Portuguese AM weekend

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The Portuguese Associação de Radioamadores do Litoral Alentejano - ARLA is organizing the traditional amplitude modulation event, throughout 48 hours during the November 5th and 6th weekend.

This will be the sixth edition of the previously well-known "Dia Nacional de AM em Portugal" ham radio fest (Portuguese AM National Day).

The amplitude modulation days, will take place in 80m, 40m, 20m, 10m, 6m and 2m amateur bands, between 08:00am UTC Saturday Nov 5 until 11:59pm UTC Sunday Nov 6.

ARLA invites all ham operators and SWL, national or worldwide, to participate on this special celebration day, which is taking place for the first time during two consecutive days. The operation will be exclusively in AM mode, so the chosen emission frequencies must respect the IARU band plan.

The event will take place in several bands, but the following frequencies should be considered for calling or meeting points between the participants:
3 705.0 kHz (+- 5kHz);
7 146.0 kHz (+- 5 kHz);
14 270.0 kHz (+- 5 kHz);
29 075.0 kHz (+- 5 kHz);
51,575.0 MHz (+- 5 kHz);
144,550.0 MHz (+- 5 kHz).

As referred above, this year we've increase the event to 48 hours due respecting the aspiration of several previous participants, but maintaining the same goals of last events:

a) To give the opportunity of emitting with old fashion, recovered or collecting AM equipments.

b) Promote a different experience as well as celebrate, whenever possible, this mode of transmission that it's not often in used nowadays as a rule.

c) Pay a tribute and our respects to the old and shuttled down, shortwave amplitude modulation broadcasts in Portugal.

The logbook isn't mandatory but it would be great if you send your log to the organization.

Those who can and are willing to share it with us, providing us a lot of joy, please be so kind and send your records to

All participants that accomplish a single contact with CS5ARLA radio station, operated by Carlos Mourato (CT4RK), will receive a participation certificate.

Best regards from Portugal.

João Costa CT1FBF
Vogal da Direcção da ARLA

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