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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

AFGHANISTAN   6100  R. Afghanistan Kabul, March 14 at 1533-1633 UT, 33333-
33322 English and Urdu and Arabic, News and Afghanistan music, station ID
at 1558 UT. -1558 English, 1558-1628 Urdu, 1628- UT Arabic service.
(Kouji Hashimoto-JPN, dxld March 14)

ALBANIA    Summer A-17 schedule of Radio Tirana, Albania.
26 March 2017 - 28 October 2017
via Shijak and Fllake relay sites.
Note new additional German language MW 1395 kHz entry at 1931-2000 UT.

0700-0900  7390 SHI 100 kW TX1 S-10 antenna at 310 deg to EUR
0801-0900  1395 FLA 500 kW TX2 F-01 antenna at 033 deg to Ce-East-EUR
1400-1530  1458 FLA 500 kW TX2 F-05 antenna non-dir to EUR
2300-2400  9855 SHI 100 kW TX1 S-15 antenna at 310 deg to WeEUR, UK & NoAM

2000-2030  7465 SHI 100 kW TX1 S-10 antenna at 310 deg to WeEUR, UK & NoAM

0130-0200  9850 SHI 100 kW TX1 S-15 antenna at 310 deg to WeEUR, UK & NoAM

1730-1800  7465 SHI 100 kW TX1 S-10 antenna at 310 deg to WeEUR-France

1931-2000  7465 SHI 100 kW TX1 S-10 antenna at 310 deg to We-CeEUR-Germany
1931-2000  1395 FLA 500 kW TX1 F-02 antenna at 330 deg to We-Central-EUR

GREEK   Mon-Sat
1545-1600  1458 FLA 500 kW TX2 F-05 antenna non-dir to Greece, Balkan.

1700-1730  7465 SHI 100 kW TX2 S-10 antenna at 310 deg to We-CeEUR-Italy

2015-2030  1458 FLA 500 kW TX2 F-04 antenna at 004 deg to CeEUR-Serbia

1830-1900  1458 FLA 500 kW TX2 F-05 ant non-dir to Turkey-Cyprus-Greece

Fllake, Albania location; Made in P.R. China of 1967 year.
G.C. 41 21 52.04 N  19 30 35.46 E

Shijak, Albania SW location and former MW 1089 kHz site, Made in USSR
G.C. 41 19 47.99 N  19 33 04.01 E

(Radio Tirana via Mrs. Drita Cico-ALB, March 20;
Radiostacionit te Fllake & Shijakut ? Pergjegjes Inxh. Eng. Bledi Mema.
Drejtori i Njesise Teknike: Inxh. Henri MUCA.
Studiot e Radio Tiranes - K/Inxh. Gjergji Gjipali.
via wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews, Germany)

A-17  CRI CER, China Radio International relay site Cerrik-ALB
26 March 2017 - 28 October 2017
created by ITU HFBC on 2016-03-04
 5960 2000 2100 27         CER  150 310  146  Eng  ALB CRI RTC
 5960 2100 2200 27         CER  150 310  146  Eng  ALB CRI RTC
 5970 1600 1800 28NW       CER  150 330  146  Deu  ALB CRI RTC
 5970 1800 2000 27SE       CER  150 310  146  Fra  ALB CRI RTC
 5985 0500 0700 37S,37NE   CER  150 240  206  Ara  ALB CRI RTC
 6020 0000 0100 8,9        CER  300 305  217  Eng  ALB CRI RTC
 6020 0100 0200 8,9        CER  300 305  217  Eng  ALB CRI RTC
 6020 0200 0300 8,9        CER  300 305  217  Chn  ALB CRI RTC
 6020 0300 0400 8,9        CER  300 305  217  Chn  ALB CRI RTC
 6055 1800 2000 37S,37NE   CER  150 240  206  Fra  ALB CRI RTC
 6175 2200 2300 37NW       CER  150 280  206  Por  ALB CRI RTC
 6175 2300 2400 37NW       CER  150 280  206  Spa  ALB CRI RTC
 6185 2000 2200 38         CER  150 193  206  Ara  ALB CRI RTC
 7210 2200 2400 37NW       CER  150 280  206  Spa  ALB CRI RTC
 7215 2000 2200 38E        CER  150 140  146  Ara  ALB CRI RTC
 7220 1100 1200 28SE       CER  150 0    925  Bul  ALB CRI RTC
 7285 0900 1000 28E        CER  150 0    925  Ron  ALB CRI RTC
 7285 2000 2100 27         CER  150 310  146  Eng  ALB CRI RTC
 7285 2100 2200 27         CER  150 310  146  Eng  ALB CRI RTC
 7345 1200 1300 28SE       CER  150 0    925  Srp  ALB CRI RTC
 7345 1500 1600 39NW       CER  150 0    925  Tur  ALB CRI RTC
 7380 1600 1800 28NW       CER  150 330  146  Deu  ALB CRI RTC
 9460 0900 1000 28E        CER  150 0    925  Ron  ALB CRI RTC
 9480 1800 2000 27SE       CER  150 310  146  Fra  ALB CRI RTC
 9555 1600 1800 38E        CER  150 140  146  Ara  ALB CRI RTC
 9565 1500 1600 39NW       CER  150 0    925  Tur  ALB CRI RTC
 9570 0000 0100 8,9        CER  300 305  217  Eng  ALB CRI RTC
 9570 0100 0200 8,9        CER  300 305  217  Eng  ALB CRI RTC
 9570 0200 0300 8,9        CER  300 305  217  Chn  ALB CRI RTC
 9570 0300 0400 8,9        CER  300 305  217  Chn  ALB CRI RTC
 9590 0500 0700 38E        CER  150 140  146  Ara  ALB CRI RTC
11695 1800 2000 37S,37NE   CER  150 240  206  Fra  ALB CRI RTC
11710 0500 0600 38E        CER  150 140  146  Eng  ALB CRI RTC
11710 0600 0700 38E        CER  150 140  146  Eng  ALB CRI RTC
11725 1600 1800 37S,37NE   CER  150 240  206  Ara  ALB CRI RTC
11775 0500 0700 37S,37NE   CER  150 240  206  Ara  ALB CRI RTC
11855 0700 0900 27         CER  150 310  146  Chn  ALB CRI RTC
11920 1400 1600 37S,37NE   CER  150 240  206  Fra  ALB CRI RTC
13665 1100 1300 27         CER  150 310  146  Eng  ALB CRI RTC
13670 1400 1600 37S,37NE   CER  150 240  206  Fra  ALB CRI RTC
13710 0700 0900 27         CER  150 310  146  Eng  ALB CRI RTC

300 kW = 2 x 150 kW combined SW txs.
Made in P.R. China of 1967 year.
Re-built and modernisized by China in July 2004 year.

Two Cerrik, Albania SHORTWAVE locations:

Cerrik SW site-A, now ruin, in use of Oct 1967 - July 2004 year.
10 x 50 kW, 6 x 25 kW.  16 x curtains, 5 x rhombic antennas.
G.C. 41 00 49.85 N  19 59 34.53 E
{probably Radio Tirana only transmission part til 2004 ? wb.}

Cerrik SW site-B, in use of 1972?  - July 2004 year.
restored 2004, 22 x curtain ants, 2 x non-directional quadrant ants,
6 x 150 kW TXs.  -  300 kW power = 2 x 150 kW combined SW txs.
G.C. 40 59 44.87 N  19 59 51.06 E
{probably Radio Tirana and Radio Peking relay transmission bc center
part towards Europe and North America, til 2004 ? wb.}

(CRI HFCC via ALR Mrs. Dita Cico, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 14)

BANGLADESH   15505, March 17 at 1358 UT, finally! A JBA carrier from
Bangladesh Betar, a few days before equinox managing to propagate
transpolarly. I have frequently sought this all winter. Then I strain to
hear any modulation: yes, recognizable BB interval signal once at
1359:27.5 UT, and JBA mis-timesignal I think ending at 1359:48.5 UT, so
they are *still* off-time, out of whack. And into Urdu.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 17)

Only tiny S3 signal at Doha Qatar, but  n i l  in Hungary and Italy, whole
Europe on March 19.  19 mb selection is too high in March season. wb.

BRAZIL   Time Signal Station Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro
on 10010.0 instead of 10000 kHz.

Time Signal Station Observatorio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro is now
transmitting on 10010.0 kHz, out of its habitual frequency of 10000 kHz,
maybe to avoid interference from other Time Signal Stations.

At 2120-2133 UT on March 15, 10010.0 kHz, time signals, female voice
announcements: "Observatorio Nacional 17 horas, 32 minutos, 30 segundos.
Very weak. 15321.
(Manuel Mendez Lugo-ESP, dxld March 15)

BRAZIL   4885.023  R. Clube do Para. Massive S=9+20dB signal at 0539 UT
w/live ZY Pops. Poor on the Pardinho web rx and nowhere near as good as
4895 kHz Novo Tempo or 4905 kHz Relogio, but oddly just the opposite here.
0541 UT rooster and "bon dia" jingle. 0544 UT bon dia and Clube ID promo.
0551 UT full canned ID w/freqs and ending w/QTH by M.
(Dave Valko-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 25)

9514.96  R. Marumby at 0943 UT tlk by M in PT. Usual "Marumby" women
singing jingle ID at 0946 UT before going into pleasant PT song. Studio M
DJ returned at 0950 UT, and back to mx at 0952 UT. Quick QSB.

Creating a het as it was off freq, but audible over China.
Oddly, only China noted on the Parinho Brazil web receiver.
(Dave Valko-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 7)

BRAZIL   6180, March 15 at 0132 UT, RNA/RNB is on tonight at S=9+35dB,
while // 11780 kHz is considerably weaker.

9724v, March 15 at 0114 UT, no signal from Radio RB2, yet the other
ZY variants are still detectable on 9818.86 kHz, R. Nove de Julho;
9674.9 kHz with het and 9664.9 kHz clear.

11856.12, March 15 at 0144 UT, JBA carrier, and none closer to
11855 kHz, so presumed R. Aparecida has varied up to here.

