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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

Fernsehsendung mit Amateurfunkbezug

Am Freitag, den 27. Januar, wird der Amateurfunk wieder einmal einen
groesseren Raum im oeffentlich-rechtlichen Fernsehen erhalten. Dem seit
mehreren Jahren aktiven PR-Team des Distrikts Oberbayern ist es gelungen,
einen neuen substanziellen Beitrag in einem Fernsehprogramm zu platzieren.

Rainer Englert, DF2NU, vielen auch als Chefredakteur von RADIO DARC
bekannt, wird fuer rund eine Stunde in der Magazinsendung "Wir in Bayern"
zu Gast sein. Inhaltlich soll der Amateurfunk mit seinen vielen Facetten,
wie Notfunk, Ausbildung, Voelkerverstaendigung und Behindertenintegration
zusammen mit dem Moderator Dominik Poell in mehreren Sequenzen einer
breiten Oeffentlichkeit vorgestellt werden.

Es ist auch vorgesehen, ein Kurzwellen Live-QSO aus dem Studio heraus zu
demonstrieren. Die betreffende Sendung wird live gesendet und laeuft am
Freitag, den 27. Januar, von 16.15 Uhr bis 17.30 Uhr MEZ {1515-1630 UT} im
Bayerischen Fernsehen.

"Wir in Bayern" ist ein beliebtes Format des Bayerischen
Regionalfernsehens und wird immer montags bis freitags nachmittags
ausgestrahlt. Es werden Menschen in Bayern mit ungewoehnlichen Berufen,
Aktivitaeten und Hobbys portraetiert, ebenso wie Ratgeber und Kuenstler.

Darueber berichtet Rainer Englert, DF2NU.
(DARC, Deutschland-Rundspruch 4/2017, 4. KW, Jan 26)


ALASKA   9655  KNLS Anchor Point 100 kW / 300 deg, on Jan 11 at 1442 UT -
Mandarin programming with English lessons, 'My mother knitted an afghan
and entered it into the Tennessee state fair and one'. Emphasizing the
word fair and various meanings. Excellent reception as is the English hour
on 9615 kHz (100 kW / 270 deg). Interviewed a marine colonel, Terry White,
at 14:45 UT. Into a Christian music program at 14:47 UT.

9680  KNLS Anchor Point 100 kW / 300 deg, on Jan 12 at 1507 UT - Looking
at my Perseus waterfall, I saw 2 incredibly strong signals. Both, as it
turns out, are from KNLS. 9680 kHz is in Russian, and 9655 kHz is in
Mandarin. This day in history noted, then into a modern vocal in English.
(Walt Salmaniw-Masset-BC-CAN, DXplorer Jan 18)

ALBANIA/CHINA   11785  Powerful S=9+25dB signal of CRI English out of
European Cerrik-Albania relay site via long path. Comment at 0640 UT:
China president speech on Davos Switzerland economic think conference.

Same S=9+25dB signal from same sister Cerrik outlet at this hour, latter
in Mandarin Chinese language at 0706 UT. Two great powerful signals heard
out of Albanian relay of CRI.

Much stronger than // S=9 Nanning on 11875 kHz at same time slot.

11620  Similar strength of nice smooth China pop music of CNR 5th program
from Beijing site, played at 0659 UT. What a great mx selection, on unusal
16 kHz wide broadband signal.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

ALBANIA   Thieves stole the copper ropes at Shijak shortwave site ?

I'm always shocked, that the 7475 kHz signal in Doha Middle East is
much much better than in Western Europe, GB/IRL and east coast North
America. The antenna in use at Shijak has a favour azimuth, towards
the 111 degrees azimuth path of 3430 km distance.

{111 + 180 degrees-forward, says minus 20 degrees sidelobe
of 310 degree mainlobe towards North America} 73 wolfie df5sx

Wolfie, there were reports that their antennas were being vandalised
by locals, so maybe they use what antenna is available these days.

With a beamed antenna and good propagation, 50 kW should reach
Stateside, so why the signal is so good in the Middle East but not
over the pond -- who knows. I've noticed that Greece has been doing
badly on 9 MHz to NoAmerica with either 100 or 170 kW, and this will
be because they are using a frequency that's too high for this season
but at least it gets there, but Shijak doesn't.

Drita doesn't seem to want to make any comment about anything,
so without information we can only guess.
73 from (Noel Green from Blackpool England, dxld Jan 18)

ANGOLA   4949.728  RNA  Mulenvos, heard on this European morning around
0531 til 0540 UT, S=8-9 or -74dBm in southern Germany. Fanfare at 0536 UT
on Jan 19, male and female announcer talk a lot.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

ASCENSION ISL/U.K.   Radio Dandal Kura International via BaBcoCk, Jan 19

0500-0700  7415 ASC 250 kW 055 deg to WeAF Kanuri, weak signal
0700-0800 15480 WOF 200 kW 165 deg to WeAF Kanuri, very strong
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

AUSTRALIA   17840.000  Radio Australia, Shepparton, some S=7 or -90dBm
signal strength across the Pacific Ocean, at 2132 UT on Jan 18
in remote unit at Edmonton Alberta Canada.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 18)

Radio Australia site a vital link.

Recently I heard that the HF radio transmission site at Shepparton, known
as Radio Australia, is to be shut down.

I believe this is mostly due to budget cuts to the ABC by the Federal

The ABC uses this site to broadcast services into Asia and the Pacific

The site is owned by a private company, Broadcast Australia.

The ABC pays Broadcast Australia to use the transmission site at
Shepparton, but it does not own the facility.

I understand the ABC needs to cut back on some services it provides and
make use of the latest technology. This makes sense except in the case of
the Shepparton facility.

The Shepparton transmission site has the capability to direct radio
signals into specific countries as we see fit.

This is unique to this site, as no other site can reach the countries this
one can.

In my time as district manager at the Shepparton site, I recall some
instances where the Shepparton site was called upon to direct radio
signals to specific targets.

At one point the Fiji Government shut down the local Australian ABC

Shepparton sent radio into that country to keep Australians informed
during that time.

When there was a coup in the Solomon Islands, once again we sent signals
into that country.

We also sent radio signals into Myanmar at the request of the Australian

Another task that the Shepparton site fulfils is to send signals into
northern Australia in times of need, for example during Cyclone Larry when
the Northern Territory radio service was beamed back to the tropical north
from Shepparton.

The Shepparton site is in a location that has good weather and is
politically stable.

This makes it an ideal tool for widespread information broadcasting.

The ABC would argue that this HF radio service is old technology and can
be replaced by the internet or satellite services.

This is true.

However, the ABC and the Federal Government do not control the internet or
satellite services in other countries and therefore they are not reliable.

HF radio broadcasting from a secure location is very reliable.
So why remove this service?

Does the Federal Government understand the value of this international
radio service?

I hope that in writing this letter, its value will become clear to those
who have the power to make decisions.

The Australian Government is in the position of being 'hands off' the
ABC's management of services, and I would agree for every service it
provides except this one.

Radio Australia Shepparton should be partly controlled by the Australian
Government, not just the ABC.

I plead that this broadcasting site remains in service and continues to
provide northern Australia and oversees services for Australians home and

You could also argue that long-range radio lets the world know we are
here, and gives Australians both in our home country and overseas vital
information in times of need.

(Radio Australia site a vital link ... from Shepparton_News,
by Gary_Baker,
former district manager at Radio Australia, Shepparton, Jan 21;
via Mike Terry-UK  dxld / BrDXC-UK ng Jan 23)

Site off the airwaves.

The ABC announced last month that it would stop broadcasting shortwave
transmissions in to the Asia Pacific.

It helped our troops during World War II and spread impartial news in the
Pacific region for decades, but Shepparton's shortwave broadcasting
facility's future is uncertain.

The ABC announced last month that it would stop broadcasting shortwave
transmissions in to the Asia Pacific, putting an end to more than 70 years
of continuous shortwave transmissions.

Opening in 1944, the transmission site in north Shepparton was first used
to spread morale-boosting broadcasts to troops in the Pacific and, after
the war it was the grunt that helped push ABC's Radio Australia broadcast
beyond our shores.

The final Radio Australia shortwave broadcast will go out on Tuesday,
January 31, in a decision the ABC said was about moving away from outdated

"Savings realised through decommissioning this service will be reinvested
in a more robust FM transmitter network and an expanded content offering
for the region that will include English and in-language audio content,"
an ABC spokesperson said.International listeners will still be able to
listen to Radio Australia through a web stream.

Just what the shutdown means for the broadcast towers beyond January 31
was still uncertain.

When asked by The News, the ABC said the towers were in the ownership of
Broadcast Australia, which was part of BAI Communications.

A spokesperson for BAI Communications said the future of the site was not
decided yet.

"At this stage Broadcast Australia has made no plans in respect to
retaining the infrastructure in place, and the decision to retain or
decommission the redundant sites and equipment will be taken by Broadcast
Australia in due course," the spokesperson said.

