2017 KB7QPS Air, Space, and Technology Operating Event

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Calendar Year 2017


The KB7QPS objective is to commemorate man’s historical milestones in air, space, and technology over the last 400 years by operating special event stations and making as many contacts as possible. The KB7QPS Air, Space, and Technology special event station will operate from the Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society club station located at Seattle’s Museum of Flight. Additional operators around the country may be utilizing their home station.

Certificate: A beautiful, full color certificate is available after the conclusion of the event. The certificate, shown below, indicates the call sign of the amateur as well as which of the 12 special event stations they worked. (Note: the award is available whether you make just one contact with a special event station or you work all of them. The award will show which ones each participant has made by themselves.) . The back of the certificate will feature the names and call signs of all operators who earn a clean sweep by working all twelve of the special event stations. To defray the cost of printing the certificates, please send $5 for the certificate, except for youth as indicated below.

Youth Incentive: The Air, Space, and Technology Operating Event would like to encourage children and youth in particular to participate in the event. Special youth only operating times will be established and non-youth operators are requested to cease the frequency to those 18 and under during these time slots.

Additionally, youth 18 years and younger are eligible to receive the certificate at no charge. Simply include a note with your request and we’ll send out a certificate to you.

Charity Benefit: Keeping with the amateur radio tradition, any monies collected will be used to offset the cost of printing QSL cards and certificates. Should money receive exceed our costs, any extra will be donated to the Museum of Flight’s Inspiration Begins Here! campaign, which funds educational programs designed to inspire today’s youth into air, space, and technology subjects.

Please mail QSL card requests (SASE required) and certificate requests ($5 required, address label appreciated) to: (Name of Special Event Station), C/O L Greg Magone, 27492 254th Pl SE, Maple Valley, WA 98038,USA

Website: http://airspacetechnology.webs.com/

Call SignSpecial Event Title Event Dates
N6R 3 Generations of Mars Rovers 1/19/17 - 1/23/17
W7J  Discovery of Jupiter's Moons 2/2/17 - 2/6/17
W7C First Flight of the Concorde 3/2/17 - 3/6/17
N7S First Space Shuttle Launch 4/14/17 - 4/17/17 
N7T Hubble Space Telescope 5/18/17 - 5/22/17
W7S Discovery of Sunspots 6/8/17 - 6/12/17
N7M Man Walking On The Moon 7/20/17 - 7/24/17
K7I Birth of the IBM-PC 8/10/17 - 8/14/17
W7F First Flight of the F-22 9/7/17 - 9/11/17
K7S Sputnick Launch 9/28/17 - 10/2/17
K7E Invention of the Electron Tube 11/9/17 - 11/13/17
W7D Dreamliner First Flight 12/4/17 - 12/18/17

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