Carnival Competition of Tenerife 2017

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17 February to 5 March 2017


The Santa Cruz Regional Section - La Laguna de la Union de Radio Ababa Españoles organizes the competition for the Carnival of Tenerife 2017 with the following rules:
1. Eligibility: Any radio listener or amateur radio operator in the world who holds a license in force on the dates of celebration may participate.
2. Period of celebration:.- From 00:00 UTC from 02-17-2017 until 23:59 UTC on 05-03-2017.
3. Bands and Modes: Contacts may be made on: CW, SSB and digital modes. The contacts made using any mode and / or band between 80 and 10 meters (including the WARC bands), with the stations:
     a. ED8URT (on the air on 17/18/19 February),
     b. EG8URT (on the air on 24 / 25/26 February),
     c. EH8URT (on air 3/4/5 March) and
     d. EA8URT (airborne on 20/21/22/23/27/28/28/28 and March 1/2).

4. Four Awards are Available:
     a. Diploma Bronze (Rondallas) .- make at least 10 contacts with the special station ED8URT in any mode and band.
     b. Diploma Plata (Comparsas) .- make at least 10 contacts with the special station EG8URT in any mode and band.
     c. Gold Diploma (Murgas) . make at least 10 contacts with the special station EH8URT in any mode and band.
     d. Platinum Diploma (Queen of Carnival) make at least 12 contacts with the station EA8URT in any mode and band, besides having obtained the diplomas Rondallas, Comparsas and Murgas.
     e. duplicate contacts using the same mode and band with the same station will not be counted.

5. Applications.- The diplomas in PDF format can be downloaded from the website as soon as the official results are published on the website.

6. Trophies - A personalized trophy will be awarded (with the call sign of the winner and the position obtained), to the 5 radio amateurs with the highest number of contacts obtained with the special URT stations using the different modes and bands.

The valid modes are: SSB, CW and digital (in all its variants, ie if you work ED8URT in the 20 meter band in RTTY mode and we have worked in 20 digital meters, although the next day we work in 20 meters PSK63, the contact will be considered repeated). For this purpose they do not count duplicate contacts in the same mode and band with the same station.

For any doubt or clarification you can contact us at the following e-mail address:

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