25th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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1 - 31 December 2016


Kazakhstan federation of radio and amateur radio, in honor of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and shall be issued to radio amateurs (observers) around the world. To obtain the diploma it is necessary during the period from 1 to December 31, 2016 to make at least 25 contacts or SWL with amateur radio stations using the UP25 prefix. Repeat contacts (observations) are permitted if made on different bands or one band or using different modes: CW, PHONE, DIGI (all digital forms of communication are counted as one kind).

The diploma is free, and will be issued electronically through the HAMLOG.RU site and is suitable for self-quality printing. SWL diploma is issued for SWL reports on similar terms on the basis of the extract from the log. The application of the operator should be added to a text file in Word format (preferably) using the e-mail address of: up25kz@mail.ru . Questions to the sponsor may be made using the same address.

During any special days of activity, a special prize will be provided to the three amateur stations, who make the greatest number of QSO with stations using the UP25 prefix.

E-Mail: up25kz@mail.ru

Internet: http://kazakhstan25.hamlog.ru/?locale=ru

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