If the site was decommissioned it would be a sad day for Australia,
according to former transmitter operator Rodney Champness.

He worked at the facility for seven years and believed it was still a
vital piece of national infrastructure that could not be replicated by web

"In those countries we are aiming at they can get the internet, but it is
expensive and for many people their wages are not high enough to afford
it," Mr Champness said.

"They don't have a lot of money and shortwave radio is cheap."

Shepparton was chosen in the 1940s for a few reasons, including the
relatively flat terrain which was beneficial for broadcasts, and its
location, away from inland cities and domestic flight routes.

"It's away from the coast so Japanese or German aircrafts could not easily
get to it, and the building was blast proof for the bombs from that era,"
he said.

If the site was decommissioned, it would be a sad day for Australia and
especially for Shepparton, he said.

"I just think it's an icon, and people don't really even realise it's
there," Mr Champness said.

Site off the airwaves; Shepparton_News Australia, by Barclay White, Jan 21



(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC ng Jan 21)

some comments:

For democracy to continue to thrive and the thoughts of freedom for some
this service is of extreme importance. It is OK for the ABC or governments
to say we will provide this via the internet but it is not available to
most of the people in Asia and pacific islands.

Many have no infrastructure and others have the internet controlled. Just
look at China. Also the importance of the service in times of emergency. I
do not understand the reliance on technology only we need back up systems
that work.

Look at the effect of the fires in SA that left thousands without power
for weeks? Communication are of the highest importance in times of need
and yet we are spending $billions on building subs? Maybe one less would
keep this running or is someone looking to develop this land for
residential purposes down the track?

For what it is worth, I know of at least four other people, plus myself,
that listen quite frequently to get the news from someplace other than
sources here in America. The signal blasts in here quite well for most of
the mornings. Think of what it could do if it was actually beaming to
America. I know this is a low point in the sunspot cycle, but LOTS of
folks still listen to shortwave. Seems like you never hear from them until
it is too late. In this case, I hope that the outcry from the people that
take time to write will make a difference. Just think of the ones that may
not listen every day or take the time to write (like the other people I
know that listen here in Arkansas).

As for short wave here in the states ... well, I do not need to get my
soul saved. I want to hear what is going on in other parts of the world,
along with some music. That is what you provide. By the way, the music
program on Saturday morning with the country music was a blast! even my
son enjoyed it.
And he is 12.
(via Artie Bigley, dxld Jan 24)

BANGLADESH   Bangladesh Betar adds Chinese language
to its overseas broadcasting.

Alongside with Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, and Nepali, the Chinese language
will be added as the 7th language in Bangladesh Betar's external
program broadcast. A proposal in this regard is in progress, according
to the department of External service of Bangladesh Betar unit
director Kamal Ahmed.

Full story at:
(Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi.IND, DX_sasia Jan 22)

BOLIVIA/IRAN    UNID 5950 kHz. But IRIB Sirjan Iran heard not in Edmonton
Western Canada, but at 0200-0230 UT only heard Radio Pio XII, Siglo XX,
Llallagua, Potosi, Bolivia; twice with station ID, on different days like
"and sharp sudden TX off at 02.29:50 UT".

and two minutes before heard usually
Mitch Miller - The River Kwai March ~ Colonel Bogey March, like


Jan 18
5952.447  Emisoras Pio XII Bolivia, at 0028 UT on Jan 18,
S=5-6 -96dBm poor, in remote SDR unit at Edmonton Alberta western Canada,
but S=7 signal strength in Madrid Spain Europe.

5950.005  VoIRIB Sirjan, Tajik language program scheduled at 0050-0220 UT,
TX Sirjan switched on air already at 0047 UT,
0053 UT played National Anthem of Iran with chorus.
S=9+5dB noted in Madrid Spain,
S=9+5dB noted in remote unit at Eastern Thailand near CBG border.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 17 / 18)

BULGARIA   15515  IRRS Radio Warra Wangeelaati, on Saturday Jan 21
via SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site,
1500-1530 15515 SOF#50 kW 195 deg to EaAF Oromo Sat, strong signal.

Radio Biafra & Brother Stair
via SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site, Jan 21

1500-1601 15325*SOF# 100 kW 195 deg to WeAF  English Radio Biafra
1602-1800 15325*SOF# 100 kW 195 deg to WeAF  English Brother Stair
1800-1808 15325 SOF# 100 kW 195 deg to WeAF  open carrier and off air
1800-2000  9700 SOF#  50 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English BS TOM-NO SIGNAL.

// frequency 9465 SOF# 100 kW 306 deg to EaNoAM English BS TOM is air
* 1530-1615 & 1630-1700 UT dead air, instead
of Radio Biafra & Brother Stair programs.

IRRS  UN_Radio, EGR & other
via SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site, Jan 21
1900-2000  7290 SOF# 50 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English Sat/Sun, weak.

IRRS  EGR, UNRadio & others
via SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site, Jan 15
1030-1300  9510 SOF# 50 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English Sun, fair to good.

MBR  Cologne FMO, Pan American Broadcasting
via SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site, Jan 22
1430-1445 15205 SOF# 50 kW 090 deg to SoAS English Sun, strong signal

Radio Santec, The Word, The Cosmic Wave
via SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site, Jan 22

from 1500 15190 SOF# 100 kW 090 deg to SoAS Eng/German Sun
& no signal from 1520 UT.

from 1520 15325 SOF# 050 kW 195 deg to WeAF English Radio Biafra
also no signal.

from 1540  9465 SOF# 100 kW 306 deg to EaNoAM English Sat/Sun
BS TOM is the air!

from 1602 15325 SOF# 050 kW 195 deg to WeAF English Daily
BS TOM is the air!

# via SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site,
QSL via Spaceline Ltd., Sofia Bulgaria.
CEO Dimitar Todorov <lz1ax -at->
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24)

CHINA   9750   PBS Nei Menggu from Huhhot-CHN, 50 kW / 36 deg, on Jan 14
at 0101 UT - Nothing across the TOH. Perhaps Inner Mongolia is on a
1/2 hour time zone difference. At 01:02:20 UT, march music after some
dead air. Don't recognize the tune. Is their a provincial anthem?
Some dead air, then some talk, and then what sounds like a speach.
Likely from a central official, as some of it is in Mandarin, then
presumably a translation into Mongolian.
(Walt Salmaniw-Masset-BC-CAN, DXplorer Jan 18)

CUBA   5040  RHC Bauta  NOT  ON  AIR  at 0545 UT on Jan 19, totally off.

6000  S=9+15dB, RHC Quivian San Felipe 'Titan' bcast center site, in
English at 0550 UT on Jan 19, -60dBm in southern Germany. Talk on company
in New Orleans-USA. Midst 0553 UT QRM by buzzy audio of 10 kHz wideband
BBC ASC 6005 kHz crash start, of their sce on adjacent channel. President
of Gambia, and Sierra Leone comment. Press conference item of Obama in
Wash. DC White House noted at 0555 UT.

// 6060 kHz from RHC Bauta site, S=9+20dB -57dBm audiowise distorted noisy
quality, nx on Cuban education level system, in Latin America talk at
0610 UT. FBI agent activist of 1975 year, mentioned by Obama. Some more
refugees stranded and registered from Libya Africa by small boot into
southern Italy.

// 6100 kHz from RHC Bauta site, editorial comment of the day, 2 x 6.6 kHz
wide signal into southern Germany. Given website address and twitter also
FM fq in local La Habana at 0620 UT. Latino prisoner - some agent from
Oscar Lopez a Puerto Rican national of 35 years in prison released from

Some anoying UTE SCRATCHING NOISE of S=9+5dB noted nearby 6101 to 6106 kHz
fq range.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

ECUADOR   HCJB silent on MW 690 kHz.


(Rich McVicar-Syracus-NY   AB2FN, DXplorer Jan 17)

New updated schedule of HCJB Voice of The Andes on 6050 kHz

0930-1400 on  6050 QUI 010 kW / 018 deg to CeAm various*, ex 0830-1500
0930-1400 on  6050 QUI 010 kW / 172 deg to SoAm various*, ex 0830-1500
2100-0230 on  6050 QUI 010 kW / 018 deg to CeAm various*, ex 1900-0500
2100-0230 on  6050 QUI 010 kW / 172 deg to SoAm various*, ex 1900-0500
* including Cofan/Chapala/Spanish/Shuar/Quechua/Waodani & other langs.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24)

ETHIOPIA   7236.351 odd R Ethiopia Gedja outlet at 1334 UT on Jan 22

NEXT to POWERHOUSE  7240.0 kHz  BSKSA Riyadh's Persian service
of S=9+55 or -22dBm (!!) power transmission

noted again the Radio Ethiopia Gedja outlet, much varying by 20 to 25
Hertz at 'feeled' center frequency of 7236.351 kHz. 1330 to 1344 UT
on Jan 22, on Doha Qatar ME remote SDR installation.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 22, 2017)

FRANCE   11600  Denge Kurdistan program to all-Kurdistan, also S=9+10dB
probably long path via Pacific, at 0656 UT on Jan 19. 10.8 wide audio
signal. Kurdish woman chorus at 0657 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

FRANCE   Radio Voice of Adal via MBR FMO, via TDF Issoudun Jan 18
1500-1530 11670 ISS 100 kW 125 deg to EaAF Arabic   Wed/Sat
1530-1558 11670 ISS 100 kW 125 deg to EaAF Tigrinya Wed/Sat

Lutheran World Federation/Voice of Gospel brokered by MBR Cologne FMO
via TDF Issoudun relay, Jan 19:
1830-1900 9800 ISS 500kW 180deg to WeCeAF Fulfulde Sawtu Linjilia,
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 20)

Radio Voice of Adal brokered by MBR Cologne FMO via TDF Issoudun relay,
Jan 21:
1500-1530 11670 ISS 100kW 125deg to EaAF Arabic Wed/Sat
1530-1558 11670 ISS 100kW 125deg to EaAF Arabic Sat, instead of Tigrinya

Reception of Radio Xoriyo Ogaden brokered by MBR Cologne FMO
via TDF Issoudun relay on Jan 21:
1600-1601 11970 ISS 500 kW 130 deg to EaAF open carrier dead air and
1601-1630 11970 ISS 500 kW 130 deg to EaAF Somali Tue/Sat, very strong.

