Diploma of the Golden Echelon

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2017 is the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Blockade of Leningrad and the dispatch of the Coal Trains from Vorkuta.  All food and fuel was strictly rationed and death by starvation took a terrible toll on the civilian population for the 900 days of the siege. Certain amounts of coal, mostly to industrial plants producing war goods was transported in to the city as shown in the award image.

To earn the award, you must have at least 872 points for contacts (HRD’s) with stations from the following Regions:
1. City of St. Petersburg (R1A; RDA: SP), (RDA = Russian District award number.)
2. Leningrad Region (R1C; RDA: LO),
3. Arkhangelsk Region (R1O; RDA: AR),
4. Vologodsk Region (R1Q; RDA: VO),
5. Komi Republic (R9X; RDA KO), and members of the "Arctica" Club.

The Arctic Club members and participants of the above areas may earn the award by making at least 900 QSOs for stations earning the award.
Communications are counted for contacts made on all HF and VHF bands and with the following types of emission: CW, SSB, PSK (once regardless of speed), RTTY, and JT65.
Repeated radio contacts or observations/SWL are allowed for award purposes when made on different bands and different modes in those bands.

Point Values:
For amateur radio and amateur radio-blockade in Vorkuta - 75 points.
For the participants from St. Petersburg (RDA SP) - 10 points.
For all other participants in cities or regions shown above - 5 points.
The award is issued in electronic format through http://arctica.hamlog.ru/ . All hams making contacts in support of this award will be registered on hamlog.ru and will upload their logs in the ADIF format through their personal computers.
Any band, any mode may be used.
All applications must be submitted no later than 26 January 2019.
Check to see which stations are active at: http://arctica.hamlog.ru/
The award rules and your current score are reported on http://arctica.hamlog.ru/diploms/eshelon/ . You may also apply for the FREE digital award at this web site once you have completed the requirements.

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