IOTA DX expedition - 2/3 march 2017 - ZZ5FI

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Two very rare inhabitated islands.

IOTA SA-047 / DIB PR-003

The Figueira  island is located on the coast of Paraná, approximately 45 km northeast of the resort of Pontal do Sul, in front of the Island of Superagüi and about 8 km from Barra do Ararapira (border between the states of Paraná and São Paulo ). It has high walls of volcanic stones that jump from the waters, as well as leafy trees and many birds that make their nesting there. Figueira is surrounded by an agitated sea, without shelter against strong winds for boats and is among the worst Brazilian islands for landing. It has only a small plateau of 2 square meters, Allowing the landing of a maximum two people and a simple amateur radio station.

The team will do their utmost to carry out this activation within the physical limitations imposed by the imposing island, we ask patience and the understanding of all those interested in working this new locality never actived before.

The idea is to descend in Figueira at some favorable time within the period of the Island of Castilho (PX2CA) activation, when the sea conditions are satisfactory and do not offer great risks. The following equipment will be used: ICOM IC-706MKIIG, TEICO ATU-5 tunner, 40 A battery and COMET CHV-5X antenna supported on a tripod. Despite the very limited conditions of the station, we hope to be able to activate this island and contact with several Brazilian and foreign stations.

The modes of operation will be SSB and CW in the bands of 10-15-20-40 meters.

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