City of Mantova - Italian Capital of Culture 2016

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1 - 29 December 2016


The award honors the nomination of the city of Mantova as "Italian Capital of Culture 2016 ". Club station IQ2MM, ARI Mantova has organized this diploma.  The diploma can be obtained by all radio amateurs including SWL. Contacts or SWL can be made on all bands and all modes. All bands and modes OK, (excluding contacts via repeaters, internet other similar ways) during the period from 12/01/2016 to 29/12/2016.

Earn points by contacting all stations belonging exclusively Section ARI of Mantua. The list of members valid for the award is available at: .

Point Values:  All HF bands. There is just one mixed category (CW, SSB, RTTY),. A minimum of 25 points is needed.

Each contact / SWL to an club member participant in ARI's award Mantova is worth 1 point, a SWL operator listening with IQ2MM station is worth 5 points. Station participants can be contacted only once per mode and only once per band. The same station can be contacted more times on the same band only with different emission modes. (At the discretion of the Mantova station, contacts may be made on the same mode, but different bands.)

Note: The IQ2MM station will be activated only in the days Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It is not permitted to request the participating stations to change band and / or method of release.

Applying for the award:
To request a diploma in electronic format is necessary to send the extract of the log (using the form available at the following address via e-mail: .
You can apply for the Award electronically and will be sent to you via e-mail and if you want to receive a printed version on paper, the extra charge for postage will cost 5 euro for sending by mail. All participants will otherwise be sent an electronic participation form.


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