It was also on the hi side of 11856 kHz before, such as on Oct 23,
2015 at 11856.27 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 15)

6180.028 BRA  RNA/RNB  POWERHOUSE S=9+35dB at 0130 UT on March 16.
              9 kHz wide signal modulated.
and //
11780.007     S=9+10dB at 0141 UT, fluttery signal into Alberta CAN.
              8 kHz wide signal,
              b u t  contain a noisy annoying 180 Hertz BUZZ tone,
              visible on the Perseus screen.

ZY domestic stn:
9818.870 BRA  weak S=4 at 0203 UT on March 16 in Alberta-Canada.
9674.914 same
9664.912 BRA  poor S=5-6
9630.018 BRA  Radio Aparecida at 0210 UT, weak S=4-5

compare 9580 CRI Chinese from TITAN Quivican CUB S=9+10dB at 0208 UT

11764.622 BRA  SRDA rather poor S=6 in Alberta CAN.
               Female presenter at 0141 UT.
11856.111 BRA  R Aparecida, with seldom AVE MARIA prayer at 0145 UT,
               padre and nun prayer. S=6-7 signal in Alberta CAN.

Logs of wb in  Massachusetts-US and Alberta-Canada
remote SDR units.
Most of the middle US and east coast remote net SDR stations
have switched off tonight, due of the bad weather?, I guess.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 16)

BULGARIA   Frequency changes of Brother HySTAIRical TOM
via SPC-NURTS Sofia Kostinbrod relay.

March 15 at 1701-0200 UT     NF5900 SOF 100kW 306deg EaNoAM English,ex9465
from March 13 & 1803-2000 UT NF9400 SOF 100kW 306deg WeEUR  English,
and 2nd hx 18800 kHz, ex9700 kHz.

QSL via Spaceline Ltd., Sofia Bulgaria.
CEO Dimitar Todorov <lz1ax -at->
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 15)

CANADA   6070, on March 17 at 0544 UT, not even a carrier from CFRX, while
it is normally always there; must be off. K index only 2 and no storms as
of 0600 UT. Whew, March 17 at 1327 UT, very poor signal but recognizably
CFRX in English.

BTW, in A-17 season 6070 kHz will be hit by CCI from MWV Madagascar in
Spanish at 0200-0300 UT; CFRX gets no protexion from Canadian authorities
at HFCC. Vatican, Austria, Germany will also continue on 6070 kHz at other
times, as well as not registered North Korea; but not the imaginary
Jayapura, Indonesia which continues in HFCC. 6070 kHz also an option for
JIC, i.e. Sea Breeze at 13-15 UT but I think they have not used it yet.

7850, March 17 at 0549 UT, no signal from CHU, but maybe just not
propagating, as 7490 kHz WBCQ BS is uncharacteristically JBA.

7850-CUSB & 14670-CUSB, March 17 at 1404 UT, both are in well.

3330-CUSB, CHU was still off early March 17. Attention Comoro Islands,
please reactivate your 3331 kHz transmitter for a special DX test while
this is possible. FM scheduled from *0300 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 17)

6069.987  At 1725 UT on March 17 CFRX on air, heard S=8 signal in remote
Detroit-MI, checked against WWV Colorado time signal and standar fq stn,
was exact 6069.987 kHz. Talk on Health Care program. Commercials, phone
no. given at 1737 UT on March 17.

3330 not on air;
7850-cusb is on air 1720 UT March 17, S=9+20 signal in Detroit-MI,
14670-cusb on S=6 level in Alberta Canada.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)

CHINA   22 meterband, TERRIBLE signal mixture from both CHN services on
13610 UT in 07-08 UT slot. March 14.

Heard in remote Brisbane Queensland  AUS unit:
13610 CNR1 Nanning in Chinese,
13610 CRI  Cantonese sce from Xian,
both equal S=9+5dB level in Queensland,
16 kHz wide audio signal.

The 22 mb is empty at this hour,
so many empty channels available ... though ...
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 14)

CHINA   9630  surprisingly heard LIVE English(!) on CNR1 Geermu at 0238 UT
on March 15, S=8 signal heard in remote Doha Qatar Middle East unit.

Live press conference of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in progress, also CNR1
program use as China mainland jamming against IBB RFA Tibetan service from
Dushanbe Orzu TJK at 01-03 UT on S=8 9670 kHz, // same En/Chinese live
transmission at 02-03 UT on Kashgar outlet 9825 kHz.


[Live Now]
Chinese premier gives press conference Chinese Premier Li Keqiang
holds his annual press conference in Beijing on Wednesday.
<>  brings you a live broadcast of the event
starting from 10 a.m. Beijing time on Wednesday, March 15.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 15)

CUBA   5025.000 exacta frecuencia.
R Rebelde back on air, talk in Spanish on R Rebelde and Radio Reloj,
about football 'pelota' ... at 1230 UT on March 13,

S=7 in Detroit Michigan.
S=9+10dB in KY, NJ, and MA-USA remote SDR units in Perseus net.

S=9 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada too,
many thanks to Don Moman VE6JY Lamont-Alberta SDR and antenna

CUBA   B-16 schedule of R. Habana Cuba,
now on DST as summer time in northern Hemisphere since March 12th,
like time change in Estados Unidos

noted at 1250 UT on March 13

9570 kHz at 1240 UT heard CRI Cantonese sce via TITAN site
at Quivican, 250 kW, S=9+25dB in Detroit-MI.

1100-1400  9640 BEJ 050 / 125 SoAm Spanish
S=4 in Alberta CAN
S=7-8 in Detroit-MI
S=9+10dB in NJ-USA

1100-1400  9710 BAU 100 / 010 ENAm Spanish
S=6-7 in Alberta-CAN
S=7 in Detroit-MI
S=9+5dB in NJ-USA, but stronger audio modulation than 9640 & 9820

1100-1400  9820 BEJ 100 / 260 CeAm Spanish
S=4 in Alberta-CAN
S=9 in Detroit-MI
S=9+10dB in NJ-USA

1100-1300  9850 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm Spanish
S=9+10dB powerful to read
S=9+15dB in Detroit-MI

1100-1400  11760 BAU 100 / n-d NCAm Spanish
S=6-7 in Alberta-CAN
S=9+15dB in Detroit-MI and Fallbrook CA-US.
S=7 in NJ-USA

1100-1400  11840 BAU 100 / 010 NCAm Spanish
S=6-7 in Alberta-CAN
S=9+20dB in Detroit-MI
S=9+35dB in Fallbrook CA-US,
* and two spurs too on 11830 and 11850 kHz at 1145 UT March 16

1200-1400  17580 BAU 100 / 160 SoAm Spanish
S=8-9 in Detroit-MI
S=9+35 in MA-USA powerhouse, backlobe into Massachusetts

1200-1400  17730 BAU 100 / 135 SoAm Spanish
S=7-8 in Detroit-MI
S=9+15 in MA-USA

1200-1400  17750 QVC 250 / 160 SoAm Spanish
S=4-5 in Detroit-MI
S=9+15 in MA-USA

1300-1400  9550 QVC 250 / n-d CeAm Spanish
nothing in NJ-USA

1300-1400 15370 BAU 100 / 310 WNAm Spanish
S=9+15dB in NJ-USA

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 13 / 16)

* 11840 and parasites 11850, 11830 kHz, Sunday March 5 at 2351 UT, 'En
Contacto' DX program from RHC seems to be relying more and more on Prof.
Arnaldo Coro Antich. This segment is a 'new' one called 'Frecuencias del
Mundo', as Arnie finally tries to provide some real DX info rather than
going on and on about propagation, Cuban stations, home-brew equipment. He
used to denigrate the competition for giving out so many numbers, i.e.
frequencies where one might really hear something other than RHC. Not off
to a very good start, as the only ones he mentions are 6180 kHz Brasil and
weaker 6185 kHz Mexico, clueless that 6180 kHz has been off the air for
several days.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 8)

CUBA   ONLY EMPTY CARRIERS from Cuba noted in 06-07 UT time slot,
except 5025 kHz Radio Rebelde via Bauta site, music program.
At 0610 UT on March 14

6000 RHC Quivican Titan site S=9+25dB in remote FL, MA and MI-US
     SDR units.
6060 RHC Bauta S=9 at 0622 UT.
6100 RHC Bauta at 0626 UT S=9+10dB signal in MA-US east coast.
6165 RHC Bauta empty carrier at 0635 UT March 14.
S=9+30dB POWERHOUSE in MA and MI-US remote SDR installations.

5910.180 CLM  S=5 poor this morning. Latin AM mx at 0617 UT.
6010.022 BRA  tiny S=4 on threshold level. 0620 UT, and co-channel
6010.139 CLM  same poor signal level.
6090     Anguilla terrible audio, not easy to identify
         a woman voice prayer.
S=9+30dB at 0623 UT on east coast units. 18 kHz wide audio.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 14)

CUBA  [non]  5025  on March 15 at 0106 UT, R. Rebelde is off again,
but I still get a JBA carrier ever so slightly on the + side,
perhaps R. Quillabamba, Peru.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 15)

Yes 5025 Radio Rebelde OFF air at 0100 UT on March 16,
comes on air, when an Bauta transmitter is available - free ,
they are short of txs there - or on repair work now the units ?
5025 R Rebelde at 1108 UT on March 15, S=9+10dB in Detroit Michigan US.

4765 CUB  R Progreso from Bejucal on air, S=9+20dB in MA US at 0110 UT.
and some anoying CODAR QRM ranges: 4446-4594, 4735-4795, 4800-4836 kHz,
4887-4916 S=9+10dB strongest.

