Holyland Christianity On The Air (HOCOTA)

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This is a newly developed  program (12/2016) which has the possibility of being a long term permanent award. .
I am listing it in the annual term listing as well as the permanent award listing until we see which is the correct place.
The first segment of their operations will occur in late December 2016.


The Israel Amateur Radio Club (I.A.R.C) is sponsoring a national award program entitled: Holyland Christianity On The Air (HOCOTA).
The activity starts during this year's Christmas period 23 to 25 December with four special event stations - 4X2XMAS, 4X3XMAS, 4X7XMAS and 4X9XMAS).

Program structure:

The program will include amateur radio operations from numerous sites in the holy land that hold major significance to every Christian that includes the following sections based on biblical citation, Christian tradition, beliefs and heritage as well as documented history, archeology and other research:

Section A: Locations associated with miracles performed by Jesus Christ (30-40)
Section B: Christian Forts/fortified cities (20-30)
Section C: Unique Christian Monasteries (10-20)
Section D: Highly significant Churches (10)
Section E: Locations of major Christian battle fields (10-15)
Section F: Locations along what is known as ‘Jesus’ trail’ (5-10)
Section G: Locations of significant baptisms (5-10)
Section H: Ancient synagogues from the time of Jesus (5-10)

Program/Section awards eligibility are as follows:
1. HOCOTA Section Award - At least 10 QSOs or 70% of sites worked (according to the lesser) with a station operating from a listed section location.
2. HOCOTA General Award - Any 50 QSOs with any station under the program, on condition that a minimum of one station from each of the above sections are included. Different awards (gold/premium) may apply for any additional 50 QSO`s.

Christmas Special 2016 Operation
Initiation of the HOCOTA Program activities will commence during Christmas 2016 (23-25 December) by four to five multi operator stations. The current sub-program is called the ‘Jesus Miracles Award’ since most of the operation is within the miracle block of the HOCOTA Program:

1. 4X9XMAS - Tabagha (the 2 fish and 5 loafs of bread miracle)
2. 4X2XMAS - Yarden it (Jordan River Baptism site - section B)
3. 4X7XMAS - Kursi (the ‘Pigs Miracle’)
4. 4X3XMAS - Mount of Beatitudes (Jesus’ famous speech and gathering of the Apostles-section B)
5. 4X0XMAS - Kapernaum - several miracles (optional)

Eligibility for an award in this specific operation is for working four QSO`s with two different stations (call signs) out of the active stations.
A QSO is a valid contact per band/mode but not more than two on the same day of operation with the same station.
Requests for certificate should be sent to 4Z4DX@iarc.org who will email the certificate to eligible hams.

Zurial Rienstien Dov Gavish
IARC President IARC special events Manager

The program accreditation will be built from ‘blocks’ of sub-awards derived from specific geographic locations. Activities will run throughout the year with special operations mainly during Christmas and Easter.

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