Radio Publique Africaine via TDF Issoudun, exMadagascar Jan 21

1800-1830 11550 ISS*250 kW 145 deg to SoAF Kirundi, exMDC 250 kW 295 deg
1831-1858 11550 ISS*250 kW 145 deg to SoAF French,  exMDC 250 kW 295 deg
* with typical "tweet" of Issoudun
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24)

GERMANY   Poor signal of Voice of Oromo Liberation via MBR Nauen, Jan 18
1700-1730 11810 NAU 100 kW 139 deg to EaAF Afar Oromo Wed/Fri/Sun
1730-1800 11810 NAU 100 kW 139 deg to EaAF Amharic Wed
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 18)

GREECE   9420.006  VoGreece Avlis (but not 9935 nor 11645 kHz noted in
Australia at this hour). Heard in Queensland remote SDR unit at 0649 UT,
S=9+15dB armchair signal via long path way via Azores, Colombia, Easter
Isl southern Pacific ...
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

INDIA   7500 kHz subcontinental singer heard at 0414 UT on Jan 24
observed in Doha Qatar SDR rx remote unit, S=8-9 signal strength.
AIR Urdu sce, now back to 7520 kHz.

Thanks dear Pradip and Jose.

7270  AIR Chennai Tamil Nadu, S=8 -75dBm audio peaks at 0427 UT on Jan 24,
Hindi/English annmt, heard in Doha Qatar remote unit.
As scheduled - right at TX - SIGNING  OFF switch at exact 04.30:08 UTC.

7289.993   AIR Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, S=8 at 0433 UT on Jan 24.

7420.003   AIR Hyderabad Hindi sce at 0444 UT on Jan 24,
S=8-9 signal noted in Doha Qatar Middle East remote SDR installation.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24, 2017)

IRAN   7370even  VoIRIB Sirjan transmission, morning "Al Quds TV"
political comment and phone-in at 0440 UT on Jan 24.
Tremendous S=9+55dB POWERHOUSE strength,

// 7380.001  via IRIB Zahedan relay site, different audio sound,
but very same program of S=9+40dB audio strength.
Noted on remote SDR units in Doha Qatar and New Delhi too.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24, 2017)

JAPAN  [non]   5006, Tokyo-Chofu, 0.2 kW/ND, JG2XA, Jan 14 at 1431 UT. -
Noticed no sign of this station during my stay in Masset. I may have
overlooked it, but I would expect fairly easy reception during this time
of the year.
(Walt Salmaniw, Masset-BC-CAN, dxld Jan 18)

5006 JG2XA  n o t  on air on Jan 26 at 1120 UT. (wb)

LIBERIA   6049.991  Centered fq. S=6-7 signal from probably ELWA Monrovia
Liberia. Unstable in frequency 2-3 Hertz wandering around.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

MADAGASCAR   Transmissions of RTE Radio One via BaBcoCk FMO and
via Talata Volonondry-MDG at
MDC MGLOB S.A., Shortwave station (ex RNW), Madagascar
are cancelled
1930-1958 5820 MDC 125 kW 315 to SoAF English Mon-Fri probably from Jan 2
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 20)

9495  MWV New Life Station program from Mahajanga 100 kW / 355 deg,
on Jan 11 at 1919 UT - Very good reception in Russian, especially using
my over the Pole 500' mini-Beverage.

9570  MWV New Life Station program from Mahajanga 100 kW / 355 deg,
on Jan 11 at 1815 UT - Russian at good level. No hint of their 
2nd transmitter on 17640 kHz which should be in English at this hour.

At 18:28 UT gave the postal address for KNLS in St Petersburg, then email
address .ru, and then a phone number to contact them. Again repeated
contact details and schedule at 18:47 UT.
Also web address, which I'm sure was

At 18:49 UT, back into inspirational music (in English). Sign-off
announcements at 18:55 UT, but this time also gave the Anchor Point
address. Left the air at 18:56 UT.

11945  MWV Radio Feda Mahajanga  100 kW / 355 deg, on Jan 11 at 1921 UT -
Superb reception, once again using my 500' mini-Beverage aimed due North.
Arabic music. Appears that both transmitters are therefore now
operational. Returned to check the mp3 file. Completed the broadcast at
19:46:45 UT.
(Walt Salmaniw-Masset-BC-CAN, DXplorer Jan 18)

Reception of WCB Madagascar World Voice World Jan 18
1800-1900  9570 MWV 100 kW 355 deg to EaEUR Russian tx#1 KNLS, good
1900-2000  9495 MWV 100 kW 355 deg to EaEUR Russian tx#1 KNLS, good
1900-2000 11945 MWV 100 kW 355 deg to NE/ME Arabic  tx#2 R.Feda poor.

Wrong announcement in Russian: one broadcast, instead of two broadcasts.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 18)

17640 1800-1900 36SE,37,38W,46,47W  MWV 100 310 -15 218 Eng MDG MWV WCB

17640  WCB program from Madagascar heard today on Jan 19:
poor and tiny S=4 in remote SDR in Doha Qatar at 1809 UT on Jan 19.

S=9 or -73dBm across the Atlantic Ocean in Detroit Michigan mid USA.

4 childrens on radioplay, ID and address in Zimbabwe given at 1810 UT.
2 x 4.9 kHz wide audio signal seen on the SDR screen in Detroit.

I guess this bcast is very strong to be heard in target in West Africa,
Central Africa, and Northwestern Africa

at ITU zones 36SE, 37, 38W, 46, 47W

9570 kHz  WCB  MDG in Russian noted as S=9+15dB signal
in Doha Qatar when tuned-in at 1801-1805 UT on Jan 19.

10.1. kHz wide audio band visible on Perseus SDR screen.

Reception of WCB Madagascar World Voice World on Jan 18
1900-2000  9495 MWV 100 kW 355 deg to EaEUR Russian tx#1 KNLS, good
1900-2000 11945 MWV 100 kW 355 deg to NE/ME Arabic  tx#2 R.Feda poor
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 18)

Checked the 355degr outlets from 19 UT on Jan 19th onwards:

9495 kHz Russian service towards western Russia, central Europe,

but Arabic 11945 kHz rather to North West and North Eastern Africa,
Sahel zone, all Africa north of equator.

 9495 kHz 1908 UT S=8 in Brisbane remote Australia unit.
          1911 UT S=8-9 on eastern Thailand remote post close to
          Cambodian border.
          1912 UT nothing heard in Delhi India, poor in Doha Qatar.
          1913 UT S=9+10dB or -62dBm in Poland.
          S=9+20dB in Belgium, Madrid Spain, Greece, Calabria/Sicily
          in southern Italy and Genua Riviera Italy.
          S=5 in central Sweden.

11945 kHz Nothing heard in eastern Thailand nor in Brisbane Australia.
          S=7 fair in Warsaw Poland remote set.
          NIL - nothing could be noted in middle Sweden.
          S=9+5dB or -65dBm  signal in Belgium,
          S=9+10dB in Manchester England location.
          S=9+20dB in western coastline of Republic Ireland on Atlantic,
          same level also on Zakynthos Greece island.
          S=9+30dB proper signal closer to African northern coastline at
          Calabria/Sicily Italy and also northerly
          at Genua Riviera Italy remote SDR installation.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19, 2017)

MALAYSIA   6050, Asyik FM, via RTM K-L Kajang site, at 1452-1500 UT on
Jan 24. With the usual Tuesday "Bollywood" show of pop songs in Hindi.
Had been off the air for a while. {actually heard in Thailand on exact
6050.027 kHz, wb.}

At 1500 UT, the start of Salam FM, till 1502* UT on Jan 24. Time pips (1+1
and mixing with time pips of PBS Xizang [TIBET]); brief ID ("Salam FM");
choral NA (Negaraku - Lagu Kebangsaan Malaysia); Islamic programming in
vernacular; suddenly off, leaving TIBET in the clear, with decent

BTW - Now all the SW Malaysian stations are active:
9835 kHz Sarawak FM and also Wai FM on 11665 kHz. Has been a while since
all three were broadcasting at the same time.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 26)

MALI   L'Office de Radiodiffusion Television du Mali runs a small
website at  <>


is meant to give access to two programmes. Unfortunately, while
researching the site, none of the links worked. The replay function

<>  connected with soundcoud worked.

