Award Cielo D’Alcamo

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November 6 - 13, 2016


The radio club "Circle ARS Alcamo" in collaboration with ARS special event stations IQ8UN - IQ8NQ - IQ7QK, have established the award "Cielo D'Alcamo" in memory of the famous poet Ciullo D'Alcamo. Cielo d'Alcamo, once also known as Ciullo d'Alcamo, was an Italian poet and playwright. It is one of the most significant representatives of folk poetry from the Giullaresca Sicilian school.  The purpose of the award is to publicize the culture and traditions of our land and in collaboration with ham operators everywhere, to carry on the passion that binds us to "The Radio".

1. The award is open to all OM, YL and SWL Italian and foreign, starting on 11/06/2016 9:00 UTC and ends on 11/13/2016 at 23:59 UTC.
2. Use the HF bands of: 80m, 40m and 20m.
3. Operating modes are: SSB and PSK
4. Look for stations calling: CQ AWARD SKY D'ALCAMO.
5. The same station may be worked only once per day per band and mode.
6. The activator stations will send their CALL, RTD and score.
7. Point values:
    a. Each contact with members of the Club of Alcamo (IT9FZX - IT9FAF - IT9JGX - IT9NVE) = 5 points
    b. Each contact with the sections (IQ9QL - IQ8UN - IQ8NQ - IQ7QK) = 10 points.
    c. The total score will be determined by the sum of points
8. The PDF or PNG image of the diploma will be issued as a free award via e-mail to all stations providing a total of 100 points. Stations desiring the award already printed and delivered by mail, will receive the award in return for an award fee of € 15.00 via paypal account .
9. The log must be sent by e-mail to , and the log should preferably be in excel format and contain your name, the CALL of stations contacted, the date, time in UTC, frequency and the mode. ADIF or EXCEL spreadsheet OK to send the list. You can download the excel file by copying it from the rules found on the club web page. The applications must be received by 30 Nov.2016.



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