5040 CUB  RHC Bauta in Spanish (not Creole/French), S=9+35dB in MA-US
          20 kHz wide audio signal. 0113 UT March 16.
6000 CUB  RHC Quivican S=9+35dB sport event program, strong carrier,
          but somewhat lower modulation.
6060 CUB  RHC Bauta, DISTORTED audio Spanish at S=9+20dB level,
          musica traditional cantando, 20 kHz wide audio at 0127 UT.
6165 CUB  RHC Bauta - much BETTER modulation compared than 6060 kHz.
          At 0129 UT rather powerful S=9+35dB signal into
          Alberta-CAN remote unit. 9 kHz wide music modulation.
11760 CUB RHC nice modulation at 0138 UT S=9+10dB, 20 kHz wideband signal

11670.008 odd frequency at 0101 UT in MA-US. // 11760 S=8 in MA !,
          11840 S=8 in MA, but S=9+5dB in Alberta, latter up to 30 kHz
          wideband in peaks.
13740 CUB RHC Bauta, S=9+10dB in MA-US at 0104 UT March 16, 20 kHz
          wide signal, strong 100% modulation, but light distorted rough
          voice audio.
9535.004 CUB  RHC Bejucal, Spanish news read on Venezuela matter. 0112UT

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 16)

CUBA   5040 kHz, on March 17 at 0548 UT, RHC is still on, but 5025 kHz
Radio Rebelde is off; contrarily, 5025 kHz had been on earlier tonight
circa 0200 UT. You never know what's next with these.

17580 kHz, March 17 at 1417 UT, RHC is S=9+20dB of dead air except for
some hum; while 17730 kHz is off and 17750 kHz is a JBA carrier.
Suggestion: since 17580 kHz is on, modulate at least it.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 17)

5040 kHz  Radio Rebelde on air, talk on Venezuleana person. At 1740 UT on
March 17. S=8 -77dBm in central Florida-USA remote SDR unit.
Now sports news on Mexican and Chilean teams.

11760 RHC Spanish at 1745 UT poor non-directional antenna outlet,
S=7 in MA and FL-USA on March 17, Talk on Puerto Rico matter.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)

CUBA/FRANCE   9490, on March 15 at 0118 UT, Radio Republica inbooming at
S=9+40dB over wall of noise jamming, making me suspect it's no longer via
Issoudun, FRANCE; an RMI brokered broadcast moved to WRMI itself?

Its known frequencies on different azimuths are weaker, 9395 S=9+30dB, and
9955 only S8-S5. But Europrop is up, with 9420 kHz Greece in at S=9+25dB,
so could really be France on 9490 kHz.

Anyhow, DST must have forced the sign-on an hour earlier to *0100, ex
*0200 UT as Richard Langley confirmed by nightly monitoring before DST
began. By 0142 UT, has weakened to only S=9+25dB and by comparison the
jamming is worse.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 15)

9490 CUB/F _ Only poor jamming signal heard in Alberta CAN remote unit,
            S=6 signal. At 0150 UT nothing propagate as Radio Republica
            from Issoudun into western Canada on this channel. March 16.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 16)

ERITREA/ETHIOPIA/SOMALIA   7176.009v, on March 18 at 0246, 0255 UT, seems
constant so not a sporadic ham, carrier here past 0330 UT, and still at
0359 UT on the other radio. Probably VOBME reactivated intruding on the
40m hamband.

Checking now since Thorsten Hallmann, Germany was hearing it on 7175
previous Euro evening. How about the other VOBME?

7144.25 kHz, on March 18 at 0329 UT, JBA carrier, and on the other radio,
7144.26 kHz JBA carrier at 0357 UT. Without the VOBME connexion and
hearing it on two radios, might have dismissed it as a birdie.
7120 kHz Somaliland had a much stronger carrier after 0330 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 18)

[ETHIOPIA]  (against Asmara ERITREA broadcast)
VoBroad Masses Eritrea bcast signal string measured on 7174.988 kHz,
but totally covered by Ethiopian 20 kHz wide jamming of WHITE NOISE kind
at 1540 UT. S=9+35dB signal strength signal in Doha Qatar.
Nothing heard so far of the Eritrean transmission content.

[SOMALIA]  7119.998 kHz  R Hargeysa, at 1530 UT on March 18,
S=9+25dB signal in remote SDR unit at Doha Qatar Middle East.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 18)

GABON   A feature on the Moyabi shortwave transmitter, which was on the
air from 1983 until 2013 with Africa No. 1 and various international
broadcast relays, has been brought up to date by Tony Rogers with new
information added for its last few years on the air and bringing the story
up to its conclusion. The Moyabi Story can be found, along with many other
interesting articles, at the BDXC website Articles Index

<>   and

(Webwatch by Chrissy Brand-UK, March BrDXC-UK "Communication" magazine
via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 8)

GUAM   TWR (Trans World Radio) needs to raise $65,000 as quickly as
possible to replace the Antenna 3 reflector screen at our transmitter site
on Guam. Here's a Q&A to help you understand the need:

What is a reflector screen? A reflector screen is a series of aluminum-
coated steel wires strung with reflectors that focus a shortwave antenna's

Why does it matter? Without reflector screens, the signals from shortwave
antennas would be greatly weakened, affecting their reach. Reflector
screens also keep us in compliance with our FCC permits, ensuring the
broadcasts go only [sic] where they are licensed to go. Losing a screen
would disrupt broadcasting, while a falling screen will also damage the
antennas around.

The Guam transmitter site is TWR's major broadcasting site into Asia,
speaking hope in 23 languages to people from Indonesia to China and North
Korea to India. Many people in the regions reached by KTWR have no other
source of sound, biblical teaching.

How was the Antenna 3 reflector screen damaged? The screen was installed
in the '90s. A typhoon in 2002 caused some initial damage. Subsequent
storms have further stressed the screen, while the salty ocean air quickly
corrodes the steel wires anywhere the aluminum is rubbed off. Our
technicians have been able to keep it in working order with a series of
patches, but the most recent maintenance inspection proved that there is
now too much damage to patch and a complete replacement is needed.

How quickly can it be replaced? Our trusted supplier can have a new screen
to Guam in three to six months. However, due to our commitment to operate
debt-free, we can't order the screen until we have the entire $65,000 cost
in hand. So, the answer depends on how quickly the necessary funds can be
(TWR Global Update via ARDXC March Australian DX News via dxld March 8)

INDONESIA   3325  RRI Palangkaraya, March 14 at 1405-1425 UT, 32332-33333
Indonesian, Local news and indonesian popular song, ID at 1419 UT.

3344.85  RRI Ternate (Presumed) March 14 at 1335-1405 UT, 35222-34332
Indonesian, Indonesian popular song, Announce by woman.

4869.92 RRI Wamena (Presumed) March 14 at 1234-1335 UT, 35333-35332-35232
Indonesian, Indonesian popular song and talk.

9524.95  V.of Indonesia, March 14 at 1514-1524 UT, 34333 Chinese, News,
URL announce at 1517 UT, ID at 1523 UT, Good for modulation.
(Kouji Hashimoto-JPN, dxld March 14)

3344.866  heard Gamelan instruments music, very poor signal into eastern
Thailand remote SDR unit. At 1304 UT on March 16, female BI language

3324.998  RRI Palangkaraya, S=9+10dB signal in eastern Thailand.
At 1310-1328 UT on March 16. On my audio recording at 0:11 m/s, nice clear
ID "*Programa satu RRI Palangkaraya*."

4869.916  RRI Wamena at 1314 UT on March 16, music program,
poor at S=6 or -85dBm heard in eastern Thailand.
Unstable fq signal hop up and down 3-4 Hertz.

9524.940  V.of Indonesia Cimanggis, on March 16 at 1320 UT, S=9+35dB
signal strength, in eastern Thailand. News cast in English language on
industrial ministry at 1321 UT.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 16)

ISRAEL   Voice of Hope, Israel testing 1287 kHz.

Voice of Hope tested Sunday March 19th on 1287 kHz with a power
of approx. 10 kW.

Bengt Ericson, Arctic Radio Club (ARC) is the first reporter worldwide.
They will be testing from the AM site at She'ar Yashuv in Israel and
expect to be on the air with regular programs in 2-3 weeks.

The answer from Ray Robinson, Vice President, Global Operations,
Strategic Communicatio Group - Voice of Hope:
"Hi Bengt. Yes, indeed we were (testing)!.

The transmitter near the Israel / Lebanon border were completed this
afternoon (Sunday March 19th) and at times they ran it with a test tone
mostly running at 10 kW, but they did run it up to 50 kW. Yours is the
first report we have received! We expect to be testing this week with
audio and ID "Saout al Amal" in Arabic pr in English "From the shores of
the Sea of Galilee, this is the Voice of Hope".

VoH station website is

(Information from Ray Robinson via Mauno Ritola-FIN,
ARC Arctic Radio Club Sweden, also on 19 Oct 2016.

Ronny B Goode on WRTH - World Radio Tv Handbook F_B Group, 20 March)

Congrats, Bengt!
Heard now also at my location with non-stop Arabic language songs.
Mauno Ritola-FIN, ibid, 1700 UTC, 20 March.
(via Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK March 20)

History of Voice of Hope broadcasts from Israel - Lebanon border area:

ISRAEL   In February this year, in an unprecedented move, the government
of Israel awarded us a license to re-launch Voice of Hope there,
broadcasting mainly in Aramaic to provide encouragement and support to
displaced Christians in camps in Lebanon and Jordan, and in Arabic to
reach Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There will also be a few hours of English in the evenings.

The license we received awards us the clear channel of 1287 kHz
with an output power of 100 kW!

We have been assigned to an existing transmitter site in the Upper Galilee
region. The station is now under construction, and we plan to be on the
air by the end of the year. Isn't it interesting how things can turn full
(Ray Robinson, VP Operations, Voice of Hope
via John Durham, July NZ DX Times direct and via WOR dxld July 10, 2016)

1287 kHz used to be 100 kW at Ramle for Galei Tzahal, the IDF station
which was also on SW; really exactly same transmitter revived??
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, WOR dxld July 10, 2016)

Israel 1287 kHz (Re: DX Listening Digest #16-27)

Northern MW location in Upper Galilee region
is She'ar-Yeshuv (Northern) 882 and 1458 kHz.
33 12 57.39 N  35 38 39.75 E


3.5 kms south of Lebanon-Israel border.
I guess, is not a problem to change 1287 kHz ITU registration request
from Ramlah (Central) to She ar-Yeshuv (Northern) location.

