9A70 Award - 70th Anniversary of Technical Culture in Croatia

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1 March to 31 December 2016

In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of organized tecnical culture activities in Croatia, the Radio club „Belisce" 9A1KDE/9A3B and web site 44.hr will issue a special award. To earn this award it is necessary to establish two way qso's with Croatian stations using special 9A701-9A709 prefixes. Also valid are contacts with 9A70TK and 9A70HRS. All

QSOs must be made during the period within March 1st till December 31st 2016 on any amateur radio band respecting IARU band plan.

1. European stations (9A included) must work a minimum of five (5) different 9A70 stations.
2. Stations outside of Europe must work a minimum of three (3) different 9A70 stations.
3. The application form is available at http://cq9aff.wixsite.com/44hr/9a70. Award will be issued in pdf format only.
4. Application form must be sent not later than March 31st 2017.
5. Send application to 9a7dd.denis@gmail.com.

( The link for the application will ask you for name and call sign, and makes provision for you to enter an ADIF file showing contact data. You can use your contesting program or ADIF software to prepare the list.)

Internet: http://cq9aff.wixsite.com/44hr/9a70

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