Canada's 150th Birthday

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Pierre, CF2PIJ will be offering a Canada 150 Special Event Certificate. The certificate can be earned by logging CF2PIJ during the year 2017. Attached to the award are be special endorsement stickers earned by working Canadian stations logging each of the provinces and territories.

QSO's for 2017 only. Send your log when you have contacted a total of 10 provinces + 3 territories. Alternately, you may send your log in January 2018 with a listing of all of the provinces and territories that you worked during 2017. There is a maximun of 13 QSOs possible in your log. QSO's for 2017 only. The log submitted should contain standard QSO data including: Call Sign, Date, Band, Mode, RS/T. Send all the data to:

Canada’s Provinces are:
VE1 VA1 CY9 CY0 Nova Scotia;
VE2 VA2 Quebec;
VE3 VA3 Ontario;
VE4 VA4 Manitoba;
VE5 VA5 Saskatchewan;
VE6 VA6 Alberta;
VE7 VA7 British Columbia;
VE9 New Brunswick;
VY2 Prince Edward Island;
(VO1 Newfoundland; VO2 Labrador: count for 1);
VE8 Northwest Territories;
VY1 Yukon Territory;
VY0 Nunavut Territory

During the 100th anniversary, stations currently using the "standard" prefixes have permission to use special prefixes as follows:
VE can use CG, other special prefix for other event : CK, VG, XM, VC
VA can use CF, other special prefix for other event: CJ, VG, XL, VB
VO can use CH, other special prefix for other event: CY, XJ, XN, VD
VY can use CI, other special prefix for other event: CZ, XK, XO, VF

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