Some MW and also two revolving horizontal SW log-per masts are still seen
on the northern site at Akko, via StreetView feature.
32 54 42.10 N  35 06 59.38 E


ISR  Akko 738 ex927 1206 1575 kHz
55 kilometers west of Upper Galilee region.

Old 1287 kHz MW Ramlah (Central) MW location

31 53 02.37 N  34 50 52.98 E

was 159 kilometers southwards of Upper Galilee region,
in central Israel,
not far from other Galei Tzahal Yavne transmitter site.

The old Voice of Hope station location in Lebanon at
LBN_former VoHope/King of Hope Marjaayoun MW 945 kHz 12 kW, 6215 50/13 kW

somewhere close this small village Marjaayoun
33 21 42.45 N  35 35 19.66 E  or Narbatieh greater area

is only 16 kilometers distance away of the new ISR MW location
at She ar-Yeshuv (Northern).
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 10, 2016)

Re. > We have been assigned to an existing transmitter site in
the Upper Galilee region. [...] comment by Kai Ludwig:

Former MW 1287 kHz installation, used to be 100 kW at Ramle for Galei
Tzahal, the IDF station which was also on SW; really exactly same
transmitter revived?

According to these descriptions:
The former 1287 kHz transmitter was apparently a few kilometres southeast
of Tel Aviv, at least not in northern Israel. Perhaps it no longer exists
at all, it had probably a specific reason that they abandoned 1287 kHz
years before they abandoned mediumwave altogether.

It's interesting that two apparent shortwave LP's are there as well:


Also to be seen there this, tsk:
They must have brought the repairing train in - by ship. To my knowledge
it is not even theoretically, in the sense of usable tracks, possible for
a train to reach Israel anymore.

Northern MW location in Upper Galilee region
is She ar-Yeshuv (Northern) 882 and 1458 kHz.
33 12 57.39 N  35 38 39.75 E



More nice views, with even the base insulator of the antenna visible,
further on the street.

Looks pretty new, with the shiny building proudly carrying the Bezeq logo.
Indeed the frequency lists in WRTH 2003 suggest that this transmitter did
not exist yet at this point.

Some MW masts are still seen on the northern site Akko
32 54 42.10 N  35 06 59.38 E


ISR Akko 738 ex927 1206 1575 kHz
55 kilometers west of Upper Galilee region.

And already outside it, so to be considered only if the reference to Upper
Galilee was loose.

By the way, the 10 kW on 738 kHz is a measly replacement for a 1200 kW
facility they had to give up due to concerns of electromagnetic radiation
if I recall correct, thus loosing most of the mediumwave coverage of
Arabic-language radio.

{ISR_Bezeq [KOL] Tel Aviv "Hillel" Kadima Porat stn 576 / 738 kHz 1200 kW;
SW stn 300/500 kW. Former location  32 16 55.46 N  34 55 56.49 E  }

And even this 10 kW aux appears to have been established only
after 738 kHz was completely off for years.

Old 1287 kHz MW Ramlah(Central) MW location
31 53 02.37 N  34 50 52.98 E

was 159 kilometers southwards of Upper Galilee region,
in central Israel,
not far from other Galei Tzahal Yavne transmitter site.

And Bezeq reserve location too
31 38 19.65 N  34 49 35.98 E

Yavne is of course a Bezeq facility, too, the one with also the shortwave
transmitters that may or may not be still in operational condition now,
three years after the last official transmissions.

The story seems to be such that first the 1287 kHz transmitter has been
closed, at some point between 2003 and 2010. Then only after a break a
Yavne service started instead, not on 1287 but on 945 kHz instead (why??),
and apparently continued until Galei Zahal abandoned mediumwave
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld July 10, 2016)

Older V. of Hope Marjaayoun (Narbatieh area) Lebanon History of 1996 year

9990 kHz, V. of Hope. Recently moved to this new freq from 9960 kHz, to
escape QRM from R. Ukraine Internet. After they made the move, they
noticed that Ukraine is no longer using 9960 kHz, -- but VOH will remain
on 9990 kHz, 24 hours a day. Prior to Sept 1st, 1996, they were on with a
power of 13 kW, but now they're only using 5 kW due to budget constraints.

This tx has a maximum output of 25 kW.
This info per Gary Hull, VOH station manager.
{Johnson via Cumbre_Dx, Sept 6, 1996}

Voice of Hope.  We recently learned that since all our txs have been
revived and are now capable of running at maximum power, our electric bill
has soared to $10,000 a month.

Unfortunately, the gifts and offerings sent to High Adventure Ministries
are not able to substain this level of expense at the present time. So we
are having to throttle back our transmitters and consider cutting back
from 24 hours to 18 hours per day broadcasting. We will also be creating a
web page shortly.
{Gary Hull, Voice of Hope Station Manager, via Cumbre_Dx, Oct 10, 1996}

High Adventure Ministries: transmitter update.
A circular letter from George Otis of High Adventure Ministries [a
California-based evangelical organization which bcs on SW via txs in
Lebanon, Georgia, Palau, Russia and the USA] gives item of
interesting radio information:

- The King of Hope [shortwave] transmitter in Lebanon was destroyed
  by an internal fire.

Voice of Hope, High Adventure Ministries: Planned sked for W97 season has
been varied, for Tbilisi, Georgia in Nov 1997.

In a letter received here today, Voice of Hope, Lebanon tells that they bc
on 9960, fr Marjayoun, Lebanon, 12 kW, and on MW 945 kHz, 13 kW.

The tx 6215/6280 kHz, was destroyed June 29th, 1997 by a fire.
<>  {Holst via DXW, Dec 7, 1997}
{via AWR Indianapolis, via BBC_M via AGDX, Aug 17, 1997}

9960 kHz, Voice of Hope, b/cs from Marj Uyun in the Israeli-controlled
"security zone" in Southern Lebanon, and was set up in 1979 by the late
Maj. Sa'ad Haddad, leader of the Israeli-backed South Lebanon Army. Each
tx uses a different name:
"Voice of Hope" (on 684 and 945 kHz MW; "King of Hope" / "Voice of Hope"
(on SW); and "Prince of Peace" (on 104.5 & 105.1 FM).

SW 9960 kHz sked:  0400-0200 (En 0400-0800 [Dr. Gene Scott], 0800-1100,
1300-1500, 1530-1630, 1900-2100, 2100-0200 [Dr. Gene Scott]).
SW 6280 kHz is still inactive.
{BBC_M via AGDX & NU, Jan 11, 1997}

High Adventure Ministries I just signed a contract for the delivery of a
new 10 kW dual-freq SW tx for their stn in Lebanon. The tx will be
installed in LEB in January 1999 to replace the unit that burned out in
June 1997.
{Ludo Maes-BEL, via Cumbre_Dx, Sept 23, 1998}

11530  High Adventure R, The Voice of Hope, Marjayoun, 6 kW, QSL-l full
data, 39 days for 2 IRC, sent RR to Cyprus address and the stn reply via
ISR according to the radio stn this is the addr:
P.O.Box 77, Metulla, Israel, via e-mail  <radio98 -at->
{Nicolas Eramo-ARG, June 8, 1999}

VoHope stn manager Gary Hull had this to say about their new tx. We
conducted our first audio test with progr material Thur [Jun 10 ... 15,
1999] on 6280 kHz at 10 kW from Marjayoun Lebanon. Test only lasted 10
mins. We need to finish the cooling system and do final checks on all
systems. Hopefully if all goes well we will begin bcing a normal schedule
of progrs this week, perhaps as early as Tues.

We are looking for RRs. They would be of great help as we set up for the
future. We particularly need to know if there is any co-channel

After we are sure 6280 is working flawlessly, we will try to change to
11515 at 0800-1600 GMT. This might come several weeks down the line.

[...]  v11515  VoH Per Gary Hull, stn manager- "We found the [new] tx to
be working fine except for the automatic switch for freq change and the
lack of VSWR protection. For this reason we are waiting for new parts to
arrive before we begin daily switching between 6280 and 11515 kHz. For the
past week we have been running continuously on 11515 kHz at 10 kW."
{via Johnson-FL-USA, Cumbre_DX, June 13, / July 3, 1999}

6279.94  King of Hope, at 0221-0228 GMT on July 10, Ar mx & at 0225 began
a jamming, at 0234 GMT continue the mx. SINPO: 25442.
{Gabriel I. Barrera-ARG, TFW, July 29, 1999}

{LEBANON/ISRAEL/GERMANY}   New schedule High Adventure Ministries to ME.
High Adventure Ministries has dismantled all of it's txs and antennas,
following the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Southern Lebanon. {May 20}

Bcs that took place on 6280, 11515, and 11530 kHz have been discontinued
and are being replaced by bcs from Juelich according to the following

0800-1200 21590 115 degr ME
Freq would be absolutely clear in this time frame.

1200-1559 21460 115 degr ME
Freq would be absolutely clear in this time frame

1700-2100 11985 075 degr High gain antenna system
{via TDP c/o Ludo Maes, B-2310 Rijkevorsel, Belgium, May 24, 2000 year}

High Adventure South LBN.
With the withdrawal of the Israeli troops and the end of the South
Lebanese Army it should be interesting to watch for the developments at
the radio stn of High Adventure Ministries which is located in the former
security zone now taken over by Hisbollah fighters.

When I checked 6280, 11515, and 11530 kHz yesterday and today I was not
able to hear them. Maybe they are already gone, maybe we might expect the
sign-on of a different radio voice in the near future.

{Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, wwdxc agdx May 24, 2000}
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 10, 2016)

ISRAEL   Google Earth imagery. Some high resolution places in 2008 year.
Akko 927/1206/1575: 32 54 50 N  35 07 03 E

Ramla 1287:        31 53 03 N  34 50 55 E ? (probably, poor resolution)
Rosh Pina 1368:   ?32 58 46 N  35 31 54 E
She ar-Yeshuv 882: 33 12 58 N  35 38 40 E
(Alan Davies-INS, SW TXsite Aug 24, 2008)

JAPAN    Radio NIKKEI will be temporally off the air.

