Torbay Amateur Radio Society ( TARS)

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Contact specified numbers of the members of this group. The Basic Award is for Mixed Bands / Mixed Modes.

For UK Stations:-
30 TARS members must be worked/heard, but if the Society stations G3NJA , G8NJA GX3NJA, GB2NJA, GB5OTR, GB6OTR or G3T are worked/heard they will count for 5 member stations (For example, working G3NJA and G8NJA plus 20 other members = 30 points )
( Note:- GB5OTR was only active during 1997 and GB6OTR only during 2007)
G3T is TARS Contest Call Sign.

For Stations Outside UK
Each member is valued at 2 Points per Member Station and 10 Points per Society Station.
(For example, G3NJA and 10 Members is all you need for the award).
Endorsed Certificates are available for: Single Band or Mixed Bands and All FM; All SSB; All CW All RTTY; and/or All QRP and/or All 2-way Mobile. Stations using QRP must state power used (max 5w DC input /5w pep output). For each additional 10 members worked/heard, stickers are available. For Outside UK:- 5 Members.

Special Requirements and Limitations.
a) TARS members worked/heard must be fully paid up members at the time of claimed contact.
b) More than one type of award may be applied for, but a separate log extract must be submitted for each award.
Applications. An extract of your station log in Call Sign order, showing: Call Sign. Date. Time. Band. Mode. Pwr/QRP. Award Claim Sheets are available from the Awards manager,
The cost of each Award will be £1 or 3 IRC and S.A.E. for endorsement stickers.
Please send all applications to: The Awards Manager, Derrick Webber G3LHJ, 43 Lime Tree Walk, Newton Abbot, Devon,TQ12 4LF England. A full list of Members can be found in the members page or from the Awards Manager



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