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The Warszawa Award is sponsored by SP5KCR Club for the Defense League Communications and is available for all licensed amateurs and SWLs who conduct a QSO/SWL with amateur stations in the City of Warsaw on or after February 24, 1921. All bands and modes OK.

DX-stations need 3 QSOs with stations from Warsaw.
European stations need 5 QSOs with stations from Warsaw
SP Stations need 10 QSO with stations from Warsaw.

A great opportunity to work multiple stations from Warsaw is to participate in the SPDX-Contest organized every year on the first full weekend of April.

Award fee is:
• for Polish stations 10 zloty.
• for all others, 5 €, $7 or 5 IRC.

You can make a deposit to the account of the WOT PZK VOLKSWAGEN BANK direct account no. 91 2130 0004 2001 0477 5524 0001 or by bank transfer to a PayPal account lin below

Application may be downloaded from:  http://www.sp5kcr.eu/images/stories/gify/award_warszawa.pdf

Apply using one of the following addresses:

SQ5WWK Warsaw Branch PZK, P. O. Box 3, 00-955 Warsaw, Poland 15, Poland.
SQ5WWK W³odzimierz Karczewski, P.O. Box. 9, 02-788 Warsaw 126, POLAND.

Internet: http://www.sp5kcr.eu/48-dyplomy/dyplomy-wydane/113-dyplom-warszawa-warszawa-award.html

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