For maintenance of the transmitting sites,
Radio NIKKEI will temporally stop
shortwave broadcasting during the periods as shown below.

Days and Times are in JST, which is UTC+9 hours.
Domestic streaming services on RADIKO
<!/live/RN1>  and  <!/live/RN2>
are not affected.

Program 1
3925kHz  April 12 - May 2
         (Nemuro relay station on March 1 - March 21)
6055kHz  May 10   - May 30
9595kHz  March 22 - April 11

Program 2
3945kHz  08:00-19:00 JST on March 7 - April 4 except March 11/12/18/19
6115kHz  April    5 - May 2   except April 8/9/15/16
9760kHz  February 8 - March 7 except February 11/12/18/19 (done)

(Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo-JPN, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 14)

KOREA REP OF    KBS World Radio Seoul - Test Transmissions 16th/17th March

KBS World Radio English Service will carry out test transmission towards
Europe from March 16 to 17 ahead of the A17 shortwave frequency

Please tune into the following frequency and send us your reception
Your feedback will help us greatly in choosing the best frequency option
for the new season. Thank you!

Date: 16th and 17th March 2017.
Time 2200 to 2400 UTC. Frequency (kHz): 11810 kHz. Target area: Europe

E-Mail: <english -at->

13 Yoigongwon-ro
Seoul, 07235, Rep. of KOREA
Fax: +822-781-3694~6
(KBS via Nick Sharpe-UK, BrDXC-UK yg March 15)

KBS test on March 19 - test 11810 kHz. Had no chance to monitor KBS Seoul
yesterday March 18 before, but heard KBS English sce today on
March 19, at 22.25 til 22.45 UT.

NIL signal heard in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Doha Qatar, Scandinavia, London
U.K., nor in Poland.

Poor tiny S=4 or -103dbm in Netherlands and Bavaria Germany.

Better reception signalin southern Europe, S=8 in Hungary, S=9 in various
remote SDR in Italy.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 19)

KUWAIT   Radio Kuwait sent me a "2017 Calendar" with the following list
of stations. Will they resume SW transmission in A17 season ?

SW External Service
0200-0900   5960  Arabic   to Middle East
1600-2100   6050  Arabic   to Middle East
0800-1000   7250  Persian  to Middle East
1100-1600   9750  Arabic   to North Africa
0930-1600  11630  Holy Quran to Central Africa
0500-0900  15515  Arabic   to Far East
1000-1200  21580  Pilipino to South East Asia
1600-1800  15540  Urdu     to South Asia
0945-1730  21540  Arabic   to Europe
1800-2100  15540  English  to Europe
2000-0000  17550  Arabic   to North America
1700-2000  13650  Arabic   to North America

Domestic Services on MW
Main Arabic Program 540 kHz 24hrs
                    963 kHz 0200-0500 1200-1600 2100-0200
Holy Quran          630 kHz 24hrs

English/Persian/Pilipino/Urdu/Bengali Programs 963 kHz
Sport/Matches      1134 kHz 24hrs
Arabic Main Program/National Assembly Sessions 1269 kHz 24hrs
Holy Quran         1341 kHz 2200-0400
Arabic 2nd Program 1341 kHz 0400-2200

Domestic Services on FM
Arabic Music Program - Classical 87.9 101 24 hrs
Main Arabic Program 89.5 95.3 24 hrs
OFM 88.4 93.9 24 hrs
Easy FM 92.5 96.3 24 hrs
English/Persian/Pilipino/Urdu/Bengali Programs 93.3
Folklore 94.9 24 hrs
Holy Quran 97.5 98.9 105.1 24 hrs
Arabic 2nd Program 97.5 94.5 0400-2200
FM Super Station 99.7 24 hrs
TV Sound 100.5 24 hrs
Arabic Music Program - Modern 103.7 103.2 24 hrs

Other FM Stations (all 24 hrs)
Kuwait Pulse 88.8
BBC Arabic 90.1
Marina FM 90.4
Arabian Gulf Radio 91.5
SAWA 95.7
VOA 96.9
BBC English 100.1
Soul AL Rayyan 102
Voice of the Gulf 102.4
RFI 106.3
Monte Carlo 107.4
(Radio Kuwait,
via Takahito Akabayashi-Tokyo-JPN, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 18)

MALAYSIA   9835  Sarawak FM, at 1305-1326 UT on March 14. Non-stop speech
about Sarawak, sounded like Prime Minister Razak; mostly in vernacular,
but with "No problem in Sarawak," "I believe in the economy"; fair.
Not // 11665 kHz (Wai FM) and 6050 kHz was silent (Asyik FM); fair.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 15)

NEW ZEALAND   5995  RNZI at 1138 with a man and woman interviewing another
woman about aboriginal issues mentioning a self-help centre in Auckland -
Fair with heavy fading Mar 13 Coady-ON - still on with Radio National
programming at 1217. I'm not sure if this is a mistake or a change as
their website still lists this frequency from 1258-1650  Sun to Fri.
(Mark Coady-Ont-CAN, Ontario DX Assoc., dxld March 13)

Now the posted RNZi schedule is:

0000-0458  15720  AM  Pacific  Daily
0459-0758  11725  AM  Pacific  Daily
0759-1058   9765  AM  Pacific  Daily
1059-1258   9700  AM  NW Pacific, PNG  Daily
1259-1758   7355  AM  Pacific  Sat
1259-1650   5995  AM  Pacific  Sun-Fri
1651-1745   5975 DRM  Cooks Islands, Samoa Tonga  Sun-Fri
1751-1835   7355 DRM  Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa  Sun-Fri
1836-1935   9780 DRM  Pacific  Sun-Fri
1859-1958   9630  AM  Pacific  Sat
1936-2050  11690 DRM  Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga  Sun-Fri
1959-2058  11725  AM  Pacific  Sat
2051-2258  15720  AM  Pacific  Daily
2059-2258  15720  AM  Pacific  Sat
2259-0000  15720  AM  Pacific  Daily

Why in the world would they change to 5995 six days a week, but keep
7355kHz only on Saturdays? There goes our best morning reception of NZ.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 13)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   3260  NBC Madang, at 1141-1206* UT on March 14.
In Pidgin/Tok Pisin; DJ with pop songs (Air Supply with "Lost In Love,"
etc.); 1201 PNG bird call; "NBC News in Brief" (Solomon Islands Prime
Minister Sogavare in PNG for talks with Governor General, etc.; cricket
news; weather forecast); promo for "NBC Radio" and cut off; poor to
almost fair and semi-readable.

3325  NBC Bougainville, at 1052-1134* & *1135-1138* UT, March 14. Almost
fair; in Pidgin/Tok Pisin; pop song (Journey with "Don't Stop Believing");
long non-stop speech (political?); talk about "festivals"; briefly off for
about a minute, but came back till finally cut off at 1138* UT; very light
RRI QRM. Another day with an early closing, so no long with 1200* UT sign

3260, NBC Madang, 1207-1210*, March 19.
Seeing as it's Sunday, was checking for the usual "Island Praise" show
presented by Stacy Rose, with her syndicated (USA) show, with pop
Caribbean gospel music (reggae, soca, calypso, hip hop gospel, etc.)
and yes, it started at 1207 (somewhat later than usual), with her very
distinctive voice; only three minutes of her show. Up till 1207 UT,
NBC with their usual local programming
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 14 / 19)

3259.995 PNG  NBC Madang PNG, and stronger 3325 kHz even fq NBC
Bougainville latter in English talk, heard at 1030-1040 UT on March 15, on
remote unit in Brisbane Queensland Australia.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 15)

PERU   5025.003  R. Quillabamba at 2328 UT tlk by lady and M anncrs in SP.
2330 UT canned anmnt by M w/ID and ment of Cusco, followed by another
canned anmnt by same W anncr, then intro w/ID "Radio Quillabamba
presenta ..." for upcoming Rosary recital pgm, and said pgm to 0002 UT.
Nice signal in absence of Rebelde.
(Dave Valko-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 7)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   5020, SIBC Honiara, at 1029-1046 UT on March 14. Fairly
readable; "This is the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation,
broadcasting from Honiara"; in Pijin about the official Solomon Islands
women organization for the western province.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 14)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   9544.998 kHz non log SIBC Honiara, NO AUDIO observed
at 2258 March 13, and 0003 UT March 14.

Proper S=8 -77dBm carrier signal noted in
remote SDR post in Brisbane Queensland Australia.
No audio modulation at all.

2 Hertz lower than
9545 kHz requested at 2000-0800  {but real til 0500 UT ?} UT
to ITU zones 51, 56 via HON at 10 kW  0    400 Bis   SLM SIB

heard at 2258 UT, March 13 in UTC, and at 0003 UTC on March 14.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 14)

SOLOMON ISL  SLM  Solomon Is. Bc. Corp. Honiara
at noon time slot in Queensland Australia:

at 0200 UT on 9545 kHz S=8-9 -78dBm strong signal on the remote Perseus
SDR unit in Brisbane Queensland.
No audio at all, just empty CARRIER ONLY in 31 meterband,

only a 2nd transmission of digital STANAG program in 9910 to 9914 kHz
range visible and heard too.

Remaining 31 mb is TOTALLY  EMPTY bcast-wise at this hour downunder.

The next radio program station heard up in 25 mb
on 11620 kHz CNR5 Chinese from Beijing tx,
and RTM Kajang pop mx 11665 kHz from Malaysia.

Re: 5020 kHz, Solomon Island Broadcasting Corp. Honiara, Mar 14 at 1900 UT

SLM  Solomon Isl. Bc. Corp. Honiara, at nighttime in Brisbane Queensland
Australia:  now March 15 at 10.15 UT on 5019.9985 kHz, - checked against
HWA Kihei WWVH standard and time signal on 5000 kHz,
S=8-9 -72dBm strong on remote Perseus net remote unit in Brisbane,
Queensland Australia.

