Breaking North America News from Santa Claus @ OF9X

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(Press Release from Martti, OH2BH)

From Santa Radio Studios, North Pole, Finland, Dec.12th, 2016

The thinking caps have been donned, as Santa is in deep trouble. Some 12 days on the radio have netted 12,500 QSOs. BUT, it seems that Santa is suffering with North America, with only 347 QSOs (2.8%) so far.

He is unhappy and shouting how "this needs to be changed!!", leading to antenna work and bigger beams towards NA. We have to make our own Polar propagation but also invite any other help; thus, next to Santa Village, the elves have even resorted to Sun-dancing to obtain propagation improvements.

And indeed with Santa's encouragement, the elves have now also managed to erect a 6-over-6-over-6-over 6 - 20m array on a 300ft rotating tower <>. This weekend they will turn their huge stack towards North America, and the numbers need to change, at least to 2,000 NA QSOs to start with!

Starting on Friday evening (Dec 16th) at 19 UTC, Santa will call "Ho-Ho"
on 20M to North American children. The Old Father will be signing OF9X, Old Father Nine Xmas, and can be found somewhere between 14,200-240 kHz (not sure exactly, as the VFO dial may get frosty due to polar weather conditions). These operations will be streamed on <>, with your incoming signal being played back at all times. If you tell Santa that you see him, he will wave his hand to you personally. You can also connect to the video/audio on your mobile device at:

For this 20M SSB operation only, Santa has made an agreement with FlexRadio Systems Inc. to ensure that OF9X will have best performance on both the receive and transmit circuits, using an advanced Flex 6700 radios. See Santa Signature Radios at:

SANTA IS STREAMING YOUR AUDIO AND SETTING UP VIDEO -- After your first QSO with Santa, you are eligible to ask for a live video/audio appoint- ment, during which the Old Father can speak with your children or grand- children. He or his elves may also send you an e-mail with the suggested appointment time, in case you score high on the Santa Award leaderboard for your continent. The appointments will be scheduled for December 17th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, and 25th. On December 24th, Santa will be busily dis- tributing his gifts the world over. Be patient as Santa seems to have limited pileup management gifts. He is now figuring out how to work split, and also studying how many times he needs to speak out his callsign for each QSO; It s Old-Father-9-Xmas, OF9X, QSL, QRZ?
Your message to Santa should be e-mailed to <>

Please provide the following information:
Station callsign used: ____________________
Children/Second Op, name used on the radio: ____________________
Contact in the Santa OF9X log: YES/NO BOY/GIRL Your e-mail address: ________________________________
Skype & Facebook will be used; your Skype username and/or Facebook name: ________________________________
Operator age: _____________
The town closest to you: ________________________________

1: What are your other interests after school/studies?____________________________________________
2: Do you have sisters or brothers? Their names and ages: _______________________________________________
3: What do you expect Santa to bring you this Christmas? (Here we give you two lines) Yes Flex Radio but what else?
4: What else does Christmas mean to you apart from gifts?
5: Your personal message to Santa (max 50 words)
Can the message be shared at OF9X web: YES/NO
Merry Christmas to you all! Try to contact Santa but also his elves on each band-mode. There are twelve (12) elves, who are all important multipliers for your final Santa Bag.

Santa and his elves: Arto, OH2KW (ART); Arttu, OH2FB (ATU); Jyri, OH2KM (JYR); Martti, OH2BH (MAR); Niko, OH2GEK (NIK); Pauli, OH5BQ (PAU); Pekka, OH2TA (PEK); Pertti, OH2BEE (PER); Raimo, OH2BCI (RAI); Tom, OH6VDA (TOM); Pertti, OH2PM (SIM) and Erik, OH2LAK (LAK)

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