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This award is sponsored by the AYAN DX TEAM and is devoted to the knowledge and preservation of the natural life inhabiting the Crimea.  Protected areas, whether land, water surface and the air space above them, where there are natural sites and objects which have special environmental, scientific, cultural, aesthetic, recreational value, should be protected.

Crimea - the land where nature includes: mountains, deep gorges, waterfalls, steppes, mountain meadows, fast and noisy rivers, evergreen subtropical luxury, gentle waters of warm seas are deserving of protection. Such areas cover more than 5.4% of the area of the Crimea peninsula.

The award program aims to inform a wide audience about the uniqueness and beauty of the Crimean flora and fauna.  The program includes two types of participants: activators and hunters. Activators reach protected areas and organize radio communications on the amateur bands (activation of the protected area). The activators contact the hunters, conducting radio communication with the hunters and are also included in the award program.

The program rules are as follows:
1. Criteria CRFF program.  The activators operate from protected areas of Crimea listed in the award rules. These locations are referred to as "references"). The references are listed in the "List of Protected Areas" of this Program.
2. CRFF Awards program. There are four levels of the program which apply to both activators and hunters. They are Third, Second, First degree, as well as the Hall of Fame - Honor Roll Plaque. There is also an Honorary Cup, which will be awarded to activators: The "Honored activator PA Crimea".
3. Each reference contact may be worked one time for award purposes., regardless of band and mode used. Contacts may be made using any authorized HF or VHF bands, and all modes authorized. Do not count contacts made with various bands (cross-band), repeaters, communication via satellite, or communications during which the activator and the hunter use different types of modulation.
4 Award Levels:
     3rd degree: confirmed QSOs by the hunter making amateur radio contact by activators with 4 different references.
     2nd degree: confirmed QSOs by the hunter making amateur radio contact by activators with 8 different references.
     1st degree: confirmed QSOs by the hunter carrying amateur radio contact by activators with 16 different references.
     Honor Roll Plaqaue: the hunter must confirm QSOs with activators with 24 different references.
    Contacts with activators are valid for contacts made on or after 1 January 2013.


4. A list of protected areas: A list of protected areas is based on a list of protected areas under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Crimea. The list published on the website of information-analytical system "Protected areas of Russia" (IAS "RF PAs") . The numbering of references is provided in accordance with the numbering of the National Diploma Program PA Russia .
5. Applications:
     a. Applications shall be made in any form. It is mandatory to specify contact information for communication with the applicant. (Provide call sign, date of contact, Band, Mode, RST and Official Protected Area number.
     b. If not possible to provide information in electronic form, you may drafting a written application, with subsequent shipment by mail.
     c. Applications are considered within two weeks. If you accept the declared results, award manager communicates with the applicant, according to the confirmation and agree on the payment method for a diploma or award. Diplomas and awards using digital methods will be sent to the e-mail address of the applicant free of charge. All other applicants, after receiving a copy of the payment receipt, diplomas in printed form will be sent to the address provided or delivered to an agreed method of delivery.  The Award Manager may be contacted by E-mail: , or by telephone 79788310602.

6. Payment The cost of obtaining diplomas and awards.
     a. electronic delivery: FREE.
     b. paper certificates:|
          for residents of Russia: 50 rubles;
         for residents of the CIS countries: 3 Euro;
         for residents of other countries: 5 Euro.
     c.. Cost of the Honour Roll Plaque:
        for residents of Russia: 1300 rubles;
        for residents of the CIS countries: 20 Euro;
        for residents of other countries: 25 Euro.
     d. The above prices for paper and plaques does not include cost of postage. Contact sponsor for the additional cost depending on your location.

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