On the other hand the TV stream at
worked and gave access to a match of the Africa Cup 2017.

Those who need the general line up of the championship and a better
audio on the French commentary will find it at


(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, dxld Jan 18)

MOLDOVA   7350even  MDA  Radyoya Denge Kurdistane, from Grigoriopol site
in Pridnestrovie, to all Kurdish National people countries like in 
Eastern Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran too.

S=9+35 or -40dBm powerful voice into Middle East, professional sounded
female presenter, speedy like machine gun spoken.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24, 2017)

MYANMAR/LAOS/MALAYSIA   Log at eastern Thailand remote SDR unit
at 0105 til 0123 UT on Jan 20:

log MMR / MRMS from Myanmar-Burma in 31 and 41 mb -  NIL at this hour.

6164.993  MMR  Thazin Radio, from Pyin Oo Lwin site in northern Myanmar.
          MRMS program at 0107 UT on Jan 20, S=9+20db or -51dBm.

6129.971  LAO  Lao National Radio from Vientiane, Lao language female
          presenter, at 0110 UT, S=9+35dB or -40dBm signal strength.

6050.027  MLA  Clear strong ID of "Asyik FM" at 0114 UT on Jan 20,
          nice music program selection from Malaysia,
          RTM Kajang bcast outlet, very powerful S=9+35dB, underneath
          tiny weak PBS Xizang Lhasa western China, on even 6050.0 kHz

6029.995  MMR  Thazin Radio from Pyin Oo Lwin site in northern Myanmar.
          MRMS program at 0118 UT on Jan 20, S=9+35dB or -41dBm strength

5985.100  ! ! !  real exact on this odd like keyboard glitch frequency
          MMR, noted at 0121 UT on Jan 20.
          7 kHz wide signal from probably Yegu / Yangoon bc site.
          S=9+30dB or -47dBm strong and powerful. Fluttery.
          Distance to your remote SDR location is the closests !

5985.000 even fq back at 1300 UT on Jan 26.

5914.990  MMR  MR from new capital site at Naypyidaw, in Burmese
          at 0123 UT on Jan 20, S=9+20db or -53dBm signal.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 20 / 26, 2017)

MYANMAR/CHINA/MALAYSIA   Log at eastern Thailand
remote SDR unit at 23.50 UT on Jan 21 til 00.45 UT on Jan 22:

Noted on MMR Yegu 5985.100  (!)  exact kHz channel again,
from probably former capital Yangoon bc site.

5985.100 and 6029.994 kHz both Myanmar Radio channels
are the most powerful this Jan 21 / 22 night:

S=9+35dB or -38dBm of power, 8 kHz wideband audio signals.

6029.994 kHz via Thazin Radio from Pyin Oo Lwin site in northern Myanmar.
TX break 00.27 til 00.28 UT on Jan 22, main power problem ?

Also heard 5914.990 kHz at 23.58 UT on Jan 21, S=9+25dB signal,
via Myanmar Radio from new capital site at Naypyidaw, in Burmese.
But I don't know what happened, main power problem,
irregular breaks noted, TX was still OFF air,
when checked at 00.13 UT and 00.26 UT on Jan 22.

6164.994  MMR  Myanmar Radio at S=9+30dB or -46dBm signal strength,
around 00.15 UT on Jan 22. Scheduled Thazin Radio from Pyin Oo Lwin
site in northern Myanmar.

Latter QRM by even 6165.0 kHz CNR6th Amoy program from Beijing capital

Nothing noted from Myanmar Radio on 7200v,
nor 9 MHz channels at this hour.

6050.027  MLA  Clear strong female presenter on air
          of "Asyik FM" at 00.31 UT on Jan 22,
          Malaysia, RTM Kajang bcast outlet, very powerful S=9+30dB
          or -46dBm, underneath tiny weak
          PBS Xizang Lhasa western China, on even 6050.0 kHz.
          Dull karaoke singer performance in Malay started at 0036 UT.

6129.965  LAO  Lao National Radio from Vientiane, at 00.42 UT on Jan 22,
talk communication of female interview presenter, and male.
Very powerful S=9+35dB or -36dBm signal strength, nice strong propagation
signals this morning. 8.5 kHz broadband signal.

All Logs at eastern Thailand remote SDR unit ...

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 22, 2017)

0050 - 0115 UT Jan 23 in eastern Thailand SDR installation.

5914.989  S=9+20dB
5984.9995 S=9+20dB - not plus 100 Hertz anymore !
6029.9935 S=9+35dB
6164.9925 S=9+20dB

6129.966 LAO LNR Vientiane S=9+35dB powerful at 0104 UT.

6035.002 BTN Bhutan BS S=9+10dB in eastern Thailand at 0105 UT.

6050.0265 MLA unstable 1-2 Hertz, RTM Kajang FM px S=9+30dB. 0115 UT.

MYANMAR/LAOS/MALAYSIA/CHINA   Log at eastern Thailand
remote SDR unit at 1010 til 1030 UT on Jan 23:

5914.990  S=9+25dB  MR from new capital site at Naypyidaw, in some
Vernacular? language, at 1036 UT on Jan 23.
co-ch 5915.0 kHz weak tiny signal underneath CRI Russian language
from Huhhot in northeastern China heard.

Nothing noted on MMR Yegu Yangoon 5985 kHz channel,
totally empty channel at 1020 UT hour on Jan 23.

Also 6030 kHz MMR from Pyin Oo Lwin site in northern Myanmar
totally empty at this hour, but co-ch CNR1 Chinese program heard.

6164.9935  MM Thazin Radio from Pyin Oo Lwin site in northern Myanmar,
powerful, S=9+35dB, like Karaoke amateurish local singer. 1040 UT.

7344.9925  MMR  Probably Thazin Radio in some Burmese/Golden Triangle
Vernac? language, noted at S=9+35dB powerful level, at 1017 UT
on Jan 23, underneath but co-ch CNR1 Beijing program heard.
Much stronger than 31 mb noon signal. Probably til 1125 ... 1130 UT?

9460 only CRI Chinese Nanning powerful signal noted at 1015 UT.

9729.996   MMR  Yegu Yangoon heard at 1011 UT on Jan 23, rather lower
fair S=9 to S=9+5dB, due of 31 mb noon skip zone in mid winter.

6129.9795  LAO  LNR Vientiane much S=9+35dB powerful at 1026 UT

6050.0265  MLA  unstable 1-2 Hertz, RTM Kajang FM px S=9+25dB. 1023 UT

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 23, 2017)

Some logging of Eastern Thailand SDR remote post at 0330-0406 UT
on Jan 24:

9729.999  MMR  Myanmar Radio from Yegu Yangoon, S=9 at 0335 UT.
Burmese pop mx, female smooth voice singer in 70ties era style.

9635even fq of  VTN  VoVTN  1st program, from Son Tay site,
S=9+5dB signal noted in Eastern Thailand remote SDR unit.

Nothing noted on empty channel 9590 MMR at 0340 UT on Jan 24.

9459.9905   MMR  Thazin Radio in Burmese from Pyin Oo Lwin site
in northern Myanmar, scheduled 0330-0700 UT,
noted at 0344 UT on Jan 24, S=9+20dB or -52dBm signal strength.
Modern guitar pop mx program,
10.8 kHz wide audio transmission range.

6050.026  MLA  RTM K-L Kajang site, FM relay noted at 0351 UT
at S=9+10dB level.

6129.970  LAO  Lao National Radio Vientiane, S=9+35dB powerhouse,
female presenter (  as every day   wb. ) endless speech,
0354 UT on Jan 24, like 8 kHz wide mx audio broadband,
but spoken-microphone part only 6.4 kHz broad wideband.
Followed my modern Hill people mx / singer.

6020even  VTN  VoVTN 4th program hill people program from
Dac Lac - Buon Ma Thuot TX site, S=9+10dB at 0357 UT on Jan 24,
and accompanied by usual two symmetric spur signals
on 6006.630 and 6033.370 kHz.

5975even  VTN  VoVTN 1st program from Son Tay site, S=8-9 signal
in Eastern Thailand remote SDR. NX reader at 0400 UT Jan 24.

5925even fq  VTN  VoVTN 2nd program from Xuan Mai site,
S=8-9 signal in Eastern Thailand, NX at 0402 UT on Jan 24.
Scheduled 03-06 UT.

