Crimea Lighthouses Award (CRLA) AYAN2

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1. Program Rules:   The award program includes two types of participants: activators and hunters. Activators travel to the territory of the lighthouse and organize the radio communications on the amateur bands (activation of the lighthouse). The activators operate from lighthouses and provide data for the hunters to earn awards. Hunters make contacts of the lighthouses from all over the world. Awards are provided for both activators and hunters.


2. CRLA Awards program.  For activators and hunters there are 4 levels or kinds of rewards: diplomas of the third, second and first degree, as well as the Hall of Fame - Honour Roll Plaque.
     a. Each lighthouse may be contacted and used for any level of the program only once, regardless of the band or mode. All contacts made on legal HF or VHF bands, are valid for the award.
     Contacts made with by cross-band , using repeaters communication via satellite, as well as contacts where the activator and the hunter use different modes are not permitted.
3. Award Levels:
     a. To obtain the diploma of the third degree it is necessary to make contacts with 4 different lighthouses,
     b. To obtain the diploma of the second degree it is necessary to make contacts with 8 different lighthouses.
     c. To obtain the diploma of the first degree it is necessary to make contacts with 16 different lighthouses.
     d. To obtain the Honour Roll Plaque the hunter must confirm QSOs with activators of 20 different lighthouses.
     e. All contacts must be made on or before May 1, 2014.
4. The Official List of lighthouses is based on descriptions of the Main Department of Navigation and Oceanography "Lights and signs of the Black and Azov Seas.".
   Their WWW site has a unique digital map of the Crimea, containing data on every lighthouse that counts for the award.  Very helpful to lighthouse hunters.
 5. Applications:
     a. Applications shall be made in any form. It shall include a list of contacts and the Call Sign, Date, Band, Mode, and the official number of the lighthouse.
     b. Written applications, sent by mail, are acceptable if electronic versions are not possible.
     c. The application will be considered by the custodian within two weeks. If you accept the declared results, award manager will communicate with the applicant, according to the confirmation and agree on the payment method for a diploma or award. Diplomas and awards in electronic form sent to the applicant specified e-mail address free of charge. After receiving a copy of the payment receipt, diplomas in printed form will be sent to the address provided or delivered to an agreed method of delivery.
6. The Contact Manager can be contacted by E-mail: , or by telephone at 79788310602.
7. Payment The cost of obtaining diplomas and awards.
The cost of certificates delivered by electronic message is free.
     Other applicants:
          for residents of Russia: 150 rubles;
          for residents of other countries: 5 Euro.
     Cost Honour Roll Plaque:
          for residents of Russia: 1500 rubles;
          for residents of other countries: 25 Euro.
Note: The charges for diplomas and awards do not include the costs of delivery. Contact the awards custodian to determine these costs.


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