The Wild Atlantic Way

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Calendar Year 2017

The Wild Atlantic Way (Irish Slí an Atlantaigh Fhiáin) is a tourism route on the west coast of Ireland that runs for 2,500 km (1553 miles) passing through nine Counties and three provinces. Stretching from County Donegal in the North to County Cork in the south and running through Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo, Galway. Clare, Limerick and Kerry - all on the rugged west coast of Ireland overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

From 1st January to 31st December 2017 Irish Radio Amateurs will be on air with nine special calls - EI11WAW through to EI99WAW. Each call will be associated with one of the counties making up the Wild Atlantic Way. Each call will have its own distinctive QSL card depicting a highlight of the county linked to the call.

QSL requests may be made via Clublog or the Irish Bureau. Requests for a Direct QSL via Clublog or to EI6AL should enclose $2, or €2 via PayPal to:

A Certificate will be made available for download to any station that works all nine calls, using any band any mode. Apply by e-mail to QSL manager EI6AL giving name and call. A certificate can also be sent by post - send €5 ($5) to cover postage direct to EI6AL or via Paypal to

E-mail: (PayPal Payment)
Internet: EI11WAW through EI99WAW

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