90th Anniversary of the Birth Date of Oleksa Tykhyi» ( EN90IWA )

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27 January to 31 December 2017


Oleksa Ivanovych Tykhyi, is a teacher, linguist, Ukrainian rights defender, and member-founder of the Ukrainian community group of assistance implementation of the Helsinki agreements (Ukrainian Helsinki group). From January, 27 to December, 31 of 2017 the memorial call sign EN90IWA will be active, operated by the HAM station US4IWA, Druzhkivka club of radio amateurs.


To earn the diploma it is necessary to have no less than 2 QSOs with the station EN90IWA on the actual birth date of January, 27, 2017 from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC. HAM stations outside of Europe need only to have 1 QSO.


From 27 Jan to 31 December 2017 to make no fewer than 90 points for contacts with HAMs from Donetsk area according to the list shown below:
A. Contacts for European stations = 1 point.
B. Contacts with special call signal EN90IWA = 10 points.
C. Contacts for Donetsk stations located outside of Europe = 3 points.
D. Contacts for stations located outside Europe with EN90IWA = 30 points.
E. For the QSO on 160, 2, 0.7 meter bands the point values are multiplied by 2.
F. It is necessary to have at least 1 QSO with EN90IWA.
G. The same station may be worked once per mode per band for QSO credit.
H. Permitted modes are CW, SSB, FM, DIGI, RTTY.

SWLs have to earn no less than 90 points on the terms indicated above, thus with one station assumed no more 3 SWL of EN90IWA. Any contacts during contests do not count points.
A request for the diploma should be made by e-mail. Add your call sign and attached file with QSO data and show in the subject lint, the word «90», for example: «uy7it 90».
Please use any common text editor or Cabrillo software and show the call-sign, name and electronic address that the e-mail will use to send the digital image file.
Requests in an electronic format should be sent no later than January, 31, 2018 (inclusive).

E-mail: uy5ig@ukr.net

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