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11 - 28 February 2017


The Extreme Group is pleased to announce the fourth edition of the "VENICE CARNIVAL AWARD". The aim of the award is to spread through the radio the peculiarities and beauties of the well-known annual Venetian Carnival.

1. PERIOD: From Saturday, the 11th of February 2017, to Thursday, the 28th of February 2017.

2. BANDS AND MODES: All bands from 10 to 160m (contacts on the WARC bands counts too) on SSB, CW and DIGITAL MODES.

3. SPECIAL CALLSIGN: The special event call sign this year is : II3CV.

4. POINT VALUES: QSOs with such the special event stations are worth 5 points.

5. In order to achieve the award you need to earn at least 15 points.

6. The special station can be worked for a maximum of 3 times per band (one QSO for each mode).

7. QSLs, AWARD and RANKINGS: A QSL card for the contacts made with II3CV can be requested through Bureau or Direc (OQRS preferred). All stations earning at least 15 points can request the award. The award fee is 10 euro or $US10. The fee can be paid through Paypal or Postepay to the Award Manager, Mario Gava, IK3HHX ( ). The log excerpt of your log confirming the QSOs with II3CV needs to be attached to the award request e-mail as well.

8. If using e-mail, the subject line of your message must contain your call sign followed by: Venice Carnival Award 2017. (For example: "IZ3XXX – Venice Carnival Award 2017).

9. General Rankings will be compiled at the end of the operation’s period and an Overall Winner will be elected. The final prize will be a traditional Venice Carnival Mask. If a tie occurs, the winner will be the station that completed the score in the least time (date and UTC time of the last contact will be compared). A special prize will be sent to the top SWL station too.

Further information are available through the Award Manager, IK3HHX or through the Group website:


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