5914.989  MMR  Myanmar Radio from new capital site at Naypyidaw,
in some Vernacular? language. 0404 UT on Jan 24.
Scheduled acc Aoki Nagoya Japan database 0230-0900 UT.
S=9+5dB in peaks, fluttery noon condition propagation.

7210even  VTN  VoVTN 1st program at 0406 UT on Jan 24,
from Dac Lac - Buon Ma Thuot TX site, S=9+10dB signal
level in neighbouring Eastern Thailand SDR unit post.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24, 2017)

NIGERIA   7254.922  VoNigeria, crystal clear signal of their Hausa service
at 0629 UT on Jan 19. S=9+10dB -62dBm signal observed in southern Germany.
At 0629 UT short talk of Gambian 'two' presidents matter.

ID at 0630 UT by male presenter. Flute interval signal and WeAFrican drums
before a lady announcer took over. 9 kHz wide broadband audio this
morning, interview of a pupil and woman around 0633 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

RUSSIA   7345  Yakutsk 100 kW / 300 deg NVK Sakha, on Jan 9 at 0300 UT -
Just after 03:00, quick IS with Jew's harp, and ID in Russian and quickly
into Yakutian. Very good reception. Mentioned that the following program
was for listeners over 12 years of age! Right at 04:00 UT, conditions
really faded down. Time check for 13:00 UT in Yakutia. Virtually gone by
04:10 UT, so either a major disturbance occured, or the MUF just crashed!.

7345  Yakutsk 100 kW / 300 or 310 deg NVK Radio Sakha, on Jan 6 at 2353 UT
- Good to very good reception. Initially in presumed Yakut. A very unusual
indigenous language. Presumed them, and // to 7295 kHz (250 kW listed),
which was much weaker. Still some time before LSS. After a few minutes of
Russian commercials with several mentions of 'Respublika Sakha', etc, back
into Yakutian.

A nice local vocal at 23:55 UT. Rechecked at 01:14 UT, and going strong
with very good reception with local Yakutian music. Back again at 04:20 UT
and 7295 kHz has faded down to poor level, while 7345 remains at fair/good
level with about S5 signal strength (not an issue with zero noise floor).
Interview in presumed Yakutian. Fading rapidly towards 05:00 UT, possibly
due to lowering of MUF tonight. Fade up almost at 05:00 UT. IS and time
pips, then dead air. Carrier off by 05:02 UT.

7345  Yakutsk 100 kW / 310 deg NVK Radio Sakha, on Jan 15 at 0343 UT -
Very good reception, as is the case every local evening. Probably the
strongest signal on 41 meters. I noticed on the weekend much more Russian
language programming, vs mainly Yakutian programming during the week.
Happens to be in Yakut now, with a story by a YL. Dog barking in the
(Walt Salmaniw-Masset-BC-CAN, DXplorer Jan 18)

NVK Radio Sakha, Yakutsk Radio schedule and time selection doesn't favour
the European audience, no chance to heard proper signals from far northern
Siberia. wb.

SAO TOME   9830, QSL  Radio Deutsche Welle - from IBB BBG Pinheira relay
site, verified an electronic report with a full data "Keep tuning in" card
(pictures of old medium wave radios) in 22 days from the DW Customer
Service group.
{DWL Hausa sce at 13 and 18 UT, 100 kW, north to zones 46, and 47W. wb. }
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 22)

7119.996 kHz, on lower fq side, Hargeysa from Somalia, S=9+20dB signal
noted in Doha Qatar remote unit at 0420 UT on Jan 24.

NON.  Nothing noted of Eritrea and Ethiopia 'radio war' on 7146v kHz
and/or 7175/7185 kHz frequency range this Jan 24.

7205even  SDN  Omdurman Arabic program, S=9+25dB signal in Doha Qatar.
Political comment heard at 0422 UT on Jan 24.

7240.004  TUR  VoTurkey, English, "Question OF The Month", at 0424 UT
on Jan 24.  11 kHz much broadband wide tremendous signal of
S=9+55dB or POWERHOUSE -22dBm !!!

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24, 2017)

SRI LANKA/UAE   Frequency change of Deutsche Welle Bonn from Jan 27

1330-1400 NF 11620 DHA 250 kW 045 deg to WeAS Dari,   ex15430 kHz.
          // freq  9580 DHA 250 kW  45 deg to WeAS Dari.
          // frequency 15215 TRM 250 kW 335 deg to WeAS Dari
1400-1430 NF 11620 DHA 250 kW 045 deg to WeAS Pashto, ex15430 kHz.
          // freq  9580 DHA 250 kW  45 deg to WeAS Pashto
          // freq 15215 TRM 250 kW 335 deg to WeAS Pashto
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

SRI LANKA   Sri Lanka state broadcaster, military to get some
VOA transmitting assets

ECONOMY NEXT - Sri Lanka's state-run Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
(SLBC), and the military will get some equipment from a closed Voice of
America relay station, which is being dismantled.

The Voice of America made its last broadcast from the relay station in
Iranawila, Chilaw on June 10, 2016, amid budget cuts and declining
viewership for shortwave radio listening.

The VOA station had two 500 kiloWatt Marconi transmitters and six 250 kW
transmitters when it began operations over 16 years ago {* 1996 year},
according to publicly available data.

Full story at :
< Lanka_state_broadcaster,_
military_to_get_some_VOA_ transmitting_assets-3-7120. html>


US to close Voice of America station in Sri Lanka and hand over land to

< archive_17A/Jan19_ 1484806793CH.php>

Sri Lanka VOA shortwave station has 4.2 MW of thermal power: US embassy

< Sri_Lanka_VOA_shortwave_
station_has_4.2MW_of_thermal_ power US_embassy-3-7121.html>

(via Alokesh Gupta-IND, Jan 19, DXsasia yg direct and via dxld)

{*} from May 1996 Iranawila HISTORY:

The VOA relay under construction here is to have four 500 kW txs and
testing was expected to begin early in 1996.

Regular operations are expected later in the year.
(Communications World via Hans_Johnson-FL in Cumbre DX #64)

VoA registration for new Chilaw relay site on Sri Lanka island.
IRA means site call for Iranawila

 6030 0030-0100 IRA  500 356     IBB
 7105 1700-1900 IRA  500 332     IBB
 7270 1700-2000 IRA  500 348     IBB
 9705 0100-0130 IRA  500 348     IBB
 9705 0135-0200 IRA  500 033     IBB
 9770 0100-0145 IRA  500 348     IBB
 9770 0200-0215 IRA  500 348     IBB
11805 1600-1700 IRA  500 356     IBB
11915 0100-0200 IRA  500 356     IBB
11945 0300-0430 IRA  500 332     IBB
15130 0300-0600 IRA  500 313     IBB
15205 0200-0400 IRA  500 348     IBB
17740 1130-1230 IRA  500  73     IBB
17805 0400-0600 IRA  500 299     IBB
17865 1330-1430 IRA  500 348     IBB
(HFCC list, Dan Ferguson-VoA-USA, 6-May-1996)

Measurs taken by Sri Lankan government regulating the hours of main
electric power usage. Sri Lanka has limited main power electricity, so
cuts came into effect to 300 kW Ekala tx site also.

0400-0500 UT NHK Radio Japan Tokyo, in Japanese to ME & NoAF on 17820 kHz
via Ekala relay site has been ceased temporary.
(Yamasda D. Oro via RKI SW Feedback, May 5, 1996)

A fire destroyed one of the five 500 kW txs to be installed for new VoA
relay at Iranawila on Nov 5th, 1996. Remaining txs are probably okay. Not
official taken possession from Marconi company. Construction of the
twisted antenna towers are corrected. Four of the fourteen antennas are
already in place. The completion is delayed by at least one year.
(Kim Elliot "VoA Communications World", 16-Nov-1996)

The VOA Iranawila site has been having great misfortune. The many
political obstacles delayed the project by more than 3 years at least. The
latest was when a tx got completely burnt out throwing ash and associated
debris all over the tx hall.

It wont be at least until the end of the year {1997} before any operations
can get through. The antennas are more or less in an operational position.
If only VOA could put some portable type 50 kW even from a container,
signals ought to boom in, this strategic area. And reports that VOA Ekala
and Udorn swapped frequs 1400-1800 UTC are correct. They still are, COL on
7215 and Udorn 7125 kHz.
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN  4S7VK, UADX, Jan 31, 1997)

3 x 250 kW Continental 419F-2 from Portugal to Iranawila in 1997 year ?

8 x 250 kW Continental 419F-2  from IBB RFE Portugal site:
Of the 7 Continental 419F units, 5 will be moved to Spain (RL Playa de
Pals) and 2 to Greece (IBB VoA Kavalla).

Of the 8 Continental 419F-2 units, 5 have been donated to the Govt of
Greece (maybe in exchange for continuation of the Rhodes and Kavalla
facilities). 3 of these will probably be installed in Avlis and 2 in

The remaining 3 are going to Sri Lanka (IBB Iranawila site).
(TDP - Ludo Maes-BEL, Aug 10 1997)

New VoA relay Iranawila test freqs available at various times,

0300-1400: 5960, 6000, 6055, 6180, 7110, 7200, 7295, 9530, 9610, 9655,
9660, 9705, 9710, 9780, 9850, 9875, 11695, 11775, 11835, 11905, 12020,
13610, 13730, 13795, 15105, 15110, 15290, 15295, 15535, 17565, 17720,
17735, 17895, 21460, 21610 & 21835 kHz.