9544.998  Nearly exact at 2200 UT start of SIBC Honiara
in 31 meterband regular daytime program, nice S=9 signal downunder,
even 2 hours after sunrise. proper S=9 Signal. Measurement checked
against standard time signal of WWVH Kinei Hawaii 10 MHz.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 15 / 19)

SOUTH AFRICA   Reception of South African Radio League March 19,
via SenTec Meyertom site
0800-0900 17760 MEY 250 kW 019 deg to EaAF English, very weak

Summer A17 of South African Radio League SARL from April 2 will be
0800-0900  7205 MEY 100 kW non-dir to SoAF English/Afrikaans Sun
0800-0900 17660 MEY 250 kW 019 deg to EaAF English/Afrikaans Sun
1630-1730  3230 MEY 100 kW non-dir to SoAF English/Afrikaans Mon
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 19)

SPAIN   Frequency change of REE during A-17 season. google translator:

From Sunday 26 March 2017, due to the summer time change, Radio Exterior
de Espana changes its broadcast frequencies on Shortwave.

From Monday to Friday, between 18 and 22 hours UT, Radio Exterior of Spain
will offer its emissions on 15390 kHz for West Africa and the South

On 17715 kHz for South America and the Pacific Ocean.
On 17855 kHz for North America and Greenland.
And at 15520 kHz for the Indian Ocean, Middle East, and Great Sun.

On weekends, for West Africa and the South Atlantic, between 14 and 18
hours UT, on 21620 kHz;
and between 18 and 22 hours UT on 15390 kHz.

Saturdays and Sundays, between 14 and 22 hours UT, on 17715 kHz
for South America and the Pacific Oceans.

On 17855 kHz for North America and Greenland.
And 15520 kHz for the Indian Ocean, Middle East and Great Sun.
{ ? backlobe ?, North Atlantic, Irlanda, see text in Spanish, wb.}

These are the frequency changes of the Spanish Foreign Radio Wave
shortwave emissions that will take effect from the next March 26
due to the time shift to the summer.

Radio Exterior of Spain can be followed through satellite radio in all
parts of the planet 24 hours a day uninterruptedly:

SES Astra 1M: frequency 11,626.5 MHz. Vertical polarization.
Hispasat 30W-5: frequency 12,015 MHz. Vertical polarization.
Asiasat 5: frequency 3,960 MHz. Horizontal polarization.
Eutelsat 5 West A: frequency 3,727 MHz. Right circular polarization.
Intelsat Galaxy 23: Frequency 4,191.35 MHz. Vertical polarization.

Radio Exterior of Spain is heard on the Internet
<>   streaming or podcast
<> /of all its programming.

There are also mobile applications (put link for Apple app or Android) for
mobile applications, such as phones and tablets. And from any municipality
and province of Spain you can enjoy, through television, Radio Exterior of
Spain by DTT.


[Spanish text]
Cambio de frecuencias de REE, desde el domingo 26 de marzo 2017.
Con motivo del cambio horario de verano, Radio Exterior de Espana cambia
sus frecuencias de emision en Onda Corta.

De lunes a viernes, entre las 18 y 22 horas, tiempo universal coordinado,
Radio Exterior de Espana ofrecera sus emisiones en 15.390 kilohercios para
Africa Occidental y el Atlantico Sur. En 17.715 kilohercios para America
del Sur y el Oceano Pacifico. En 17.855 kilohercios para America del Norte
y Groenlandia. Y en 15.520 kilohercios para el Oceano Indico, Oriente
Medio y Gran Sol (?)

{? backlobe ? Gran Sol es un caladero situado en el Atlantico Norte, entre
los paralelos 48 y 60, al oeste de las Islas Britanicas, o Irlanda. ? }

Los fines de semana, para Africa Occidental y el Atlantico Sur, entre las
14 y las 18 horas, tiempo universal coordinado, en 21.620 kilohercios; y
entre las 18 y las 22 horas en 15.390 kilohercios.

Los sabados y domingos, entre las 14 y las 22 horas, en 17.715 kilohercios
para America del Sur y el Oceanos Pacifico; en 17.855 kilohercios para
America del Norte y Groenlandia; y en 15.520 kilohercios para el Oceano
Indico, Oriente Medio y Gran Sol.

Son los cambios de frecuencia de las emisiones de Onda Corta de Radio
Exterior de Espana que entraran en vigor a partir del proximo 26 de marzo
con motivo del cambio horario al de verano.
(Jose Bueno-ESP, dxld March 17)

SWAZILAND   6120  TWR Manzini at 0458 chime IS and En IDs by M. Came back
later at 0522 UT and noted M preaching in En sounding // 4775 kHz QRMed by
CODAR. 6120 kHz outlet better.
Instru. guitar mx at 0528 UT, then W w/segment intro. Fading.
(Dave Valko-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 25)

TANZANIA   [Zanzibar isl]  Something has gone terribly wrong with the
usually very clean signal from ZBC on 11735 kHz. Just noted today at 1930
UT but come to think of it I might have noticed the same thing is passing
yesterday.  Really too bad. Almost sounds like they are being jammed but I
would doubt that.
(Mickey Delmage-CAN, hcdx March 17)

Re: ZANZIBAR 11735 kHz. - Yes you are right. Two program strings on TZA
even 11735.0 kHz, and another string visible nearby on 11734.966 kHz.
Heard a male announcer, but also a steady music played

DITTERING - every half second.
How is the political relations between Tanzania state and its neighbours
like Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Burundi, in Central East Africa where Swahili
is a common spoken language?

S=7-8 dittering heard in Hungary and southern Italy remote units,
as well as powerhouse at 2045 UT in Doha Qatar S=9+5dB level,
16 kHz wideband signal, which is mostly used by CHN jamming,
or from Ethiopia against Eritrea in 7.1 MHz range.

Or is that a China mainland jammer - OUT OF TECHNICAL ORDER ?
Comments please.

ZANZIBAR - listen recording,
mixture of dittering music, and white noise 16 kHz wide signal,
both stopped at same time TX OFF at 21.00:42 UTC,  ??

so, I guess its another MALE FUNCTION of the transmitter control circuit
unit by the Chinese made BBEF Beijing transmitter audio modulation.

I remember - some years ago* - after repair the TZA Zanzibar
tx by Chinese technicians, TZA technician sent out pure WHITE NOISE signal
like the Ethiopians against Eritrea done.

On Monday March 20 heard same dittering signal on remote unit in
Piliyandala Ceylon island, at 1940 UT, S=9+5dB, 18 kHz wide broadband
S=9+15dB strength in western Hungary remote SDR unit,
and same at Grenoble France remote too.
S=9+10dB strength in remote DARC Amberg Bavaria installation, and at
remote Milano Italy set.
S=9+ 5dB strength in remote Belgian installation.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17 / 20)

Tanzania radio history.
* out of order in Febr 17 - April 23 in 2012 year.
Another failure TZA broadcasts occured after:

Dec. 10, 2009, will no doubt go down in Zanzibar's history as 'Black

On that day the electricity supply, carried from the mainland by submarine
cable, broke down. Since then the retailers of generators and fuel have
become quite rich, but the blackout has left most Zanzibarians angry,

R Zanzibar has generators for the 585 kHz MW transmitter and 97.4 MHz FM.

The SW transmitter at Dole, 10 kms North-East of Zanzibar City (commonly
known as 'Stone Town'), is off at the moment, but will return to the air
once the blackout is over.

TANZANIA   [Zanzibar]  Dar es Salaam noted at 1720 UT on Nov 20,
terrible modulation feeder quality, line between Dar es Salaam
and Island TX station seemed to be damaged ... only scratching heard.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 20, 2012 year)

Also reported widely in DX press:
digital DRM like signal from TZA Zanzibar in February 2013 year.

Was back on May 3, 2013 with AM mode transmissions.

listen to the enclosed recording audio signal of tonight, taken in Doha
Qatar remote SDR unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May / Nov 20, 2012 year)



BANGKOK   Britain's BBC announced Wednesday it is ending its shortwave
transmissions from Thailand after 20 years of operation because it failed
to reach agreement with Thailand's military government on a renewal of its
operating permit. The British Broadcasting Corp. said in a statement that
the transmitters have been off the air since Jan. 1 after the previous
agreement expired. "Despite extensive negotiations, we have been unable to
reach an agreement to re-commence transmissions. Given the financial
constraints faced by the whole of the BBC, we have reluctantly decided to
shut the site," it said. The decision to shut the site may cause 45 staff
members to lose their jobs, it added. East Asia was the primary area
served by the transmitters in Nakhon Sawan in central Thailand. The BBC
moved its East Asia relay station to Thailand from Hong Kong after the
handover of the British colony to China in 1997.

Thailand's government has publicly criticized the BBC's online Thai
language service, which covers political developments more frankly than
local media.

"We regret that we have not been able to reach an agreement with the Thai
government which would allow us to continue using this facility to bring
accurate and impartial news to audiences in the region," the BBC said.

"We are continuing to develop other ways for people to access the BBC,
including internet and mobile streaming, as well as FM radio and TV

Last November, the BBC announced it would beam regular Korean-language
broadcasts to North Korea, but it was not clear whether the loss of the
Thai transmission site might affect those plans. The U.S.-government-
funded Voice of America and Radio Free Asia already target North Korea.

Many international broadcasters have cut back or eliminated their
shortwave services in recent times, supplanted by satellite television
transmissions and the internet.

MIAMI_HERALD_Nation & World, March 8.

(via Artie Bigley, WOR-#1868, dxld March 8)

New schedule of BBC in Farsi from March 22

0230-0330  5985 WOF 250 kW 090 deg to WeAS Farsi
0230-0330  6095 TAC 100 kW 236 deg to WeAS Farsi
0230-0330  7230 WOF 250 kW 086 deg to WeAS Farsi
0230-0330  7300 KCH 300 kW 116 deg to WeAS Farsi

1500-1600  9540 SNG 250 kW 315 deg to WeAS Farsi
1500-1600 13660 WOF 250 kW 092 deg to WeAS Farsi

Current shortwave schedule of BBC Farsi until March 21
0330-0430  6095 SLA 250 kW 355 deg to WeAS Farsi
0330-0430  7305 DHA 250 kW 045 deg to WeAS Farsi
0330-0430  7445 KCH 300 kW 116 deg to WeAS Farsi

1600-1700  7530 KCH 500 kW 116 deg to WeAS Farsi
1600-1700 11690 WOF 200 kW 092 deg to WeAS Farsi
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 19)

U.K.   Bletchley Park - website upgraded


Visit us - Bletchley Park is a place of exceptional historical importance.
It remains highly relevant to our lives today and for the future. It is
the home of British codebreaking and a birthplace of modern information
technology. It played a major role in World War Two, producing secret
intelligence which had a direct and profound influence on the outcome of
the conflict.

