DIPLOMA "Battle of Posada" YR7BP

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7-17 November 2016


The local governments and non-governmental offices of Valcea county each year organize a major event that is evoked one of the glorious pages in the history of the country, the Battle of Posada from 9 to 12 November 1330, considered the historic moment the start of Romanian statehood.  Posada, where the army Romanian Land defeated the King of Hungary, Charles Robert of Anjou, refers to the strait, gorge or ravine which was located in Country Loviºtei at Periºani-hasty, on the current national road Arges-Câineni.
         Every year events are held here to commemorate those killed in the fighting and education of this historical moment for Romania. The events here are publicized by Romanian amateurs, lovers of history, and displayed for foreign amateurs, of this important moment in the history of Romanians by contacting station YR7BP which is dedicated to the struggle of Posada.

1. THE COMPETITION takers place between 7 to 17 November 2016 inclusive.
2. Bands and modes: 80 and 40 meters of 3.650 to 3.750 MHz frequencies respectively 7.130 to 7.150 MHz, SSB only.
3. Categories of participation:
    A. individual stations YO Seniors (over 18 operators);
    B. YO Junior individual stations (stations operated by young people aged under 18, unfulfilled until November 17 A.C.);
    C. YO Club Stations (operated by at least two operators other than those that compete in other categories);
4. Stations which grants points:
    A. YR7BP - call special "Battle of Posada =10 points.
    B. YO7KRS - radio club call sign = 10 points.
    C. YO7BEM - Michael = 5 points.
    D. YO7CJB - Viorel = 5 points.
    E. .YO7HBY- Costi = 5 points
    F.YO7HHE - Coco, 5 points
    G. YO7HKM- 5 points
    H.YO7GDB - 5 points
    I. YO7GWA - Lee, 5 points
    J..YO7HUZ-Nicu, 5 points
    K. YO8RZJ - Nelu, 5 points

Romanian hams who operate special call signs and clubs will be awarded points for personal call sign.
They may work several times with the same station but in different bands and modes.

AWARD REQUIREMENTS: Completion of a minimum of 100 points during the period 7 to 17 November 2016. Contact with one special call sign QSO with the radio club and YO7KRS is needed.

After the publication of the ranking participants who met the conditions for obtaining the diploma will be sent until February 15, 2017 by e-mail nicualmasi@yahoo.com a request for diploma to be sent electronically.

E-mail: nicualmasi@yahoo.com
Internet: HTTP://QRZ.com/db/YR7BP/

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