Yuri Gagarin 56th Anniversary Award

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1 March to 30 April 2017


Yuri Alekseyevitch Gagarin (1934 - 1968) would have been 83 today. He became the first human ever to travel into space on April 12, 1961, flying into orbit around Earth for 89.1 minutes in Russia’s Vostok 1 spacecraft. He circled the Earth once and flew as high as 200 miles (327 km). The entire mission, from launching to landing lasted 108 minutes.

An electronic diploma is being offered on this occastion in two versions. A paper award, at no cost for making at least 45, 30 or 15 QSOs for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade e-diplomas. The QSOs may be worked on other bands and modes for award credit. Repeated QSOs are permitted on different bands and with different modes. Just use the search form above and enter your callsign to do your request.

List of stations of the Smolensk region for the paper award (38): R2LAC, R2LAF, R3LAF, R3LAO, R3LBB, R3LBF, R3LBI, R3LBJ, R3LA, R3LC, R3LD, R3LO, R3LW, RA3LAT, RA3LAX, RA3LCI, RA3LCW, RA3LJ, RA3LV, RK3L, RK3LA, RK3LC, RK3LG, RK3LXG, RT3LA, RW3LL, RW3LY, RZ3LA, RZ3LC, RZ3LE, RZ3LWN, UA3L, UA3LLS, UA3LKM, UA3LMR, UA3LSX, UA3LTV, UA5L

List of stations for a large cloth pennant:  To earn the pennant you should make at least 5 QSOs: one or more of the QSOs should be made with the following special event calls of R108M, R12APR, R1934G or RG61PP. Then, you must make a QSO with another 4 QSOs with participants from the list of 38 stations above. Repeated QSOs are permitted on different bands and with different modes.The pennant could be got by SWLs at the same terms. The cost of the pennant is 25 USD, including postage expenses. We accept payments with PayPal. Send your applications to R3LO@qsl.net

QSL managers for the special event stations are:
R12APR - QSL via R3LO
R1934G - QSL via R3LC
R108M - QSL via RK3LC
RG61PP - QSL via RZ3LC

E-mail: R3LO@qsl.net
Internet: http://gagarin.ga/

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