Over the past twenty years Bletchley Park has become an internationally
renowned site, visited by people from around the world, which acknowledges
the successes from the War and the people responsible for them. It
celebrates their values: broad-minded patriotism; commitment; discipline;
technological excellence. By presenting and explaining these achievements
and these values, in the very place where they occurred, Bletchley Park
brings together the dramatic history of the twentieth century with the
challenges we face in the twenty first in our rapidly changing and
technologically complex society.

Public interest in Bletchley Park has grown enormously over the past few
years and the number of visitors to Bletchley Park in 2016 was over
(Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK yg  <>  March 17)

U.K./TAIWAN   Nouvelles frequences de RTI

Chere auditrice, cher auditeur,
Le service francais de RTI est heureux de vous confirmer les nouvelles
frequences de diffusion de notre programme sur ondes courtes. A compter du
dimanche 26 mars 2017, notre programme sera diffuse comme suit:

Vers l'Europe, notre diffusion est assuree tous les jours
sur la frequence 3955 kHz de 19h00 a 20h00 temps universel (UTC).
{via Babcock Woofferton UK site}

Vers l'Afrique de l'Ouest, notre diffusion est assuree
sur la frequence 15275 kHz de 19h00 a 20h00 temps universel (UTC),
tous les dimanches. {only on Sundays}

N'hesitez pas a nous faire part de la qualite de reception ou a reagir sur
notre programme par retour courrier ou par
e-mail  <fren -at->

Nous vous remercions de votre fidelite et vous redisons toute notre

Service Francais Radio Taiwan International
(Paul Gager-AUT, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 16)

USA   7505v  WRNO Observed schedule for the Chinese language program
("Praise for Today"), after DST started, is daily *0200-0300 UT*, noted on
March 13 & 15. After 0302 UT back to English programming till about 0402*
UT cut off.

7505v, WRNO. The Chinese language program is broadcast very randomly;
erratic daily scheduling; have not found a definite pattern. At 0333 UT on
March 19, heard Chinese, which was not heard shortly after 0300 UT, so
rather late starting; went off the air at 0403* UT with the Chinese show
still going; off without any closing ID or the usual announcements.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 15 / 19)

USA   9395, Sunday March 19 at 1307 UT, yet another time for 'Wavescan',
as any schedule info for this frequency is still lacking. Ray Robinson
finishing a script about YSS+S.

Most of rest of show has Jeff talking with a guy from WWCR about HFCC A-17
on the Dead Sea in Jordan.

Next one for B-17 will be late August hosted by SENTECH in South Africa;
and A-18 late January in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Also plugged next NASB meeting, May 17-20, which is open to SWL guests,
unlike HFCC, hosted by KVOH Simi Valley, first one on the west coast. More
info at


which opens with a KNLS/MWV slideshow but linx to


1329 UT back to Oldies music.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 19)

USA    WBCQ More pics here.
More pics of the WBCQ site with Allan & friends.

(radiofreemountairy, flickr, Ian-AUS, SW TXsite March 14)

USA   21675 in B-16 season, 21525 kHz in A-17 season. 1400-2300 UT.
RMI Radio Africa Network Frequency Change A17.

As we celebrate our 4th successful year of broadcasting on the Radio
Africa Network from Okeechobee, Florida, we are thankful for the continued
reports that we receive from our worldwide listeners like you!

Your support and commitment to listening, and the reports you send provide
encouragement to the station and to our broadcasting partners.

We are excited to announce that as of March 26, 2017 the Radio Africa
Network broadcasts will be heard on 21525 kHz, 13 meter band.
ex 21675 kHz.

It is always a pleasure to hear from our many listeners around the world
and we are excited to share the reports with our broadcasters. Enclosed
are our current program schedules for Radio Africa, Radio East Africa and
Radio Africa #2.

Please take the time to listen to our programming, and, if you are so
inclined, please send a note to the ministries letting them know that you
have listened to their program. It is with the help of our listeners, such
as yourself, that the ministries are encouraged to continue their
Worldwide Outreach via radio! Thank you for your continued support. Have a
blessed day!
(Antonello Napolitano-ITA, dxld March 17)

USA   Frequency Changes for VORW Radio International - Newsletter 2

Dear VORW Radio Listeners,
This is the second edition of the VORW Radio International Newsletter,
it will be sent out when there is a significant change to the broadcast
schedule or if there is a significant update regarding programming or
other matters.

The timing of all shortwave transmissions has changed due to Daylight
Saving Time in the United States, please consult the schedule below in
order to plan your listening schedule accordingly.

Likewise, the transmission to Europe has now changed frequencies.
Broadcasts to Europe will now be heard on 11580 kHz at 2000 UT, that
converts to 8 PM GMT / 4 PM Eastern.

VORW Radio International is a light entertainment program, serving
listeners in Europe, North America and the world.
Programs consist of a mixture of commentary and listener-requested music.

Comments, questions, reception reports and music requests may be sent to

<vorwinfo -at->
E-QSL's are provided for legitimate reception reports.

Here is the Transmission Schedule:
1000 UTC  5850 kHz to Western North America, East Asia & The Pacific
2000 UTC 11580 kHz to Europe
0000 UTC  7490 kHz to North America

VORW Radio International is a listener funded initiative, you can
support this broadcast via Paypal or Patreon, inquire for more
information by replying to this email or by sending an email to

If you are not in the target area of these transmissions or if you do
not own a shortwave receiver, please view this document which includes
links to online shortwave receivers, which you can listen on.


If you are unable to hear the broadcasts, archived programs are
available on Soundcloud at:

(via Manuel Mendez-ESP, dxld March 15)

USA   9330v-CUSB, on March 15 at 0124 UT, this WBCQ is now BSing, not //
the voice on 7730 kHz WRMI, but the same voice as on 9400 kHz, Bulgaria?
altho content notmatching either. I don't have the patience to try to
match them with a considerable time offset, as this will axually require
listening to what he says, at least keywords. BS may now be on 9330 kHz
from 0100 UT Wednesdays since 'Amateur Radio Roundtdable' is on 5129.81
kHz instead; and Brother Scare presumably runs 9330 all night whether
audible or not, and all day, until WoR at 2330 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 15)

9329.879 USA  WBCQ in USB-mode (!), poor S=4 signal heard in
              Alberta CAN remote SDR unit.
              Female prayer read in Bible at 0155 UT on March 16.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 16)

5129.81-AM, UT Wed March 15 at 0104 UT, 'Amateur Radio Roundtable' is
underway on this WBCQ, which replaced 9330 kHz on December 14, as I had
urged due to low winter MUFs. Should get back up on 9 if not 7 MHz in a
few weeks for spring / summer conditions. Time has shifted one UT hour
earlier now, ex-0200 UT. WBCQ schedule still shows 9330 kHz, altho the
time conversions have been updated for 4 hours difference between UT and
ET, but still labeled EST instead of EDT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 15)

5129.809 USA  WBCQ male presenter at 0157 UT on March 16. S=8-9 signal,
              radio listener talk.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 16)

6855 // 11580 kHz, UT Wed March 15 at 0147 UT, WRMI with Keith Perron
introducing a John Lennon song, on 'Media Network Plus', as scheduled on
11580 kHz only, but duplicated this hour on stronger 6855 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 15)

6855 USA  Talk about AWR QSL card, address given, at 0158 UT, Not BS/TOM.
          S=9 fluttery signal, and // 11580 kHz, latter suffer by
          'like CHN mainland jam of broadband noise' across the Pacific
          in 11568 to 11584 kHz range, TWN SOH around 11570 kHz ?

log on MA-US remote unit:
5085      USA  WTWW powerful S=9+35dB signal heard on east coast.
          Talk on hams, at 0120 UT amateur radio newsline, talk on
          echolink connection. In peaks 20 kHz wide signal,
          talk on hurrican year 1992.
          Two UNID spurs visible symmetrically on 5097.910 and 5072.090
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 16)

USA/GERMANY   European Music Radio Transmissions, 18 March 2017, via

WBCQ to Central & North America 5130 kHz on 18 Mar between 2300-0000 UT
Shortwave Station Goehren       9485 kHz on 19 Mar between 0900-1000 UT
Channel 292                     6070 kHz on 19 Mar between 1600-1700 UT
Contact e-mail:  <emrshortwave -at->
                 <emr -at->
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, dxld March 18)

USA   15770, March 17 at 1403 UT, no signal from WRMI. #3 transmitter is
now supposed to run 12-22 UT, nothing but BS except other programming for
final hour.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld March 17)

Nothing on 15770 kHz at 18 UT on March 17,
21675 kHz English Africa sce weak in MA-US remote stn, backlobe,
 9395 kHz music progr,
but TOM BS sermon heard on 9955 11580 11825 kHz, (also WWCR 9980) kHz

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)

VANUATU   7259.95  R. Vanuatu. At 0959 UT end of song, M anncr in Bislama,
fanfare, M then W anncrs briefly, usual conch shell blowing ToH signature
at 1000:41 UT, then W anncr w/nx w/many actualities. Would have been
better if not for the lcl QRN on the freq.
(Dave Valko-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 7)

7259.936 VUT  Radio Vanuatu, Port Vila, nice proper signal S=9+15dB
         in Brisbane at 0700 UT newscast time, March 14.
         Read by female presenter in English, item of their football
         team, and religious education matter.

