender & Frequenzen Nachtragsheft und Bestellung.

Auf der Seite des ADDX-Verlags gibt es seit einigen Tagen ein 46 Seiten
starkes Nachtragsheft mit vielen nuetzlichen Informationen als PDF zum
kostenlosen Download:


Auch kann man dort die 2017er "Bibel" bereits vorbestellen, als Bonus wird
unter allen Hobbyfreunden die ihre Jahrbuch-Ausgabe bereits im Oktober
oder November 2016 bestellen und bezahlen, 10 CDs aus dem Reprint-Programm
der ADDX verlost.

Zusaetzlich werden die direkt ueber den ADDX Verlag bestellten Buecher mit
Briefpost versendet, somit extrem schnell nach Erscheinen bei den Hoerern

Ich werde wie die Jahre zuvor auch eine Bestellmoeglichkeit via Amazon auf
meiner Webseite anbieten, moechte aber allen A-DXern zur Bestellung ueber
den ADDX Verlag raten, da hier erstmalig direkt die Leute hinter dem
Projekt etwas verdienen und nicht irgendwelche Distributoren und ein
Verlag welcher sich seit vielen Jahren ueberhaupt nicht um dieses tolle
Projekt gekuemmert hat und nur die Namensrechte hatte - inklusive "Wolf
Siebel" der ja schon seit Ewigkeiten nichts mehr damit zu tun hat.

Wer also das Projekt Sender&Frequenzen unterstuetzen moechte
findet hier die beste Bestellmoeglichkeit:

(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM, A-DX ng Oct 25,
<>   <>


DENMARK   On October 08 the DSWCI had a very successfull
last Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the city of Kalundborg.

39 DX-friends representing 14 nations attended, incl. the following from

Victor Goonetilleke (Sri Lanka), Jawahar Almeida (Goa, India), Aleksander
and Valentina Beryozkin (Russia), Risto Vaehaekainu, Arto Mujunen, Heikki
Puranen, Juha and Virpi Tuominen and Henri Ekman (all from Finland), Tibor
(born in Hungary) and Barbro Szilagyi and Per Eriksson (Sweden), Andreas
and Gertrud Schmid, Robert Kipp (born in U.S.A.), Joachim Kornek, Bernhard
Hein, Simon-Peter Liehr, Hella and Karl Helt, Uwe and Suree (born in
Thailand) Volk (all from Germany), Jonathan Marks (Media Network, The
Netherlands), Marcel Rommerts (Belgium), Dave Kenny and Alan Pennington
(United Kingdom).

After the AGM with its reduced agenda, which was excellently chaired by
Tibor Szilagyi, the manager of the Longwave station Jens Christian Seeberg
and his Philippine wife Editha served coffee and tea with specially
designed cakes celebrating the 60 years of the DSWCI!

After an outdoor Group photo, Niels Dreijer gave a lecture about "The
future of the AM bands" and Jens Chr. Seeberg showed us around
on the 89 years old station with a modern transmitter. In the evening
we enjoyed the 60 years Jubilee in the 600 years old Bistro Bispegaarden,
which served delicious local dishes.

Due to the coming dissolvement of the DSWCI, Jaroslav Bohac's annual
contest "The Grand Tour across all Continents" has been taken over by the
Czechoslovak DX Club. But we encourage our members to take part in this
contest 18-27 October 2016. More details in Miscellaneous below.

Thank you for your contributions from all parts of the world to this DX-
Window. Our Russian member Alexander Beryozkin sent tips on October 17 and

"Herewith my contribution for the next DW Window.
It's only 12 minutes beyond deadline, so I hope it's not too late.

Thank you very much for the excellent AGM of DSWCI, which we really
enjoyed". When Alexander said Goodbye to me in Kalundborg, he added:
"The DSWCI is a good model for all other DX-Clubs!"
(Anker Petersen-DEN, DXW #566 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 19)

DSWCI - Short Wave News.
A small issue of SWN, including 4 pages in colours and a report from
the EDXC Conference in Manchester, will be posted on October 21, 2016.
The electronic version will be published on the following weekend
at our website:

<>   (Ed)

DSWCI - Tropical Bands Monitor.
Owners of our Domestic Broadcasting Survey No. 18, please note that


was updated with the September worldwide loggings on October 01,
as an extra service to their purchase. Any DX-er can download from


the complete view of monitoring of stations heard broadcasting
on tropical bands during
2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.



This contest is held from Friday 18 October 2014, 0000 UTC, to
Sunday 27 October 2016, 2400 UTC. It is open to all shortwave listeners
regardless to their membership in any DX club.

Primary contest frequencies are from 2300 to 26100 kHz.
Logs outside this range will be valued by half points.

The contest fee EUR 3.00 / USD 4.00 shall be sent together with the
contest form to:

Jaroslav Bohac
Svestkova 2828/7
400 11 Usti n.L.
<trams -at->

Deadline:  14 November 2016 (date of post stamp) !!!

Each participant will receive a contest diploma with his/her
classification and a list of paricipants with their results.

In *Part 1* listen please to any BC station of the contest country or a
relay, for 15 minutes at least. For one country one log only.
No unofficial, pirate or clandestine stations!

*Scoring:* 1000 points of each logged country will be divided by the
total number of all logs of the particular country and rounded to two
decimal places.

In *Part 2* you can add other points to your score by listening to any
DX programme. The number of DX programmes is limited to 4! All countries
are allowed. Scoring in the same way as in Part 1, however, maximum
point value 100 points for one DX programme and 50 points for other
log(s) from the same country made by the same listener.

In *Part 3* you can even further raise your score if you answer
correctly the quiz questions. All correct answers 200 points
20% to your total score from parts 1 + 2.

Example: 86 points +8.6%, 148 points =+14.8% to your score in Part 1, etc.

*Note:* Please give sufficient details in your logs to be validated!
Logs with general notes, such as "music", "male talk" cannot be accepted.

We wish you good listening!

(Jaroslav Bohac-CZE; via
Anker Petersen-DEN, DXW #566 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 19)

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