"The new IBB facility at Iranawila is testing today, Oct 30, on 17895 kHz,
with 1 kHz tones, from now [0949 EST, I think--Jerry Berg-MA-USA from NU]
till 1400 UTC."
(Dan Ferguson-VA-USA, from NU 1447-A, Oct 30, 1997)

New VOA Sri Lanka tx testing. A tx at the new VOA [Voice of America] relay
site in Iranawila, Sri Lanka, is now testing. So far it's only a test
tone. The test schedule is 0300-1100 and 1200-1400 UT.

Eventually this new VOA site will have at least four 500-kW txs. This will
be an important relay facility because there are no major VOA SW relays
between Thailand and Greece.

A much better signal for VOA Hindi, Urdu and CeAsian language sces can be
expected when the Iranawila site becomes fully operational. So far I've
not been able to determine if the Iranawila relay could also be used for
Radio Liberty or Radio Free Asia, or if the Sri Lankan govt has been
approached about allowing these stns to use this facility.
(BBC_Monitoring via AGDX / WWDXC, Nov 1, 1997)

TAJIKISTAN   1330-1400 on odd split fq, 9508 kHz from Yangi Yul Dushanbe,
100 kW 95 deg to EaAS Chinese? language.

Noted on Jan 17: 9508 kHz at 1345 UT, S=7 signal in New Delhi India,
but stronger S=8 or -78dBm in Doha Qatar remote SDR unit. 10.8 kHz wide
audio signal. Nothing read of 9508 kHz channel operation in Japanese Aoki
Nagoya database list of Jan 16 issue. Due of high winter time propagation
condition, nothing noted outside Tibet of White Noise or CNR1 spoken
jamming so far today.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 17)

Thanks to Ivo in Sofia Bulgaria for correct 13-14 UT schedule
of Voice of Tibet via Yangi Yul Tajikistan:

Re: 9508 kHz Voice of Tibet, Chinese? language 1330-1400 UT

Updated B-16 shortwave schedule for Voice of Tibet

1200-1230  11513 DB 100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese
1230-1300  11507 DB 100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan
1300-1330  11513 DB 100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan
1330-1400   9508 DB 100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan  <<<

All other programs in Chinese / Tibetan are cancelled.
All frequencies are jammed by China on x0 / x5. Changes between
frequencies vary of 5 to 7 minutes time.
Wrong (summer A-16) freqs in Aoki 15543, 15537, 15528, 15523,
11577 and etc.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 17)

TAJIKISTAN   National Unity Radio via RED Telecom Dushanbe, Jan 19
1200-1500  7520 DB  100 kW 71 deg to NoEaAS Korean, fair to good
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)


via Moldova Pridnestrovie Grigoriopol
Radio Payem e-Doost
0230-0315 on  7460 KCH 500 kW / 116 deg to WAs Farsi

Denge Kurdistan
0330-0600 on  7350 KCH 300 kW / 130 deg to WAs Kurdish

Denge Kurdistan
0600-1300 on 11600 KCH 300 kW / 130 deg to WAs Kurdish

Denge Kurdistan
1300-1600 on 11600 KCH 300 kW / 116 deg to WAs Kurdish

Radio Ranginkaman/Radio Rainbow
1700-1730 on  7580 KCH 500 kW / 116 deg to WAs Farsi Mo/Fr

Radio Payem e-Doost
1800-1845 on  7480 KCH 500 kW / 116 deg to WAs Farsi

Sedoye Bahar Voice of Spring
1900-1930 on  7510 KCH 500 kW / 116 deg to WAs Farsi Thu/Fr

Denge Kurdistan
1930-2130 on  7455 KCH 300 kW / 116 deg to WAs Kurdish

via Tajikistan Dushanbe Yangi Yul
Voice of Tibet
1200-1230 on 11513 DB 100 kW / 095 deg to EAs Chinese
1230-1300 on 11507 DB 100 kW / 131 deg to CAs Tibetan

National Unity Radio
1200-1500 on  7520 DB 100 kW / 071 deg to NEAs Korean

Voice of Tibet
1300-1330 on 11513 DB 100 kW / 131 deg to CAs Tibetan
1330-1400 on  9508 DB 100 kW / 131 deg to CAs Tibetan

via Uzbekistan Tashkent site
Radio Free North Korea
1100-1300 on  9355 TAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs Korean

Voice of Khmer M'Chas Srok
1130-1200 on 17860 TAC 100 kW / 122 deg to SEAs Khmer Thu/Sun

Voice of Wilderness
1330-1530 on  7615 TAC 100 kW / 070 deg to NEAs Korean

North Korea Reform Radio
1430-1530 on  7590 TAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs Korean

Voice of Martyrs
1530-1700 on  7510 TAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs Korean

North Korea Reform Radio
2030-2130 on  7500 TAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs Korean

Stream of Praise Music Ministries
2100-2115 on  7530 TAC 100 kW / 090 deg to EAs Cantonese
2115-2130 on  7530 TAC 100 kW / 090 deg to EAs Chines
(DX MIX NEWS #985 from Georgi Bancov and Ivo Ivanov, Dec 30, dxld)

THAILAND   13745  Radio Thailand from Bangkok, via IBB Ban Dung, Udon
Thani, 250 kW / 6 degd, on Jan 12 at 0000 UT - Superb reception in Masset
(as was last night) with quite a fanfare opening the program. Opens with
Thai news. English language, of course. Brought to you by Thai Airlines.
No longer give the transmitter call sign, as they once did.
(Walt Salmaniw-Masset-BC-CAN, DXplorer Jan 18)

UNKNOWN  TX  SITE   9900 / 6015 kHz  Tests on Jan 21/22, and Jan 28/29.

Upcoming test transmissions of Shortwaveservice Jan 21-22
1200-1300  9900 unknown transmitter location, to EaEUR mx and announcmts
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

21/22 Jan 2017 at 1200 UT 9900 kHz in towards western Russia

Upcoming test transmissions of Shortwaveservice on January 28-29
1500-1600 UT 6015 unknown transmitter site location to Europe target,
music and announcements.
(Christian Milling, <christian.milling -at-> )

Heute am 21. Jan mal weltweit geloggt:

9900 kHz
12.03 UT S=8 bei Uwe's SDR Schaetzchen in Ost Thailand.

NIL in Japan und Michigan Detroit USA remotes.

12.05 UT New Delhi excellent signal S=9+30dB oder -45dBm !!!
10 kHz weites audio signal, Christian alles wunderbar,
heute nichts uebermoduliert.

Die Dame bei der Ansage in russischer Sprache auch schoen klar
in der Aussprache,
gehoert um 12.07:45, 12.12:25, 12.15:01, und 12.17:27 UT usw. usw.

Schwaches S=5-6 Signal in Spanien, Greece, und suedliches Italien.

Etwas besser S=7-8 in Irland, Grenoble France und Rimini Italien.

S=9+5dB in Holland und Belgien um 12.10 UT,
gleiches Signal in Polen und in Muenchen um 12.17 UT.

S=9+10dB in Ungarn und Steiermark um 12.15 UT.

S=9+25dB -44dBm proper Signal im Nordosten von Finnland
bei Maunos Schaetzchen.

Dagegen die SDR's in zentralem Finland wie immer schwach S=7-8,
(meine Annahme, die haben keine gescheiten Antennen an ihren teuren
Perseus connected, wie in Schweden auch teilweise)

Poor to fair at S=6-7 in zentralem Norwegen, um 12.21 UT.

Leider ist die remote Unit direkt in Moskau Russland heute nicht im Netz
angeschlossen, also kein Rapport vom Zentrum des Putinlands,
dort hat's wohl gefuehlte S=9+35 bis +40dB - nehme ich an.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 21, 2017)

9900 kHz on Sunday Jan 22

today much lesser strong signals observed on various remote SDR posts,
compared against yesterday Jan 21 .

12.02 UT  Uwe's SDR Schaetzchen in Ost Thailand   NOT ON NET.

12.07 UT, S=8-9 in Brisbane Australian, -73dBm.
10 kHz wide broadband transmission.
12.07:40 UT annmt of Russian language female presenter.

S=4 or -93dBm like threshold and noise in Tokyo Japan remote SDR unit.

Peak visible fluttery, but lower than threshold, in Michigan Detroit USA

12.13 UT NIL signal in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

12.15 UT Jan 22
New Delhi much poorer signal S=9+15dB or -59dBm today,
compared to yesterday Saturday Jan 21 excellent signal of S=9+30dB
oder -45dBm !!!  10 kHz wide broadband audio signal.

12.17 UT in Doha Qatar Middle East only S=7 -79dBm signal, deep fades.
12.17:30 UT Russian language presenter with program and address anncmt.

