Women’s Day - 8th of March

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4 - 9 March 2017


This award is sponsored by the club "Dolphins", and the local branch of the CPP in Sochi, Russia. This award recognizes the International Women’s Day and provides another chance to contact YL operators of any and all countries.
To earn the diploma you need to earn a total of 88 points by contacting YL radio amateurs in the world.

Scoring/Point Values:
1. The call sign number provides the same number of points: For example RK6AX = 6 points.
2. Contacts with the lady operator gives the operator the number of the prefix, plus 10 points.
     For example: RU0SYL- 10 + 10 = 20 points.
3. All modes of transmission may be used for contacts. Same station may use different types of communication (modes) at different bands. Mandatory are 2 QSO with women operators.

The award is issued free of charge in electronic form.
applications are accepted in Word format, cbr., Txt. Excel. Send list of contacts and scores via e-mail to: rk6ax@mail.ru . Applications will be accepted until 20 March 2017.

E-mail: rk6ax@mail.ru
Internet: https://awarddrc.jimdo.com/8-march-8-ìàðòà-congratulation/

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