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1 March to 31 December 2017

The Italian Radio Amateur Association, on the occasion of its 90th anniversary in 2017, has established a special diploma called "ARI 90 YEARS" which is open to all Radio Amateurs and SWLs of the world.

During 2017, starting from March 1 to December 31, many Italian stations will be active from different stations of the ARI Sections in all Italian regions. These stations will use call signs starting with "IQ", (such as IQ0RR), or, alternatively, the Name of the Chairman or a Member of the Chamber, and will spend a special identifier called a SASC (ASC Special) in the format composed of (1) a letter, identifying their region, (2) the characters 90ARI, and (3) a number which is used to identify regions that have either one or more stations active: such as 1 or 2, etc.

So a typical identifier/SASC will look like this: F90ARI2
This will mean F=Tuscany 90ARI = the anniversary 2 = the 2nd station in the region.
Make a note of this in your logs as it will be used in the application.

A = Abruzzo                B = Basilicata         C = Campania D = Molise
E = Emilia-Romagna  F = Toscana           G = Liguria J = Puglia
K = Calabria              L = Lombardia       M = Marche N = Trentino-Alto Adige
P = Piedmont             R = Lazio                S = Sardegna T = Sicily
U = Umbria                V Friuli-VG           W = Veneto X = Valle d’Aosta

SASC, how it works:
# Is a number that follows the word "ARI" and is assigned in order of arrival of requests for SASC by Sections. Example: If in Lombardy plalns to operate six stations IQ2, past the SASC will show: L90ARI1, L90ARI2, L90ARI3, L90ARI4, L90ARI5 and L90ARI6. Groups with their own name IQ prefix can participate provided that the Group name is registered to ARI and have obtained authorization from the President of the Section to which the Group is registered.

Will also be present during the year with two Special ARI Headquarters stations: II2ARI and IQ2ARI * who will use the SASC H90ARI1 and H90ARI2. On Marconi Day, April 22, 2017 there will also be 10 additional Special stations Marconiane prefixed IY which will pass the identifier Y90ARI # (in this case # is a different number, from 1 to 10, depending on the station).

A. To obtain the Diploma you will have to contact stations in all the 20 Regions. In the case where a region is missing, it can be replaced by using one of the Special Headquarter stations or from a Marconian Special station. If there are two missing regions they may be replaced by a Special Headquarter Station and a Special Marconi Station.
B. Those stations who contacted all 20 regions plus at least a Headquarter Station or a Special Marconi Station (20 + 1) will be entered in the " ARI 90 YEARS Honor Roll ".
C. Those stations who contact all 20 regions plus at least a Headquarter Special station and at least one Special Marconi Station (20 + 1 + 1) will be entered in the " ARI 90 YEARS Super Honor Roll ".
D. The Award is available only as mixed band / mode. There is no endorsement of band or mode.

For non-Italian stations it will be possible to obtain the Diploma by contacting fewer regions, as follows:
European stations: 15 Italian Regions
DX stations: 10 Italian Regions

NO COST: The Award is free and will be sent in the form of PDF files to the applicant.

APPLYING: To apply send a simple GCR (extract of your log book) showing QSO data, plus the SASC code received (this is the letter and number sent to you with the contact, such as "L90ARI2" and your information to the following email address: or IK2UVR (at) no later than 31 March, 2018.

QSL cards are not required. The ARI will verify the presence of the QSO in the logs sent from the stations and from the Regional Special stations. For SWL’s, they are obligated to indicate both the station heard Special Regional or that the corresponding station. Results will be published in RadioRivista June or July-August 2018 and on the website

SCHEDULE OF ARI ACTIVITY: Due to the large number of Italian stations that are expected to participate, the schedule shown below has been developed to limit a few regions for the time shown below:
The IQ stations will be operational from March to December 2017 in the following table:
A. March 2017: Piedmont (P) and Sicily (T)
B. April 2017: Valle d’Aosta (X) and Umbria (U)
C. May 2017: Trentino-Alto Adige (N) and Calabria (K)
D. June 2017: Veneto (W) and Basilicata (B)
E. July 2017: Lombardia (L) and Puglia (J)
F. August 2017: Liguria (G) and Molise (D)
G. September 2017: Friuli-Venezia Giulia (V) and Abruzzo (A)
H. October 2017: Tuscany (F) and Sardinia (S)
I. November 2017: Emilia-Romagna (E) and Campania (C)
J. December 2017: Brands (M) and Lazio (R)
K. From March to June 2017: II2ARI (H90ARI1)
L. From July to October 2017: IQ2ARI (H90ARI2)

Only on 22 April 2017: 10 stations Stations 10 Marconiane Commemorative Marconiane Italian IY (Y) belonging to CSMI (Coordination Stations Marconiane Italian): IY1MR, IY1SP, IY4FGM, IY5PIS, IY6GM, IY7M, IY0GA, IY0IMD, IY0ORP, IY0TC. (Y) QSO / HRD always on Wednesday, April 22 with the above IY stations, will also be valid for the achievement of special "High Stations Marconiane Italian * 90 Years ARI" . Apply the same technical and operational requirements of the IQ stations.To obtain the diploma "Marconiano" will be needed, at least 5 QSO / HRD to be made with different IY stations above, regardless of the bandwidth and / or output mode, when operated in SOLA Saturday, April 22, 2017.

All the frequencies assigned to the Amateur Radio Service in Italy from 160 m to 70 cm and all legal modes permitted by regulation are valid.
All participants must be able to respond to QSLs to stations worked via the ARI QSL bureau. by providing the cards.
At IQ and IY stations participating in this event will be sent a Special Certificate of Attendance.

(Rev. 01/03/2017)

E-mail: or IK2UVR (at)

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