12.19 UT on Zakynthos Greece, only local electrical noise disturbtion
heard here, nothing of single day Music/Russian test stn could be heard so

Fair to poor S=7-8 or -82dBm signal in Madrid Spain, Grenoble southeastern
France and at Rome Italy.

In Genua Riviera Italy much lesser strength, S=6-7 or -88dBm.

12.27 UT local noisy signal of S=7-8 only in Ireland and
same at Amsterdam The Netherlands.

S=9 in central Belgium at 1231 UT, similar lesser signal strength today at
Warsaw Poland and west of Munich Bavaria remote post at 12.33 UT.

S=9+10dB or -65dBm strength in Hungary and far eastern Austria at 12.35

12.39 UT  BEST SIGNAL of ALL on todays test transmissions outlet
observation posts:

S=9+20dB -53dBm proper signal in northeastern Finland.

But as usual rather poor S=6-7 or -87dBm on this Swedish installation in
central Sweden at 12.41 UT, just behind Moscow and St.P. target.

12.44 UT S=5-6 or -92dBm signal in central Norway remote SDR unit.

Unfortunately today on test transmission day
no remote SDR unit connected on worldwide Perseus SDR net,
i.e. no access to St.Petersburg or Moscow Russia
remote access installations possible so far.

At 12.45-12.50 UT heard twice NOISE qrm station appearance nearby
some 416 Hertz lower on 9899.584 kHz.

12.59:30 UT final annmt in English language by Christian,
and chimes/carillon followed,

TX  SWITCH OFF suddenly at 13.00:01 UT on Jan 22.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 22, 2017)

USA   7730  {WRMI}  Okeechobee-FL 100 kW / 285 deg feed in Radio Ukraine
International program relay, on Jan 11 at 2332 UT - Checking the listed
frequency of 11580 kHz, but that sender was in Spanish, so, by chance,
checked 7730 kHz, and sure enough, very well heard here in Masset. News
until 23:35 UT and into Ukrainian Perspective program. A better frequency
for us in the west, as 25 m is often above the MUF in the winter.

9275  Bethel PA 250 or 125 kW / 53 deg WMLK Assemblies of Yahweh, on Jan
10 at 2010 UT - Initially a fair level but improved to good / very good by
sign off at 22:00 UT. Especially good after 21:30 UT. Mentioned Elder
Jacob at 21:50 UT (the end of the sermon), and into organ music until
21:57 UT.

Then ID for WMLK and 9475 kHz frequency 17 to 22 UT and 04 to 09 UT. Then
gave postal address, and repeated the incorrect frequency (presumably an
old recording). Back to filler music until carrier off at 22:00 UT.
(Walt Salmaniw-Masset-BC-CAN, DXplorer Jan 18)

USA   Nearby US WRNO sermon program, female pastor ministry ? -
7504.869 kHz, but unstable frequency, wandered 10 -2 0 Hertz up and down.
S=8-9 in Doha Qatar, S=9+20dB signal strength in Spain and Germany
at 0409 UT on Jan 24, - 2 x 5.3 kHz wide audio transmission.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24, 2017)

USA   Good signal of WMLK Radio, Assemblies of Yahweh Jan 18
1700-2200  9275 MLK 250 kW 53 deg to WeEUR English Sun-Fri

Wrong frequency announcement: 9475 kHz, instead of 9275 kHz and
04-09 morning 9475 MLK 250 kW 53 deg to WeEUR, ALSO IS WRONG!
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 18)

USA   New President for Adventist World Radio.
(Tony Ashar, dxld Jan 20)

USA/JAPAN   17540  on Jan 17 at 2133 UT, Radio Japan, Furman SC relay of
WHRI, in Portuguese. Total silence! Does Radio Japan follow the Brasilia
summer time for this transmission, in Portuguese? Tomorrow, I will try to
listen to it at 2030 UT (5:30PM in Cabedelo and 6:30PM in Brasilia).
WRTH 2017 says 2130-2200 UT, page 477.
(Jota Xavier-BRA, dxld & hcdx Jan 17)

I've heard it frequently this "summer" still 2130 on 17540.  73 Guilherme
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld & hcdx Jan 18)

On Jan 18 noted in Edmonton Alberta Canada remote SDR post:

17539.996  NHK World - Radio Japan Tokyo, via WHRI relay bcast center,
Portuguese nx reader male, S=9+20dB or -58dBm signal read out,
exact 10.2 kHz wideband audio signal, nx at 2136 UT on Jan 18.
Many items on China, economy, internet etc. etc.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

USA   WOR  World of Radio - or BS Brother Stair on 9330 at 0030 UT?

Brother Scare schedule now claims to be "24 hours mostly" on WBCQ 9330 kHz
and 5130 kHz. He was heard late into the night on 9330 kHz, and also
during the daytime, but fading out (off?) in the afternoon. If anyone can
hear 9330 kHz between 0030 and 0100 UT and tell whether it's BS or GH,
please let me know.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Jan 20)

On Jan 20 noted in western coastline of Ireland, Europe,
Detroit Michigan US, and Edmonton Alberta Canada this night

nothing on 9330 kHz at all, NIL signal.

But Brother Stair TOM sermon on
5129.827 kHz exact measured, S=7 or -86dBm signal in Detroit MI US,
S=9+20dB -53dBm on remote unit at Edmonton Alberta Canada,
at 0052 UT on Jan 20.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 20)

UZBEKISTAN   7510  Tashkent 100 kW / 76 deg Voice of Martyrs, on Jan 8 at
1530 UT - Much better reception this morning, with same format. Crash
start. No IS, into same presumed ID with phonetics (May be V..O..M). Fair
to good this morning, in presumed Korean, beamed to Korea. Likely jammed,
as I'm hearing a noise tone on same channel. Nothing noted this morning
from TWR on 7505 kHz, also from Tashkent-UZB. Heard on other mornings.
Frequency measured on 7509.983 kHz today.
(Walt Salmaniw-Masset-BC-CAN, DXplorer Jan 18)

UZBEKISTAN   Voice of Wilderness via RED Telecom Tashkent, Jan 19
1330-1530  7615 TAC 100 kW 70 deg to NoEaAS Korean, weak to fair.

North Korea Reform Radio via RED Telecom Tashkent, Jan 19
1430-1530  7590 TAC 100 kW 76 deg to NoEaAS Korean, fair to good signal

Voice of Martyrs via RED Telecom Tashkent, Jan 19
1530-1700  7510 TAC 100 kW 76 deg to NoEaAS Korean/English, weak
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

VANUATU   7259.939 signal peak visible around 0635 UT,  VANUATU ??
seemingly long path from Pacific, Easter Isl, Colombia, Azores long path
into Germany ?
Yes, - confirmed also on Edmonton Alberta Canada remote installation.

And very same BSL Radio Vanuatu Port Vila. Vanuatu station ID by men at
0642 UT on Jan 19. S=8 or -78dBm signal easily armchair signal heard in
Brisbane Queensland in Australia remote unit.

btw. nothing heard on 4835 kHz in Brisbane at 0645 UT. When is the ABC NT
service on shortwave final cut date ?

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 19)

VATICAN STATE   17895, Voice of America - via Vatican Radio relay site at
Santa Maria di Galeria, at 1617-1640 UT on Jan 21, English service with
talk about the current situation in Gambia followed by Swaziland. Several
IDs and African vocals from 1633 UT. Good signal.
{16-18 UT, 250 kW 144 degr to zones 46-48, 52-53, 57. }
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 22)

11630 new frequency. This is Radio Veritas Asia in Urdu language service
via Vatican Radio site at Santa Maria di Galeria.
1430-1457 NF11630 SMG 250 kW 89 deg to SoAS, ex 15330 kHz.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 25)

Signal heard right now at 14:38 UTC on 11630 kHz. S=9+20dB on the
University of Enschede Twente SDR, much weaker S6 signal on my PL-660 in
Central Florida.
Talk in South Asian? Language, Male and Female alternating talk.
(galactic172, in dxld Jan 25)

ZAMBIA   New Weekday Schedule for Voice of Hope - Africa.

Morning broadcast to be replaced with afternoon / evening broadcast
from 1700-2200 UT on 4965 kHz (omni) and 6065 kHz (to West Africa).

I received the following personal message from Ray Robinson:

"I have seen a few messages lately, regarding the non-appearance of ZNBC-1
on 5915 kHz in their early mornings. You may be aware of the rolling power
outages called 'load shedding' the electricity utility in Zambia, ZESCO,
continues to impose daily throughout the country. The outages are at
different times in different areas, but at the Voice of Hope transmitter
site, the outages have been effect from 6-10am local (0400-0800 UT) since

The ZNBC shortwave site is only a few miles from ours, and it would be
logical they are on the same outage schedule. I know from when our staff
visited their site a few months ago to buy some distilled water for our
transmitter cooling systems before our own still was up and running, that
ZNBC's genset is not currently operational, and I don't believe they have
the budget either to repair it, or to buy diesel for it, if it was
repaired and functional.

