Diploma Independence Day 2016 ( HF98 )

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11-13 November 2016


1. This award program is organized by the Krakow Group Radio Expedition Club OT 12 PAC in Krakow.  Communications can be performed on all bands (excluding WARC). Contacts made by cross-mode will not be permitted for award credit. This diploma program is open to all licensed broadcasters and SWLs, individual and club.

2. Diplomas will be awarded within the 3 days and the requirement for the award is to contact at least 3 QSOs / SWL with stations using the HF98 ... prefix. (A list of stations on www.cqcqcq.pl ) and perform at least one QSO with the club station HF98NSN. Contacts on another bands or modes will not be counted.

3. Diploma is free. It will be issued in electronic version.

4. Deadline to send in submissions for the diploma expire 11/31/2016. Applications should be sent by e-mail to: sp9orh@wp.pl .

5. Additional information can be found at www.cqcqcq.pl . The final interpretation of these regulations is reserved for the organizers.

Email: sp9dem@wp.pl

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