2017 World Winter Universiade in Almaty Activity Days

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29 January to 8 February 2017


The Association of Amateur Radio Services of Kazakhstan (AARSK) will host the 2017 World Winter Universiade in Almaty. The activity will take place in January-February 2017. All amateur radio operators are welcomed to take part.  Dates and time: 00:00 UTC January 29, 2017 – 24.00 UTC February 8, 2017

1, The main goal is to promote the Universiade in Almaty among licensed amateur radio operators from all over the world. Special stations will be on the air allowing to obtain special QSLs and diplomas.
2, Activity days will be conducted by the Organizing Committee of AARSK. The Organizing Committee will coordinate special stations, dispatch QSLs and diplomas.
3. Special event stations will operate during the period of 29 January to 8 February 2017.
4. Special control operators will be assigned to oversee the operation of the activity days participants

Award 1: Diplomas
1. The diploma program is managed by Oksana (UN5GV) un5gav@gmail.com
2. The "2017 Winter Universiade in Almaty" diploma (plaque) will be issued for the QSOs with UP28Uxx stations. There are 13 stations in total representing the 12 winter sports plus Almaty city.

        SPORT                              STATION

1 FIGURE  SKATING            UP28UFS
2 SHORT TRACK                  UP28UST
3 ALPINE SKIING                UP28UAS
5 BIATHLON                         UP28UBA
7 ICE HOCKEY                     UP28UIH
8 CURLING                           UP28UCL
9 SKI JUMPING                   UP28USJ
12 SPEED SKATING           UP28USS
13 ALMATY CITY                 UP28UA

Requirements: To obtain the diploma / plaque 22 QSOs must be made. No more than 3 QSOs with each station listed above on different bands and/or different modes.

Award 2 Diploma

The "Universiade Winter Sports" diploma is issued for the QSOs with every one of the special stations UP28Uxx. The requirements for the diploma are to make one contact varying numbers of the special stations listed below. The combination of the two last letters of the call sign suffix is an abbreviation of the 12 winter sports.

1 FIGURE SKATING                        UP28UFS
2 SHORT TRACK                             UP28UST
3 ALPINE SKIING                            UP28UAS
4 SNOWBOARDING                        UP28USB
5 BIATHLON                                     UP28UBA
7 ICE HOCKEY                                  UP28UIH
8 CURLING                                        UP28UCL
9 SKI JUMPING                                UP28USJ
10 NORDIC COMBINED                UP28UNC
11 FREESTYLE SKIING                  UP28UFR
12 SPEED SKATING                        UP28USS

The diploma is offered in 3 levels:
BRONZE: QSOs with 6 special stations (6 winter sports)
SILVER: QSOs with 8 special stations (8 winter sports)
GOLD: QSOs with 10 special stations (10 winter sports)

QSO with UP28UA (Almaty) special event station can substitute for any missing winter sport.
For Example: UP28UA can substitute UP28UIH.

(There is a special award series for the volunteers who operating the special event stations and in general, must make at least 2500 QSOs in this program).
Details are NOT covered in this article.

QSOs can be made on any bands (160m, 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 10m, 6m, 4m, 2m, 70sm, 23sm) in any mode (Phone, CW, Digital)

All diplomas are electronic and free of charge.
To download diplomas and e-QSLs please go to www.almaty2017.hamlog.ru 
The "2017 Winter Universiade in Almaty " plaque must be ordered from the diploma manager. The cost is 30 USD.
Paper QSLs can be received direct only via DL8KAC (OQRS via clublog.net)

E-mail: un5gav@gmail.com
Internet: http://aarsk.kz/index.php/35-2017-world-winter-universiade-in-almaty-activity-days

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