7259.938 VUT  Radio Vanuatu, Port Vila, - on March 19 in UTC,
but March 20 downunder, noted S=6-7 signal im remote SDR on Perseus Net
in Brisbane Queensland, Australia.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 14 / 19)


Morning log March 14, in 06-08 UT time range
in MA-US / MI-US and Brisbane Australia.

Poor propagation in 31 and 25 mb on northern hemisphere,

B U T  excellent propagation from Europe
via LONG PATH at Azores Isl, Colombia, Easter Isl, southern pacific
path into NZL and AUS, in 49 to 22 meterband though.

6155     AUT  ORF OE1 program in German language from ORS Moosbrunn site,
         nice LONG PATH reception in downunder Pacific area.
         S=8-9 in east coast NoAM, and same in AUS/NZL target.
         At 0626 UT report of writer Communist Pablo Neruda in the 40ties,
         and went in underground in 1948 year.
         New novel "Labyrinth" film in Austrian cinemas.

6159.974 CAN  S=8-9 signal of Canadian domestic sce in 49mb,
         CKZN St. Johns bcast CBC Radio One progr, at 0630 UT
         phone interview report by Ottawa citizen,
         on Russian fake news, DISINFORMATION.

6180.027 BRA  RNA/RNB, Marina song, smooth female voice,
         song of amore and amigo. S=9+15dB at 0635 UT in NoAM east coast
         // 11780.008 kHz fair S=7 at 0642 UT, at this hour
         but the only 25mb stn heard in central and northern USA.

7730     USA  RMI Music Hour, not TOM/BS. Very nice Spanish guitar mx
         played S=9+10dB on east coastal remotes, but S=9+20dB signal
         noted in Brisbane-AUS at 0646 UT on March 14, but POWERHOUSE on
7570     USA  RMI with TOM/BS relay, their address at S=9+35dB signal
7315.004 USA  WHRI relay of TOM/BS S=9+10dB in MA/MI-US at 0650 UT.
7254.941 NIG  VoNigeria Ikorodu, Hausa service, S=9+10dB at 0652 UT,
         two men interview.

5019.999 SLM  SIBC Honiara, back from all 'UTC night time' broadcast
         as empty carrier in 31 meterband on 9545v kHz. 0656 UT S=6-7
         fair signal under noisy 60 mband at sundown time
         in Brisbane Queensland Australia.
7259.936 VUT  Radio Vanuatu, Port Vila, nice proper signal S=9+15dB
         in Brisbane at 0700 UT newscast time.
         Read by female presenter in English, item of their football
         team, and religious education matter.

9420.005 GRC  Only single frequency channel operation. Voice of Greece
         Avlis heard with surprisingly S=9+25dB signal VIA LONG PATH
         on southern Pacific, at 0706 UT heard Greek modern pop music.
         Nothing noted on 9935 or 11645 kHz channels.

9575     MRC  Radio Medi Internat from Nador, excellent S=9+30dB signal
         in Queensland Australia SDR installation this morning at 0714 UT

Similar proper signals from Europe into downunder:
7345     ROU  German service of RRI Bucharest makes a S=9 signal in AUS.
9770DRM mode of // ROU RRI German sce, S=8-9 in Brisbane at 0707 UT.

9790      F   RFI French Issoudun next channel S=9+35dB,
11700     F   RFI French Issoudun S=9+15dB, film report at 0714 UT.

11725.005 NZL  RNZi Rangitaiki, S=9+25dB strong in Queensland AUS
          SDR post.
          Cook Island parliament speaker interview, on encouraged woman
          as parliament member. 0715 UT in Brisbane Australia remote unit.
          12 kHz wide nice signal -
(the only south Pacific voice these days on shortwave. wb)

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 14)

more logs of March 15 at 0230 - 0330 UT, taken in Doha Qatar remote unit:

9380 IND  AIR Aligarh S=7 signal heard in Doha Qatar remote unit,
          Subcontinental singer in probably Hindi language.
9630 CHN  surprisingly heard LIVE English(!) on CNR1 Geermu Western China
          at 0238 UT on March 15. S=8 signal heard in remote Doha Qatar
          Live press conference of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in progress
          also CNR1 program use as China mainland jamming against
          IBB RFA Tibetan service from Dushanbe Orzu TJK at 01-03 UT
          on S=8 9670 kHz, // same English/Chinese live transmission
          at 02-03 UT on Kashgar outlet 9825 kHz.
4765 CUB / TJK bad audio mixture on even fq, Radio Progreso Spanish from
          Bejucal Cuba and Tajik R1 Dushanbe Yangi Yul hit each other on
          equal S=6 level at 0305 UT March 15.
4760.003 IND and another peak 20 Hertz away, likely tiny AIR Leh ? 0307UT
4870.304 IND  this always odd frequency Clandestine from India into
         disputed area of muslim Kashmir, Urdu sce from Delhi Kingsway
         site S=7 signal heard in Doha Qatar at 0310 UT, 0230-0330 UT.
4885.023 BRA  POWERHOUSE S=9+ signal of Brazilian Radio Clube do Para
         in BrasPortugese, heard in Doha Qatar Middle East area,
         clear station ID at 03.13:43 UTC.
5040     CUB  RHC Bauta in Spanish and LatinAM Cuban music,
         proper S=9 signal into Qatar target at 0315 UT on March 15.
         R Rebelde 5025 kHz NOT HEARD this morning.
5085     USA  WTWW Lebanon TN rather weak to fair as S=5 signal, 0316 UT
5950even ETH  RDT Voice of Togray Revolution from Gedja ETH, HoA music,
         at proper S=9+15dB signal made it via 2300 kilometers
         distance path in sunrise 0318 UT on March 15.
6030.004 ETH  Flute music heard of DRO Radio Oromiya Gedja site in Afar
         language, S=9+5dB
6089.997 ETH  DRO Radio Amhara signal markable, but EMPTY carrier,
         no progr content noted at 0325 UT.
         Underneath tiny Caribbean Beacon distortion signal co-channel.
6110.002 ETH  Radio Fana in Amharic language scheduled, typical HoA mx
         at 0330 UT on March 15. But slight audio level mixture with
         co-ch program from domestic Lhasa Tibet western China outlet
         on odd 6109.996 kHz.
6154.992 AFS  Channel Africa English service newscast at 0332 UT,
         noted on remote SDR in Doha Qatar ME area, S=7-8 strength,
         but seemingly another feederline mixture program over-spill
         underneath at SenTec Meyerton site noted.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 15, 2017)

Log around 0000 - 0100 UT on remote SDR unit in Eastern Thailand:

13744.970 THA  Radio Thailand English sce via Band Dung Udorn Thani
          IBB relay site, to North America, 250 kW 006 degrees azimuth,
          at straight north China, Alaska, Western Canada into USA.
          S=9 signal on short skip zone in southern Thailand 0020 UT.
13530.223 TWN  SOH Chinese sce, S=8 signal in eastern Thailand, 0026 UT
13580     CHN  CRI Beijing, Chinese sce, 12 kHz wide broadband,
          powerful S=9+40dB signal strength.
13610     CHN  CNR1 from Nanning bcast center, powerhouse S=9+45dBm
          14 kHz wide broadband signal.
13655     CHN  CRI Xian, Chinese, S=9+10dB
13680.178 TWN  SOH Chinese sce, S=9+5dB signal in eastern Thailand,
          at 0032 UT on March 16.
13685.027 MRA  RFA Laotian sce, via IBB Agignan Point Marianas,
          S=9+20dB strong near the Laos border in remote Thai SDR.
13770     CRI Vietnamese sce from Xian site, POWERHOUSE at S=9+50dB,
          20 kHz wide broadband signal.
13795     IND  AIR Bangalore in Tamil language, talk program at 0038 UT
13920     CHN  China mainland jamming of CNR1 program // 13610 kHz,
          S=9+15dB, against SOH Taiwan Chinese.
15125     CHN  CRI Chinese sce from Beijing site, 16 kHz wide, S=9+10dB
15270     CHN  Broadband scratching noise from probably mainland China
          24hrs / 7d against Taiwan services and SOH TWN on different
          time on the day.
15339.905 TWN  SOH Chinese sce at 0044 UT on March 16, S=9+10dB.
15380     CHN  CNR1 Beijing #572 bcast center, Chinese at S=9+15dB level.
15390     CHN  CNR13 program from Lingshi site, in Uighur at S=9 level.
15425     CHN  CNR1 jamming, audio echo program repeated. S=9+45dB
          powerhouse against VoA Tinang-PHL in Mandarin, 17 kHz wide audio

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 16)


EDXC conference 2017

Dear friends,
we are happy to inform that more information about the approaching
EDXC Conference 2017 is now available at


The agenda is still quite tentative, we are working on it, but bookings
can be made already now. Please write to rv at sdxl dot org for bookings,
questions or comments.

The basic details for the planned tour to Lapland are also available and
we are looking for to hear from you during March, if you plan to
participate on the tour (the bookings are not binding yet).

We hope to see many many of you in Finland next August!

73  Risto Vaehaekainu
FDXA, Finland  (via hcdx March 14)


2017 editions of ENDBH & NANDBH handbooks and CDs

Hi all,

The brand new 2017 editions of the popular ENDBH & NANDBH handbooks
and CDs are ready!

The updated ENDBH contains the data of more than 7200 NDBs on
150+ spiral-bound pages in A4 format and the NANDBH shows the data
of more than 5000 NDBs on 130+ pages.

The CD versions of the handbooks contain an updated Google Earth
waypoint file so that you can "visit" NDB locations around the globe.
New pictures have been added to the NDB picture collection, and the
NDB sound clip section has grown as well.

In case you're interested in ordering a handbook or CD for other parts
of the world please don't hesitate to ask, I'm able to produce
customized versions for your special needs.

Delivery of the CDs will be via download. If you want a physical copy
of the CD please indicate this when ordering.

Prices have been adjusted to reflect the latest changes in postage
rates and foreign currency exchange rates. Please find all relevant
details at the following URL:


And once again I'd like to thank all NDB DXers for your continued
support, it is really appreciated :-)

vy 73 + gd DX,




(Michael Oexner-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 12)

- - -

HFCC A17 schedules now available


(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 13)

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