Diploma Bergisches Land

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The OV G73 has established this award which may be earned by contacting licensed radio amateurs and SWL’s located in cities and towns in the DOK’s listed below. (These DOK’s have a common history based on Bergisches Land. The award is available to licensed amateurs and SWLs which are listed below beginning on 1 April 2017. All bands and modes OK, but no contacts via echo link or repeaters will count.

Following OV (as of April 2017) are as follows:

Gummersbach G07
Leverkusen G11
Rösrath G17
Bergisch Gladbach G19
Berg Mark G28
Bergisch Neukirchen G34
Wahnbachtal G43
Eitorf G54
Heiligenhaus R03
Hilden R04
Neandertal R09
Ratingen R12
Remscheid R13
Solingen R14
Velbert R15
Wuppertal R16
Wermelskirchen R19
Haan R24
Langenfeld/Leichlingen R25
Wülfrath R29

The diploma Bergisches Land is issued in 3 classes: (See list of OV/DOK’s in above table.)

DL 30 points from at least 4 OV
DX 15 points from at least 2 OV

DL 40 points from at least 8 OV
DX 20 points from at least 4 OV

DL 50 points from at least 12 OV
DX 25 points from at least 6 OV

QSOs with the call sign of DD7D/DD8D the Contest call Bergischer radio amateurs = 2 points, and may be used one time as a Joker (wild card) for one missing OV.

1. Award application is carried out with GCR list. The diploma Manager reserves the right to request any QSL Cards.

2. The diploma will be sent as .pdf document by E-Mail for a fee of 3 euros. Apply to dd5ma@darc.de

3. On request it can be sent by mail for a fee of 5€.

4. Diploma is Manager DD5MA, Frank marble, Tersteegenstr. 11, D-51545 Waldbröl, Germany

Email: dd5ma@darc.de
Internet: http://www.darc.de/der-club/distrikte/g/ortsverbaende/73/

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