The Hard Working Twelve Elves Christmas Award

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1 - 31 December 2016



As for many years Santa is now setting up for his world tour – including Amateur Radio -- and will provide your family an added pleasure for this Christmas. The exciting news is that for the first time in the history of OF9X, Old-Father-Nine-Christmas, the elves will step forward so that you can get to know them and their part in the Christmas scene. And better yet, you can make an effort to find them together with your young ones whether within your family or in your immediate neighborhood,

There are twelve elves operating OF9X and they indicate themselves with the 3-letter identity thus your maximum elf-multiplier can be twelve (12).

Point Values:
a. Try to work them on all amateur bands and modes (CW/SSB/DIGI from 630m to 70 cm) and each QSO would give you a one-point
b. If you are outside of Europe your points are doubled (2).
c. Summing up the QSO points and multiplying them with contacted number of elves makes your Frozen Santa Bag, the final score.
d. Only 2016 QSOs are valid for the Bag. If you miss the elf identity for whatever reason no problem as you can send your QSO listing to Santa HQ and these elves would count them for you.
e. ( ); you can also look for your QSOs at the Club Log and each slot may illustrate the elf you had contacted.

List of Elves!: Arto, OH2KW (ART); Arttu, OH2FB (ATU); Jyri, OH2KM (JYR); Martti, OH2BH (MAR); Niko, OH2GEK (NIK); Pauli, OH5BQ (PAU); Pekka, OH2TA (PEK); Pertti, OH2BEE (PER); Raimo, OH2BCI (RAI); Tom, OH6VDA (TOM); Pertti, OH2PM (SIM) and Erik, OH2LAK (LAK)

Points needed:
Your efforts will be rewarded by Santa Awards with the following categories:
A: SKC- Award (Santa is King of Christmas); minimum of 50 points
B: WMC - Award (Warm and Memorable Christmas); minimum of 35 points
C: RNS -Award (Remember those Red Nose Elves); minimum of 20 points

The full-color awards will be sent by e-mail if you send your log and your point calculation to by January 05, 2017 – please also include the name to be printed on the award and the e-mail address the awards should be sent to. High scoring stations with their children in each continent will be offered an opportunity to have a two-way conversation with true and live Santa during the Christmas week. More details on this will be presented at OF9X where Santa video/audio screening will take place. May this Christmas be a good one for all children of the world.

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