"My guess is they have decided it is not really worth the effort to
broadcast for the hour or so from 0245 UT until whenever the power goes
out. (This is just my speculation.) They do use 5915 kHz later in the day
after the much cheaper hydro power returns, but of course by then, the
propagation conditions do not favor inter-continental reception.

"As for Voice of Hope - Africa, we had expected the load shedding to end
by December (two months into the Zambian rainy season), but alas the
outages are continuing, with no sign of any change soon. Our own weekday
morning broadcasts on 9680 and 11680 kHz have been entirely powered from
our genset since September. This is expensive, and unsustainable.

We have therefore decided to make a schedule change from next Monday.
Instead of broadcasting weekday mornings from 0500-0800 UT, we will switch
to weekday evenings from 1700-2200 UT, extending the duration of the
broadcast from three hours to five. The last two hours will be 'Night
Light' presented by Stephen Mdoma, reprising a program he used to present
late nights years ago when the station was known as Christian Voice We
will be using the frequencies 4965 kHz (omni) and 6065 kHz (to West
Africa), which may also afford better opportunities for reception in ECNA
after local dusk.

The program schedule on our website will be updated this weekend. We plan
to re-launch the morning broadcasts once the load shedding ends. I thought
you might like to know.

"Ray Robinson
Vice President, Global Operations
Strategic Communications Group - Voice of Hope
Los Angeles and Lusaka

I presume that the weekend schedule (Saturday and Sunday 1200-1700 UT
on 9680 and 13680 kHz?) is unchanged but am checking.
(Richard Langley-CAN, dxld Jan 20)

Acc. to info I got from KVOH, Voice of Hope Africa will replace their
weekday morning transmission starting next Monday [23 Jan] with an evening

1700-2200  4965 kHz to South Africa and 6065 kHz to West Africa.
Voice Of Hope - Africa - View on  <>

"Voice of Hope (Zambia) has another test this Jan 20 evening 2000-2200 UT
on 4965 kHz."
(Mauno Ritola-FIN on WRTH F_Bk group, 20 March)

Dave Kernick has put a recording of last night's test on his
Interval Signals Online website


(under Zambia, highlighted as 'New')

"Continuous Christian pop with occasional English announcements, such as
this one at 21:04 UT:

"From Zambia to the world, the Voice of Hope - Africa is test transmitting
on this frequency with an authorised power of 100,000 watts". Monitored
with poor to fair reception via Global Tuners remote rx in Odenwald
Germany. "
(Dave Kernick-UK, on WRTH F_B group)

(Voice of Hope (Zambia) also heard testing on 6065 kHz at 0550-0800 UT
on March 23 and 9680 kHz at 0805-1359 UT on March 24 by Bill Bingham
in Johannesburg-AFS. (on dxld yg)

Updated shortwave schedule of KVOH  Voice of Hope Africa from Jan 23,
via Makeni Ranch, some 36 kilometers west of Lusaka

1700-2200  4965 LUS 100 kW 000 deg to SoAF English Mon-Fri tx#1, new addit
1700-2200  6065 LUS 100 kW 315 deg to WeAF English Mon-Fri tx#2, new addit
1200-1700  9680 LUS 100 kW 000 deg to SoAF English Sat/Sun tx#1, unchanged
1200-1700 13680 LUS 100 kW 315 deg to WeAF English Sat/Sun tx#2, unchanged
0500-0800  9680 LUS 100 kW 000 deg to SoAF English Mon-Fri tx#1, cancelled
0500-0800 11680 LUS 100 kW 315 deg to WeAF English Mon-Fri tx#2, cancelled
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 24)

New Weekday Schedule for Voice of Hope - Africa.
Morning broadcast to be replaced with afternoon / evening broadcast from
1700 to 2200 UT on 4965 kHz (omni-dir) and 6065 kHz (to West Africa).

Coming 36 km westwards of Lusaka, from Makeni ranch transmitter site ...
Christian Vision Makeni bcasts were always much stronger signals into
Germany in the past, than Lusaka 5915 kHz transmissions. (wb  df5sx)

History 1994 to 2011 year:

ZAMBIA   Permission has been given for a British based organization
"Christian Vision", to operate a tx in Zambia, using the name
"Christian Voice".

They have purchased a 100 kW Continental SW tx and hope to be
broadcasting - mainly in English - from Dec 1st.    (RN_MN, Sept 1994)

ZAMBIA    At Dec 1st, at 1100 hours local time,  NEW radio station
"Christian Voice" introduced a new 100 kW Continental type 418-E 100 kW,
and the antenna is a TCI non directional antenna, on 6065 kHz
at 1400-2030 UTC. Now used with 50 kW of power only.

Is identical to an aerial put into service in Zimbabwe at same time.
Planned frequencies are 4965 & 7250 kHz also.
(HCJB Quito DX_Party_Line, Dec 1, 1994)

till May 2011 in service:

ZAMBIA   13589.611  CVC International 1 Africa from Lusaka in English,
36 km westwards Lusaka, from Makeni ranch transmitter site:

G.C. 15 32 17.43 S  28 00 04.87 E

Log periodic antenna towards 315 degrees. S=6 at 1725 UT May 5.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 4, 2011)


SW meetings and conventions in 2017 year.

Hello friends,

here is the annual list of sw and dx meetings of 2017. Amendments and
corrections are welcome and if necessary, I'll compile an updated list
during February. You are welcome to deliver the list further.

73's - Risto Vaehaekainu, The Finnish DX Association.

Date: February 13
Description: UNESCO World Radio Day

Dates: March 2-4
Location: Plymouth Meeting (near Philadelphia), PA, USA
Description: Winter SWL Fest (30th meeting)
NASWA Winter SWL Fest:  <>
Expected attendance: 150
March 2-4, 2017, Doubletree Guest Suites Philadelphia West, Plymouth
Meeting, Pennsylvania. The Winter SWL Fest is a conference of radio
hobbyists of all stripes ...

Date: March 4 (1430-1700 BST)
Location: Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC),
35-39 London Street, Reading RG1 4PS, England
Organization: Reading International Radio Group
Expected attendance: 20
More info:  <>   <barraclough.mike -at->
Note: Reading DX meetings are held with about 2 months interval
(next one on April 29th).
British DX Club Web Site - Home Page  <>
The British DX Club Home Page. Welcome to the British DX Club (BDXC-UK)
Web site. This page contains information about the club and its services.

Dates: March 19-21
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Description: Radiodays Europe 2017 - conference
More info: <>
RDE 2017 Amsterdam. Venue, Hotel, Visa information ... RDE 2017 Programme.
Submit a session & speaker.
Click here. RDE 2016 CATCHUP. Video streaming of RDE 2016 ...

Dates: March 20-26
Location: Hoherodskopf mountain, near Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
Description: DX Camp
More info: <>
registration DX-Camp per e-Mail to  <mail -at->

Dates: May 5-7
Location: Joenkoeping, Sweden
Description: DX-Parlamentet 2017, the annual meeting of the SDXF
Organization: The Swedish DX-Federation (SDXF)
More info: <>

Dates: May 19-21
Location: Dayton, Ohio, USA
Organization: Dayton Hamvention
Expected attendance: 20.000
More info: Hamvention <>
When Hamvention opens May 19 at the Greene County Fairgrounds and
Exposition Center in Xenia,...

Dates: May 17-20
Location: Simi Valley, California, USA
Description: Annual NASB Conference, hosted by KVOH Voice of Hope
Organization: National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters
More info:  <>

National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters:
Home  <>
Welcome to the Website for the National Association of Shortwave
Broadcasters. This website contains information about our association, and
interesting and helpful ...

Dates: July 1-15
Location: Doebriach, Austria
Description: DX-Camp of ADXB-OE
More info:  <>
Info flyer  <>

Dates: July 14-16
Location: Friedrichshafen, Germany
Description: Ham Radio, biggest annual hamfest in Europe
Expected attendance: 20.000
More info:  <>

Dates: August 17-19
Location: Reno, NV, USA
Description: IRCA Convention
More info: <>

Dates: August 18-20
Location: Tampere, Finland
Description: European DX Conference (EDXC 50 years!)
and the annual summer meeting of the Finnish DX Association.
Expected attendance: 150
More info: <>  e-mail <rv -at->

Dates: September 1-6
Location: Berlin, Germany
Name: IFA Internationale Funkausstellung
Description: Consumer Electronics Fair - Including Radios
More info:  <>

Dates: September 2-3
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Description: Big ham fair with a SW sector
(Japan SW Club stand & lectures)
Organization: Tokyo HAM Fair sponsored by JARL.
Expected attendance: 30.000
More info:  <ohtaket -at->

Dates: September 14-19
Location: Amsterdam, Holland
Decsription: IBC 2017, conference and exhibition
More info:  <>

Dates: not announced (probably November)
Location: Kolkata (Calcutta), India
Description: Ham Fest India 2017

(Risto S. Vaehaekainu-FIN, hcdx Jan 26)

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