1st "IMPERIAL ROME" Diploma 2017

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17-23 April 2017


 Tango Whisky group sponsors a standing contest called "IMPERIAL ROME", open to amateur radio operators and SWL from all nations.  The event will be held every year, the third week of April, celebrating "Natale di Roma" (birthday of Rome) which falls on 21st of April. Operating bands: 80-40-20 meters only SSB mode.

1. The activator stations will give the report and 5 points each contact.
2. You can contact more times the same activator station only on different days or different bands.
3. In order to get the Diploma you have to reach the following score: 100 points for Italian OM and 50 points for other Nations OM.
4. The same score applies to SWL on condition that there are at least three participants.
5. The Diploma is free and will be sent in PNG format.
6. The activity will take place this year from 17th to 23rd April 2017.
7. The log must be sent in any format at marco@iu0fbk.it .
8. The deadline to receive the logs of the 1st "IMPERIAL ROME" Contest is April 30th 2017, considered as valid the date of the e-mail.

General ranking will be visible on www.iu0fbk.it .
The regulation is written and edited by QSLM IUØFBK Marco.

E-mail: marco@iu0fbk.it
Internet: www.iu0fbk.it/News-article-sid-2.html

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