YL-Season 2017 - Diploma

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2017 Calendar Year

The diploma can be applied for when the call DAØYL has been worked at least 33 times in 2017 (either on different days and / or in different modes (exception: echolink) and / or on different bands.

A special level of the diploma is offered if at least 88 QSOs with DAØYL are demonstrated under the same conditions within the year 2017.

The paper version is printed on colored photo paper in DIN A4. The diploma is available for 2 euros as a pdf file by e-mail or for 8 euros in printed form by postal delivery. The award manager is Christiane Rüthing, DL4CR (at) darc.de, Gaußstr. 55, 63071 Offenbach, Germany.

Applications can be submitted by e-mail to DL4CR@darc.de or by mail with logbook extracts (please list ADIF files, but chronological lists in table form). The award manager reserves the right to check the QSO data by comparing it with the DA0YL log

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