The 19th Volta International Memorial Day 2017 Award

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16 - 26 February 2017


The Italian Radio Amateur Association of Como, with the help of "Sezione ARI of Cinisello Balsamo", have organize the "19th VOLTA INTERNATIONAL MEMORIAL DAY 2017" Award, with the special support of the Como’s Township, to commemorate the Alessandro Volta’s birthday anniversary on 18 February 1745, (Volta was the inventor of the battery, discoverer of dynamic electricity and determining the nature of methane gas). Award participation is worldwide and permitted to all OM and SWL.

For this "Volta International Memorial day" edition, the ARI Section of Como offers, in addition to the usual prizes (commemorative plaques), a reproduction of Volta's battery which will be drawn among all the participants that earn this Award.

1. PARTICIPATION: All OMs and SWLs of the world.
2. PERIOD: Contacts may be made between 00:00 UTC of February 16 2017 to 24:00 UTC of February 26 2017.
3. AWARDS: 1.8 - 3.5 – 7 – 14 – 21 – 28 Mc bands.
4. Requirements of the award:
     a. Italian Hams need 20 points (minimun to request the Award).
     b. Foreign Hams need 10 points (minimun to request the Award).
     a. Ham Stations of Como and the Ham Stations of Cinisello will call "19th VOLTA INTERNATIONAL DAY" and will give the (RS-T) plus a progressive number of the contacts starting from 001.
     b. The Ham Stations of Como and Cinisello Balsamo using their personal call sign = 1 point.
     c. The special jolly station (wild card) operating every day will gives 2 points .
     d. The special call sign II2V will give 3 points .
     e. The manager is IK2AQZ. Jolly Stations (II2V - IQ2DB - IQ2CJ) will not give the progressive number.
     f. Each radio station can be contacted, on the same day, not more than once per band.
     g. Every station contacted on the same day is valid one time per band only.
7. LOGS: Must be sent within March 31 2017, to: ARI Sezione di Como P.O.B. 144 I-22100 COMO Italy.
8. AWARD COST: 10 euro
9. Special Awards (PREMIUMS): The top three OM/SWL (Italian and foreign) and the top operators from Como and Cinisello, will be special awarded for each category. The prize (reproduction of Volta's battery) will be raffled among the participants who qualify No contribution is required for shipment of prizes. Awards and prizes will be sent during the year 2017.

For other informations please contact the manager, IK2AQZ Oscar.

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